List of Anti-Slavery Societies
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and the Upper Canadian Territory

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State of Indiana

Logansport (Class Co.) 1836 - 35 Members
South Hanover College

State of Illinois

Canton, J. W. Willis Secretary, 42 Members
Jefferson County, Col. James Morrow Secretary, Dec. 1836
Lofton Prairie, J. Brown Secretary (Jerseyville P. O.), October 1836

State of Michigan

Ann Arbor, January 1837
Detroit, Charles H. Stewart Secretary, April 1837
Dexter (Washtenaw), Geo. Millerd Secretary, 28 Members
East Bloomfield (Oakland), Nathan Stone Secretary, Jan 1837, 70 Members
Farmington (Oakland), Nathan Power Secretary, 80 Members
Gull Prairie, Pitt Giddings Secretary, 70 Members
Lenawe County, Dr. Comstock Secretary
Logan, Thos. Chandler, Secretary, 114 Members
Michigan State, Arthur L. Porter (Detroit) Secretary, Oct. 1836
Monroe (Monroe County), W. V. Studdingford Secretary, Feb. 1837, 25 Members
Niles (Berrien County), W. S. Elliott Secretary, Oct. 1836, 25 Members
Oakland County, Geo. W. Wisner Secretary, Feb. 1836, 50 Members
Raisin, Jeremiah Westgate Secretary, April 1837, 40 Members
Tecumseh (Lenawe County), Benj. Workman Secretary, Jan. 1837, 30 Members
Troy (Oakland County), Charles Hastings Secretary, 72 Members
Webster and Scio. (Washte), John Holden Secretary, March 1836, 34 Members
West Bloomfield

Upper Canada

Upper Canada, Rev. E. Evans (Toronto) Secretary, Jan 1837, 106 Members