Confederate Soldiers Buried in Illinois

This information was provided by Gale Red, the Commander of the Illinois Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. His organization is trying to find all the graves of known Confederate veterans who are buried in Illinois. So far, they have found over 12,000, most of whom (about 11,500) are buried in the five national cemeteries at Alton, Camp Butler, Rock Island, Oakwoods (Chicago), and Mound City. They have also been able to find more than 500 other graves scatterd in almost all the counties of IL.

They are hoping to find the graves, indentify the indivuals, collect biographical and service information on them, and eventually be able to place military markers on all the graves of those who don't have them. They would also like to perform memorial ceremonies for them if they can find living descendants who are interested. If you know of any Confederate veterans buried anywhere in the state, please contact Mr. Red at or with whatever information you can provide. They will be very grateful for any assistance in trying to find and honor these soldiers.


Curless Cemetery, Keene Township, near Loraine, IL:
ROSENBERGER, George (M.D.), Pvt., Co. H., 10th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Mar 1821, d. 14 Jun 1894

Franklin Cemetery, due east of Marcelline, IL:
THORNTON, James Southard, Pvt., KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 20 Aug 1844 (KY), d. 1911

Hebron Cemetery, Camp Point Township, near Camp Point, IL:
McCRAY, William Joseph, Pvt., Co. I, 57th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 11 Aug 1845 (NC), d. 24 Jan. 1906 (The cemetery record also shows, Pvt., Co. H, 62nd TN Mounted Infantry, CSA)

Mt. Horeb Cemetery, Golden, IL:
WRIGHT, Joseph F., Pvt., Co. A, 42nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 31 Jul 1842 (NC), d. 12 Oct 1904

New Providence Cemetery, Ursa, IL:
MYERS, Angus J., Pvt., Co. G, 12th Regt. VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 26 Jul 1843 (VA), d. 11 Mar 1927, L 55

Old Loraine Cemetery, Loraine, IL:
KENNEDY, George Thomas Pvt., Pvt., Co. B, Searcy’s Battalion, MO Sharp Shooters, CSA, b. 3 Mar 1836 (KY), d. 14 Jul 1901, PHS
O’DANIELS, John R., Pvt., CSA (also served with. Co. G, 138th IL Infantry- US), b. 29 Sep 1846 (IL), d. 20 Mar 1917 (may not have been CSA)

Quincy National Cemetery, Quincy, IL:
WEIDNER, Hieronimus (Hyronimus), Pvt., 9th MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 22 Oct. 1814, d. 22 Sep 1863. (Apparently captured, took oath and then galvanized & joined Co. E, 16th IL Cavalry, US),

Stahl Cemetery, Fowler, IL:
VOWELS, Daniel Washington, DR, Col., Aide-de-Camps, 2nd Division, MO State Guard, CSA (served with Sterling Price in MO), b. Warrington, VA in 1826, 14 Aug 1919

Stewart Cemetery, Plainville, IL:
CARTER, James Jefferson, 2nd Lt., Co. K, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 15 Mar 1841 (WVA), d. 30 Jul 1916

Woodland Cemetery, Quincy, IL:
BYRD, William Andrew, MD, Ensign, Co. H & K, 1st and 4th Consolidated MO Infantry, b. 3 Oct 1843 (VA), d. 14 Aug 1887, B 10, L 20
CHRISTIE, Robert J., MD, Surgeon, 10th & 12th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 17 Jun 1831, d. 27 Jul 1909
DEADERICK, David Franklin, Lt., Co. F, 34th VA Cavalry, b. 16 Jun 1840 (TN), d. 18 Feb 1899, L 102, B 11 (CWSS site shows him as a 2nd Lt with Co. F, 60th TN Mounted Infantry and Crawford’s Regt, 19th TN Infantry)
DRAKE, George W., Capt., (attached to the Command of Gen. John Hunt Morgan), b. 1846 (KY), d. 14 Nov 1888
ELGIN, Thomas H., Lt., Co. E., Marmaduke’s Div. of Cavalry (Wood’s Regt., MO Cavalry), CSA, b. 18 Oct 1840 (MO), d. 11 Jul 1898 (age 57 yrs, 7 m, 23d) G EG, L 39, B 11 (obit says Colonel)
HEARN, Campbell S., Pvt., Co. D, 5th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Nov 1844 (KY), d. 28 Aug 1914


Baumgard Cemetery, Alexander, Co., IL:
FOSTER, John Henry, Pvt., Co. B, 2nd MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Aug 1843 (MO), d. 7 Mar 1891 (Was a POW in IL, then sent to MD)


Bethel Cemetery, Shoal Creek Township, Reno, IL:
HERNDON, Julius C., Pvt., Co. I, 19th (Biffle’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 20 Apr 1845 (GA), d. 4 Jun 1909 (obit. says he served in Wheeler’s Cavalry)

Elm Point Cemetery, LaGrange, IL:
PHILLIPS, Louis B., POSSIBLY - 1 Sgt., Co. F, Schnabel's MO Cavalry or Cpl., Co. K, 2nd MO Inf., CSA, b. 1838 (KY), d. ? (It is curious that Thomas Alfred below was also in the 2nd MO Infantry.)

Green Cemetery, Millersburg, IL:
DAYHART, Jacob, Pvt., Co. H, 56th NC Infantry, CSA, G W1/2, L 47, Sec- new (He was from Catawba Co. and enlisted in Alexander Co., NC at age 26 on 17 Mar 1862. His actual name was Jacob B. Dagenhart, was wounded near Petersburg, VA in June 1864. He deserted 9 Mar 1865 and took oath of allegiance 13 Mar 1865. He also used the name spelled Dahart.)

Hazel Dell Cemetery, Central Township, IL:
ALFRED, Thomas, Pvt., Co. G, 2nd MO Infantry, CSA (He is also shown as Thompson Alford in CSA records)

Hug Cemetery, Burgess, IL:
RAGLAND, Isaac Monroe, Pvt., Co. H, 28th MS Infantry, CSA, b. 25 Mar 1845 (VA), d. 26 Apr 1919
RAGLAND, James Joseph, (MD), probably with a MS unit, CSA, b. ?, d. 27 Nov 1929

Maxey Cemetery, Pleasant Mound, IL:
DUFF, Samuel (Rev), Cpl., Co. H, 37th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 2 Nov 1842 (VA), d. 16 Dec 1915 (Canada)

McKendree Chapel Cemetery, Tamalco, IL:
HARRIS, Walter M., (farmer, b 1822 KY, wife - Margaret)

Montrose Cemetery, Greenville, IL
BLAKELEY, Pleasant, Pvt., Unknown KY unit, CSA, b. 12 Oct.1849 (KY) d. 26 Jan 1910
, Thomas H., 1st Lt., Co. H, Henderson’s 3rd Mo. Cavalry, CSA, b. 1840 (NC?), d. before 1916
POINDEXTER, Emmett Patterson, M.D., Lt., 38th MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Aug 1838 (VA), d. 16 Nov. 1926
WALLACE, Elmore Douglass, Pvt., Co. I, 2nd (Robinson's) TN Infantry (Walker's Legion), CSA, b. 1842 (TN), d. 23 Nov 1921
WILSON, William Thomas, Rockabridge Artillery, Pvt., Co. F, 1st Regt. VA Artillery, CSA, b. 28 Aug 1839 (VA), d. 22 Aug 1915

Mulberry Grove Cemetery, Mulberry Grove, IL:
CAVIN, Dempsey, - CSA, b. ?, d. (Between 1912 and 1916) (possibly: Calvin, D.D. MS 1st Cav., Co. K)
GLASGOW, William Henry, Surgeon, Co. C, 55th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 17 Dec 1842 (NC), d. 18 Mar 1927
FISHER, George W., served under Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, poss. In a VA unit, CSA, b. 22 Dec 1835, d. 29 Jul 1906
MARTIN, Charles, - , CSA, B. ?, d. ?

Noffsinger Cemetery, Pleasant Mound, IL:
DAUGHTERY, Elliott C., Pvt., Co. I, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Apr 1834 (NC), d. 31 Aug 1915, (Enlisted in Cleveland Co., NC 16 Aug 1862)

Paine Cemetery, Tamalco, IL:
BIGGS, Henry P., ? , CSA, b. 1847 (KY), d 25 Jan 1921

Peterson Cemetery, Shoal Creek, IL:
KEELING, Benjamin Franklin, Pvt., Co. C, 14th (Powers’) Ark. Infantry, CSA Army, Conf., b. 1840 (TN), d. 6 Sep 1912,

Robinson Cemetery, Old Ripley, IL:
CALL, James, ? , CSA, b. ? , d. ?
GORDON, John H. (MD), conscripted into CSA Army, 29 Oct 1842 (AL), d. 13 Jan 1929,

Smith Grove Cemetery, Central, IL:
LONG, Thomas J., Pvt., Co. D, 7th TN Infantry, CSA, d. 5 May 1934 (CWSS site shows: Thomas Jefferson Long, Pvt., Co. G, 39th TN Mounted Infantry (Col.. W.M. Bradford’s Regt. Vols. 31 TN Infantry)

Zion Cemetery, Greenville, IL:
GARRETT, Isaiah Thomas, Pvt., Co. C., (Voorhies’) 48th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Jun 1838 (TN), d. 12 Aug 1910
KELLER, John P., Pvt., Co. F, 4th TX Cavalry, CSA, G corner lots 137-138
SCOTT, James U., Pvt. Co. F, 34th MS Infantry Regt., CSA, b. Feb 1841 (NC), d. 2 Feb 1922,

Unknown Cemetery:
BLAKELEY, Pleasant,


Belvidere City Cemetery, Belvidere, IL:
LAFEVRE, Pierre G., MD, Pvt., Co. E, 16th LA Infantry, CSA, b. MD, d. 30 Apr1897,
SLATER, John, , Army of TN HQ, CSA ?, b. 1819 (Eng), d. 10 Sep 1918

St. James Catholic Cemetery, Belvidere, IL:
HAGGERTY, James, Pvt., Co. E., 1st LA Heavy Artillery, (LA Tigers), CSA, b. 6 Jan 1838 (Ireland), d. 26 May 1902, (Irish Catholic), row 16. #501 (The cemetery record spells his name Hagerty vs. Haggerty. The obit shows Haggerty)


Benville Union Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, IL:
HARRIS, Green, Pvt., Co. E, 4th BN LA Infantry, CSA, no HS

Hoover Cemetery, Hoover Twp. (in Buckhorn State Park), IL:
DOBEY, George M., Pvt., Co. B, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Jan 1840 (NC), d. 10 May 1923
DOBEY, William A., Pvt., Co. B, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 10 Nov 1836 (NC), d. 14 Jun 1917 (Both brothers enlisted on 8 Aug 1862, George age 22, William age 25)

Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, IL:
STUBBLEFIELD, William B., 3Lt., Co. D, 4th Infantry Regt., 1st Division, MO State Guard, CSA,b. 6 Feb 1823 (MO), 4 Jul 1909

Westside Versailles Cemetery, Versailles, IL:
FIELDS, George I., Pvt. Co. C. 9th (Elliott's) Missouri Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 May 1837 (VA), d. 1912, L 40, PHS
GRAVES, Thomas R., (possibly Pvt., Co. A, 3rd LA Infantry, CSA, d. 21 May 1923, L 144, PHS (This was the only T.R., there was no Thomas
R. listed. Could be listed just as Thomas also.)
KERR, John David, Capt., Co. D, 3rd NC Junior Reserves, CSA, b. 4 Jul 1852 (KY), d. 11 Mar 1921, L 246, PHS


Malden Cemetery, Malden, IL:
(Two Confederates have been found, awaiting names and information from Mike Acuff)

Shefield Cemetery, Sheffield, IL:
HIGBY, Andrew Jackson, Pvt., 51st VA Militia, CSA,

Union Cemetery, Ohio, IL:
CONNER, Samuel T., , Army, Conf., b. 17 Aug 1848, d. 14 Jan 1907, L88.

CALHOUN COUNTY: none found


Brethren Cemetery Association, Shannon, IL:
CENEDY, Daniel, Pvt., Army, Conf., d. 14 Sep 1879, L 66, B 1, PHS

(Upper) York Cemetery, Fairhaven Township, IL:
TURNER, Thomas W., ? , CSA, b. ? , d. 2 Aug 1918


Ashland Cemetery, Ashland, IL:
ARMSTRONG, Porter, ? , Army, Conf., G 2, L 1, B 122, Sec SW ¼, - (prob. Pvt., Co. D, 5th MO Infantry)
BUICE, Clinton (Clint), Pvt.Co. F, 56th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 1847 (GA), d. 16 May 1929, G 1, L 1, B 79, Sec SE ¼,

Beardstown City Cemetery, Beardstown, IL:
BORDEN, Edward R., Pvt., 7th TN Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 4 Jan 1844 (NY/OH), d. 7 July 1915

Chandlerville Cemetery, Chandlerville, IL:
BOONE, Nathaniel Howard, MD, Surgeon, Pvt., Co. A, AR Infantry, Hardy’s Regt., CSA), b. 6 Jun 1834 (GA), d. 14 Feb 1922, L2, B34, Sec 2

Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Virginia, IL:
DILLON, John, Pvt., Army, Conf., L W ½ 1, B 309, Sec 5,
DUNCAN, Robert L., Pvt., Co. F, 24th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 8 Mar 1848 (TN), d. 24 Jan 1909, L 2, B 31, Sec 5, - (served 9 mos. Then joined US Army for 3 years)
NESTER, Matt, Pvt., prob. Co. E, 14th LA Infantry, CSA, b. 30 May 1848 (VA), d. 11 Jan 1931, L 1, GHS
PATE, Jerry, Pvt., Army, Conf., d. 9 Feb 1917, L W ½ 2, B 407, Sec 4, GHS
SMITH, John Walker, Pvt., Army, CSA, b. 16 Mar 1842 (VA), d. 19 Jan 1924, B 285, - (POW from Gettysburg)
SNYDER, John Francis, MD, Capt., 8th Conf. Div. Ordinance Officer, b. 1830 (IL), d. 30 Apr 1921, L 2, B 22, Sec 1, PHS

Unknown Cemetery, prob. at Chandlerville, IL:
BOWMAN, Benjamin E., Sgt., 45th TN Infantry Reg., CSA, b. 23 Apr 1844 (TN), d. after 1882 – before 1916


Lynn Grove Cemetery, Sydney, IL:
COLE, Robert G., Lt. Col., Chief of Commissary, Army of Northern VA, CSA (West Point Graduate, Class of 1850, ranked #37, was in US Army but resigned to take commission in CSA. Joined 8th VA Infantry, then selected to Gen. Lee’s staff of his Army of Northern Virginia as Chief of the Commissary of Subsistence) [NOTE- They are not sure if this is the right man because since Mr. Red did not have dates from the grave.]

Maplewood Cemetery, Rantoul, IL:
HODAM, James H., Pvt., 17th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 15 Aug 1841 (VA), d. 24 Mar 1903, L 14, Sec 6, PHS

Mount Hope Cemetery, Urbana, IL:
KNOTT, John, ? , Army, Conf., - , PHS
PRICE, Thomas J., ? , Army, Conf.,
SWITZER, Francis A., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 1828 (MD), d. 6 May 1894, L 7, B 185, Sec Burt, PHS

Shiloh Cemetery, Fisher, IL:
THOMPSON, William R., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 7 Feb 1844, d. 12 Sep 1909, L 143, PHS

Stearns Union Cemetery, Ogden, IL:Gary Cromwell - Sexton - 217-548-2489)
McGEE, Peter Light, Pvt. Co. D, 89th VA Militia, CSA, b. 8 Mar 1831 (VA) d. 19 Jul 1899, G 18N, L 180, Old Sec, PHS

Woodlawn Cemetery, Seymour, IL:
SCOTT, Abel Seymour, Capt., 13th VA Infantry, Co. E., 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 31 Aug 1839 (VA), d. 8 Nov 1917

Unidentified Cemetery, ? , IL:
MURPHY, Thomas Richmond, Sgt./Musician, Co. B, 28th Consolidated TN Infantry, b. 1831 (TN), d. 10 Apr 1919 (Champaign Co.)


Morrisonville Cemetery, Morrisonville, IL:
OFFLIGHTER, Joseph Dallas, Pvt., 2nd Co. E. 36th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Jul 1844 (VA), d. 14 Aug 1907, G 2, L 21, B 3, Sec 2
(OFFLIGHTER, JOSEPH DALLAS-b. Rockbridge Co., VA, enl. at Dublin, VA 9/10/64; present untilcaptured at Waynesboro, VA, 3/2/65; POW at Ft. Delaware, Del.; released on oath,6/20/65;5'6" tall, blue eyes, sandy hair)

Oak Hill Cemetery, Taylorville, IL:
DICKSON, D.D., QM, Sgt., MO Cavalry 1st Regt, State Guard, CSA, L 194, B 17
DORMAN, Martin. L., MD, Pvt., Co. D. 5th KY Cavalry & Morgan’s Men, b. 1 May 1840 (KY), d. 10 Jul 1919, L 12, B 14
ESTES, George, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 1845-8 (VA), d. 1 Aug 1912, L 9, B 14
IRVIN, J.A., Sgt., Co. H, 3rd & 5th Consolidated MO Infantry, CSA
PARISH, George Abraham, Sgt., Co, B, 3rd Bat. NC Lt. Artillery, CSA, d. 22 Sep 1922
PARISH, Joseph J., Cpl., Co, B, 3rd Bat. NC Lt. Artillery, CSA

Pana Mound Cemetery, Pana, IL:
TRIBBETT, William M., Corporal, Co. H, 4th VA Infantry, Stonewall Jackson Brigade,
b. 27 Nov 1841 (VA), d. 21 Jul 1920,


Casey Cemetery, Casey, IL:
LAMB, Peter Fleisher, Pvt., 31st VA Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Jan 1837 (VA), d. 6 Feb 1901, (LAMB, PETER FLEISHER (FLETCHER?) -5'8" tall, fair complexion, dark hair, gray eyes.)
NUTT, Washington Miller, Pvt., Co. E, 16th TX Cavalry, (also poss. Co. A, Well’s BN. TX Cavalry), CSA, b. 1845 (VA), d. 1907, row 5

Marshall Cemetery, Marshall, IL:
ALLRED, Eli Washington, Pvt., Co. I, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 16 Aug 1841 (NC), d. 8 Oct 1920 (Enlisted from Randolph Co., NC 1 Mar 1862.)
ARCHER, John M., 1Lt., Co. F, 15th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 7 Feb 1834 (IL), d. 24 Mar 1917 (Enlisted at Randolph Co., NC 1 Mar 1862, then was reported as deserted 28 Feb 1865)
John Robert, Sgt., Co. A, 3rd KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Aug 1837 (KY), d. 2 Jun 1916 (Enlisted 5 Jul 1861 at camp Boone, TN, age 25, served throughout the war)
SMITH, Greenbury (Greenberry), Pvt., Co. B, Fristoe’s Regt., MO Cavalry, CSA

Martinsville City Cemetery, Martinsville, IL:
DELASCHMUTT, William Grason (H), Pvt., Co. D, 1st MD Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Jul 1838 (MD), d. 16 Dec 1915 (family vault) (According to Co. History book, he served under Gen. Jubal Early)

Meade Cemetery, Casey, IL:
LAMB, Peter Fleisher, Pvt., 31st VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1837 (VA), d. 6 Feb 1901
NUTT, Washington M., Pvt., Co. E, 16th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 1845, d. 1907

Mt. Olive Cemetery, Martinsville, Orange Township, IL:
NUTT, Holden H., Pvt., Co. F, 3rd NC Infantry, CSA, (poss.) b. 19 Oct 1832 (NC), d. 7 Jan 1877 (Holden enlisted from Forsyth Co., NC 29 Oct 12863 and is reported to have deserted 17 Nov 1863)
ROSS, Albert, Pvt., VA Infantry (served under Col. Chancellor at Leesburg, VA), CSA (not sure if he is at this cemetery for sure, only that it is in Orange Twp.)

St. Mary’s Catholic Church Cemetery, Marshall, IL:
WILSON, Hiram J., Pvt., Co. A, 18th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Nov 1844 (TN), d. 11 Feb 1918

Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Martinsville, IL:
WARD, Jacob L., ? , Army, Conf., b. 1819 (VA), d. 30 Oct 1881, G 11, B 21

York Cemetery, York, IL:
NEWMAN, Marmion Rush, Color Corporal, 17th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 1841 (VA), d. 1915 (age at death- 74y, 3m, 23d)

Unknown Cemetery, Marshall, IL:
ROSS, Albert, Pvt., VA Infantry, CSA
SMITH, Greenbury (Greenberry), Pvt., Co. B, Fristoe’s Regt., MO Cavalry, CSA

Unknown Cemetery, Orange, IL:
NUTT, Holden H., Pvt., 3rd NC Infantry, CSA


Dillman Cemetery, Clay City, IL:
WHITTINGTON, E.D., Pvt., Co. A, 16th Louisiana Infantry, CSA, b. 1834 (LA), d. 19 Jul 1918, L 15, B 3

Golden Cemetery, Louisville, IL:
HUMPHREYS, John S., Pvt., (poss.) Capt. Lynch's Co., TN Light Artillery, CSA, b. (TN), d. 1922

Oskaloosa Cemetery, Oskaloosa, IL:
KURTZ, H.R., ? , Army, Conf.


Trenton City Cemetery, Trenton, IL:
BAUCHENS, Phillip Friederick D. (“Fritz”), Sr., Corp., Co. D, 24th AL Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Dec 1840 (Germany), d. 2 Sep 1896, L 110, B 3, Sec S (was a tinsmith)
FRAZIER, George L., Pvt., Co. E, 22nd NC Infantry, b. 1824 (NC), d. about 1904
, John J. (“Pap”), Pvt., Co. C, 7th NC Senior Reserves (also known as 77th NC Infantry), CSA, b. 16 Jun 1829 (NC), d. 7 Jul 1901, L 89, B 3, Sec S (brother of George L. and uncle of John L.) (Bob Frazier says that he was inCo. A., 10th Battery, NC Heavy Artillery)
FRAZIER, John L., Pvt., Musician, Co. B, 53rd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 9 May 1951 (NC), d. 17 Feb 1922 (son of George L. Frazier above)
, William Alexander, Pvt., Co. A, 8th MO Volunteer Cavalry, “Swamp Rangers”, CSA, b. 28 Dec 1842 (MO), d. 3 May 1886, L51, B3, Sec S
SULLINS, Thomas Howe, Pvt., Co. C, 10th MO Inf., CSA, b. 14 Sep 1841 (MO), d. 31 Jan 1926, L 98, B 3, Sec S, (Enlisted 4 Aug 1862)


Craig Cemetery, Charleston, IL:
STORY, Joseph Manning, ? , Army, Conf., b. 1834 (TN), d. 26 Feb 1882, PHS (possibly MO or TN)

Dodge Grove Cemetery, Mattoon, IL:

Huckaba Cemetery, Charleston Twp., IL:
CASE, Phillip Brizendine, Pvt., Co. H, 30th MS Infantry, CSA, b. 6 Oct 1834 (NC), d. 17 Nov 1904, PHS (1880 census says he was born in 1836)

IOOF Cemetery, Humboldt Twp., IL:
NEWMAN, Alva J., Pvt., Co. H., 1st (Field’s) TN Infantry, CSA, b. 26 Feb 1831 (TN), d. 17 Mar 1911

(East Oakland Cemetery) Rosedale Cemetery, East Oakland Township, IL:
JACKSON, Charles Luther “Stonewall”, Pvt., Co. A, 3rd VA Cavalry Regt., CSA, b. 4 Jul 1843 (VA), d. 1 Dec 1924, G 6, L 39, Sec 2, PHS

Rosedale Cemetery, Oakland, IL:
KIDD, Joshua, Capt., (Mexican & Civil Wars), Army, Conf., d. 21 Sep 1927 (possibly- Pvt., Co. C, 55th VA Infantry, CSA)

Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Township, IL:

NEWMAN, Wade Hampton, Pvt., Co. H, 5th (McKenzie’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 Oct 1837 (TN), d. 9 Oct 1923 (May have in fact been in Co. E, 1st TN Cavalry, US and not in CSA at all - still checking.)
REDWINE, John Calhoun, Pvt., Co. A, 21st VA Infantry Battalion. & Co. K, 64th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 18 Oct 1846 (VA), d. 6 Apr 1874Wells Cemetery, Ashmore Township, IL:
UNKNOWN CONFEDERATE (There is supposed to be an unknown Confederate soldier buried in this cemetery. As the story goes, a trainload of soldiers came through this area and one soldier jumped off the train, injuring himself severly enough to eventually die of his injuries.)


Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, IL:
LYONS, James, Pvt., Co. H 15th TN Infantry, CSA (One of only two from Camp Douglas not buried at Oakwood)

Dunning Street Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
MCCRAY, Thomas Hamilton, Lt. Col., 31st Arkansas Infantry Regt. (McCray’s Battalion), b. 1828 (TN), d. 19 Oct 1891

Elmwood Cemetery, Leyden Twp., River Grove, IL:
AINAR, Von Johne,
VAUGHN, William Carroll, Pvt., Co. D., 3rd Regiment, TN Cavalry (Forrest’s), then Co. I, 7th KY Cavalry (Morgan’s), CSA, b. 16 Mar 1835 (KY), d. 1 Dec 1926 (Held honorary title of Colonel as Commander of UCV Camp #8, Chicago)

Fairmont Cemetery, Palos Twp, Willow Springs, IL:
BELL, John E., ? , b. 1844, d. 9 Jul 1935, GF 1, L 209, S 14

Forest Home Cemetery (formerly called the Waldheim Cemetery), Forest Part, IL:
(There’s a reasonable chance others are buried in this cemetery)
BOSWORTH, Burton F., Lt., Co. K, 9th GA Infantry, CSA, d. 12 Feb 1927 (age 90)
MCBRYDE, Alexander, ? , d. 1 Aug 1929
NOEL, Theophilus, Pvt., Co A, 4th Texas Mounted Volunteers, b. 3 Jul 1840 (MI), d. 10 Apr 1918 (Berrien Springs, MI, but buried in Chicago, IL)
PARSONS, Albert Richard, Corporal, “Lone Star Grays”, also an artillery unit that
fought at Sabine Pass, & with “Parson’s Brigade, CSA, b. 24 Jun 1848 (AL), d. 13 Nov 1887

Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
HIRSCH, Theodore, Pvt., Holmes Light Battery, LA Art., CSA, d. 12 Dec 1864 (one of only two from Camp Douglas not buried at Oakwood)

Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Hillside Station (West), ? , IL:
SLAUGHTER, John C., Pvt., Co. E, 14th KY Cavalry, CSA (is he a brother/cousin of Arthur buried in Rosehill ?)

Mt. Hope Cemetery, Blue Island Township, Chicago, IL:
RIOUFFE, Alexander, Capt., Co. B, 5th LA Infantry, CSA, d. 17 Mar 1898, L69, B NM, S 18

Mt. Maryw (?) Cemetery, Jefferson Township, Chicago, IL:
FLEISCHMAN, Simon, Pvt., CO. B, 6th Florida Infantry, b. 1844 (MD), d. 28 May 1908, G3, L4, S F

Mt. Olive Cemetery, Jefferson Twp, Chicago: (Should this be Mt. Olivet?)
MATE, Richard, Sgt., Co. E, 113th TN Infantry Regt., d. 12 Dec 1913, G S ½, L 144, S N

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
BEHAN, Frank A., Pvt. Co. C., 4th Battalion Washington Art., LA, CSA, (found in at least two other units)

Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
There is a separate listing for over 4200 Confederate soldiers who died at Camp Douglas. (The co-ordinator, Mr. Gale Red has the transcript.) While there are only 4200 names on the monument, there were more than 6,000 bodies buried at the site. Even more were lost through being washed out into the lake before being moved, some were sold as cadavers to the medical schools, and some just got lost to the tides of time)

Park Ridge Cemetery, Niles, IL:
REID, Thomas J., Col., 12th Arkansas Infantry Regt., CSA, dates of birth/death?

Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
ROSE, Edward, Pvt., 4th GA Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 22 Feb 1838 (Germany), d. Mar 16, 1921 (Evanston) (Commander of Camp No. 8, IL Div. UCV in 1917 until he died)
SLAUGHTER, Arthur O., 3 Lt., 2nn Regt. Infantry, 8th Infantry Division, MO State Guard , CSA,
b. 28 Sep 1840, d. 22 Jan 1907

Sag Cemetery, Lemont, IL:
MULCAHY, Jeremiah, ? , Army, CSA, b. 4 Nov 1847, d. 9 Oct 1910

St. Adalabert’s Cemetery, Niles Township, Chicago, IL:
POLIVKA, Joseph, Pvt., 3rd MS Vol. Infantry Regt., CSA, G47, Block E, Sec 6

Unknown Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
BLACKNALL, Thomas Henry, Maj., 37th AR Infantry (Bell’s Regiment, Fagan’s Brigade, CSA, b. 1833 (NC), d. Oct 1918 (Maj. T. H. Blacknall, 209 East Forty Second Street, Chicago, Ill., was major of the 37th Arkansas Regiment known as Bell's Infantry, Trans Mississippi Department)
LEVIN, George W., Pvt., Co. E & G, 3rd Palmetto Battalion SC Light Artillery, CSA, b.1846, d. 1 Nov 1917(Was a charter member of UCV Camp #8 and a Commander of that camp in Chicago, IL)
GUNTHER, Charles Frederick, purchasing steward, Confederate steamer :Rose Douglas), b. 6 Mar 1837 (Ger.), d. 10 Feb 1920


Bellair Cemetery, Bellaire, Licking Township, IL:
HACKETT, John Mack, Conf. Veteran, no dates

Berlin Cemetery, Oblong, IL:
POINDEXTER, William, Pvt., Army, Cong., d. 1915,

Jones Cemetery, Flat Rock, IL:
FARN, David M., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 13 Sep 1845 (TN), d. 19 Oct 1914, (Lawrence Co., IL), Center Sec, PHS (unable to verify military service so far, but shown as a Confederate in Crawford Co. veterans list)
FORD, John W., , Army C/U (?), d. 16 Mar 1904, West Sec, PHS (unable to verify military service so far, but shown as a Confederate in Crawford Co., veterans list)

Newlin Cemetery, Robinson, IL:
TRIMBLE, Thomas E., , Army, Conf., poss. KY Conf., d. 14 Sep 1889, L W, B So of Old, PHS (Is he a brother of R.L. Trimble in Newman Cemetery, Douglas Co.?)

Rich Cemetery, Honey Creek Township, IL:
LUTRICK, Moses, ? , Conf. Veteran, b. 1847, d. 15 Dec 1930, row 5 (wife - Elizabeth Baud)

Robinson Old Cemetery, Robinson, IL:
CHEUVERONT, J.M., Pvt., Co. E., 26th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1840 (VA), d. 1912, buried west side


Friends Grove (Quaker) Cemetery, Greenup, IL:
STARBUCK, John Weatherly, Pvt., Co. K, 52nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (NC), d. ? (prob. by 1880)

Hayes Cemetery, Hidalgo, IL:
WARD, William Henry, Pvt., Co. K, 2nd TN Mounted Infantry, CSA

DEKALB COUNTY: none found


Dewitt Cemetery, ? , IL:
GABY, Isaac, Pvt., Co. D. 39th TN Mounted Infantry (Col. W. M. Bradford’s Regiment Volunteers, 31st TN Inf., CSA, b. Mar 1842 (TN), d. ? (after 1900 - before 1916) (Cemetery shows his unit as Co. I, 8th TN. Cavalry, but no Isaac Gaby on rolls for the 8th, either side)

McCord Cemetery, Farmer City, IL:
WILLIAMS, Thomas Jefferson, Pvt., Co. F, 53rd NC Infantry, CSA, b. Feb 1839 (NC), d. 26 Jul 1934

Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, IL:
KELLY, Thomas L., Pvt., Co F, 4th KY Infantry, CSA, b. 10 Jan 1844 (KY), d. 20 Jul 1926 (also shown as Kelley)

Unknown Cemetery, Farmer City, IL:
HARPER, Isom A., Pvt., Co. A, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1841 (VA/WVA), d. 26 Feb 1915


Albin Cemetery, Wesley Chapel Church, Newman, IL:
One Confederate soldier buried here according to Pam Arthur (

Arcola Cemetery, Arcola, IL:
SPENCER, John Willoughby, Cpl., NC Army, CSA, b. 10 Mar 1844 (NC), d. 9 Nov 1877, Lot D-34
SPENCER, William Henry, Capt., Spencer’s Ranger’s, Independent Cavalry (NC), CSA, b. 11 Sep 1831 (NC), d. 20 Jul 1889

Arthur Cemetery, Arthur, IL:
LITTLETON, Samuel H., Pvt., Co. C, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, CSA, b. 26 Aug 1825 (TN), d. 17 Apr 1906

Newman Cemetery, Newman, IL:
DAVIDSON, Henry Clay, Pvt., Co. F, 12th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. a. 1838 (KY), d. 26 Sep 1926 (Sergeant Twp)
RICHARDS, John Etezious, Pvt., Co. D, 1st Special Battalion Wheat’s Louisiana Tigers, LA Infantry, CSA, b. 10 Jan 1842 (LA), d. 26 Mar 1909
TEAL, John L., Pvt., Co. A, 54th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 5 Mar 1832, Henry Co., VA, d. 4 Apr 1913 Broadlands, IL (Was a minister)
TREMBLE, R. L., Pvt., Co. I, 5th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, d. 24 Apr 1909, L 404, Sec 3,

Tuscola Cemetery, Tuscola, IL:
ROGERS, (Doctor), ? , Army, Conf., d. 27 Sep 1913, L 60, B 1, Orig. Sec,

Van Voorhis Cemetery, Bowdre Township, IL.:
HILL, James, ? , CSA Veteran, b. 6 May 1844, d. 13 Sep 1908, Old Sec.

Villa Grove Cemetery, Villa Grove, IL:
FRAZIER, George Anderson (Rev.), ? , Army, Conf., b 1850 (IL), b. 1850 (IL), d 26 Apr 1933, L 1, Sec 1,


Fullersburg Cemetery, Downers Grove (near Hinsdale), IL:
ANDRE, John A., Pvt., Co. A, 1st MD Infantry, CSA, L 95,

Naperville Cemetery, Naperville, IL:
EWELL, Robert Burns, Pvt., Co. C, 1st VA Infantry, CSA, d. 28 May 1911


Edgar Cemetery, Paris Township, IL:
BERGEN, Erasmus T., Pvt., Co. C., 8 KY Mounted Infantry (8th KY Cavalry), CSA, b. 1846, d. Jul 1910
CLARK, Henry E., Col, 7th Missouri Cavalry, CSA, no dates
GILES, John, Pvt., Co. E, 10 KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1844 (KY), d. 6 Sep 1914

Franklin Cemetery, Edgar Township, Chrisman, IL:
BUSSART, N.N.{Confederate (also shown as Sgt, Co. E, 66th Illinois Vol. Infantry – may have signed oath of allegiance for parole - all other listed Bussart(s) are Union)

Guymon Cemetery, Vermillion, IL:
SANDERS, Elijah, Pvt., Co. K, 32nd Regt. TN Infantry, CSA, b. 7 Mar 1824 (TN), d. 10 Jun 1910

Prairie Township Chapel Cemetery (Ingram Cemetery/Scottland Cemetery), Prairie Township, IL:
BOWERS, Aaron, Confederate soldier (no stone, no data) (poss. CSA Capt from Ark.)
LEGG, G.W. (“Wash”), Cpl., 2nd (Ashby’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 1840 (IL), d. 1920, L CW, sect. 2.
LANDIS, Mahlen Ira, enlisted in VA Confederate, b. 1847 (prob. VA), d. 1934 (He may have used a different name as I cannot find either a Mahlon or Ira Landis/Landes)


Ridge Cemetery, Grayville, IL:
PENFOLD, James, Pvt., Army, Conf. 7th TX Cavalry, b. 19 Aug 1835 (IN), d. 3 Nov 1892, GHS
POTTER, William, Pvt., Army, C/U (?), d. 4 Apr 1914, PHS
REEVES, R.A., Pvt., Army, Conf. TN Infantry, d. 5 Nov 181, PHS


Brocket Cemetery, Mason, IL:
PARKS, Marcus Lafayette, Pvt. Co. E, 1st TN Infantry (Turney’s), CSA, b.1836 (TN), d. 11 Mar 1892

Kinmundy Cemetery, ?, IL:
PEMBERTON, D.C., Pvt., Co. D, 16th MO Infantry, CSA, b. ?, d. 8 Mar 1916

Loy Chapel Cemetery, south of Effingham, Watson Township, IL:
WILEY, James, Pvt., Co. D, 2nd Confederate Infantry Regiment (later called the 52nd TYN Infantry, then became the 55th AL Infantry Regiment) b. Jan 1821 (AL), d. May 1912

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Effingham, IL:
JACKSON, William H., ? , Army, d. 2 Feb 1925, G 1, L 29, GHS


Old State Cemetery (Old City Cemetery), Vandalia, IL:
WALL, William Jones, Pvt., enlisted in Danville, VA, CSA, b. 29 Aug 1843 (VA) d. 26 Aug. 1913, There are also 3 other unknown CSA veterans - no markers or information as the records have been lost.

Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey, IL:
WEATHERLEY, Marion M.,Sgt., Co. H, Gordon's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry, CSA, b. ? , (Pvt., Co. D, 111th IL Infantry, US, d. 7 Nov 1904 - as provided by Linda Hanabarger) (CS/US ? Did he galvanize? Can't find him in the IL listings.)

Sidener Cemetery, Vandalia, IL:
LIPSEY, Samuel Francis, Pvt., Co. B, 15th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 20 Sep 1839, d. 7 Jun 1904, Sec NC, PHS

South Hill Cemetery, Vandalia, IL:
BULLINGTON, John R., Jr., ? , Co. K, 38th VA Infantry Regiment, Steuart's Brigade (Gen. George H. Steuart of Md.) CSA, b. 12 Jul 1841 (VA), d. 30 Apr 1922

Welch Cemetery, Carson Township, IL:
HUNT, Haraldson Lafayette, Pvt., Co. I, 27th Arkansas Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 19 Oct 1843 (GA), d. 24 Mar 1911 (MO) (His tombstone says Co. F, 27th, Arkansas Infantry, Confederate Army, “Father”)

Wilberton Cemetery, St. Peter, IL:
MILLS, William Allen, Pvt., Virginia Cavalry under Gen. Fitzhugh Lee’s 2nd Brigade, b. 16 Dec 1844 (VA), d. 6 Apr 1931

Unknown Cemetery, Vandalia, IL:
FORTUNE, William (later known as George William), Col., 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry, b. 2 Dec 1802 (VA), d. 20 Dec 1868 (I am not positive of the unit or the rank as the rank was from a descendant)


Drummer Township Cemetery (Gibson City Cemetery), Gibson City, IL:
(According to the write-up on the cemetery, there was probably another Confederate in a lost, unmarked grave.)
BARROW, Hamilton Jefferson, Pvt., Co. C, 51st VA Militia, CSA, b. 14 Dec 1839 (VA), d. 31 Dec 1941, P 128, Sec. 4, PHS
SLACK, George W., Pvt., Co. B Exchanged BN, CSA, b. 1833, d. May 1876, Sec. 6, PHS (Listed as George J. Slack in CSA records for the Exchange Battalion. If he used G.J. vs. G.W., then he may have been with Co. A, 5th TX Cavalry before capture. There also was a George W. Slack in Cos. C & F, 47th AL Infantry.

Mount Hope Cemetery, Sibley, IL:
CARNEY, John Henry, Pvt., supposedly served with General Beauregard, Army, Conf., b. 30 Sep 1848, d. 19 Mar 1932

Paxton’s Glen Cemetery, Paxton, IL:
CLARK, Hiram B., Pvt., Co. K, 1st (Field’s) TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1832, d. 18 Jun 1908, paupers’ section sec 35, block 5, sec. C
STEVENS, James, Army, Conf., b. 1838, d. 9 Aug 1907, paupers’ section 34 (prob. from VA)

Waggoner Cemetery, Gibson City, IL:
DOBBINS, D.F., Pvt, Co. E 24th Tenn. Infantry, b. 8 May 1838 (TN), d. 10 Apr 1908, R 4, Orig. Sec., PHS
LEONARD, John Henry, Pvt., Capt. C.B Griffin’s Co. Salem Light Artillery, VA, b. 31 May 1842 (VA), d. 29 Nov. 1937, R 8, Orig. Sec., PHS


Ewing Cemetery, Ewing, IL:
ELLIS, Abraham B., Corporal, Co. C, 24th Regt. TN Infantry, CSA, b. Feb 1831 (TN), d. 1913, Row 11
FLEEMAN, Joseph H., 3rd Sgt., Co. b, 7th BN (Bennett;s) TN Cavalry, later, Corporal, Co. E, 22 TN Cavalry, Barteau’s Regt., b. 8 Jan 1838 (TN), d. 10 Sep 1921

Jones Cemetery, Benton, IL:
PUCKETT, Adam Hall, Pvt., Co. C, 8th TN Infantry, CSA, Co. C 8th TN Infantry, b. 8 Jan 1841 (TN), d. 9 Jan 1878

Liberty Church Cemetery, Cave Township, IL: (just east of Thompsonville, IL)
CHANDLER, Stucker T., Pvt., Kirkpatrick’s Co. C, Ward’s 9th TN Cavalry, b. 12 Sep 1825, d. 7 Jan 1892, R 6

Liberty Riddlin Cemetery, Northern Township, IL:
NOONER, Elisha P. (AKA Jashenay A.), Pvt., Co. F, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 1828, d. 1873 (brother of Joshua Nooner buried in Old Benton City Cemetery)
SHRUM, Joel F., Pvt., Co. K, 2nd TN Infantry (Walker Legion/ Irish Regiment), CSA, b. 24 Jan 1844 (TN), d. 7 Jul 1915

Macedonia Cemetery, Macedonia, IL:
GULLEY, Thomas G., Pvt., Co. C, 63rd TN Infantry (Fain's) (74th Inf.), CSA, b. 1840 (IL), d. 20 Oct 1895
HAYES, Thomas L., Pvt., Wheeler’s Co. H, 6th TN Cavalry, b 31 Jul 1841., d. 12 Mar 1923, Sec. 36
SWINEY, William Allen, (possibly 1Lt., Co. D, 10th TN Cavalry), CSA, b. 28 May 1848 (TN), d. 15 Jul 1877 (NOTE - Thomas L. Hays was William’s brother-in-law and was the administrator of his estate when he died in 1877.)

Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetery, Benton, IL:
DANIELS, Joseph Benjamin, Pvt. Co. B, 2nd VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 31 Aug 1841 (VA), d. 24 Jan 1918
ESKEW, William L, Pvt., Co. H., 45th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Nov 1837 (TN), d. 17 Jan 1917, B l, F, Lot L, Space 11
HOWARD, Pleasant J., Pvt., Co. G, 7th Duckworth’s) TN Cavalry, b. 1842 (TN), d. 5 Nov 1905
ORR, Alexander Green, Dr., Pvt., Co. A & C, 1st TN Heavy Artillery, CSA, b. 19 Sep 1841 (TN), d. Aug. 1908
OWENS, Logan, (Login) Pvt, Co. K, 17th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1833 (TN), d 1908
ROBERTS, John F., ? , Army, Conf., d. 27 Feb 1896, G 9, L 22, B A, Sec. 30
WINTZ, Lewelyn "Lewis" Powell, Pvt., Co. C, King's 1st KY Battalion & 1st Confederate Cavalry, CSA, b. 1833 (VA), d. 16 Nov 1915

Pleasant Grove Cemetery, W. Franklin, IL:
HAWKINS, Pink, ? , Army, Conf., d. 1891, Sec. 24

Ridlen Cemetry, Northern Township, IL:
CHANDLER, Stucker T., Pvt., Kirkpatrick’s Co. C, Ward’s 9th TN Cavalry, b. 12 Sep 1825, d. 7 Jan 1892

Shilo Cemetery, Whittington, IL:
LINK, Thomas J., Pvt., TN Army, Conf., b. 1845 (TN), d. 7 Mar 1923, Sec. 20 (Prob. joined from Wilson Co. area.)

Veterans Memorial Cemeter, (Old City Cemetery), Benton, IL:
NOONER, Joshua F., Pvt., Co. E, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, B. 1833 (TN), d. 1878, Sec. 19
WINN, James, ? , Army, CSA, d. 4-27-1881, Sec. 19


Astoria Cemetery, Astoria, IL:
FOSTER, William T., ? , Army, Conf., d. 3 Jan 1887, PHS

Baker Cemetery, Farmers Township, IL:
COYNER, William, ? , Army, Conf., d. 15 Oct 1868, East Sec., PHS
HARLAN, James, ? , Army, Conf., East Sec.

Cuba Cemetery, Cuba, IL:
LEWIS, William W., Pvt., Capt. John Avis’ Co., VA Provost Guard, d. 1911
RUSSELL, Samuel, ? , Army, Conf., Old Sec.,
SCOTT, George LeRoy, ? , Army, Co. B 10th VA Stonewall Jackson’s Brigade, d. 21 Mar 1932, G 2, L 640, Old Sec., PHS

Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, IL:
LOWMAN, William C., Cpl., Army, Co. K 20th VA Cavalry, CSA, G 1, L 25, B E, Sec. 6 add, PHS
WASSON, J. E., ? , Army, Conf.

Foster Cemetery, Fairview, IL:
McBRIDE, William, ? , Army, Conf.,

Marietta Cemetery, Marietta, IL:
TROXWELL, Rice, Pvt., 11th Regiment KY Volunteer Cavalry, CSA, b. 1832 (KY, d. before 1900

Maryville Cemetery, Bryant, IL:
POST, Stephen, Pvt., Co. D, 20th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 26 Feb 1830 (VA), d. 6 Feb. 1917, L 4, PHS

Oakhill Cemetery, Lewiston, IL:
CLARYE, Joe, ? , Army, Conf., d. 24 Mar 1917
CLARY, Perry, ? , Army, Conf., d. 3 Mar 1900, Sec. OH, PHS
CRISSMAN, W.B., ? , Army, Conf., d. 4 Feb 1907, Sec. OH, PHS
HARBAN, T.B., Chaplain, Army, Conf., L 305,
REEVES, John, ? , Army, Conf.,

Point Pleasant Cemetery, Marietta, IL:
HARLAND, James, ? , prob. LA, CSA, b. 1830 (LA), d. 4 Mar 1882, L 29, PHS

Salem Cemetery, Astoria, IL:
ROBINSON, Alex, Pvt., TN CSA, b 1849 (TN), d. ? (poss. either Co. E, 4th (McLemore's) TN Cavalry or Co. E, 25th TN Infantry)


Westwood Cemetery, Shawneetown, IL:
HOWELL, John Lloyd, Capt., Co. G, 1st KY Confederate Cavalry, CSA, b. 18 Nov 1837, d. 1900

Wilcoxen (Salem) Cemetery, Liverpool Township, IL:
RAY, George Washington, Pvt., Co. D/B, 6th NC Cavalry, b. 24 Jul 1843 (NC), d. 31 May 1923 (OK)

Unknown Cemetery, Shawneetown, IL:
PARKS, William Allen, Pvt. Co. E, 1st TN Infantry (Turney’s), CSA, b. 1821 (TN), d. 13 Jan 1879 (Note- per Mike Morgan - who is doing a history of the 1st TN Infantry (Turney’s), Shawneetown was apparently a location for former Confederate soldiers who took the oath to the Union but were NOT sent home. Several other members from Parks Regiment show a stay in Shawneetown.)


Fernwood Cemetery, Roodhouse, IL:
ANDERSON, William Harrison, Pvt., Co B, 2nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Mar 1847 (NC), d. 6 Apr 1920
ANDERSON, William Henry, Pvt., Army, Co. H (K) 47th NC Infantry, CSA

Jones Cemetery, White Hall, IL:
REAVIS, Franklin Otis, ? , Army, Conf., d. 7 Feb 1936 (died in Wrights, IL)

Kinser Cemetery, White Hall, IL:
OTEY, Daniel, Pvt., Co. J, 4th VA Reserve Infantry CSA, b. 27 Jul 1847 (VA), d. 24 Sep 1929, GHS (I have another ote that shows 6th Battalion VA Infantry, CSA)

Oakwood Cemetery, Greenfield, IL:
CRIST, Richard Abraham, Pvt., Co. G, 58th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 1827 (VA), d. 1883.

White Hall Cemetery, White Hall, IL:
BURKE, Michael, Pvt., Co. A, 11th Regt serving under Gen. Breckenridge & Bragg, b. 12 Jul 1828 (Ireland), d. 25 Jan 1915
EGAN, James, Army, Conf. d. 30 Oct 1945
KISTLER, John Calvin, Pvt., Co. C 71st NC Infantry, CSA, b. 5 Apr 1847 (NC), d. 10-20-1923, L 263, PHS
LOWENSTEIN, Isaac, Pvt., 3rd GA Cavalry, CSA, b. 19 Dec 1834 (Germany), d. 28 Sep 1895
McFARLAND, Hubert L., Pvt., Co. G., 2nd Regt. MO Cavalry State Guard (?), CSA
STOCKS, Zeno, Pvt., NC Infanry, CSA, b. 13 May 1846, NC, d. 2 Aug 1918, L 334

Unknown Cemetery, Carrollton, IL:
CLIFFORD, James H., Pvt., Co. F, 42nd NC Infantry, CSA., L 56, Roberts Section, PHS

Unknown Cemetery (possibly Oakwood Cemetery in Greenfield), IL:
CRIST, Hector Croson, Pvt., Co. G, 58th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA (also Co. I, 20 VA Cavalry, CSA) b. 1832 (VA), d. 1880 (Brother of Richard A. Crist buried in Oakwood Cemetery)

GRUNDY COUNTY: none found


Antioch Cemetery, Macedonia, IL:
MUSGROVE, James Raford, Pvt., 23rd TN Infantry, CSA, b. 15 Apr 1844 (TN), d. 5 Mar 1936, Old Sec.,

Gholson Cemetery, McLeansboro, IL:
WILSON, Reuben Anderson, Pvt., CSA, b. 10 Jan 1813, d. 1 Jul 1880, PHS - Possibly a Cpl. with Co. F, 15th AL Infantry, CSA

Hebron Cemetery, Walpole, IL:
WILLIAMS, Martin V., Pvt., CSA, b. 1844, d. 1919

I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Dahlgren, IL:
DULANY, James Marion, Pvt., Co. C, 25th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 13 Aug 1838 (TN), d. 20 Mar 1922 (Story Co., Iowa) (Methodist Minister and school-teacher, brother of George Preston Dulany in Jefferson Co.)
DULANY, Thomas Asbury, Pvt., Co. C, 25th TN, CSA, b. 28 Apr 1846 (TN), d. 25 Jan 1899 (Brought home by his father and then he went off to join as a Pvt. With Co. D, 17th KY Cavalry Regt., US,
brother of George Preston Dulany and James Marion Dulany)

I.O.O.F. Cemetery, McLeansboro, IL:
FERRIS, William, ? , Army, Conf., d. 1882, L 56, Orig. Sec.

Knights Prairie Cemetery, Flannigan Township, IL.:
JOHNSON, Francis Marion, ? , Army (prob a TN or KY unit), Conf., b. a. 1837 (IL), d. 20 Sep 1922

New Hickory Cemetery Hill Cemetery, McLeansboro, IL:
LEDFORD, Rufus Franklin, Pvt., Co. D, 1 NC Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Jan 1840 (NC), d. 25 Dec. 1917, L 18 (Another source gives the name as Tedford vs.Ledford) (Enlisted at Lincoln City, NC on 3 Aug 1861 at age 21. He was captured at Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA on 12 May 1864, and was released 27 Jun 1865 at Elmira, NY)

Richardson Hill Cemetery, Dahlgren, IL:
GRIGG, Abner Monroe, Sgt., Co. K. 49th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 27 Feb 1837 (NC), d. 1911, G 1, L 59, Sec. 1
MARTIN, John, Pvt., TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1830-32 (TN), d. 5 Aug 1904, G 2, L 82, East Sec.
VENABLE, William H., Pvt., Co. A, 5th Battalion VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1841, d. 1893. L 70, L 70, West Sec.

Shelton Cemetery, near Dahlgren to west, IL:
PARMLEY, James, Sgt., (prob.) Green’s Battery, KY Light Artillery, CSA, b. 17 Sep 1837, d. 11 Aug 1915 (IN)


Augusta Cemetery, Augusta, IL:
HARMON, Edmund, ? , Army, Conf., b. 17 Feb. 1832, d. 13 Feb 1890, L 76, B 6, Sec NW ¼ (row 9 sec 2) (poss. Pvt., Co. E, 31st TN Infantry, CSA)

Basco Cemetery, Basco, IL:
SEWELL, George G., Pvt., Co. B, 13th (Gore's) TN Infantry, CSA, TN Infantry, b. (TN), d. 16 Jul 1905


Cave-In-Rock Old Methodist Cemetery, Cave-in-Rock, IL:
Mahon, Gideon Blackburn (Rev.), Pvt., TN Co. I, 57th VA Infantry Regt., and Co. K, 5th TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 29 Jul 1847 (TN), d. 11 Jan 1927 (Alternate spelling is Mahon)

Empire I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Elizabethtown, IL:
MANHART, James Arthur, Pvt., Co. B, 14th KY Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 26 Apr 1840 (IL), d. 16 Oct 1930 (May have taken oath and joined as a Sgt. In 11th IL Infantry, US) (May have also served with Morgan’s Raiders)

Lavender Cemetery #1, Hicks Township, IL:
CRABB, Thomas Wesley, Pvt., Co. K, 32nd MS Infantry, CSA, b. 25 Nov 1834 (TN), d. 12 May 1902, (Awarded Confederate Roll of Honor Citation)

Mt. Zion, Cemetery, T11S – R9E Sect. 23, Forest Township, Rock Creek Precinct, IL:
WALTON, William James, Pvt., Captain Kain’s Company, TN Light Artillery (Mabry’s Light Artillery), CSA, b. 15 Dec 1835 (VA), d. 26 Aug 1926 (obit says 8th TN Battalion)
AUSTIN, H. Daniel, Pvt., 18th (Newsom’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 1841, d. 1897

Vinyard Cemetery, Monroe Township, IL:
ENOCHS, Robert R., Pvt., Co. B, 1st TN Infantry (Turney’s), CSA, b. ?, d. 20 Apr 1877



North Side Cemetery, Geneseco, IL:
NICELY, Dudley S., Pvt., Co. H, 4th VA Infantry (“Rockbridge Grays”), CSA, b. 20 Mar 1827 (VA), d. 17 Dec 1917

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Kewanee, IL:
HEWLETT, Maddra J., Pvt., Co. G, 1st KY Infantry, CSA, b. 27 Jul 1841 (KY), d. 13 Dec 1919, (Lot, 445, Space 3, h/o Mary A.)
LONG, Henry H., Pvt., Co. E, 34th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 15 Dec 1839 (NC), d. 25 Jan 1915, (Lot 893, space 8, row west, buried 27 Jan 1915) (His obit says he was in the 50th NC Inf.)
SHARP, Samuel Jefferson (Dentist), Pvt., Co. F, 6th Battalion of VA Reserves CSA, b. 2 Aug 1847 (VA), d. 2 Feb 1927


Ashkum Cemetery, Ashkum, IL:
SPRINGETT, Enoch, Pvt. VA Army, Conf (supposed), b. 1845 (Eng.), d. 22 Aug 1927
SPRINGETT, George Albert, 2nd LT., VA, CSA, b. 15 Mar 1841, d. 7 Apr 1923
SPRINGETT, William, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. ? , (ENGLAND), d. 30 Jun 1878, G 14, L 64, B 31, Sec. N

Maple Grove Cemetery, Milford, IL:
SIVILL, Walker, Pvt., Co. K, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 13 Dec 1845 (VA), d. 23 Sep 1906 - (1929 roll says Walker, Sivel. He is listed as Saville in 18th VA Cavalry records)


Ava Evergreen Cemetery, Ava, IL:
HARRISON, R.(poss. Robert), ? , Army, Conf., d. 8 Dec 1906, L 44, B 1,
KELLER, William Agun, ? , Army, Conf. (There are 2 other Kellers, Philip J. & Philip P., with Military Stones- don’t know allegiance yet)

Bostick Cemetery, Murpheysboro, IL:
(Have to determine if these were CSA or USA)
BOSTICK, Dudley, Fireman, Crewmember on the Gen. Bragg Steamer, d. Aug 1921
BOSTICK, Hardin, Pvt., Coal passer on the Gen. Bragg Steamer, d. 30 Aug 1915
BOSTICK, Stephen, Pvt., Coal passer on the Gen. Bragg Steamer, d. 1895
ISOM, Adolph, Pvt., Co. H ?, d. 26 Mar 1925 (possibly J.A. Isom, Pvt., Co. H, 8th MS Cavalry, CSA)

Bowyer Cemetery, Carbondale Township, IL:
McBRIDE, Abraham Martin, ? , Army, Conf., b. Mar 1833 (TN), d. 1915, PHS

Camp Creek Cemetery, Murpheysburo, IL:
JOPLIN, David C., Pvt., Co. B, 16th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1834 (AR), d. 23 Mar 1899

City Cemetery, Murpheysboro, IL:
BAIN, Charles, officer/MD, CSA, b. 27 Dec 1825 (TN), d. 26 Dec 1895, B10, L 39

Crab Orchard Cemetery, Murpheysboro, IL:
HANEY, John, ? , CSA, d. 9 Dec 1865,
HANEY, William, ? , Army, Conf., PHS

DeSoto City Cemetery, DeSoto, IL:
MILLHOUSE, Clarence Abraham, Pvt., Co. A, 8th Regt. AL Infantry, CSA, b. 11 Sep 1836 (PA), d. 7 Nov 1894

Dillinger Cemetery, Carbondale Township, IL:
PLEASANT, Asa David, Private, Co. G, 8th TN Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 22 Oct 1821 (NC), d. 2 Jun 1877

King Cemetery, Sato, IL:
RICHARDS, Leonidas Augustus, Pvt. Co. D, 13th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 26 Nov 1839 (GA), d. Mar 1870

Oakland Cemetery, Carbondale, IL: (Gary Hefler - Sexton, 618-549-1712)
CALDWELL, Isaac Hodgen, Pvt., Co. C, 1st MS Cavalry, CSA, b. 11 Sep 1817 (KY), d. 7 Oct 1902, L 16, B 26, PHS

Parrish Cemetery, Vergennes, IL:
BEESLEY, Benjamin, Pvt., VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1837 (WVA), d. 18 Feb 1908, L 4, B 29, (also shown as Beasley)
BURGER, John, Pvt., VA Inf., no dates
TOMLINSON, Noel Henry, Pvt., Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, Swan's Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 1847 (NC), d. 10 Dec 1921, L 3, B 44, PHS

Pate Chapel Cemetery, Murphysboro, IL:
LANIUS, William H., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 22 Feb 1842 (Franklin Co., IL), d. 22 Jul 1919, PHS

Sinder Cemetery, Carbondale, IL:
LANEY, William H., Pvt., Co. E., Morgan’s Men (2nd KY Cavalry, CSA, b. Jul 1827 (TN), d. 23 Dec 1898 (age 71 y, 5 mo)

Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro, IL:
CARNES, James H., ? , Army, Conf., b. 1848, d. 1928 PHS
CORLEY, William E., Pvt., Co. D, 46th TN Vol. Infantry, CSA, b. 1831 (TN), d. 1912, L 73, PHS (Took the oath at Camp Douglas)
MULLIKIN, Walter S., Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Battalion Maryland Infantry Regiment, CSA, d. 18 Sep 1901, G 8, L 89, B 15 - (could be Walter B. vs. Walter S.)

Walnut Hill Cemetery, Grand Tower, IL:
CADY, George Horton, Capt., Co. D, Maryland Line, CSA, b. 1828 (NY), d. 1881
BAYSINGER, Daniel Hardin, MD, Surgeon, KY CSA prob. 12th KY Cavalry, (served under Gen. Kirby Smith), b. 19 Jan 1831 (KY), d. 9 Jun 1909

Woodlawn Cemetery, Carbondale, IL:
UNKONWN CONFEDERATE SOLDIER – taken off at Carbondale from a prisoner train that was headed north and was buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery. (Information from Lisa Reime, City Planner for Carbondale.) (According to another account, there are at least two Confederate graves in this cemetery.)

Unknown Cemetery, at or near Carbondale, IL:
SHELTON, Eldridge Monroe, Pvt., Co. G, 49th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1838 (TN), d. 12 May 1934

Note: from Thomas Shawcross: Carbondale Township, Jackson County, IL Township 9 South Range 1 WestSection 34, NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Marberry's land.
Two Confederate soldiers - no stones - iron pipes (one story is that they were crossing from Missouri to Kentucky and died of Smallpox. “This information had been typed by Rex Franklin. Rex was a member of the Jackson County Historical Society, and he compiled records of many of the cemeteries in Jackson County, IL The info on the
Confederate soldiers does not appear to link them to any known cemeteries. It appears their bodies were discovered on Marberry's land (I don't know who he was) and they were buried there. “


Brockville Cemetery, ? , IL:
HILTON, G.W., Pvt., Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA, d. 1912 (It is possible he may have been with Co. C, 10th Battalion Georgia Infantry, CSA)

McFadden Cemetery, Yale, IL:
PERKINS, Isaac, , Army, Conf., b. 1819 (SC), d. 17 May 1892, PHS

Mound Cemetery, Willow Hill, IL:
KNOTTS, John K., Pvt., CSA, b. 15 Apr 1842, d. 10 Apr 1910, Row 38, Center Section
KNOTTS, John W., Pvt., Co. A, 6th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 18 Feb 1843 (NC), d. 1910, G 25, B 38, PHS

Riverside Cemetery, Newton, IL:
HAMBRIC, James, Pvt., Prob. VA Army, Conf., b. 1818 )VA), d. 9 Sep 1894


Black Oak Cemetery, Bluford, IL:
DULANEY, George Preston, Pvt., Co. C 25th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 31 Jul 1843 (TN), d. 4 Jun 1905

Delashment Cemetery, Centrailia, IL:
DELASHMENT, David, Pvt., Army, TN Cavalry, (CSA?), d. 31 Jul 1896

Oakwood Cemetery, Mount Vernon, IL:
CARPENTER, Robert Wesley, Pvt., Co. I, 3rd KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 30 Sep 1837 (IL), d. 3 Mar 1923
COOPER, Samuel D., Sgt., Co. K, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 14 Feb 1842 (KY), d. 29 Jan 1924
GLOVER, James, Sgt., Co. A, 10th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 18 Aug 1840, d 1 Jan 1938
RILEY, James, Pvt., 9th TN Infantry & 22nd TN Cavalry (Barteaus), CSA, b. 1848 (IL), d. 1926 (The Mt. Vernon index shows James Granvil Riley d. 5 Feb 1921, James Riley d. 6 Feb 1926) (Tombstone inscription apparently says, “Capt. James Riley, b. 1 Jul 1839, d. 6 Feb1926)

Salem Cemetery, near Wayne City, IL:
GANT, John S., Army Conf. (?) (prob. TX or KY)

Sursa Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, IL:
YEARWOOD, Samuel R, Army, CSA, b. Jul 1824 (TN), d. 25 Feb 1911 (Evansville, IN)

Williams Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, IL:
CLIFTON, Thomas Franklin, Pvt., Co. K, 18th Tenn. Infantry, CSA, b. 11 Jul 1842 (IL), d. 27 Jun 1930

Unknown Cemetery: Centrailia, IL:
CASEY, Lewis F., ? , b. 23 Apr 1821 (IL), d. 20 May 1892 (Centrailia) (Was a member of the Texas Senate that approved the Texas Ordinance of Secession. Had served in Mexico as a Lt. with Co. H, 2nd Regt. during war with Mexico. May have served in TX Cavalry during CW)


Fieldon Cemetery, ? , IL:
BRYANT, William H., CSA?, b. 1828, d. 1903

Meadow Branch Cemetery, ? , IL:
SUDDETH, James E. (John), Lt., Co. D, 2nd MO Infantry, CSA,

Medora Cemetery, Medora, IL:
GARAUGHTY, William R., ? , Army, Conf., (possibly Garaghty)

Oak Grove Cemetery, Jerseyville, IL:
CARR, Joseph S., ? , CSA, b. 10 Jun 1826, d. 1896
FULKERSON, William. Houston, Lt. Col., Co. A, 63rd TN Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Sep 1834 (TN), d. 3 Dec 1919, G 3, L 47, B 4, Sec 3, PHS
FULKERSON, R.Frank, Maj., Co. F, 1st (Carter’s) TN Cavalry, CSA., b. 1836 (TN), d. 1 Jan 1880, G 1 L 47, B 4, Sec 1,
LOCKE, James Archibald, ? , Maj. Gen. J. O. Shelby’s Iron Brigade, CSA, d. Aug 1881, Locke family plot
LOCKE, Morris R., CSA
LYON, D.R., ? , Army, Conf., ? , G1, L 24, B 14, Sec 6, PHS (Poss. S.S. Lyon - 1824-1896)

Scenic Hill Cemetery, Grafton, IL:
BRYANT, Edward T., Pvt., CSA, b. a. 1828 (TN), d. 2 Aug 1919(poss. Co. H, 22nd AL Infantry, CSA)
MEYSENBURG, Earnest, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 1842 (Prussia), d. 25 May 1931


St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Elizabeth, IL:
BURKE, Thomas M, Sr., Pvt., KY CSA, b. 24 Dec 1843 (Ireland), d. 26 Nov 1920

Stockton Ladies’ Union Cemetery, Stockton, IL:
GOBLE, John G., Pvt., KY CSA, b. 16 Jun 1832 (TN), d. 15 Jul 1899 (His obit says he was born in Springfield, IL, but the census says he was born in TN)


Berea Cemetery, Vienna, IL:
KINDARD, William T., Pvt., Co. D, 46th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (TN), d 1904, L16SW B 205, Sec 35

Gilead Cemetery, Simpson, IL:
SMART, David Richard, Pvt., Co. B, 51st Virginia Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 1831 (VA), d. 15 Aug 1896, L 2, B 15, Sec 9, (Note - shown in Adjutant General's Honor Roll as "Southern Sailor")

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Burnside, IL:
HALE, Joseph A, Pvt., Co. H, 32 TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1845 (TN), d. 25 Mar 1921

New Burnside Cemetery, New Burnside, IL:
WING, William Henry, Pvt., Co. D., 8th KY Cavalry, CSA, 12 Nov 1844 (TN)), d. 10 Apr 1923
WRIGHT, Pinkney, Pvt., Co. K, 48th (Nixon’s) TN Infantry (?), CSA, - (possibly- Sgt., Co. G, 54th TN Infantry CSA)

Unknown Cemetery, possibly in Cache Township, IL:
BUSBY, Levi Crockett, Pvt., Co. G, 31st TN Infantry (Col. A.H. Bradford), CSA, b. 1845 (TN), d. a. 1899 (Also spelled Buzbee)


Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, IL:
CREIGHTON, William Robertson, Capt., Ark. Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Jan 1841 (Scotland), d. 1 Mar 1928, L 198, Sec 11, PHS

Old State Hospital Cemetery, Elgin, IL:
WILSON, Robert (“Uncle Bob”), Pvt., Co. H, 16th VA Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 13 Jan1836 (VA), d. 11 Apr 1848 (“Uncle Bob” was African-American)

West Batavia Cemetery, Batavia, IL:
SHEAHAN, John, Pvt., Co. D/B, 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Infantry (Wheat's Tigers), CSA, b. 3 Mar 1837 (Ireland), d. 27 Aug 1902, L 264, PHS (Also spelled Sheehan, apparently lived in Chicago for a while)

German Lutheran Cemetery, Pilot Township, IL:
VOIGHT, Ferdinand F., Capt., Co. G/B, 12th TX Infantry, CSA, prob. born Germany, no dates


Elmwood Cemetery, Yorkville, IL:
HATCHER, Jeremiah B., Pvt., Salem Flying Artillery, 1st VA Artillery Regt., VA, CSA, b. 16 Jun 1841 (VA), d. 3 Nov 1913

Little Rock Township Cemetery, Plano, IL:
McCORMICK, William Madison, possibly Sgt., 8th LA Infantry, CSA, b. 17 Sep 1842 (KY), d. 12 Sep 1920, (There is also a record for Wm. M. McCormick as a 1st Lt. with 27th LA Infantry, CSA)

Seward Mound Cemetery, Minooka, IL:
TINDER, George W., Pvt., Co. D, 5th MO Cavalry (Stallard’s Co.), CSA, b. 8 Aug 1838 (VA), d. 14 May 1919, L 52, PHS (also shown with Co. 10, Robertson’s Regt, MO State Guard, CSA) (originally enlisted as a Pvt. With the Saline Jackson Guards, MO State Guard, 1st MO Cavalry, “Marmaduke’s Escort”)


Knoxville Cemetery, Knoxville, IL:
GOLD, Andrew Jackson, Pvt., Co. K, 1st Florida Mounted Infantry, b. 1842-4 (MS), d. 25 Feb 1890

Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg, IL:
FISHER, Albert, Pvt., Co. I, 6th KY Cavalry, CSA, (Given on Jeannette Austin’s Conf. Dead Database, but not shown on the CWSS or Broadfoot rosters)

Maquon Cemetery, Maquon, IL:
WELLES, Joseph L., ? , Army, Conf., b. 1842 (VA), d. 1903, Old Sec.

St. Joseph Cemetery, Galesburg, IL:
SULLIVAN, Michael T., Pvt., Co. F (Dick Dowling’s Company), 1st TX Heavy Artillery Regt., CSA, b. Nov. 1833 (Ireland), d. 14 Mar 1914, S-O, L-39, Space 6 (Received a Medal as a member of the Davis Guard)

Unknown Cemetery, Galesburg, IL:
DUGAN, Dennis, Pvt., LA Tigers, CSA, b. 1834 (Ireland), d. 8 Nov 1916


Ivanhoe Cemetery, Mundelein, IL:
GLASS, Henry, ? , Army, Conf., d. 18 Apr 1904, L 130, Sec N

Lake Forest Cemetery, Lake Forest, IL:
McCLANAHAN, Edmund Burke, Capt., Co. G (“The Jackson Grays”), 6th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 31 Oct 1837 (TN), d. 1 Aug 1889, L 67, Sec. A, (Served as Judge Advocate General under General Braxton Bragg and was supposed to have been a Colonel.)


(Band Cemetery), West Serena Cemetery, Serna, IL:
RULEMAN, Henry, Pvt., Co. K, 62nd VA Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. Dec. 1844 (VA/WVA), d. 15 May 1915
SNYDER, Henry, Army, Conf., d. 1915

Ottawa Avenue Cemetery, Ottawa, IL:
HANEY, John, Pvt., 4th TX Cavalry, d. 8 May 1906, BU 33E (GAR lot) (died in train accident)
HEATH, James, Sgt., Co. B, 7th KY Cavalry & 2nd Battalion (Capt. Dortch’s) KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 Jul 1847 (KY), d. 24 Jul 1934, Sec BU 39E (GAR lot)

Wisner Cemetery, Ophir Township, Serena, IL:
McCULLOUGH, Benjamin, ? , Army, Conf., b. 1848, d. 1917, L 115


Charlottesville Cemetery, RR#3 Lawrenceville, IL:
DARNOLD, Alexander C., Pvt., Co. I, 4th KY Cavalry, CSA., b. 1841, d. Sep 1895, G 2, L Old Part, South Side, -
MATTHEWS, James, Pvt., Co. B, 1st Bolter’s KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 22 Sep 1844, d. Oct 1920, G 2, East part, GHS

Lawrenceville Cemetery, Lawrenceville, IL:
GLENN, Robert A., Lt., Co. I, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA, b.12 Aug 1842 (KY), d. 3 Jun 1928 (Enlisted from Randolph Co., NC, 5 Jun 1861 at age 21. He was captured at Fredricksburg, VA on 13 Dec 1862 and subsequently exchanged and promoted to LT. on 1 Aug 1863. He was captured again at Jericho Mills, VA on 23 May 1864.)
MURRAY, ? , ?, Army, Conf., (no first name/no dates of other information)

(Sand Ridge) May Chapel Cemetery, Lawrenceville, IL
EAGLE, James C., Corp., Co. B, 21st Battalion VA Infantry., CSA, b. 9 Jun 1837, d. 7 May 1918 (21st and 29th VA Infantry Battalions formed the 64th Regt. VA Mounted Infantry)
PRIOR, Harvey, Pvt., Co. C, 12th (Day’s) TN Cavalry Battalion, CSA, b. 1836 (TN), d. 23 Mar 1879

Pollard Cemetery, RR#3 Lawrenceville, IL:
PORTER, Gillam, Pvt., Co. K, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. ? , d. 1885, East Side Old Part (Enlisted on 8 Aug 1862 at Davidson Co., NC where he was a farmer. He was captured near Petersburg, VA on 27 Oct 1864 and was released at Point Lookout, VA on May 15 1865.)

Price Cemetery, Russellville, IL:
HALL, Thomas, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Reg. KY Infantry, CSA,
McCARTER, Alexander Hamilton, Pvt., Co. D, 2nd TX Cavalry, b. 7 Aug 1834 (IL), d. 1 Aug 1935

St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, St. Francisville, IL:
APPLEN, Edward Joseph, Pvt., Co. G 2nd Ark. Infantry Reg., d. 16 Oct 1935 (His wife – Tulia Francis Applen d. 6 Mar 1926)

Sand Ridge Cemetery, (Mefford family farm), Lawrenceville, IL:
MEFFORD, George Washington, Pvt., Co. E, 5th KY Cavalry, b. 7 May 1843 (KY), d. ?

Shiloh Cemetery, Lawrenceville (?), IL:
JENNER, Edward J., physician, ? , Army, Conf., b. 6 Jan 1846 (IL), d. 22 Mar 1907

Sumner City Cemetery, Sumner,.IL:
GARY, Andrew J., Pvt., Co. I, 18th TX Infantry (Oschiltree's), CSA, b. 2 Sep 1844, d. 16 Aug. 1931 (Terry had him listed as Co. G, 6th KY Cavalry)


Franklin Grove Cemetery, ? , IL:
BURKES, J., Conf. Army, d. 13 Jun 1893

Twin Grove Cemetery, Steward, IL:
HARDY, Albert Franklin, Pvt., Co. C, 18th Regt VA Cavalry., CSA, b. 6 Apr 1844 (WVA), d, 16 Dec 1934


Graceland Cemetery, Fairbury, IL:
KIRSCHNER, Madison M., Pvt., Capt., Co. A., Bryan's Co., 13th VA Light Artillery, CSA, b. 28 Dec 1844 (VA), d. 12 Jan 1918, G 4, L 6, B 8, Sec MA, PHS


Green Hill Cemetery, San Jose, IL:
CUNNINGHAM, John H., Pvt., Capt John Hanson McNeill’s Partisan Rangers, (1st VA Partisan Rangers) CSA, b. 17 Jul 1840 (VA), d. 18 Apr 1917, L 9, B E, Sec New, PHS buried in new section

Richmond Grove Cemetery, Sheridan Twp., New Holland, IL:
WHITE, James O., Pvt., Griffith’s Battery (aka Salem Flying Artillery), 1st VA Artillery Regt., VA, CSA, b. 22 Sep 1835 (prob. VA), d. 4 May 1873 (38 yr, 7 mo. & 12 days)

Steenbergen Cemetery, Mt. Pulaski Township, IL:
PAYNE, Willis Franklin, Pvt., Co. B, 3rd Battalion KY Mounted Rifles, CSA, b. 6 Aug 1843 (KY), d. 2 Feb 1925

Union Cemetery, Lincoln, IL:
BEAN, Jacob, Pvt., Co. C, 14th (Gillespi’s Regt.) LA Infantry, CSA, b. 6 Aug 1848. New Orleans, LA, d. 6 Mar 1909, L 42, B 4, Sec B,

Walnut Hill Cemetery, Williamsville, IL:
COLLIER, Eliga S., Pvt., Co. G, 6th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 1835, d. 1913, L 41, B 2, PHS


Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, IL:
(There are supposed to be several Confederate prisoners buried here who died in transit. Some speculate that they died of smallpox, others say they may not have been dead yet when buried.)

Hall Cemetery, Blue Mound, IL:
UNKNOWN SOLDIER, Army, Conf., B Old, Orig. Sec
WARE, William Francis Marion, ? , prob. KY, Conf. Army, b. 30 Jan 1840 (OH), d. 3 Apr 1910, L 2, B 54

Maora Cemetery, Maora, IL:
KEMPSHALL, John, Pvt., Kain’s Battery, 1stTN Artillery Brigade, CSA, b. 18 Oct 1814 (Eng), d. 17 Jan 1923, G 1, L N ½ 51, B 2 1, Sec. Add (POW at Camp Douglas)
SNOW, Winston T., Pvt., Co. D, 34th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1844 (VA), d 29 May 1917, L 227, B 3

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Mt. Zion, IL:
BIGGS, Duncan A., Pvt., Co. D- L Eng. TN Tr., b. 1825 (NC), d. 25 Dec 1915, G 3, L 17, B 2 (also shows Co. D, 3rd Confederate Engineer Troops)
DAVENPORT, John Wesley, Pvt., Co. B, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Nov 1847 (NC), d. 25 Jul 1931, L 41, B 1, S 6
DAVIDSON, Andrew, ? , Army, C/U (?), d. 1 Sep 1871, G 1, B 7
FISK, Marion, ? , Army, Conf., b. 13 Dec 1838 (KY), d. 9 Mar 1929, G 2, L 60, B 3
FOSTER, Ezekial J., Pvt., 3rd & 5th Consolidated MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1837 (KY), d. Jan 1910, G 3 , L 24, Sec 4
SMITH, John W., Army, Conf, no other info.
STONER, Thomas Chilton, Pvt., Cos. C & E, 1st Battalion KY Mounted Rifles, then Morgan’s Raiders, CSA, b. 24 Mar 1829 (KY), d. 16 Sep 1914, G 2, L 55, B 2


Bunker Hill Cemetery, Bunker Hill, IL:
McCAMBRIDGE, Alexander C., Pvt., Co. K, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, then Co. K, 3rd AL Infantry Regt., CSA., b. 1834 (Ireland), d. 9 Sep 1866
O’BRIEN, John, ? , Army, Conf., d. 22 Mar 1923, L 453, B 1

Charity Cemetery, Bird TOwnship, IL.:
SACRE, Jeremiah, Pvt., Co. K, 14th (Wood’s) Regiment Missouri Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Apr 1845 (MO), d. 7 Jan 1905

City Cemetery, Carlinville, IL:
BURNETT, Jackson S., Capt., Army, Conf., b. 12 Nov 1838, d. 4 Jul 1933, L W ½ 196, Orig. Sec, PHS
FLETCHER, Burrell, Pvt., Army, Conf., d. 8 Jan 1918, G 5, L 64, PHS
RICE, Samuel A., 5th Sgt., Co. I 5th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 13 Sep 1839, d. 16 Apr 1931,
TINNEL, Benjamin F., Pvt., Co. G, 23 Battalion VA Infantry, CSA

Girard Cemetery, Girard, IL:
COWAN, Robert S., Dr, - Surgeon, 3rd MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 9 Mar 1833, d. 18 Jun 1920, G 1, L 171, Sec OP, GHS
FISH, Charles E., Pvt., CSA, b. ? , d. 6 Mar 1880, G 3, L 142, GHS (poss. Co. H., 1st MS Light Artillery, CSA)
HORN, George W., Pvt., CSA, b. 16 Apr 1846, d. 8 Mar 1914, G 1, L 180 (poss. Co. B, 14th TN Infantry, CSA)
RUCKER, William Thomas, Pvt., Army, Conf., d. 13 Aug 1921 (The state death index says he died in North Litchfield Township, Montgomery Co., d. 23 Jul 1922) (maybe not same person)

Medora Cemetery, Medora, IL:
BROWN, Marcellus, Pvt., Co. D, Slayback’s Lancers, MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 21 Feb 1845 (TN), d. 30 Apr 1933
GAITHER, Zadok Leach, Pvt., Co. G/M, 7th NC Confederate Cavalry, CSA, b. 5 Apr 1841 (NC), d. 31 Aug 1932
GARAGHTY, William R., ? , Army, Conf.

(Miles Station Cemetery) - Metcalf Cemetery, Brighton, IL:
JOHNSON, Bushrod Rust, Major General, Army, Conf., d. 12 Sep 1880, PHS (Reburied in Old City Cemetery in Nashville, TN next to his wife. Had been highest ranking Confederate buried in IL.)

Oak Grove Cemeter - (formerly Chapman's Point Cemetery), North Palmyra Township, Modesto, IL:
BURNS, Ibra Cannon, Pvt., surgeon, 20th GA Infantry, CSA, d. 3 Jul 1923, G 2, L 62, B 2, PHS

St. Michael’s Cemetery, Staunton Township, IL:
BROWN, James C., Pvt. Army, Conf., d. 14 Oct 1905

Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Nilwood, IL:
HAMILTON, Abraham F., Pvt., Co. A, 3rd Regiment of Missouri Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Mar 1832, d. 11 Mar 1912


Alton Confederate Cemetery, Alton, IL:
Separate listing showing about +1534 Confederate soldiers. For more information, contact Mr. Gale Red, Commander of the Illinois Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans: or
Also Small Pox Island listing (actually in Missouri, but came from Alton Prison) Records indicate that between 1534 and maybe as many 2000 prisoners died at the Prison. Approximately 270 additional prisoners died on Smallpox Island and were buried there. A separate monument was erected for them in April 2002.

Bethalto United Methodist Cemetery, Bethalto, IL:
UZZELL, John Leonard, Pvt., Army, Conf., b.15 Oct 1817, d. 21 Oct 1874

Deck Cemetery, Between Highland and Marine on Rte. 143, Marine Township, Sec 23, IL:
FITCH, Samuel, Pvt., Co. B 2nd BN (Capt. Dortch’s) KY Cavalry and Co. K, 7th KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 1848 (VA), d. ? , (son of Samuel and Christina Deck Fitch)

Glenwood Cemetery, Collinsville, IL:
THOMPSON, William H., Sgt, Co. D, 14th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 2 Jan 1842, d. 15 Sep 1929, Thompson Lot, Sec b, PHS

Highland City Cemetery, Highland, IL:
RIEDLINGER, Frederick L, (Possibly Pvt., Co. K, 15 Missouri infantry, US. Probably not Confederate), b. 5 Mar 1850, d. 25 Mar 1916, Old Sec, PHS (Check for burial /death record)
ROMMERSKIRCHEN, Frank, Pvt., Co. K, 10th LA Infantry CSA, b. 23 Jul 1836 (Germany), d. 22 Mar 1920 (also served as an orderly to Gen. Stonewall Jackson)

Milton Cemetery, Alton, IL:
GUERRANT, Robert A. Pvt., served under Sterling Price in MO (unassigned CSA), b. a. 1835 (MO), d. Jun 18, 1914

Mudge Cemetery, Oakdale, IL: (2 miles east of Grant Fork)
MUDGE, Eliot Wilson, Pvt. , Co. A, 1st LA Cavalry, CSA, b. 17 Jun 1845 (IL), d. 30 Dec 1933, G 2, Mudge Sec, GHS
MUDGE, Hinkley Reddington, Pvt., Co. H, 7th LA Infantry, CSA, b. 4 Sep 1843 (IL), d. 12 Aug 1863, Mudge Sec, NW, GHS (killed at Malverne Hills)

Mundis Cemetery, 2.7 miles east of Marine on Pocahantas Rd, ? , IL:
UNKNOWN CSA Sailor, d. 1869

St. Ubaldus Cemetery, New Douglas, IL:
LONG, Joseph, ? , Army, Conf., d. 1923, NW Sec, PHS

Woodlawn Cemetery, Edwardsfille, IL:
HUNTER, Robert M. PVT, Conf., Army, ?

Unknown Cemetery at Venice, IL:
MCCAMBRIDGE, Frank, Pvt., Co. K, 3rd AL Infantry, CSA, b. (Ireland), d. after 1880 ? (Worked for the railroad, then as a ferry boat captain until his death in Venice, IL. Was brother of Alexander McCambridge buried in the Bunker Hill Cemetery, Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co., IL)


Bell Cemetery, Kell, IL:
SEIBER, Samuel T., Pvt., Co. K., Co. B, Thomas’ Legion NC Infantry Regt. (?), CSA, b. 1844 (TN?), d. 1924, Buried near Center of Old Part

Elder Cemetery, ?, IL:
McADOO, William A., (H), Pvt., Co. G, 1st & 4th Consol. MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1845, d. Jun 1915

Elmwood Cemetery, Centralia, IL:
CLAYTON, I.M., Pvt., Co. C, 41st MS Infantry, CSA, b. ?, d. ?, G 1, L 53, B 40,
WARNER, Jackson, Capt., Commissary, Libby Prison, VA, CSA, d. 14 Nov 1889

Evergreen Cemetery, Kinmundy, IL:
BOUGHER, John Harvey, Sgt., Co. C, 8th MO Infantry, CSA, b. 15 Jan 1847, d. 8 Mar 1931
MOORE, Ben, ? , Army, Conf., ? , L 3, Orig. Sec
MCGEE, Anderson, Pvt., Co. F, 29th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 20 Apr 1838 (VA), d. 26 Jun 1891
McKEE, Andrew, ? , Army, Conf., d. 1917, L 4, Sec J (I think these two may be the same man with McKee being a mistake)
ROTAN, John M., Lt., Co. K, Granbury’s Consolidated TX Brigade, CSA., b. 4 Sep 1837 (TN), d. 9 May 1923, L 12, Sec J
STEWART, James E., ? , Army TN Conf., d. 3 Jul 1889, L 12, Sec 1
TAYLOR, Enos W., Pvt., Co. D, 11th VA Cavalry., b. 1843 (VA), d. 22 Nov 1862 (taken prisoner while at home, Hampshire Co., VA (WV) 3/17/62; became sick while at Johnson’s Island and was sent to Vicksburg, MS to be exchanged; died 22 Nov 1862 on train near Kinmudy Station, IL)
TUCKER, Jarrot, Sgt., Co. G, 4th (McLemore’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, d. 25 Apr 1903, L 21, E Sec
WHITE, William H., ? , Army, Conf., 26 Feb 1907, L 190, Orig. Sec (Went to New Orleans Reunion in 1906 before he died in 1907)

Hillcrest Cemetery, Centralia, IL:
NORFLEET, Ben F., Sgt., Co. F 50th TN Infantry CSA, b. 29 May 1832 (TN), d. 21 Jan 1916, Sec 1, Lot 205 (Was originally buried in Mt. Morriah Cemetery, Kell, IL: L 20, B R, Sec. 1. He was in Camp Douglas at Chicago.)

Little Grove Cemetery, off Walnut Hill Road in Centralia Township, IL:
SATTERFIELD, Samuel James Turne, Pvt., Co. E, 22nd (Barteau’s) TN Cavalry, b. 9 Nov 1829 (TN), d. 22 Dec 1884

Sandoval Cemetery, Sandoval, IL:
FOSTER, Thomas, ? , Army, TX Conf., (shown in book but not on microfilm)

Sandy Branch Cemetery, Foster Twp., IL:
NICHOLS, William, ? , Army, Conf., b. 15 Jan 1844- d. 6 Mar 1903, L 29, B W, Sec 5

Vernon Cemetery, Vernon, IL:
ADERHOLT, William W., Pvt., Co. F, Cobb's Legion, GA, Co. F, 7th GA Infantry CSA, b. 22 Sep 1842 (GA), d. 26 Mar 1903, L 8, R 8


Belle Plain Baptist Cemetery, La Rose, IL:
SNEED, William Boswell, Pvt., McIntosh’s BN., VA Artillery, CSA, b. 1820, d. 1885, L6, B 9 (GHS)

Henry City Cemetery, Henry, IL:
HELMANDOLLAR, George Washington, Pvt., Co. H, 45th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 29 May 1845 (VA), d. 21 Nov 1920

Lacon Cemetery, Lacon, IL:
JOHNSTON, James H., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 27 May 1841 (KY) d. 27 Apr 1915, L 309, B Old, PHS


Oak Grove Cemetery, Manito Township, Sec 21, IL:
BARKER, Cornelius Barkley, Pvt., Co. G, 59th TN Mounted Infantry (Cooke’s Regiment 1 (Eakin’s) Battalion of Infantry), CSA, b. Feb 1843 (GA), d. 17 Dec 1916


Masonic Cemetery (old section), Metropolis, IL:
TRAMMEL, A.D., Pvt., Co. I, 8th AL Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. (AL), d. 15 Apr 1904

Masonic Cemetery, New Columbia, IL:
ENGLISH, Henry Mesker, Pvt., Co. A, 3rd KY Infantry, CSA, b. 18 May 1838 (KY), d. 10 Oct 1913

New Hope Cemetery, New Columbia, IL:
FARMER, Jonathan Scanlan, Jr., Pvt., Co. E, 2nd (Duke’s) KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 Jan 1836 (KY), d. 29 Feb 1928 (Enlisted 27 Apr 1864 at Benton, KY)

Odd Fellows Cemetery, Metropolis, IL:
MCDANIEL, Marshall, Pvt., Co. H, 44th MS Infantry, b. a. 1835 (MS), d. 20 Jan 1903

Unknown Cemetery, probably in Metropolis, IL:
BROWN, William P., Pvt., Co. G, 22nd (Barteau’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. a. 1844 (TN), d. 16 Dec 1927 (This death date may not be for our man, still checking.)
DUNCAN, James Richard, Pvt., Co. G, 7th (Duckworth’s) TN Cavalry, b. a. 1840 (TN), d. 5 Dec 1920


Glade City Cemetery, Blandinsville, IL:
SWEASY, Joseph V., Pvt., Co. A & K, 6th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 20 Feb 1845 (KY), d. 17 Jun 1889 (alternate spellings are SWEAZY or SWEEZY)

Good Hope Cemetery, Good Hope, IL:
MOON, James A., ? , Army, Conf., d. 3 Dec 1929, L 50, Sec 2, PHS

Industry Cemetery, Industry, IL:
COCHRANE, Joseph, ? , Army, Conf., 10 Jun 1914, G 1, L 35, Orig. Sec.

Pennington Point Cemetery, Industry, IL:
MONTGOMERY, James, ? , Army, Conf., B 1, Sec Add., PHS


Union Cemetery,Coral Township, Union, IL:
JOHNSON, James, ? , Army, Conf., ? , L 25


Bellflower Township Cemetery, Bellflower, IL:
SHAW, James William, Pvt., Co. B, 62nd Mounted Infantry, 2nd VA Infantry Regt., b. 9 Jun 1845 (VA), d. 12 Jun 1919, P21, Sec. 3, PHS

Blue Mound Cemetery, Cooksville, IL:
LAIN, Isaiah, Pvt., Co. G, 23rd TX Cavalry (Gould’s), CSA, b. 1833 (KY), d. 26 Feb 1897, L 56, Sec 11, PHS

Cheney’s Cemetery, Grove Township, Saybrook, IL:
CLARY, Perry, Pvt., Co. H, 9th KY Cavalry, CSA, (Mex. & CW), GHS

Henthorn Cemetery, Hudson, IL:
LYON, William, ? , Army, Conf., b. 1847, d. 1925
WILLIAM, Addison, ? , Army, Probably NC, Conf.

Hopewell Cemetery, Downs, IL:
HARMON, John, ? , Army, Conf., ? , L 6, B 4
MULLINEX, Henry, ? , Army, Conf. VA, ? , L 25, B 2, PHS (poss. Henry A. Mullinax, Pvt., Co. E, 31st VA Infantry, lived in Highland Co., VA - several spellings, including Mullinix, Mullenex, and Mullinax)

Oak Grove Cemetery, Le Roy, IL:
BLAND, James Stickley, Pvt., Co. A, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 23 Jan 1845 (VA), d. 17 Jan 1917
HOUSEHOLDER, Robert J., Pvt., Co. C, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, B. 1842 (VA), d. 15 Dec 1910, L 103, Sec 10, PHS

Stouts Grove Cemetery, Danvers, IL:
ROACH, Andrew Edward, Pvt., Co. B, 10th LA Infantry, CSA., b. 1836 (VA), d. 1 Apr 1906, PHS (He could have been in a VA unit)

Wiley Cemetery, Colfax, IL:
COX, Jacob S., Pvt., Co. A, 52nd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 4 Feb 1841 (VA), d. 20 Dec 1920
CRICKENBERGER, Francis M., ? , Army, Conf., d. 28 Dec 1938, Orig. Sec, PHS
DAILEY, Lawrence C., Pvt., Co. B, 8th KY Cavalry, CSA, d. 20 Aug 1893, G 4, L 3, B 45, Orig. Sec, PHS
PITZER, Michael T., Pvt., Co. K, 17th VA, Cavalry, b. 26 Jan 1847, d. 24 Mar 1923, R 1, Orig. Sec., PHS
WILSON, Eldridge R., Pvt., Co. D, Va. 62nd Mounted Infantry, 2nd VA Infantry Reg., b. 1834, d. 1915, R 1, Orig. Sec., PHS


Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg, IL:
CARVER, Robert T., Pvt., Co. D, 4th MO Infantry Regiment, CSA,
LEWIS, Charles T., Pvt., Co. B, 2nd MO Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 29 Jun 1844 (MO), d. 29 Sep 1935

Rose Hill Cemetery, Petersburg, IL:
RAINEY, Philip, Jr., Pvt., Co. G. 38th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 7 Oct 1829 (VA), d. 11 Dec 1889


Alexis Cemetery, Alexis, IL:
McCALL, James R., Pvt., Co. F, 9th NC Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Mar 1848, D 12 Aug 1910

Bridger Cemetery, Alexis, IL:
GREENWOOD, George F., Sgt, Co. F, 1st KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 12 Feb 1846, d. 8 May 1929, Lot 23

Green Mound Cemetery, Keithsburg, IL:
PATE, George, Pvt., 6th KY Infantry Regt., CSA, d. 2 Jan 1917, L N ½ 6, B 15, New Sec.

MONROE COUNTY:none found


Ashbury Cemetery, Raymond, IL:
EPPS, William D, Pvt., Co. B., 53rd NC Infantry, CSA., b. 1809, d. Jan 1893
EPPS, Beverly Robert, Pvt., Co. B, 14th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 24 Mar 1846, d. 14 May 1920

Bethel Cemetery, Donnellson, IL:
HERNDEN, James C., Pvt., Co. I, 19th (Biffle’s) TN Cavalry, CSA,

Clear Springs, Hillsboro, IL:
HALL, Thomas, Pvt., Co. B, 13th SC Infantry CSA, d. 16 Apr 1910

Crabtree Cemetery, Litchfield, IL:
FORAN, James, Pvt., Co. A, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA, d. 29 Jun 1934, G 2, L 2, West Side North End Sec.(shown as Forran on roster, His brothers (?) David C. & William are also shown in the same company.)

Irving Cemetery, Irving, IL:
WHITMORE, David H., Pvt., Capt. Hutchison’s Co., 4th Volunteers, AK. Infantry, CSA, d. 21 Apr 1928, G 1, L 6, B 11, (shown as D.R. Whitmore on rolls)

McDavis Point Cemetery, Hillsboro, IL:
NANCE, J.H., Pvt., Co. G, 3rd MS Infantry, CSA, d. 6 Feb 1909,
WILSON, Jacob, ? ,

Nokomis Cemetery, Nokomis, IL:
MICHAEL, C.W., ? , Army, Conf., G 4, L 139, B 2, (More likely it was G. W.)
ROBERTSON, George, ? , Army, Conf., d. 25 Mar 1899, G 8, L 409, B 5
SALES, John, ? , Army, Conf., d. 9 Dec 1870, G 2, L 347, B 4

Oak Grove Cemetery, Hillsboro, IL:
ALLMAN, Martin, ? , Army, Conf., d. 25 Dec 1929, G 6, L 217, Sec 2, PHS
BOGER, William H., Pvt., Co. G 42nd NC Infantry, CSA, d. 8 Jun 1914, G 2, L 316, Sec 2
EARNEY, Thomas C., Corp., Co. A, 22nd GA Infantry, CSA, d. 9 Oct 1917, G 6, L 263, Sec 2
FREELAND, C.A., Pvt., Co. A 57th NC Infantry, CSA, d 12 Dec 1912, G 1, L 162, Sec 1
GANN, Joseph, Pvt., Co. A, Allison’s Squadron TN Cavalry, CSA, d. 2 Nov 1922, G 4, L 310, Sec 2, PHS
GREENS, Hamp., ? , Army, Conf., d. 13 Apr 1898, G 6, L 208, S 2, PHS
HARTLINE, Adams E., Pvt., Co. E, Bethel Regt., 11th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Oct 1845 (NC), d. 30 Jul 1921, Mausoleum
JOHNSON, Ben, ? , Army, Conf., d, 5 Jun 1888, G 3, L 203, Sec. 1, PHS
LIPPARD, Allison S. J., Pvt., Co. K, 5th NC Infantry, CSA, d. 30 Mar 1913, G 1, L 386, Sec 2
McGEE, George H., ? , Army, Conf., d. 16 Jan 1913, G 6, L 311, Sec. 2, PHS

Tennessee Cemetery, Oconee, IL:
RAMSEY, William, ? , Army, Conf., d. 22 Mar 1920

Ware’s Grove Cemetery, Butler, IL:
EPPS, Gales Bedford, Pvt., Co. C, 14th BN MS L. Art., CSA, d. 14 May 1878, L 40, Sec A
FOGLEMAN, Jerome, ? , Army, Conf., d. 27 Aug 1875, L 114, Sec A
FOGLEMAN, John, ? , Army, Conf., d. 4 Sep 1878, L 37, Sec B

Woodside Cemetery, Filmore, IL:
UPCHURCH, Escue (?), ? , Army, Conf., d 16 Feb 1924, L 3, B 2, (If Echerd Upchurch, then: Pvt., Co. K, 17th TN Infantry, CSA)

Zion Cemetery, Nokomis, IL:
MARSHALL, Robert, Pvt., Co. G, 17th TN Infantry, CSA, d. 1875


Arcadia Cemetery, Arcadia, IL:
LACEY (LACY), James J., Pvt., Co. G, 19th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Aug 1846 (TN), d. 10 Dec 1925, L 152, New Sec.

Berea Cemetery, Alexander, IL:
OSBORNE, Benjamin Franklin, Pvt., Co. B, 44th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 16 Sep 1834 (IN), d. 9 Apr 1902,Old Sec, PHS

Bethel Cemetery, Murrayville-West Township, IL:
BREWBAKER, Richard Prear, Pvt., Co. B, 10th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 3 Mar 1839 (NC), d. 8 Apr 1922

Old Baptist Cemetery, Prentice, IL:
TAYLOR, Wm. H., ? , Army, Conf., d. 1915, L 20, Sec. A

Waverly East Cemetery, Waverly, IL:
BRADLEY, George Washington (Dr.), Pvt., Co. H, 5th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b.25 June 1838 (MO), d. 1 Nov 1921
BURNS, Harvey Merriman, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Regt. SC Cavalry, CSA, b.15 Feb 1845 (GA), d.18 Dec 1927
EPLING, Floyd Anderson, Pvt., Co. F, 24th Regt. VA Infantry (Kemper’s Brigade, Pickett’s Division, Longstreet’s Corps), b. 16 Mar 1844 (VA), d. 17 Sep 1916
NUNNELLY, Joseph Alexander, Pvt., 1Regiment Missouri Infantry, CSA, b. 25 Oct 1841 (MO), d. 14 Jul 1927 (died in Jacksonville)
TIMMONS, William Marion, Pvt., prob. 1st Regt. SC Infantry, CSA, b. 18 Sep 1837 (SC), d. 19 Apr 1928


(Marrowbone)Bethany Cemetery, Sullivan, IL:
MAHAN, John, Pvt., 4th Arkansas Infantry, CSA, b. ? , d. ?
MARLOW, William J., Pvt., Co. D, 18th NC Infantry, CSA, d. 12 Apr 1917
PULLIMAN, John, ? , Army, Conf., G 2, L 14, Sec 3
PYATT, Eleazor A., Dr., Regt. Surgeon 19th TN Infantry Regt., Assist. Surgeon General, CSA, b. 9 Oct 1832 (NC), d. 5 May 1902, G 6, L 2

Branch Side Cemetery, Gays, IL:
LEMMON, George H., Pvt., 2nd VA Cavalry, CSA, d. 25 May 1926, G 2, L37

Greenhill Cemetery, Sullivan, IL:
CARTER, Robert W., Pvt., Co. A, 1st NC Infantry, CSA, d. 10 May 1894 (Enlisted at Guilford Co., NC 15 Jul 1862. He was wounded 14 Sep 1862 and again at Gettysburg, PA on 2 Jul 1863. He was present for duty through Dec 1864.)
COLLINS, Charles, ? , Co. F 3rd KY Infantry CSA (?), d. 20 Feb 1928, G 6, L 6, Sec. 1
DUNSCOME, John Harmon, ( ? ), McCord's Frontier Texas Cavalry, CSA, b. 8 Jun 1839 (OH), d. 31 Aug 1891
GEORGE, Robert, ? , Army, Conf., d. 29 Apr 1897
MATHESON, Joseph, ? , Army, Conf., b. 1834, d. 10 Jul 1912, G 4, L 8

Smyser Cemetery, Gays, IL:
ELLINGTON, James D., ? , Army, Conf., b. 16 Jun 1830, d. 4 Oct 1910, G 1, L 6
LIVINGSTONE, W.B., ? , Army, Conf., (no stone)


Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Pine Rock Township, IL:
GRAY, Stephen, CSA, d. unknown (shown as 1Lt., Co. C/F, 6th California Infantry - UNION)
KILMER, Daniel, 1st VA Cavalry, b. 11 Jan 1846 (VA-WV), d. 20 Oct 1902

Plainview Cemetery, Mount Morris, IL:
SEIBERT, John B., Pvt., 1st Regt. Virginia Home Guard Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 Sep 1833 (VA), d. 12 Mar 1926
WELLER, Charles R, 2nd Sgt., Co. B, 1st Regt. Virginia Home Guard Cavalry, CSA, b. 5 May 1826 (VA), 22 Apr 1901

Pine Creek Christian Cemetery, Pine Creek Twp., Ogle Co., IL:
TAYLOR, William A., Pvt., Co. 2G, 24thTN Infantry Regt., CSA, d. ?

Roseland Cemetery, Roseland, Monroe Township, IL.:
DUNCAN, Alexander B., CSA, b. 1846, d. 10 Feb 1936

Unknown Cemetery, ? , IL:
BUTTERFIELD, Elihu, Pvt., Co. D, 10th TN Infantry, CSA, b. a. 1813 (PA), d. ? (Elihu had originally enlisted in US, captured, enlisted with CSA, then captured and enlisted with US)


Smithville Cemetery, Logan Township, IL:
COLLINS, Wyman L., VA Sharpshooter, 35th VA Militia, Co. H, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA, b. 18 Sep 1837 (VA)
d. 29 Sep 1910


IOOF Cemetary, DuQuoin, IL
JEFFERS, Berry Austin, Pvt., Co. A, 13th Battalion Louisianna Rangers, CSA, b. 29 Apr 1839 (AL), d. 11 Dec 1919, Lot 10 Block F
KNIGHT, N.J, Pvt., Flag bearer for Gen. Lee, Lot 18 Block H (possibly: Newton J. Knight, Pvt., Co. E, 1st GA Infantry Regulars, CSA)

Oak Grove Cemetery , Pinckneyville, IL
FLARE (FLEHR), John Frederick, Pvt., Battery D, 8th Battalion LA Heavy Artillery, CSA, b. 1 May 1846, d. 15 Dec 1916

Hopewell Cemetery, Pinckneyville, IL
McMILLIAN, Charles M., Pvt., 4th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. (VA) , d. no dates


Bement Cemetery, Bement Township, IL:
PHILLIPS, Marion Clark, Pvt., Co. A & G, 33rd MS Infantry, CSA, b. 26 Apr 1844 (GA), d. 5 May 1940
TALLEY, H.C., Pvt., Co. C, 13th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1844, d.27 Jul 1916,

Blue Ridge Cemetery, Mansfield, IL:
BLAGG, Simeon A., Sgt., Co. I, 31st Infantry VA Infantry, CSA, b. 24 Nov 1844 (VA), d. 22 Jan 1925, R 19, Sec. 4, PHS
CREWS, Melantheon C., (Rev.), Pvt., 36th Regt. AL Vol. Infantry, CSA, b. 1840 (MS), d. 25 Apr 1918, R 4, Sec. 4, PHS
HILLIGOSS, John William, Pvt., Co. B, 2 BN. KY Mounted Rifles, CSA, b. 1 Oct 1841 (KY), d. 6 Oct 1920, R 11, Sec. 3, PHS
McNEILL, Jesse Cunningham, Capt., McNeill’s Partisan Rangers CSA, VA, b. 22 Sep 1841 (KY), d. 4 Mar 1912, R 12, Sec. 1, PHS
VANMETER, Charles Washington, Pvt., Co. F, 7th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 5 Dec 1837 (VA), d. 29 Jul 1922, R 2, Sec. 4, PHS
VANMETER, Isaac N., Pvt., Co. B, 11th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 6 Jun 1843 (VA), d. 15 May 1925, R 2, Sec. 4, PHS
VANMETER, Solomon, Pvt., Co. B, 62nd VA Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 19 Feb 1833 (VA), d. 16 Apr 1928, R 1, Sec. 4, PHS

Veterans’ Monticello Cemetery, Monticello, IL:
PARSONS, Henry M., Pvt., Co. E, Peter’s Regt., VA Cavalry, CSA, b.15 Aug 1822 (VA), d. 11 Dec. 1898, B 30, L 4


Calles Cemetery, Perry Township, IL:
WATKINS, William, ? , Army, Conf

Dorsy Cemetery, Perry, IL:
WILSON, James, Pvt., Army, Conf

Green Pond Cemetery, Pearl, IL:
DAVIS, John W., ? , Army, Conf., d. 5 May 1901

Hunter Cemetery, Nebo, IL:
GREEN, William, ? , Army, Conf., d. 29 Jan 1937, L 69, Old Sec., PHS

Pittsfield Cemetery, Pittsfield, IL:
HAYES, James M., Pvt., Army, Conf., d 25 Apr 1923, G S 1/2 , L 10, Block – Gays
SEDBERRY, John S., Pvt., Army, Conf. (TX or NC), d. 25 Apr 1902, L 154
THOMPSON, Wm. H., Pvt., “Forrest’s Cavalry, CSA”, b. 19 Oct 1846 (VA), d. 30 May 1927, Mausoleum

Wilson & Babtis Cemetery, Perry, IL:
MERCER, A., Pvt., Co. G, 5th VA Infantry (?), CSA

Unknown Cemetery, ? , IL:
ADAMS, John Quincy, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 1849, (probably MO unit)

Unknown Cemetery, Detroit Township, IL:
NEELEY, George M., Pvt. Co. I, 2nd TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 1 Mar 1839 (IL), d. ?


Concord Church Cemetery, T11S, R 7E, Sec. 30, ? , IL:
HALL, Seaborn Jasper, Cpl., Co. H & L, 35th TN Infantry (5th TN Regt. Provisional Army, Mountain Rifle Regt.), CSA, b. 30 May 1835 (TN), d. 27 Jun 1898

Dutton Chapel Cemetery (Floyd Cemetery), Lusk, IL:
RAMSEY, James Ashbury (“Berry”), Pvt., Co. L, 35th TN Infantry (5th TN Regt. Provisional Army, Mountain Rifle Regt.), CSA, b. 14 Jun 1846 (TN), d. Oct. 11, 1914

New Liberty Church Cemetery, T11S, R6E, Sec 22, ? , IL:
WILEY, William, Co. G, Co. L, 35th TN Infantry, 5th TN Regt. Provisional Army, Mountain Rifle Regt., CSA, b. 29 Mar 1839 (TN), d. 28 Jun 1863

Old Zion Cemetery, T11S, R 5E, Sec 30, ? , IL:
CARNEY, Clayton, Pvt., 29th TN Infantry Reg., CSA, d. 18 Sep 1927

Unknown Cemetery, ?, IL:
RANDOLPH, Samuel Richard, Pvt., Co. H, 45th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 23 Jan 1824 (TN), d. 27 Dec 1876 (Enlisted at Wake Co., NC 1 Sep 1862 at age 27. He listed his place of residence as Rockingham Co., NC.He was listed as having deserted 26 Feb 1865.)

Unknown Cemetery, Waltersburg, IL:
WILLIAMSON, Thomas P., Pvt., Co. B, 1st TN Infantry (Turney’s), CSA, b. 14 Dec 1826 (TN), d. 8 Jan 1892


Concord Cemetery, 3 miles northwest of Olmsted, IL:
GORE, Louis, Pvt., Co I, 7th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 1848 (LA), d. 8 Jun 1924

Mound City National Cemetery, Mound City, IL:
Separate list of 45 Confederate soldiers buried there. There are over 2,000 Unknown Confederates soldiers buried at the Mound City National Cemetery.)

Spencer Heights Cemetery, Mounds, IL:
MCNEILL, Francis Marion “Dud”, Pvt., Co. C, 8th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 14 Jun 1847 (KY), d. 6 Feb 1920

Unknown Cemetery (possibly near Ullin), IL:
BRITT, Daniel J., Pvt., Co. K, 32nd Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 1836 (NC), d. after 1887- before 1916

PUTNAM COUNTY: none found


Coulterville Cemetery, Coulterville, IL:
CARROLL, William, SGT, AL CSA, b. ? , d. ?
CHEATWOOD, John Alex W., Pvt., Co. C, 7th MS Cavalry, CSA, d. 1 Feb 1904, L 6, B 2, Sec. 1, PHS
DOBSON, Washington N., ? , Navy, Conf., d. 29 Apr 1899, North Block, GHS
DUFFY, William, ? , Army, Conf.
HARBEN, William, ? , Army, Conf.
THOMPSON, Stevenson, Pvt., Army, Conf, d. 19 Nov 1900, G F, L 1, B 11, Sec 12
WHITE, James, Pvt., (probably TN or MO Army), Conf., b. 5 Jan 1836 (IL), d 17 May 1876, G 5, L 5, Sec 7

Evergreen Cemetery, Chester, IL:
ALLEN, William Bert, Pvt., (Probably) 5th MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 1839 (MO), d. 20 Aug 1920, G F, L 1, B 11, Sec 12
HYLTON, Maston Bottom, Sgt., Co. A., 24th VA Infantry & Co. E, 25th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 10 may 1837 (VA), d. 27 Feb 1906, G 1, L 1, B 6, S 2, GHS

New City Cemetery, Red Bud, IL:
GUKER, Frederick D., Cpl., Co. A, Chalmette Regt. LA Militia, CSA, b. 15 Apr 1840 (IL), d. 20 Aug. 1920, G 5, L 1, B 9, Sec 8, PHS

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Rockwood, IL:
MOORE, Sydney (Sidney) Smith, Pvt., Co. K, 4th TN Infantry, CSA, d. 1922

Steeleville Cemetery, Steeleville, IL:
QUALLS, Samuel T., Pvt., Co. H., 39th TN Mounted Infantry, (Col. W.M. Bradford’s Regt. Vols. 31st TN Infantry), CSA


Blain Cemetery, Olney, IL:
BLAIN, Daniel Jones, Pvt., Co. F, Waul’s TX Legion, CSA, b. 20 Jun 1834 (KY), d. 6 Mar 1869, PHS

Ebeneezer Cemetery, Olney, IL:
MARLOW, Green A., Pvt., Co. B, 34th GA Infantry, CSA, b. 9 May 1835 (GA), d. 7 Jul 1910, PHS

Haven Hill Cemetery, Olney, IL:
COMPTON, James F., ? , Army, Conf., d. 26 Dec 1926, L 1510, Sec N, PHS (either NC or KY)

Noble Cemetery, Noble, IL:
BROWN, James Madison, Pvt., 21st Battalion VA Confederate Volunteers, then 64th VA Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. a. 1842 (VA), d. 3 May 1922, PHS


Rock Island Prison, Moline, IL:
Separate listing of about 2200 Confederate soldiers who died at Rock Island Prison. (Mr. Gale Red - Co-Ordinator -


Marissa Cemetery, Marissa, IL:
ARNOLD, Frank, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 1845 (KY), d. 21 Oct 1934, G 3, L 835, East Add, PHS (prob. TN Infantry)
BARCAS, Jonathan, Capt., Army, Conf.
COLLINS, Henry, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 1839, d. 28 Dec 1913, G 1, L 392, South Add, PHS (Died age 74, suicide by hanging)
COLLOM, Richard N., 1 Sgt., Co. D, 63rd Regt TN Infantry (Fain’s Regt., 74th TN Infantry), CSA, b. 21 Aug 1839, d. 28 Aug 1921, G 3, L 202, Orig., PHS (farmer, died of heart problems)
ISGRIGG, Wm. J., Pvt., Co. B, 8th BN., MO Infantry, CSA, b. 8 Nov 1841, d. 2 Jul 1926, G 4, L 614, S 6, PHS (The roster shows his MI as H not J)

Mt. Hope Cemetery, East St. Louis, IL:
BELL, Oliver Ninian, Pvt., 8th KY Cavalry, CSA, b.15 Apr 1847 (KY), d. 31 May 1940


Big Ridge Cemetery, Big Ridge Township, IL:
DAVIS, Thomas Jefferson, Corporal, Co. I, 5th (McKenzie’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 16 Jan 1845 (TN), d. 3 Jul 1923
FOSTER, James Keener, Pvt., Co. F., 11th TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 11 Oct 1842 (TN), d. 3 Nov 1887

Scott Cemetery, Salem Community ( ?) , IL:
(This could possibly be in Franklin Co. or even Wayne Co.)
WISE, John B., Pvt. Co. C, 2nd MS Infantry Regt., (Gen. Bee’s Brigade, Heath Division, AP Hill’s Confederate Army, b. 1838, d. Jan 1929


Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield, IL:
Separate list for 859 Confederate soldiers who died as POWs at Camp Butler. There are obviously several more in unmarked graves that have not been identified.

Kern Cemetery, Sherman, IL:
COLLINS, James, , Army, Conf., d. 8 Jan 1913
PETERS, ? , ? , Army, Conf.

Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, IL:
BROADDUS, Sidney Clay, Pvt., Co. K, 1st TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 26 Feb 1833 (KY), d. 21 Sep 1919, Lot A-25. (died in Buffalo)

Oak Hill Cemetery, Buckhart, IL:
UNKNOWN SOLDIER, ? , Army, Conf., ? , Old Sec.

Pleasant Plains Cemetery, Pleasant Plains, IL:
(possibly one or more others buried here per Sexton)
ELLIOTT, Francis W., Sgt., Co. I, 10th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 1841 (VA), d. 1895

Rochester Cemetery, Rochester, IL:
DANIELS, Benjamin Franklin, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 1831 (VA), d. 19 Mar 1907 - (prob. LA or Ark.)

Sangamon County Home Cemetery, Buffalo, IL:
STACKS, Wm. F., ? , Army, Conf., d. 1 May 1934, G#374

Wood Wreath Cemetery, Berlin, IL:
CLARK, Horace O., ? , Army, Conf., d. 11 Jan 1916 (New Berlin), lot 76, block 5

Wimmer Cemetery, Auburn, IL:
HARRIS, Martin Baker, Pvt., Co. C 20th Battalion VA Heavy Artillery, CSA, b. Mar 5, 1839 (VA), d. Apr 3, 1889
MERRILL, George Washington, Pvt., 10th KY Mounted Infantry, d. Oct 2, 1902
RUCKER, George Anthony, (possibly a CSA vet.), b. a. 1822 (VA), d. 1890 (father-in-law of Marin Baker Harris)

Unknown Cemetery, Divernon, IL:
HARRIS, John Henry, Pvt., 7th Battalion VA State Reserves, b. 1842 (VA), d. 14 Dec 1915

Unknown Cemetery, Loami Township, IL:
STANTON, Benjamin, Pvt., Co. B, 4th (Murray’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 4 Mar 1838 (TN), d. 26 Jan 1908
STANTON, Jesse Longstreet, Pvt., Co. D., 4th (Murray’s) TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 1850 (TN), d. ?
HEWETT, Harvey, Pvt., Co. G., 60th VA Infantry, CSA, b. ?, d. 9 Apr 1933(The cemetery record shows he served in the 5th VA cavalry, CSA)
HOLLOWAY, Jackson, Pvt., Co. F, 9th AL Cavalry (Malone’s), CSA, b. ?, d. ? , (The cemetery records show he fought with the TN Regular Army, CSA)

Unknown Cemetery, possibly in Springfield, IL:
BARBER, Andrew Jackson, Maj., (purchasing agent in Commissary Dept. for Stonewall Jackson), CSA, b. 5 Oct 1827 (VA), d. 26 May 1902
MANN, Samuel A., Pvt./Bugler, Capt. Lowery’s Battery, Col. King’s Battalion of VA Artillery, CSA, b. 15 May 1837 (VA), d. between 1912-16 (Lived in Springfield)
HART, George W., Pvt., TN CSA Inf. & Home Guard, CSA, b. 20 Apr. 1841 (TN), d. 5 Mar 1926 (Lived in Springfield from 1866 until his death)


All Order German Baptist Cemetery, Browning, IL:
NOE, William, ? , Army, Conf., b. 1844, d. 1932

Bader Cemetery, Brown Twp., IL:
BLANKENSHIP, John Stranger, MD, served as assistant surgeon in Gen. Sterling Price’s Army in MO, CSA, b. 1825, d. 1 Dec 1896
SCHULTZ, George Reuben, Pvt., 2nd MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 18 Jul 1840, d. 16 Oct 1915
SCHULTZ, William H., Cpl., Co. G, 1st MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 11 Feb 1828, d. 25 Jun 1872

Browning Cemetery, Browning, IL:
ALLEN, Robert, ? , Army, Conf., b. 1845, d. 28 Jan 1927, L 45, Sec 8, - (prob. MO)

Huntsville Cemetery, Huntsville, IL:
SHANKLE, Willis, Pvt., Co. E, 52nd NC Infantry, CSA, b. Dec 1824 (NC), d. 7 Jun 1889

Messerer Cemetery, Frederick, IL:
BEATY, John Samuel, Pvt., Co. H, 9th (Young’s) TX Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (KY), d. 14 Sep 1883 (I had his death date as 1863, but that must have been a transcription error. His son John A. was born 1851 in IL)

Persinger Cemetery, Bainbridge Township, IL:
JOHNSON, Lewis, Pvt., prob. VA CSA, b. 15 May 1838 (VA/WV), d. 28 Dec 1912


Adams Cemetery, Glasgow, IL:
BARNETT, Hardin G., Pvt., (prob. KY CSA), b. 1837 (KY), d. 3 Mar 1896

Carlton Cemetery, (2.5 miles NW of Alsey), Winchester, IL:
SMITH, James T., ? , Army, Conf., b. 8 Jul 1837, d. 5 Jan 1897

Exeter Cemetery, Exeter, IL:
MORRIS, Daniel S., Pvt., Co. B. Wood's Regiment, MO Cavalry, CSA, B. 1847 (MO), d. 19 Apr 1926
STOVER, John W., Corp., Co. F, 2nd MO Infantry, CSA, b. 1827 (MD), d. 28 Jan 1916

Graham Cemetery, Oxville, IL:
McGINNIS, Owen, Pvt., Army, (prob. MO), CSA, d. 1864 (poss. Rvt. 9th MO Cav., US
NELSON, Harry, Pvt., Co. E, 8th KY Cavalry, CSA

Naples Cemetery, Naples, IL:
BINGE, Thomas, Pvt., Co. A, 1st (Strawbridge’s) LA Infantry, CSA, b. 15 May 1834 (Eng), d. 23 Jun 1899 (He was conscripted, deserted and served with UNION)


Meyers/Burrus Cemetery, Herrick, IL:
BERRYMAN, William A., Pvt., Co. A, 6th (Wheeler’s) TN Cavalry, CSA
BUCHANAN, Samuel Wiley, Jr., Pvt., co. H, 37th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 15 Nov 1844 (VA), d. 6 Jan 1900, G 2, L 83
HUNTSMAN, Henry J., Pvt., Co. F, 6th MO Infantry/Co. D, 3rd Battalion MO Infantry, CSA
HILLIARD, John H., Pvt., (prob.) Co. K, 31 TN Infantry, b. 1841 (TN), d. 29 Apr 1922

Price Cemetery, ? , IL:
WILLIS, William Washington, Co. I, 2nd KY Cavalry, CSA (information from Linda Hannabarger)

Ridge Cemetery, Tower Hill, IL:
BARDEN, John, ? , Army, CSA, d. Nov 1908, G 26 (prob. born in NC or KY)

Stewardson Cemetery, Stewardson, IL:
BUTCHER, James T., Pvt., Co. D, 57th Virginia Infantry, CSA, b. 1835 (VA), d. 16 Mar 1911, G 3, L 7, B 12

Unknown Cemetery, Herrick, IL:
MCMANIMIE, Isaac, Pvt., Co. H, 17th Arkansas Infantry Regt. (Lemoyne’s), CSA, b. 28 Apr 1843 (AR), d. 20 Dec 1928


Elmira Cemetery, Toulon, IL:
TOMLINSON, Alexander Robinson, Pvt., Co. g, 50th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Jul 1844 (VA), d. 1 May 1927, G 2, L 8

Osceola Grove Cemetery, Bradford, IL:
FARMER, David, Pvt., 154th Senior Reg., TN Infantry (1st TN Vols.), CSA, d. 1918, L 2, Center, New Addition

Toulon Cemetery, Toulon, IL:
BIGGS, Joseph R., Pvt., Co. G, 1 & 4 Consolidated MO. Infantry Regt., CSA, d. 1 Apr 1887
SINGREY, John L, Pvt., Co. H, 6th LA Infantry, CSA, b. 1833, d. 1 Apr 1891


Lena Burial Park, Lena, IL:
STEUR, Charles Sr., , Army, Conf., b 1842. Germany, d. 26 Dec 1914, L 33, B 5, PHS

Unknown Cemetery, ? , IL:
SALLADEE, ? , ? , CSA, d. 6 Sep 1894 (There was only one Saladee listed and he was in Ohio Infantry, Union Army)


Mt. Hope Cemetery, Tremont, IL:
GIFFEN, Edward R., Pvt., Co. F, 18th VA Cavalry, CSA, b. 8 Oct 1842 (VA), d. 7 May 1916, L 1, B 2, Add N, PHS

Prairie Rest Cemetery, Delavan, IL:
JACKSON, Henderson, Corp., Army, Conf., d. 20 Apr 1915, L 21, B B, Orig. Section, PHS (prob. TN or NC)


Alto Pass Cemetery, Alto Pass, IL:
PARRISH, Samuel Webster "Pete", ( ? ), Army, Conf., b. 1844 (KY), d. 22 Jan 1922, PHS

American Legion Cemetery, Dongola, IL:
FARRAR, George L. Pvt., Co. C, 5th TN Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 1836, d. 1894

Anna City Cemetery, Anna, IL:
ALDRIDGE, T.J., ? , Army, Conf. (poss. Co. I, 12th VA Infantry or Co. H, 9th VA Infantry, CSA - there are also 3 from MS & LA)
BILES, John C., Pvt., Co. H, 32nd TN Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 1837, d. 1 Aug 1934, B 189, PHS
CARLILE, Robert W., Pvt., 3rd MS Infantry Regt., CSA, B. 1835 (MS), d. 24 Mar 1904, G 1, B 127, S 2
CHILDERS, J. W., ? , Army, Conf.
COLEMAN, Parmenis M., Pvt., Army, Conf., (either AL or TN)
ENGLISH, Christopher Columbus, Pvt., Cos. F, K, & B, 8th MO Cavalry, CSA, b. 8 Aug 1843 (TN), d. 30 Dec 1920
PARK, John, ? , Army, Conf., d. 17 Nov 1908
PELLEY, Joseph, Pvt., Co. H, 59th AL Infantry, CSA, d. 17 Jun 1898, G 1, L 201, S 1, PHS
ROBINSON, Lee, ? , Army, Conf., poss. b. 1833 (TN)
RUSSELL, Isaac W., Pvt., Co. E., 18th TN Infantry, CSA b. 1831 (TN), d. ?

Anna State Hospital Cemetery, Anna, IL:
HOLLIDAY, William Carroll, Musician, Co. G, 5th TN Infantry, CSA, b. Dec. 1844 (TN), d. 27 Jan 1920 (Also shown as Halliday)

Cobden Cemetery, Cobden, IL:
DILLINGER, William C., , Army, Conf., d. ? , L 26, S 1, (either MO or NC)
GRIFFITH, John, ? , TN Infantry, CSA, b. 8 Aug 1841 (TN), d 16 Dec 1917, L 30, B 4

Jonesboro Cemetery, Jonesboro, IL:
CASH, John C., ? , Army, Conf., d. 10 Jul 1928 (poss.- Sgt., Co. D, 25th Texas Cavalry, CSA)
COZBY, Thomas C., Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 10 Dec 1849 (MS), d.14 Sep 1930, G 1, S 7
ENGLISH, Joel Robert, Sgt., Cos. D/K/B, 8th MO. Cavalry, CSA, b. 7 Dec 1836, d. 6 Mar 1922, G 1
HINSELY, James Madison, Pvt., AR CSA, b. (TN), b. 27 Jan 1827 (IL), d. 13 Mar 1870

St. John’s Cemetery, Jonesboro, IL:
AVETT, William Pinckney, Pvt., Co. E, 27th TN Infantry, Co. I, 1st (Field’s) and 27th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Oct 1845 (NC), d. 30 Jun 1928, G 2, L 11, B A, S 1
BARNHART, Jacob Wiley, Pvt., Co. D, 34th NC Infantry Regt., CSA, b. 15 Dec 1840 (NC), d. 1 Dec 1904

Unknown Cemetery, Dongola, IL:
FITE, Samuel Jacob, Pvt., Co. E., 5th NC Infantry, CSA, b. Sep 1840, d. before 1900


Bock Cemetery, Georgetown, IL:
BRYANT, Kenneth, ? , Army, Conf., d. Feb 1897, (prob. TN)

Georgetown Cemetery, Georgetown, IL:
PAXTON, Columbus F., ? , Army, Conf., b. 1839 (KY), b. Aug 1842, d. 1911, L 176, S H, PHS

Greenview Cemetery, Fairmont, IL:
SIMPSON, John, Pvt., Army, Conf., L 9, B 2, Orig. Sec., PHS

Oakhill Cemetery, Danville, IL:
RUFUS, James, Capt., Army, Conf., b. 11 Jun 1847 (NC), d. 3 Sep. 1928, (Should this be Rufus James vs. James Rufus?)

Songer Cemetery, Tilton, IL:
TRAVIS, Henry Clay, Pvt., Co. K. 6th Regt. KY Infantry, CSA, b. 10 Jun 1844 (KY), d. 24 Dec 1926

Woodlawn Cemetery, Indianola, IL:
GRIMES, John H., ? , Army, Conf., d. 2 Mar 1889, L 37, B 3, Sec. W, PHS

Unknown Cemetery, ?, IL:
DURBIN, John C., Pvt., Co. H, 24th Regt. LA Infantry, CSA, b. VA, d. 29 Apr 1903, Sec. 1, Row 11

WABASH COUNTY: none found


Alexis Cemetery, ?, IL:
MCCALL, J.R., ? , Army, Conf.

Monmouth Cemetery, Monmouth, IL:
HOUSTON, Walter, ? , Army, Conf., d. 27 Feb 1896, L 79, B 5, Sec. OP 81
STANLEY, C., ? , Army, Conf., d. 6 Nov 1869, L 26, B 6, Sec. OP


Greenwood Cemetery, Nashville, IL:
MITCHEL, Samuel, Pvt., Army, Conf. under Gen. Johnson, d. 22 Feb 1917, L 279, B 7

Masonic Cemetery, Nashville, IL:
BENNETT, George B., ? , Army, Conf., d. 1887, B 16, L5 (poss, PVT., Co. B, 4th LA Infantry Battalion)
GABBERT, James, , Army, Conf., , L 5, B 16, - (prob. KY or AL)
RICKMAN, Joshua N., Pvt., Co. A, 9th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA, b. 20 May 1833 (TN), d. 22 Nov 1907, L 22, B 23

Stuade Cemetery, Oakville, IL:
JUNGHANS, Herman August, Pvt., Co. G, 3rd Regt. MO Volunteers, Co. A, 15th Regt. MO Veterans Infantry, CSA, b. 30 May 1830 (Germany), d. 19 Mar 1886


(Dunkard Cemetery), Martin Creek Cemetery, Geff, IL:
MAUCK, David, ? , Army, Conf., b. 20 Dec 1841, d. 30 Sep 1921, (possibly Pvt., Co. L, 1 NE Cavalry Regt., MO Home Guard-US)

Maple Hill Cemetery, ? , IL:
NEWMAN, John N., Conf. Army, d. 1918 (check death index)

Jacob Chapel Cemetery, Orchardville, Orchard Township, IL:
DRAKE, William Bennett, Private, Co. E, Newsome’s Cavalry, 19th Regiment, TN, CSA (also served as a Private in Co. H, 42nd Illinois Cavalry, Union), b. 24 Apr 1832 (NC), d. 7 Nov 1910

Powers Cemetery (Pleasant Mound Cemetery), Garden Hill Township, IL:
DEAN, James N., Corporal, Co. K, 3rd VA Cavalry, CSA, b. ? , 11 Mar 1928 (It appears there was a mistake on the Honor Roll. According to the state death index, James M (not N) Dean died on 11 Mar 1928 in Xenia, Clay Co., IL. Cannot find any James M or N Dean on rosters for VA)


Bethel Cemetery, Phillips Township. Sec 12, Crossville, IL
SHELTON, James T., Pvt., 22 TN Cavalry, CSA, b. 7 Apr 1844 (NC), d. 7 Jul 1888, PHS

Big Prairie Cemetery, Carmi, IL
CROUSE, Fernandress (Fernandus), Pvt., Co. L, 1st TN Light Artillery, US, b. 1848, d. 1901, GHS (all other Crouses were Confederate, perhaps he took the oath)
MCCARTY, William T., Pvt., Co. D, 1st Battalion KY Mounted Rifles, CSA, b. 24 Jun 1845 (KY), d. 25 Oct 1910, L 17, B 2, PHS
WHITE, John. W., Pvt., Bell’s Mountain Howitzers Kentucky Volunteers, CSA, b. 5 Dec 1840, d. 16 Jun 1927, GHS

Burnt Prairie Cemetery, Burnt Prairie, IL:
PUCKETT, R. Hartwell, , prob. KY CSA, b. 1847 (IL), d. 13 May 1937

Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, IL:
STILLS, James Franklin, Pvt., Co. B, 60 TN Mounted Infantry (Crawford’s Regiment, 79th TN Inf., CSA, b. 15 Mar 1838 (TN), d. 17 Aug 1925, GHS

Maple Ridge Cemetery, Carmi, IL:
GRISSOM, Isaac, Pvt., Capt. G.W. Maxson’s Co. Sappers and Miners, TN CSA, b. 7 Jul 1846 (TN), d. 15 Sep 1917

Morgan Cemetery, Jonesboro, IL:
HINESLY, James Madison, Pvt., TN, CSA, b. 10 Jan 1827 (TN), d. 13 Mar 1870 (unmarked grave)

Union Ridge Cemetery, Heralds Prairie Sec 15-12, IL:
DALE, William S., Pvt., Marble City Guards, Co D., Brown’s Battalion, 6th Missouri Infantry, Confederate Navy - Gunboat Arkansas, b. 24 Oct 1840 (IL), d. 28 Jan 1916, GHS
FORD, James, Capt., Co. C, 2nd TN (Ashbys) Cavalry, CSA, b. 22 Aug 1823 (TN), d. 6 May 1875
SILAS, ?, ? ,Army, Conf. (not listed in County verterans listing)
WILLIAMS, William Calvin, Pvt., Co. A, 47th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 2 Oct 1846 (TN), d 4 Mar 1921

Unknown Cemetery, ?, IL:
MCMURTRY, John W., Pvt., Co. G, 18th MS Infantry, CSA, b. 1835 (TN), d. after 1890 in White Co., IL


Erie Cemetery, Erie Township, IL:
HERRING, John, CSA, b. 1845, d. 12 Dec 1890

IOOF Cemetery, ?, IL:
LAWSON, Andrew Jackson, Pvt., Co. C, 28th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 28 Sep 1846,d. 26 Nov 1912
LAWSON, W. T., Pvt., Co. C, 28th TN Infantry, CSA, b. (TN), d. ? , (Possibly the brother of Andrew Jackson Lawson above)

(Prophetstown Cemetery) Riverside Cemetery, Prophetstown, IL:
MOORE, John Paris, Pvt., Co. B, 45th NC Infantry, CSA, b.24 Nov 1837 (NC), d. 2 Mar 1923, G 3, L 3, B E ½, Sec 4 (Enlisted from Guilford Co, NC 3 Mar 1862, deserted about 22 July 1863 at Darkesville, WV)
QUESENBERRY, Milton, 4th Sgt., Co. B, 54th VA Infantry, CSA, b. 15 Mar 1844 (VA), d. 3 Nov 1911, SW1/2, 22o W ½ S4

Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, IL:
TAYLOR, Lafayette, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. 10 Jun 1841 (TN), d. 23 Jul 1917, G 1, L 1164, B 8, Sec River, PHS (Poss. Co. I & G, 35th TN Infantry, CSA)

Tampico Memorial Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, IL:
SEARCY, Howell M., Pvt., Prob. a MO guerilla partisan, CSA, b. 23 Jun 1838 (KY), d. 3 Oct 1929

Unknown Cemetery, Sterling, IL:
BROWN, Julius W., Pvt., Prob. NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1839 (prob. NC), d. ? (Still searching)


Maple Hill Cemetery, Elwood, IL:
FAULKNER, James F., Sgt., Co. A, ("Marion Rifles"), 5th VA Infantry (Stonewall Brigade), CSA, b. 1836 (VA), d. 1910, L 17, Sec A


Blairsville Cemetery, Blairsville:
SNIDER, Anderson Russell, Pvt. Co. E, 59th TN Mounted Infantry, (Cooke’s Regiment, 1 (Eakin’s) Battalion of Infantry, CSA, b. 1833 (TN), d. 1896 (age 63) (There are two more here who may be Conf.: M. Spencer, R. Suffill – no dates/info)

Creal Springs Cemetery, Creal Springs, IL:
GRAHAM, John Jay, MD, Pvt., Co. G, 4th TN Infantry, CSA, b. 16 Apr 1841 (TN), d. 22 Apr 1918

Fountain Church Cemetery, 4 miles south of Marion, IL:
MILLER, Robinson (Robert), Pvt., Co. E, 45th TN Infantry, CSA b. 1837, d. 26 Jun 1914

Gentry Cemetery, Grassy Township, (Sec. 20 SW ¼ NE ¼), IL:
JACKSON, Jefferson T., Pvt., Co. B, 5th TN Cavalry, CSA,

Oak GroveCemetery, Grassy Township, (Sec 16 SW ¼), IL:
BAINE, John Travis, Pvt., Co. A, 55th Regiment TN Infantry, CSA, b. May 1837 (TN), d. 27 Jun 1924 (also shown in records as J.T. Bane and Bain)

Old Rose Hill Cemetery, Marion, IL:
DAVIS, William M., Pvt., Co. G, 15th TN, Infantry, CSA, b. 1841 (TN), d. 1929, B 11, L 6,
HOLLAND, Caleb Tarelton, Pvt., Army, Conf., b. Jul 1844 (VA), d. 20 Sep 1924, G 2, L 11, B 15, Sec. SW (CWSS says Pvt., Co. E, 60th IL Inf.-US, so unless he changed sides, he probably was not CSA)
SWAFFORD, John Riley, Sgt., Co. A, 6th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 3 Oct 1838, d. 16 Aug 1915, G 8, L 10, B 20. Sec SE (Enlisted in Co. B, 45th NC Infantry at Mecklenburg Co., NC on 28 May 1861. Was with Co. A, 6th NC Infantry when he was wounded at Gaines Mill, VA. He was taken as a prisoner to Fredericks, MD, then returned to CSA at City Point, VA, 21 Nov 1862 suffering wounds in both eyes.)

Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Paulton, IL:
ECHOLS, Samuel, Pvt. Co. F., 18th (Newsome’s) Tennessee Cavalry, CSA, b. 6 Jun 1832 (TN), d. 12 Dec 1884 (Changed his name to Eckols after being in IL.) Buried in Row 3.

Shiloh Cemetery, south of Marion off of Market St., IL:
HILL, James, no dates or other information except CSA on headstone

Union Grove Cemetery, Pittsburg, IL:
EDWARDS, John Edward, Pvt., Co. K, 1st KY Infantry Regiment, CSA, b. 22 Oct 1835 (KY), d. 27 Jul 1922

Unknown Cemetery, ? , IL:
HOPPER, Henry C., Pvt., Co. G, 5th TN Infantry (“Illinois Rebels”), CSA, b. 26 Jan 1824, d. ?

Unknown Cemetery, ? , IL:
BENNETT, W. H., Surgeon,


Greenwood Cemetery, Rockford, IL:
BLAINE, James R., CSA, b. 31 Aug 1832 (IL), d. 6 Jul 1865
REED, Charles Edwin, Pvt., Co. G, 6th TX Cavalry, CSA, b. 312 Aug 1832 (IL), d. 31 Oct 1862 (TX)
THOMPSON, Charles Buccleugh, Major, CSA, b. 26 Feb 1838 (GA), d. 11 Jan 1869 (NY)

Unknown Cemetery, Rockford, IL:
(information found on site for Burials of Arkansas Confederate Soldiers)
BOYLE, Thos. E., Pvt., Co. B. 5th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA, d. 8 Jan 1865


Panther Creek Church of the Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery, east of Roanoke, IL:
NOFSINGER, William A., Pvt., 12th & 20th Battalions, Battery C (Bowyer’s), VA Heavy Artillery, CSA, b. 1826 (VA), d. 1896, Row 1N, Lot 10

(Unknown Cemetery- still searching), ? , IL:
NOFSINGER, Lewis, Pvt., Co. D, 11th VA Volunteer Infantry, b. 1830 (VA), d. ?

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