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Carol Dean and Susan Cook began volunteering as hosts with their Jackson County Illinois website in 1998.  Response to the online data provided was overwhelming and they decided to organize for the ALHN project and expand into Illinois State data as well.  As the project grew, the two decided to move toward an independent project and asked for volunteers from ALHN as well as other individuals, to continue as an independent group.  The domain www.iltrails.org was purchased by Susan, the .org representing "not for profit" vs .com, which has been known as a "for profit" extension on the web and the project was on it's way.  Guidelines were set and many were interested in volunteering.  As Illinois Trails History and Genealogy grew, our reputation did as well.  Known for providing free online data and respecting Copyright laws, the project was known as an ethical not for profit organization.

Recent Events:

Early in 2006 a decision was made by some of our hosts to start a nation wide site. While there was some confusion for a short time during the move, iltrails.org never changed and today remains strong, viable and the best free site on the web. We wish them the best with their new project. We look forward to the continued good faith of our researchers and as always applaud our volunteers who work tirelessly to help make this site a valuable research tool for so many.

Your Hosts at Illinois Trails
Bios and Photos To Come

Carol Dean - Co-Founder; Part time Jackson County Illinois Trails

Susan Cook - Co-Founder; Illinois Trails Coordinator; Southern Trails Host; Jackson, Perry and Union County Illinois Trails Host

Sue Reed - Host of St. Clair and Madison Counties; General all-around Sheriff. ;)

Rajean Gallagher - Central Trails Host for Illinois Trails

Betty Albert - Coming Soon

Amber Godfrey - Sangamon County Host

Jeanie Lowe - Host of Menard, Co-Sheriff ;)

Penny Williams - Host of Johnson County Illinois Trails

About Us:
Illinois Trails History and Genealogy (www.iltrails.org) is an Independent, not for profit organization dedicated to providing free access to Historical and Genealogical Records pertaining to Illinois exclusively.  Our goal is to provide you with free, online data - following ALL COPYRIGHT laws, so that you may research your family's Illinois heritage.  Following copyright laws assures you that all data we personally provide is obtained legally and ethically and that it will remain online and will never be removed due to legal reasons.  Illinois Trails History and Genealogy volunteers, located at www.iltrails.org,  will never ask you for monetary donations or charge for access to data.  Illinois Trails History and Genealogy has an excellent reputation in the Genealogical community, and we will be working hard to continue to build on moral and ethical guidelines that Illinois Trails History and Genealogy is known for.

We also like to have fun while doing this! :)