Regiments and Muster Rolls

Taken from the Illinois State Historical Publication
published in 1904

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May 1, 1809, Abram CLARK was appointed captain of a militia company in St. Clair County. The following appointments followed:

May 2, William WHITESIDE, major; William B. WHITESIDE, captain

May 3, Elias RECTOR,adjutant general; Sadrach BOND, Jr., lieutenant colonel commanding; John MOREDOCK, major; Elihu MATHER, adjutant of the St. Clair regiment; Jean BEAULEAU, Etienne PINCENNEAU, John SCOTT, James MOORE, William PREUITT, Francois RACINE, Henry Munroe FISHER, James STOCKTON and Franklin JARVIS, captains; George DEMENT, Joseph MANEGLE, George ATCHISON, Enoch MOORE, first of a cavalry company; Jacob OGLE, second of a cavalry company; John TEATERS, Pierre LIZJE, Samuel KINNEY, Samuel JUDY and Isaac FERGUSON, lieutenants; and William BLAIR, Henry MACE, cornet of a cavalry company; William SCOTT, Jr., Baptiste SAUCIER, Francois DERNETTE and Harry COOK, ensigns of the St. Clair county regiment.

May 4, Michael BRISBOIS, lieutenant, and John MARIC, cardinal ensign of a company at Prairie du Chien.

Mary 5, David ANDERSON, captain of a company in Randolph County.

May 6, Pierre MENARD, lieutenant colonel commandant; Robert ROBINSON, major; Giles HULL, Thomas LEAVENS and Antoine LA CHAPPELLE, captains; John WORLEY, Absalom COX, William GOINGS, Jesse GRIGGS and James HUGHES, lieutenants; and Daniel HULL, William MCBRIDE and Benjamin VERMILLION, Jr., ensigns; all for Randolph County.

The following list contains the names of all officers of the militia appointed from Governor Edwards' induction into office to the close of the war and the subsequent disturbances, until the treaty of 1815 at Portage des Sioux, after which the territory relapsed into tranquility.

May 7, Andrew BARBEAU, captain; Pierre LECOMPTE, lieutenant, for Randolph County.

May 17, Michael JONES, adjutant of regiment of Randolph county, and Antoine LACHANCE, ensign.

June 23, a new battalion of militia having been formed in that part of Randolph county, lying on the Ohio River, Governor Edwards directed the commanding officers of companies therein to hold elections for the purpose of electing captains and for the recommendation of a major.

Governor Edwards having returned to assume the duties of his office, and learning that some of the officers of the militia were in many ways unworthy the commands to which action Governor Pope had appointed them, it was resolved to call an election whereby the men could select officers whose names were to be submitted to the Governor for appointment. This general order was issued on July 4, and from the immediate and continued appointments to office in the militia, it is to be presumed the elections were duly held.

Of course, Governor Edwards was Commander-in Chief.

His different aids, were Nicholas JARROT, William RECTOR, William MEARS and Shadrach BOND, Jr.

Brigadier General, William RECTOR

The general's aids, John H. ROBINSON and David ANDERSON

Brigade inspector, Benjamin STEPHENSON

Adjutant general, Elias RECTOR and Robert MORRISON

His aid, Thomas T. CRITTENDEN

The first and third (the new one for the Ohio and Wabash country) regiments were from Randolph county; the second was from St. Clair county, the officers of which appear to have been as follows:

FIRST REGIMENT (consisting of two Battalions)

Colonel, Michael JONES, who was subsequently removed, and Thomas LEVIN was made lieutenant colonel commanding.

Majors, Thomas LEVANS (LEVIN), James HUGHES, Isaac WHITE and Pierre LACONT (LECOMPTE)

Adjutants, David ANDERSON and Elihu MATHER

Quarter master, Ezra OWENS

Provost marshal, John MCFERRON

Fife major, Benjamin FORT

Captains, Stace MCDONOUGH, Robert GASTON, Philip TRAMMEL, James FORD, Hamlet FERGUSON, William SIMPSON, John BEARD (who resigned), Philip FOUKE, William ALEXANDER, Pierre LECOMPTE, Absalom COX, Otho LEWIS (who resigned), John LACEY (who resigned), Owen EAVANS, William BOONE, Jacob FISHER, John COCHRAN (who resigned), Jesse GRIGGS, Clement DRURY (who resigned), Samuel LEVERING vice Philip FOUKE removed, Philip FOUKE reappointed, Ajalon DILLINGHAM, William C. GREENUP, vice LEVERING, deceased, Henry LEWIS, vice FOUKE moved away, Gabriel DUSCHER and John COCKRAN (spelled COCHRAN above).

Lieutenants, Jacob FISHER, Thomas ROBERTS, Jesse GRIGGS, Clement DRURY, Isaiah LEVANS, William MCBRIDE, Nicholas H. STEPHENSON, John HIBBINS, Francis WHEATLY, Samuel LEVERING, William EVERETT, George STEELE, Bazil LEVENS, Antoine LOUVIER, William C. GREENUP vice Samuel LEVERING promoted, John THOMAS, Philip ROCHBLAVE, vice GREENUP promoted, Henry CONNOR, Elias BANCROFT, Antoine BLAY, Jr., Antoine BLAY, Sr. and Hypolite MENARD.

Ensigns, Thomas WANLEY, John HILL, Antoine LOUVIER, William EVERETT, Antoine DANIS, John PILLARS, George STEELE, Dickinson GARRETT, John MURPHY, James SMITH, James GILL, Joseph Z. WAMSATT, James LEE, Henry CLENDENNEN, Philip ROCHBLAVE, Samuel VERMILLION (who resigned), Adam WOOLWRICK, William WORLEY, Thomas V. SWEARINGEN, Jacob BOWERMAN, Otho LEWIS and Henri ROCHBLAVE.

Quarter master's sergeant, Clement C. CONWAY

SECOND REGIMENT (St. Clair county)

Consisting of three battalions, one of them called "The Light Infantry"

Colonel, William WHITESIDE

Majors, John MOREDOCK, William PRUEITT, Samuel JUDY

Adjutants, James SMITH, William B. WHITESIDE (who resigned)and Samuel JUDY

Surgeon, Trueman TUTTLE

Provost Marshal, Simon VANOSDAL

Judge Advocate, Russell E. HICCOCK

Bugler, Simon WHEELOCK

Captains, Amos SCOTT (Squires), Jean BEAULIEU, Etienne PINCENNEAU, John SCOTT, William PREUITT, Samuel JUDY, Toliver RIGHT, Abraham CLARK, Jacob SHORT, Abraham STALLIONS, John LOWTON, William EDES, Valentine BRAZIL, Samuel WHITESIDE, Edward EBERT, Jean Baptiste DUFORD, Solomon PREUITT, Isaac GRIFFIN, William SAVAGE, James D. THOMAS, NAthaniel JOURNEY, vice William EDES, resigned, Isaac FERGUSON, Henry COOK, vice JUDY, promoted, and Nicholas CHURZO (JOURANGE?)

Lieutenants, Joseph MANEAGLE, Pierre LIZE,William MCDANIEL, William GILHAM, Valentine BRAZIL, Henry COOK, Solomon PRUEITT, Abraham STALLIONS, Moses QUICK, Jacob OGLE, John VAUGHN, Andrew BANKSON, Daniel PRIMM, John LINDLEY, James BRADSBY, Josiah ROBERTS, Pierre MARTAN, John GOINGS, Titus GREGG, Samuel ALLEN, Isaac GILHAM, vice COOK, promoted, and Hypolite MAILLETTE.

Ensigns, John B. SAUCIER, Nicholas FARGEON, Phillip RADER, James DUETT, James BRADSBY, Samel WHITESIDE, Thomas ROTTER, James THOMAS, William GRIFFIN, Christopher BARNHART, Thomas GREENE, Titus GREGG, Augustus PINSINO (probably PINCENNEAU), George MITCHELL, Isaac GILHAM, Peter AGGONER, Marshall HAWKINS, John SCOTT, vice BARNHART, Samuel GILHAM, vice Isaac GILHAM, promoted, Samuel SWAGERT, Elijah TALBOT and William BRADSHAW.



Capt. Jacob SHORT

Capt. John SCOTT

Capt. Abraham STALLIONS

Capt. Edward EBART

Capt. James B. MOORE

Total: 372


Major Samuel JUDY

Capt. Amos SQUIRES

Capt. Samuel WHITESIDE

Capt. Solomon PREUITT

Capt. Henry COOK


Total: 259


Major William PREUITT

Capt. Valentine BRAZIL

Capt. Isaac GRIFFIN

Capt. Nathaniel JOURNEY

Shoel Creek Company

Total: 69

THIRD REGIMENT (Consisting of two battalions)

Colonel, Isaac WHITE

Majors, Philip TRAMMEL, Hamlet FERGUSON, Owen EVANS and William SIMPSON

Adjutant, Henry KENYON

Paymaster, Francis LEACH

Quarter Master, John MURGLY

Surgeon, Henry OLDHAM

Surgeon's Mate, Thomas SHANNON

Drum Major, John ORMSBY

Fife Major, James HENSLEY

Quarter Master's Sergeant, John CHOISER

Seargeant Major, John CAMPBELL

Captains, Willis HARGRAVES, James TROUSDALE, Joseph MOTT, William ACORN, who died from his wounds, Thomas GRIFFITH, Leonard WHITE, John COOPER, William MCHENRY, vice MOTT removed; Lewis BARKER, vice COOPER resigned, Thomas WILLIAMS, David SNODGRASS, resigned; Thomas GREEN, John COLE, James FOX, Rice SAMS and John BRADSHAW

Lieutenants, Joseph RILEY, resigned; Adrian DAVENPORT, Jr., David SNODGRASS, Arthur JOURDAN, Gabriel TITSWORTH, Thomas WELLS, Henry KENYON, did not accept; Eirey (probably Ira) LEDBETTER, Frederick BUSEL, vice DAVENPORT, resigned; William H. RAMSEY, Jarrot TRAMMEL, vice JORDAN, removed; William MAXWELL, James SIMPSON, resigned; James FOX, Samuel WATERS, Samuel MCGOWAN, William HUGHES, Thomas WHITAKER, Levi HUGHES, Thomas REID, Martin HARWICK, Vincent LARKINS, Lewis MCMILLAN, John PATTERSON and Daniel T. COLEMAN.

Ensigns, William SIMPSON, Jr., Irvin WILSON, Jarrard (probaby Jarrot) TRAMMEL, Jr., Edward PRATOR, Samuel WATERS, Walker DANIEL, John FORESTER, resigned; William THRASH, John SCROGGIN, vice PORTER; Edward PRATHER, Curtis ANDERSON, David TUDE, Dickenson GARRETT, William MAXWELL, John BUSHFIELD, John HARGRAVE, Leonard WALLER, John HOGAN, William MCFALLRIDGE, John TWEEDY, Stephen KIRKENDAL and Irvail BORIN.

About Nov. 28, 1811, the Fourth regiment was organized from the Wabash country, which consisted of two battalions, one of them "The Rifle Company" for which the following officers were elected and later appointed by Governor Edwards:

Lieutenant Colonel, commanding, Philip TRAMMEL

Majors, James FORD and Willis HARGRAVE

Adjutant, George E. HART

Paymaster, Francis WHEATLEY

Quarter Master, John MURPHY

Quarter Master's Sergeant, John CHOISER

Surgeon, Henry OLDHAM

Surgeon's Mate, Thomas SHANNON

Judge Advocate, James RATCLIFF

Provost Marshal, Adrian DAVENPORT

Drum Major, John ORMSBY

Fife Major, Nathan MAYS

Captains, Leonard WHITE, Lewis BARKER, William MCHENRY, Thos. E. CRAIG, John GRAVES, John WICKS, James STEELE, Benjamin WILSON, James A. WHITESIDE and James MCFARLIN, vice WILSON, resigned.

Lieutenants, Jarrot TRAMMEL, Frederick BUCKS, Asa LEDBETTER, William R. ASHLEY, John CAMPBELL, James DAVENPORT, Alfred WOOD and Edmond ROSE.

Sergeant Major, Absalom ASHLEY

Ensigns, James BRADBURY, William MAXFIELD, John SCROGGINS, John DAMERWOOD, John LUCAS, William MCCORMICK, Joshua WILLIAMS, Elbert ROSE and Elisha GORDON.

Thus stood the field and staff roster of the Illinois militia on June 18, 1812, when war was declared between this country and Great Britain.

On Sept. 14, 1812, Governor Edwards, by proclamation, set off the counties of Madison, Gallatin and Johnson.

Subsequent to the declaration of war, as changes were needed in the four regiments, they were made by Governor Edwards down to Dec. 6, 1815, as follows


Captains, James CREATH, William BOONE, George FRANKLIN, Henry BARBEAU (resigned), Archibald MCNABB, John COCKRAN, Otho LEVANS, Absolom BRADSHAW, Thomas ROBERTS, William BELDERBACK, Absolom COX (independent company mounted volunteers).

Lieutenants, George FRANKLIN, John LACEY, William BELDERBECK (2d Lt.), James CLENDENIN, Adam WOOLRICK, Samuel RANER, John BELDERBACK, Amos PAXTON, Archibald STEELE, David ANDERSON, Geo. CREATH, William MCBRIDE.

Ensigns, James CLENDENIN, John BELDERBACK, Archibald STEELE, Francois MENARD, Amos PAXTON, James CLARK, John WOOTON, John SYKES, John VANCE, Samuel MANSKER, Cyrus FULTON.

Judge Advocate, John MCFERRON

Provost Marshal, Jacob FISHER.

Surgeon, George FISHER

Surgeon's Mate, William REYNOLDS


Colonel, Samuel JUDY

Majors, John SCOTT, Amos SQUIRE

Captains, William JONES, Ephraim WOODS, Augustus TROTIER, August PINCONNEAU, Samuel JUDY (an independent company), Enoch MOORE, William ARUNDELL, John STUNTZ, John D. THOMAS, Thomas PULLUM, Robert GILL.

Lieutenants, Hugh WALKER, John SPRINGER, Louison PAROIS, John GIGER, Thomas COX, R. C. GILHAM, William M. GOING, Eli SAVAGE, J. PREUITT, Jacob CLARKE, John JARVIS, Jr., Joseph DUNCAN.

Ensigns, William CROWNSUR, Thomas FINLEY, Baptiste SHAMERGER, Thomas COX, Thomas NICHOLSON, Etienne DOUZA, James CHAMBERS, Henry CARR.

Surgeon, James R. EUSTIS

Judge Advocate, John REYNOLDS


Major, Thomas GRIFFITH

Captains, John F. SMTH, Daniel T. COLEMAN, James B. BAILEY, William THORNTON, Martin HARRICK, John SHULTZ, Thomas LAWRISON.

Lieutenants, John HARRIS, Ebenezer KEALOUGH, John TWEEDY, Stephen SMITH, William HICKAM, William RICHY, James FISHER, James JOHNSON.

Ensigns, Nathan LONGSTON, William JOHNSTON, John WHITAKER, Isaac BORIN, William TRIPP, John SHULTZ, John FISHER, Robert MILLER.


Colonels, Willis HARGRAVE (vice Ph. TRAMMEL, resigned).

Majors, Thomas E. CRAIG, Leonard WHITE

Captains, Jarrot TRAMMEL, Harrison WILSON, John G. DAMEWOOD, Joseph PUMROY, Daniel BOLTINGHOUSE, Moses GARRETT.

Lieutenants, John FORESTER, Samuel W. KIMBERLY, Archibald ROBERTS, Henry STUM, S. CLAYTON, Nathan CLAMPET, Seth HARGRAVE, John TOWNSEND, John COMPTON.

Ensigns, Harrison WILSON, John G. WILSON, James HODGKINS, Wyatt ADKINS, Hiram TEDWELL, William EUBANKS, Samuel HARGRAVE, George VINEY and James CHISM.

Paymaster, Leonard WHITE

Adjutant, Henry KENYON

Surgeon's Mate, Walter WHITE

Aide-de-Camps to Commander-in-Chief, Nelson RECTOR, Hugh H. MAXWELL

Adjutant General, Benjamin STEPHENSON, William ALEXANDER.

Chaplain, Joshua OGLESBY

Capt. George KENNEDY, at Prairie du Chien; Liet. James KENNEDY, same.

ROSTERS:  By reason of frequent enlistments, discharges and re-enlistments among the militia, it has been found almost impossible to place before the reader any systematic statements of their services or complete rosters of the various companies; but such records as we have at hand are here reproduced

Payroll of Capt. William ALEXANDER, Randolph County, Illinois Territory

Capt. Henry COOK's company, Inspected at Cahokia

Capt. John SCOTT's third company

Capt. Jacob SHORT's company, muster roll

Capt. James B. MOORE's first company

Capt. James B. MOORE's second company, St.Clair County, Illinois Territory

Mounted Riflemen, commanded by Ensign Samuel WHITESIDE, St. Clair county muster roll

Volunteer compnay of the mounted riflemen, commanded by Captain Samuel WHITESIDE

Muster roll of general staff officers

Muster roll and inspection of the First Regiment Militia

Muster roll of a company of volunteer ruflemen, Capt. Thomas E. CRAIG

Capt. Willis HARGRAVE's company

In a morning report of Sept. 12th, 1812, made at Camp Russell, "of the troops under the command of Maj. Benjamin STEPHENSON," it will be found that Maj. STEPHENSON's command for that date comprised the companies of Captains James B. MOORE, W. B. WHITESIDE, Absalom COX, Jacob SHORT, Willis HARGRAVE, Samuel WHITESIDE, Nathaniel JOURNEY, and Amos SQUIRES, with an aggregate of 570 men.

In another "morning report" dated Oct. 10th 1812, we find "troops under the command of Lieut. Col. WHITESIDE" to have been the companies of Captains N. RAMSEY, Thos. E. CRAIG, Willis HARGRAVE, Absalom COX and James TROUSDALE, with a combined force of 316 men; the staff return on the back of which included, present:  one surgeon, on surgeon's mate, one adjutant, one sergeant major, and one judge advocate.

Muster roll of mounted militia, Philip TRAMMEL commanding

Capt. Dudley WILLIAM's company

Capt. JUDY's Spy Company

Muster roll of regimental and staff officers

Muster roll of detachment of rangers, Sergt. James N. FOX (Johnson County)

Letter from N. Edwards, regarding elected men for additional companies of Rangers

Capt. James B. MOORE's 3rd company

Capt. Jacob SHORT's company, muster roll of mounted rangers

Capt. William BOON's company, muster roll of mounted of volunteers, Randolph county

Capt. Nathan CHAMBERS' company, muster roll of militia

Lieut. Daniel G. MOORE's company of volunteer infantry

Capt. William JONES' company of volunteer infantry

Capt. James B. MOORE's 4th company

The following interesting document, taken from Brink's "History of Madsion County," is reproduced for its value in dates and names:

"Edwardsville, September 24, 1814

SIR--This day there was an election held at this place for a captain and first and second lieutenants, by the volunteers that have of late been raised in consequence of your request to Isam GILLHAM and J. G. LOFTON, Esq.  The company detained the election until about the 4 of the o'clock in the afternoon in hopes we would have been joined by Mr. STOUT and a party from that neighborhood. On being disappointed, we proceeded to elect John G. LOFTON, Captain, Thomas KIRKPATRICK, 1st Lieutenant, and Samuel G. MORSE, 2d Lieutenant, and intend when orders are received, to elect the balance of the officers, so as to dispose of the officers in each settlement which may join.  We assure your Excellency that the old men have volunteered with a spirit that reflects an honor on the old veterans of '76.  The notice of the election was so short in this settlement that the people had not general notice, but there remains no doubt but the company will be complete before this reaches you, there are 70 on the list now.  The above officers were elected by a unanimous vote.

Very respectfully, yours,

Judges of the Election"

Capt. BOULTINGHOUSE's company, the last men called to service

The following information was donated by

From administration records of Daniel Gilmore estate, March 1815, Madison County, IL. Camp Russell is also mentioned in these records.

"Due Robert Means thirty five Dollars in Cash When I Draw my Money as a Ranger under Capt. Callay first pay Day as witness my hand and this 20th Day of Feb 1815.
Daniel Gilmore seal

T. Davidson"

I 'think' Capt. Callay could be Capt. Kelley.

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