Department Of The Interior: Bureau Of Pensions

18 August 1920

Certificate No. 421538 Thomas J. Beavers K 18 Ill. Infantry

Thomas Jefferson Beavers: Cambria, Illinois

Born 21 July 1841 in Louisiana County, Arkansas Post Office at enlistment- Fredonia, Illinois Married to Martha Ellen Emmerson on 3 July 1861, Fredonia, Ill., by Rufus Parker. (This was the only marriage for both parties.)

Names and birth dates of all children, living or dead.

William Beavers b. 9 June 1865 d. 13 June 1865

Rosa Beavers b. 25 July 1866 d. 30 July 1866

Annice Beavers Hagler b. 16 August 1867

Grace May Beavers James b. 1 May 1870

Ollie Beavers James b. 18 July 1874

Gertie Beavers Vaughn b. 15 September 1877

2 boys died in infancy no record of their births.

dated: August 21, 1920 signed by T. J. Beavers