Early Land Grants to Settlers in the Territory of Illinois and Vincennes 

Illinois Territory

American Grants

William Arundel John Barton James Biswell
Thomas Brady Drury Bush Robert Caldwell
George Camp Ichadod Camp Isaac Chaffin
John Chambers James Curry Alexander Denis
John Dodge John Doyle Clement Drury
Abram Flanary Joshua Flanary Thos. Flanary, Jr.
Joseph Hanson Leonard Harness John Hiltebrand
David Hix Michael Huff Thomas Hughs
Nathaniel Hull John Jones James Kinkead
George Lunsford Richard McCarty John McElmuny
Jno. McElmuny, Jr Thomas Marrs John Marshall
John Montgomery William Murry Henry O'Hara
John Peters William Robins Elijah Smith
Henry Smith Peter Smith Joseph Standlee
Robert Sybold David Wallis Haydon Wells
Isaac West  Joseph Worley  
J.B. Allary William Arundle George Atchison
Thomas Bently William Biggs James Biswell
Shadrach Bond John Boyd Benjamin Byram
Joseph Byram George Camp Ichabod Camp
John Clark Thomas Comstock John Cook
James Curry Alexander Dennis Israel Dodge
John Dodge Alexander Douglas John Doyle
Clement Drury Andrew Faggot Samuel Finley
Elijah Flannery Thos. Flannery, Jr. James Garrison
Charles Gill Samuel Hanley Joseph Hanson
Leonard Harness John Harris James Head
George Hendricks David Hicks John Hiltebrand
William Howe Thomas Hughes Nathaniel Hull
Jacob Judy Patrick Kennedy James Kincade
James Lemen John Lyle John McCormick
Thomas Marrs James Mayfield John Montgomery
Mary Moony James Moore Joseph Morris
Joseph Ogle, Sr. Henry O'Hara David Pagon
John Peters James Pigot Charles Robins
Mrs. R. Rogers Larkin Rutherford Catharine Ryan
Josiah Ryan John K. Simpson Henry Smith
Nicholas Smith John Sullivan Levi Theed
David Wallace George Ware James Watts
Isaac West James Wiley John Williams
Joseph Worley William Wycoff  Thomas Winn
William Arundel Timothy Bellow George Biggs
John Brady Isaac Brasten William Butts
Thomas Callahan Isaac Chaffin William Chaffin
Alexander Dennis John Edgar Isaac Enochs
Philip Gallaher John Hays Edward Hebert
John Jones John Rice Jones William Jones
Jacob Judy Samuel Judy Robert Kidd
Alexander McNabb Edward McNabb James Moore, Jr.
John Moore William Moore John Moredock
William Morrison William Murry Joseph Ogle
Levi Piggott William Piggott Daniel Raper
William Robins Benjamin Rogers John Sack
Ebenezer Sevans Daniel Shultz John K. Simpson
Daniel Sink Christopher Smith Robert Sybold
Levi Theed Edward Todd William Todd
Alexander Waddle David Waddle Jesse Waddle
Hardy Wear Frederick Weiser John Whiteside
Wm F. Whiteside William Young Whiteside James Wilson
Joseph Anderson George Atchison Frances Bellew
George Biggs Thomas Biggs William Biggs
Shadrach Bond, Sr. Tobias Brashiers Charles Burk
Benjamin Byram Peter Casterline William Chaffin
L.G. Chamberlain William Cheney Frances Clark
John Clark Robert Creighton John Dimpsey
William Dove Raphael Drury William Drury
John Edgar Isaac Enochs Daniel Flannery
Elijah Flannery James Garretson Charles Gill
James Gray Samuel Hanley George Hendricks
Thomas Hughes James Lemen Henry Levins
William Lewis Archibald McNabb James McRoberts
Charles Martin James Moore John Moore
Elisha Nelson Benjamin Ogle Joseph Ogle
William Oglesby David Pagon Jonas Piggot
William Piggot George Powers Abraham Rain
Larkin Rutherford Catharine Ryan Josiah Ryan
James Scott Ebenezer Severns Nicholas Smith
Abraham Stanley James Stillman John Sullivan
Levi Theel Thomas Todd David Waddle
Robert Watts George Wear Layton White
James Wiley Thomas Winn Charles Wood

Those who have parcels laid out but have yet to receive their grant

Thomas Dalton, military office and living here before the year 1783, head of a family and lands, which he has not disposed of, but has gone to New Orleans where he owns a tavern.

William Hamilton, a settler and head of a family here in 1783, but now resides in Kentucky.

Joseph Rouse, head of a famiy here

Andre Roy, head of a family now in the Illinois, owner of lands, also claims his lot, Post Vincennes

Louis Bergeron, head of a family and property and removed to Illinois and claims property

John Baptist Chartier, head of family, sold property and has gone to the Spanish settlements but claims donation of lands

Joseph Dube, head of family, now in the Spanish settlements but has land here and claims donation

Guilbaut Charles, claimant as Dube

The widow of Pierre Peron, has gone to New Orleans but left children at this place; her husband was a head of family and the donation land is claimed for the children

N. B. it is observed of thse people that poverty forced them away but that they will return

Louis Lemay, now living at Kaskaskia

Andrez Roy, retains his property here

Francois Roussiant, living at Kaskaskia

Ambrose Dumais, has property here

Dennis Le Barge, ancient settler but is absent

Francois St. Marie, ancient settler but is absent

French Claims
Prior to 1783, Post Vincennes

Joseph Andrez Louis Alare Francois Brouillet
Vital Boucher Francois Baroye Jr. Marie, widow of Louis Boyer
John Baptiste Binette Amable Boulon Charles Bonneau
Charles Bugand Michael Bordeleau Nicholas Baillarjon
Michael Brouillet Francois Bosseron Francois Baroye, Sr.
Louis Brouillet Louis Boyer Jr. John Baptiste Cardinal
Francois Coder Pierre Carnieyer Joseph Chabot
Antoine Caty Francois Compagnot
Jacques Cardinal Joseph Chartier John Charpentier
Louis Coder Jacob Charbonneau Pierre Chartier, Sr.
Moses Carter Antoine Drouette John Baptiste Dubois
John Baptiste Ducheme Charles Dielle Charles Delisle
Pierre DAigneau Antoine Darrys Louis De Claureier
John Baptist De Elaureier Honorez Darrys Charles Dadevoir
Amable Delisle Jacques Denye Joseph Dacharme
Bonnaventure Deragier Nicholaus Ditard Francois De-ause
Louis Edeline Joseph Flamelin John Baptiste Joyale
Paul Gamelin Charles Guielle Toussaint Goder
Antoine Gamelin Pierre Gamelin Amable Gaurguipis
Alexis A. Gallionois Pierre Gilbert John Baptiste Harpin
Joseph Hunot, Sr. Etienne Jacques Edward Johnston
Jacques Latrimonille Francois Lognon Joseph Lognon
Jacques Lacroix Pierre Laforest Antony Luneford
Charles Lannedoe Jacques Lamotte Andrez Langnedoe
Renez Langlois Joseph Levrond Louis Laderoute
Francois Languedoe Louis Lamare John Baptiste Maugen
Pierre Malette Antoine Malette Andrez Monplesir
Louis Meteyer Francois Minie John Baptiste Milliet
Nicholas Mayot Francois Mallet Joseph Mitchel
Antoine Marier Frederick Mahl Joseph Malette
John Baptiste Mois Michael Neau John Baptiste Ouilette
Joseph Perodeau Guillaume Payes Pierre Perret
Amable Perron Pierre Quenez, Sr. John Baptiste S. Marie Racine
Pierre Regnez Francois Racine Pierre et Andrez Racine
Louis Ravalet Louis Roupiault Joseph Raux
Joseph St. Marie Joseph Sabolle John Baptiste St. Aubin
Etienne St. Marie Francois Turpin Francois Trudel
Joseph Tougas Francois Vachette John Baptiste Vaudrye
John Baptiste Vaudrye Jr. Francis Vigo Alexander Vallez
Antoine Vaudrye John Baptiste Vilray Nicholas Charpaid
Angelic, widow of Ettienne Phillibert Mary Louis, widow of Nicholas Perrot Felicite, widow of Francois Peltier
Louisa, widow of Andre Peltier Angelic, widow of Francis Basinet Marie, widow of Nicholaus Cardinal
Susanna, widow of Pieere Coder Marian, widow of Louis Denorgan Marie, widow of Jaressaints DEnorgon
Veronique, widow of Gillienne Daperon Francoise, widow of Ambroise Dagenet Genevieve, widow of Pierre Gumare
Ann, widow of Moses Henry Catarine, widow of John Baptiste Lafontaine Mandeline, widow of St. Jean Lagarde
Veronic, widow of Gabriel Legrand Marie Louise, widow of John Phillip Marie Legrats Louisa, widow of Antoine Lefevre
Catarine, widow of Amable Lardoise Maudeline, widow of Joseph Stone Genevieve, wife of Joseph Labuissiere, the husband deserted
Renez Godere dit Pannah Agate, widow of Amable Dumay  

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