September 7, 1787

Total Men and Children from 1779-1786

Illinois Historical Collections
Pages 421-423

This list was used by Tardiveau for his petitions to Congress.  At the end of this list will be footnotes by the author that include further information on some of those listed here.

Mens 1779

Shadrick Bond 2
David Guise
Laton White
Josiah Ryan 3

Men 1780

Nicholas Smith 4
James Piggot
Jacob Gratt 6
George Hendrick
Charles Wood 7
Robert Craighton
Larkin Reatherfoard

Children 1780

William Piggot
Levi Piggot
James Piggot
Joseph Piggot
Timothy Belew
William Gratt
John Gratt
John Allison 9
Joseph Allison

Men 1781

James Moore 10
William Biggs
John Valier
John Moore
George Wavie
Benjamin Byrun 12
Samuel Garrittson 13
Benjamin Turner
Elisha Vannatson

Children 1781

William Moore
James Moore
Enoch Moore
Milton Moore
James Garrittson
Hardy Ware
Samuel Guise
Daniel Raper
Solomon Guise
John Byrun
Joseph Byrun

Men 1782

John Watts
Robert Watts
Tobias Brashers
William Oglesbay
Daniel Sults
Peter Zipp

Children 1782

John Densey
Charles Watts
Beltashazer Brashers

Men 1783

John Farral 15
James Marshel
William Dove
Thomas Winn
John Suleven 16

Children 1783

John Suleven

Men 1784

Alexander Dennies
Elijah Smith
Thomas Morgin

Men 1785

Mason Lunefoard
Robert Reddick
William Shaney
Ephrim Story
Joseph Ogle 17
Joseph Worley
George Biggs
James Henderson
Benjamin Ogle

Children 1785

Joseph Ogle
Jacob Ogle
John Worley
Joseph Worley

Men 1786

Isaac West
John Sloughter 19
George Attchison 20
Michel Huff 21
Thomas Biggs
William Murrey
Lawrence Hurd
David Waddle
Samuel Morrison
Isaac Waddle
Daniel Finane
Barneby Mc. Clannen
Robert Seybold
Peter Casterland
William Baley
Isaac Chalfin
William Chalfin
William Howe
James Mc. Roberts
Henry Mc. Gloughlen
John Peters
Franses Clark
Johnson Amberson

Children in 1786

Alexander Attcheson
George Attcheson
Michel Attcheson
Amos Chalfin
Jese Waddle
Allexander Waddle
David Waddle
James Waddle

Total Men:  62
Total Children:  35


2.  Uncle of Governor Bond.  In his testimony before the Court in a trial, August, 1781, he said he was about thirty years of age, was a native of Virginia, and a laborer; that he had come to Illinois with Colonel Clark and since his discharge had been working for the inhabitants. He was often elected to the legislature of the Northwest territory and the territory of Indiana and was at one time justice of the Court of Common Pleas of St. Clair County.

3.  In December, 1789, he was living at "Eagle River"

4.  Nicholas Smith was one of the most prominent men at Bellefontaine.  In 1782 he was elected justice of the peace and in 1787 he took oath for the same office at Grand Ruisseau before the Cahokia Court.

6.  This must be Jacob Groot.

7.  Received grant of land at Grand Ruisseau from Cahokia Court on March 2, 1786.

9.  Presumably children of John Allison

10.  James moore was the leader of the Americans who settled at Bellefontaine.  He died in 1788.  Several of his children moved to Missouri.

12.  In his testimony before the Court in a trial, 1781, Benjamin Byrun said that he was twenty eight years old, and was a native of New Castel (Pennsylvania?) and a protestant.  He was a tailor by trade and had lived in Kaskaskia since spring.  When asked for his passport, he could only show his discharge from the service and an oath of fidelity taken at Fort Pitt.

13.  Samuel Garrittson was killed by Indians in 1788.

15.  John Farral was killed by Indians in 1789.

16.  Possibly Captain John Sullivan, one of Clark's officers.

17.  The first member of this family, that has been conspicuous in the annals of Illinois, to settle here.

19.  One of Clark's soldiers, English.

20.  He was in 1795 judge of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions, in St. Clair Co.

21.  Michel Huff came from Monongahela Co., Pa.  On the journey to Illinois Mrs. Huff and one of his stepsons were killed by Indians.  Later Huff met the same fate.

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