Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles Mentioning Coles County Residents

Thanks to Susan Cook for the following article which was printed in "The Arcola Record," Friday Sept. 25, 1874:


Former Citizens of Douglas and Coles Counties Captured by the Indians

Adison MARYMEE, who resides some four miles east of this city, received a letter from his daughter a few days since, dated from Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, that a terrible misfortune had befallen her and other families in the neighborhood.

It seems that the grasshoppers had destroyed everything they had in that section, and that some of the settlers had determined to try to eke out a subsistence by hunting. If possible, rather than call upon the State for assistance, Mr. MARYMEE's son-in-law, Wm. BOWLES, and Wm. CAMP, son-in-law of John WINKLEBLACK, of Coles County, had resolved to get along without State aid, and in furtherance of this resolution started out with a party consisting of ten men, on a hunting excursion on the 10th of August Inst. On the 22nd of August, while encamped at a point not far from Dodge City, they were surprised by a band of hostile Indians, and their camp plundered and destroyed. The men there divided into two squads, five in each, and started off in different directions with the design of reaching home if they possibly could.

One squad got home safe, but the other men, among whom were BOWLES and CAMP, but had not been heard of up to the time the letter from BOWLES' wife was written, Sept. 9th. A letter was received by Mr. WINKLEBLACK, from his daughter, dated the 10th, in which she says the Indians were seen skulking around, watching for the missing men, by those who reached home.

This calamity, together with the ravages of the grasshoppers, leaves the two women in rather a distressing condition. Mr. MARYMEE, who has but limited means at his command, will endeavor to bring his daughter back to Illinois at an early day.

Reunion Clippings

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Trilla, Ill - The
COLEMAN reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs George Coleman near Trilla. Following a basket dinner served at noon, the day was spent in visiting. During a brief business meeting the following officers were elected for next year: President, Leslie Coleman; Secretary-treasurer, Mrs Carrie Crowder and committee, Mrs Dale Foote and Jesse Crowder. Those present were Mr and Mrs William C. DeWitt of LeRoy, Mr and Mrs Dale Foote of Charleston, Mr and Mrs Jesse Crowder and children and J. W. Johnson of Mattoon, Mr and Mrs Leslie Coleman, Mr and Mrs James Coleman and children, Mr and Mrs Charles DeWitt, Mr and Mrs Starwalt, Amanda Coleman and Bert Adkins of Lerna."

"HOWARD reunion- the ninth annual renunion was held Sunday at Morton Park. Those attending were Mrs Minnie Francis, Mr and Mrs Charles Custer, Mr and Mrs Hulburt Lanus, Mr and Mrs Rutan Landrus and Larry and Wanda of Lerna; Mr and Mrs Charles DeWitt, Mrs Grace Ingram, Mr and Mrs William Drum, Mr and Mrs Owen Hildebrand and Ronnie, Billy Jo, Mollie Lue and Shirley, Mr and Mrs James Howard, Mr and Mrs Joe Howard of Mattoon, Mr and Mrs William Howard, Mr and Mrs Glen Taylor, Shirley and Gary Warren and Charlotte of Janesville; Mr and Mrs Otto Matheny, Wanda and Johnny; Mr and Mrs Ben Howard, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Dent and children Bennie and Betty, Kay Borrom of Mattoon; Mr and Mrs Lonxo Davis, Bobbie and Shirley Williams of Villa Grove; Miss Grace Williams, Howard Pyles of Wisconsin, Mr and Mrs Marvin Endicott, Mr and Mrs William Seeley, Chas. Seeley, Frank Seeley, Sam Howard, Cherry Taylor of Mattoon; Clarence Thomas, Richard Thomas of Humboldt; James Ingram of Charleston, Floyd Drum, Pattie Drum, Bill Rendfeld, Isabel Howard, Robert Howard, charles Howard, Vivian Smith, June Owens of Charleston, James Neal, Bobbie Neal and D. Vaultinburg of Strasburg."

News Items from the

Mattoon Journal Gazette

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13 January 1893
There were 49 interments in the Aoola cemetery last year, an increase of 22 over 1891.

Frank Cox has been in Peoria this week attending the state meeting of the Modern Woodmen.

By the retirement of Alderman Shaw, the city council stands five republicans and four democrats.

Miss Cora Alshuler left Tuesday noon for a visit of several days with Terre Haute friends.

Misses McCarty and O'Hair, two of our best teachers, gave a party to their friends Tuesday evening.

Dr. Lane and G.M. Glassco of Tuscola, were down last Friday night to attend the K. of P. blow-out.

Jos. H. Clark of Indianapolis, will expend about $2,000 in repairing his corner room under the Dole House.

W.A. McClary has already taken contracts for the erection of four new houses the coming season, one being in Richmond's addition.

Monday night, the Ivanhoe Club elected officers as follows: Charles Hogue, president; S.R. Evans, vice-president; G.H. Rich, secretary.

T.R. Weaver received $2,500 insurance on his stock recently destroyed by fire. This was the full amount of insurance carried on the stock, $500 being on the soda fountain.

Engineer Billy DeShane of the Clover Leaf got despondent and silly and took a bottle of laudanum Wednesday night but the doctors pumped him out. - Charleston News

Judge Hughes has outlined a judicial redistricting of the state which he has submitted to the state democratic steering committee. We are afraid the judge is getting into deep water.

The Gazette extends its congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. George Price who were married at the Catholic church Wednesday morning. Mrs. Price was lately known as Alice Cavanaugh.

The following are the directors of the Charleston national banks as chosen last Tuesday: First National Bank - Will Ed McCrory, Mrs. P.A. Trower, S.N. Nesbit, R.F. McNutt, Albert Wyeth, E.K. Dunn.

T.D. Stokes, who left the position of train despatcher on the Big Four to engage in commercial pursuits, has a good offer from a southern road, the acceptance of which he has under consideration. - Indianapolis Journal.

The mayor of Mattoon has sat down upon the sparrow shooters by ordering the police to arrest any person, little or big, firing a gun inside the city limits. Mayor Kern is the level-headed son-in-law of Rev. W.S. Hooper. - Shelbyville Union

The officers of the Congregational church for this year are as follows: Mrs. E. Jennings, clerk; Mrs. J.F. Scott, treasurer; Col. Weaver, F.D. Barr and J.F. Scott, trustees; M.B. Rothrock, J.E. Spaulding, J.R. Pape and T.M. Lytle, ushers.

Our esteemed friend, Prof. D.D. James, is writing a story, the scene of which is laid in the Elwell settlement near Shawneetown, Gallatin county. It is said by those who have been permitted to read advance sheets to be very little inferior to his poems.

A delightful entertainment was the afternoon tea of the "Sweet Sixteen Club" at the home of Miss Olive Wilson Saturday, in honor of Miss Irma Coppage, soon to depart. There were eight of the "sweet" maidens present and the tea was a sumptuous banquet of delicious sweets served in four courses. Later, eight young gentlemen called, making up the "sweet sixteen".

Henry Giddle, an industrious and honest German citizen of Mattoon, fell dead at the Big Four freight depot, Wednesday, of heart disease. He was employed as drayman and had his wagon about half loaded when the final summons came. His death is a loss not only to the family but to the entire community. He was about 65 years of age.

Items from 13 November 1916

Box Supper
A large box supper was held at the Tinch school last Thursday evening. Miss Julia Harrington, the teacher, was in charge of the affair. Forty-five dollars was the amount taken in during the evening.

Miss Maud Edgar was awarded the cake for being the most popular young lady and Harry Easton was awarded the pie for being the best corn husker.

Attends Reunion
Decatur Review: Pi Beta Phi girls had a buffet supper Saturday evening for their alumnae. It was an informal event. Afterwards some of the girls went to the Lincoln theater. Altogether, about fifty were at the supper.

An out of town alumnus here was Gertrude Craig Westervelt of Syracuse, NY

Dinner Party
Miss Oleta Bundy gave a twelve o'clock dinner for a number of guests on Sunday at her home southwest of town. Mrs. Hobart Harpin, Miss Inez Shadwick, Miss Edna Harpin, Roy Bragg, Martin Edwards and Herschel Bundy, all of this city, and Miss Hazel Edwards and Charles Cox of Windsor were the guests.

Reception For Ladies
A reception will be held by the Dokeys in the Knights of Pythias hall on Wednesday evening. The affair is for the members of the Dokeys and their ladies only. The entertainment for the evening will consist of dancing and cards, with a lunch served by a committee.

Class Meeting
On Saturday afternoon, Mrs. G.L. Hampson's Sunday school class of the Methodist Episcopal Church was entertained by Miss Thelma Loveless and Miss Ruth Linthicum, members of the class, at the home of Miss Linthicum, 2601 Richmond Avenue.

Good Attendance At Central Baptist Sunday
There was a good attendance and a deep interest in all the services at the Central Baptist Church Sunday. At the evening service, the house was filled and a number were turned away who could not gain admittance. A goodly number expressed an interest in the Christian Life during the day and one young person took a definite stand for Christ. The pastor's subject for the evening sermon was "Pilate's Failure".

Services this evening at 7:30. The pastor will preach and at the close of the meeting there will be a baptismal service.

Elmore Katz is a visitor in Chicago.

George J. Pearson was a visitor in Shelbyville today.

Foster Storm spent Sunday with relatives in Neoga.

James O'Neill spent Sunday with friends in Champaign.

Mrs. C.E. Comer spent the day with relatives in Humbolt.

George A. Kizer went to East St. Louis today for a few days stay.

Miss Bessie Willis of Toledo was a guest of Miss Aileen Jennings today.

Roscoe Storm of Veedersburg, Indiana was a guest of friends in the city Sunday.

Howard Alexander of Charleston was a caller in the city Sunday evening.

Mrs. H.L. Leathers will go to Chicago Wednesday for a visit with relatives.

L.A. Shoupe and daughter, Miss Katherine, are visiting with relatives in Carlyle.

Mrs. Alvah A. Randall returned home today from a visit with her mother in Nokomis.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Milburn and granddaughter Dorothy, spent Sunday with relatives in Charleston.

Mrs. Hugh J. Kearns and little daughter returned to their home in Chicago today after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Bryan H. Tivnen.

December 16, 1918 - The Mattoon Journal ~ Gazette

Sullivan, Ill., December 16
Mrs. Emily Kracht, widow of Ben Kracht, Sullivan soldier who was killed in France September 19, was married in Vandalia about a week ago to Charles Zimmerman of that city.

She had known of the death of her soldier husband only about a month when she made her second entrance into matrimony. She was the beneficiary of the $16,000 insurance which Ben Kracht carried, but this will now go to an adopted child of the couple, it is said. If this is the case, Mrs. Zimmerman will draw but one month's pay from the government on the policy.

16 January 1920 - The Mattoon Journal ~ Gazette

Miss Lulu Wilson of Etna has departed for an extended stay in Kansas City and points in Missouri.

Hear Rev. McMahon's sermon on "The Funeral of Booze," Sunday afternoon at the Christian Church.

Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Auer and family will depart in a few days for California, where they will spend the rest of the winter.

Mrs. J.D. Andrews and son Jesse and her sister, Mrs. Edith Barnes of Springfield, will leave about January 25 for Los Angeles, Cal., where they will spend several months.

Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Poorman will leave tonight for Cleveland where they have been summoned by the death of Mrs. Poorman's brother, Lyman Wertz.

Mrs. M.J. Harris will leave Saturday for Indianapolis, where she will spend a month with her daughter, Mrs. H.E. Cox. She will be accompanied there by her granddaughter, Miss Isabelle Botts.

April 21, 1922 - The Mattoon Journal ~ Gazette

Hospital Notes

Miss Ruth Rose of Windsor submitted to an emergency operation Thursday night for appendicitis.

Mrs. O.L. Sowers of Hidalgo has arrived at the hospital to take treatment.

Patrick J. Anderson, 2920 Richmond Avenue, submitted to a major operation Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Albro Luthy and young daughter, born Monday night are reported doing well.

Mrs. T.N. Kendall of Lafayette Heights submitted to an emergency operation this morning.

Miss Lydia Thilker, who underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis several days ago, is reported doing well.

Mrs. Catherine Fisher of DeSoto, Mo., who has been at the hospital for treatment to a badly fractured limb, has been moved to the home of her sister, Mrs. C.C. Brooks, 2521 Richmond Avenue.

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