In 1882, the Belvidere historical society printed a brief biography on Charlotte (Moss) [Kingsley] Lord in their pioneer project. My great aunt Sybil (Smith) Harriman had retyped this excerpt and it was in her papers that she left to me when she died in 1980. This brief bio may be of interest.  --Melanie Smith

1882 Belvidere, Illinois

Historical Society Biographies

Mrs. C.S. Lord, from Waverly, Iowa, where she has lived some 25 years or more, is visiting among her friends hereabout. We understand Mrs. Lord came to this place the spring of '36 with her husband, the late Calvin Kingsley, a mechanic, and was engaged in building the sawmill this place that season. The winter of '36 and '37 they lived in Rockford, and he worked on the first hotel built in that city, known as the old Rockford House. The next spring her husband was induced to move two miles above, at what was then the county seat of Winnebago County, called "Winnebago," where he built himself a dwelling, and remained there two years. Mr. Kingsley was killed in an accident while building a hotel.

In the meantime, the county seat had been broken up and removed to Rockford. She them removed to Belvidere again, where she lived a number of years, and was married to Mr. Lord, of Spring, father of Mr. C.B. Lord, now a resident of this city. Mrs. Lord is about 75 years of age and seen much of pioneer life.

Charlotte Lord - born 1809 in New York, died 1896 in Iowa.

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I wanted to provide you with a little background on the people involved in the stories of Belvidere, Illinois. Thus, I have copied material from the family history book I am writing that very briefly takes the Moss family from CT to NY to IL. --- Melanie Smith

Asa and Harriet (Sherwood) Moss both descend from families that settled New England in the early 17th century (that is in another chapter and doesn't pertain to IL so I have not sent that unless you think it would be of interest). Asa and Harriet Moss had a sense of adventure and late in their lives joined their older children, the "pioneers" of Belvidere, IL which is where they died. Of their 13 children, the youngest ones journeyed with them.

I have listed their 13 children in the book and have copied it here for you. Please note that #4, #6, #7, #8, #9, #12, and #13 all have Belvidere connections (marriage, death or just living there) that may be of interest to those studying genealogy in Illinois. I also have tintypes of many of these people and will scan them into the family history book later. This might also be of interest to those who descend from these people.  

BACKGROUND ON MOSS FAMILY (excerpt from the family history book I am writing).

Lemuel Moss was born December 22, 1744 in Wallingford, Connecticut. He married Anna Hall, daughter of Peter and Rebecca (Bartholomew) Hall on December 22, 1774. They lived in Cheshire, which was then a parish in the Wallingford district. Later they bought a homestead in Ridgefield, Connecticut and then lived in other towns in Connecticut including Salisbury, Goshen and Sharon. Records show that they also owned a home in Sheffield, Massachusetts and later, Cooperstown, New York. Lemuel died in 1813 in Cooperstown, New York.

Their children were Abigail, John, Asa, Dema, Lemuel, Harvey and Anna. We descend from Asa Moss, born March 16, 1779 in Goshen, Connecticut. He married Harriet Sherwood (born September 30, 1783) in Kingsbury, New York, on October 20, 1803.

Asa and Harriet (Sherwood) Moss had 13 children. They honored their family by naming many of their children after siblings, parents and grandparents. Their firstborn child is named for Asa Moss' mother, Anna Hall and the firstborn son was named for Harriet's father Colonel Adiel Sherwood. Their second daughter and third child was named for Harriet's mother Sarah Sherwood. The fourth child, our ancestor, is named after Harriet's sister Charlotte. Another son, John, is named for Asa's grandfather John Hall.  Harriet and Asa Moss were obviously also fans of James Madison and named a son after this President.

Asa Moss died April 11, 1856 in Belvidere, Illinois. Harriet died August 17, 1846, also in Belvidere, Illinois. They had moved there after several of their children had purchased and cleared land. The children of Harriet (Sherwood) and Asa Moss were:

1.Anna Hall Moss ("Annie") was born December 22, 1804 in Kingsbury, New York. Anna was named for her father's mother, Anna Hall. On April 19, 1836, she married Samuel Coddington (1802 - 1875) in Kingsbury, New York. He had two girls and a boy with his first wife. Anna and Samuel had one child, Louis Coddington who married Sarah (?). Anna (Moss) and Samuel Coddington lived in Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York. Anna died March 25, 1879. Anna's stepdaughter, Mary Coddington, married Charles Morton Kingsley. Charles was the son of Charlotte Moss Kingsley, Anna's sister. So, in other words, Mary married her step-cousin.

2. Adiel Sherwood Moss was born June 18, 1806 in Solon, New York. Adiel was named for his maternal grandfather, Colonel Adiel Sherwood of Ft. Edward, New York. He married Emmette ( ?). When he lived in Buffalo, he owned a drug store and an orchard. Adiel Moss died in Brooklyn, New York, December 31, 1876.

3. Sarah Sherwood Moss, known as "Sally," was born October 26, 1807 in Kingsbury, New York. She married Dr. Ephraim Smedley. They had two boys and one girl named Irene Smedley.

4. Charlotte Sherwood Moss was born July 10, 1809 and died December 1896. She married Calvin Kingsley (1) James Lord (2). Charlotte was named for her mother's sister, Charlotte Sherwood.

5. John Hall Moss, was born June 6, 1811 and died February 28, 1878. He was married to Mary (?) and they raised their family in  Kalamazoo, Michigan.

6. Elizabeth Fellows Moss was born April 8, 1813 in Solon, New York. She married Samuel Jenks on September 17, 1839. Elizabeth and Samuel had at least three children: Arthur Samuel, Henry Sherwood, Julia Elizabeth Moon. Elizabeth and Samuel lived near Belvidere at Edinburgh, Christian County, Illinois. Some records show that when she died, September 15, 1880, she was living in Buffalo. Other records place her in Illinois and some in St. Louis. The name "Fellows" was the married surname of Harriet Sherwood's sister Mary Sherwood Fellows.

7. Edward E. Moss was born March 17, 1815 in Ripley, New York. He was one of the pioneers of Belvidere, Illinois traveling with his sister Charlotte and brother Andrew and their families. Edward married Sarah Cates in 1838. They had two girls (one named Eva) and one boy. They lived in Denver and he died at Monument, Colorado.

8. Andrew Fuller. Moss born February 27, 1817 married Louisa ( ?) on March 14, 1831. He died at Belvidere, Illinois on July 21, 1883.

9. Asa M. Moss, Jr. was born on December 21, 1818. He lived in Belvidere, Illinois where he died November 1, 1888. His wife was Elvira ( ?) and they had two boys.

10. Harriet Moss, born January 30, 1821 died when only 25 at Belvidere, Illinois in 1846. She was married to Mr. Skinner.

11. James Madison Moss was born January 24, 1823. His first marriage was to Adelia Paine and his second to Ellen (?). The children were Herbert, Leslie, Rosie, Ella and Gertrude. Gertrude married Matt Strong and they lived in Alabama.

12. Adeline H. Moss was born June 28, 1825 in Kingsbury, New York. She was married to Solomon W. Bristol on September 18, 1842 in Belvidere, Illinois. Solomon died at Hubolt, Allen County, Kansas. They had four children. Adeline died at Los Angeles and is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery near Los Angeles.

13. Rhoda Moss was born November 20, 1826 in Kingsbury, New York. She was married to James H. Patterson. They had six children including Lois, Leona, Justin and Clarence. Rhoda died in Belvidere, Illinois.

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