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Clark County was formed out of Crawford County in 1819, just a short time after Illinois became a state. At that time, the northern border of Clark County ran all the way to what would become Wisconsin. The County was named for George Rogers Clark, whose fame came mainly from his exploits on the Illinois frontier during the Revolutionary War. Clark County's first County Seat was at Aurora, on the Wabash (Ouabache) River. The County Seat was moved to Darwin in 1825 when the good citizens of Aurora realized that the River could flood higher than they could build. In 1839, a county-wide election was held to decide on a new County Seat. The contenders were Marshall, and Auburn. The tempers were high as the voting day drew near and the tension grew. In spite of Auburn changing it's name to Clark Center, Marshall won the day and has been the County Seat of Clark County ever since.

Vital Records


Census Records

1820 Census Index - NEW!
The 1850 Clark County Mortality Schedule


Excerpts from the History of Clark County, 1883

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Clark County Herald -1896 (Miscellaneous Gleanings)
Melrose Melodies - 1896
Melrose Melodies - 1897
Melrose Melodies - 1900
Melrose Melodies - 1901
Melrose Melodies - 1907
Melrose Melodies - 1909
Melrose Melodies - 1910
Melrose Melodies - 1911
Melrose Melodies - 1912
Misc Newspapers
West York - 1900
Deaths Listed in Various Newspapers
Deaths from Newspapers, Page 2



  • County Courthouse address:

    Marshall, IL 62441
    (217) 826-8311

  • County Clerk's Office:

    Clark County Clerk
    County Courthouse
    501 Archer Ave
    Marshall, IL 62441
    Phone: (217) 826-8311
    Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Available Records

    Genealogy Research: Birth & Death records begin in 1877, marriage records begin in 1819, land records in 1818. There is a charge for photocopies

    Marriage Certificates and Marriage applications are $5.00 each

    Birth Certs after 1916 must be certified.....Fee: $9.00
    Certified Certificates of Death.....Fee: $9.00

    No requests are handled over phone, requests must be submitted in writing with checks made payable to the Clark County Clerk and including a self-addressed, stamped envelope

  • The local genealogical library is located at

    521 Locust Street, Marshall, IL 62441
    (217) 826-2864
    Hours: 12:30 - 3:00pm Thurs-Sat


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