Album of Genealogy
Cook Co., Illinois
With Portraits

Eighth Edition, Revised and Extended

Chicago Calumet Book & Engraving Co.


We Believe the time has arrived when it becomes the duty of the people of this county to perpetuate the names of their pioneers, to furnish a record of their early settlement, and relate the story of their progress. The civilization of our day, the enlightenment of the age, and the duty that men of the present time owe to their ancestors, to themselves and to their posterity, demand that a record of their lives and deeds should be made. In biographical history is found a power to instruct man by precedent, to enliven the mental faculties, and to waft down the river of time a safe vessel, in which the names and actions of the people who contributed to raise this country from its primitive state may be preserved. Surely and rapidly the great and aged men, who in their prime entered the wilderness and claimed the virgin soil as their heritage, are passing to their graves. The number remaining who can relate the incidents of the first days of settlement is becoming small indeed, so that actual necessity exists for the collection and preservation of events without delay, before all the early settlers are cut down by the scythe of Time.

To be forgotten has been the great dread of mankind from remotest ages. All will be forgotten soon enough, in spite of their best works and the most earnest efforts of their friends to preserve the memory of their lives. The means employed to prevent oblivion and to perpetuate their memory have been in proportion to the amount of intelligence they possessed. The pyramids of Egypt were built to perpetuate the names and deeds of its great rulers. The exhumations made by the archaeologists of Egypt from buried Memphis indicated a desire of those people to perpetuate the memory of their achievements. The erection of the great obelisks was for the same purpose. Coming down to a later period, we find the Greeks and Romans erecting mausoleums and monuments, and carving out statues to chronicle their great achievements and carry them down the ages. It is also evident that the Mound-builders, in piling up their great mounds of earth, had but this idea--to leave something to show that they had lived. All these works, though many of them costly in the extreme, give but a faint idea of the lives and characters of those whose memory they were intended to perpetuate, and scarcely anything of the massess of the people that then lived. The great pyramids and some of the obelisks remain objects only of curiosity; the mausoleums, monuments and statues are crumbling into dust.

It was left to modern ages to establish an intelligent, undecaying, immutable method of perpetuating a full history--immutable, in that it is almost unlimited in extent and perpetual in its action; and this is through the art of printing.

To the present generation, however, we are indebted for the introduction of the admirable system of local biography. By this system every man, though he has not achieved what the world calls greatness, has the means to perpetuate his life, his history, through the coming ages, for the benefit of his posterity.

The Scythe of Time cuts down all; nothing of the physical man is left. The monument which his children or friends may erect to his memory in the cemetery will crumble into dust and pass away; but his life, his achievements, the work he has accomplished, which otherwise would be forgotten, is perpetuated by a record of this kind.

To preserve the lineaments of our companions we engrave their portraits; for the same reason we collect the attainable facts of their history. Nor do we think it necessary, as we speak only truth of them, to wait until they are dead, or until those who knew them are gone; and we need be ashamed only of publishing the history of those whose lives are unworthy of public record.

The greatest of English historians, MACAULAY, and one of the most brilliant writers of the present century, has said: "The history of a country is best told in a record of the lives of its people." In conformity with this idea, the GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL ALBUM of this county has been prepared. Instead of going to musty record, and taking therefrom dry statistical matter that can be appreciated by but few, our corps of writers have gone to the people, the men and women who have, by their enterprise and industry, brought the county to a rank second to none among those comprising this great and noble State, and from their lips have obtained the story of their life struggles. No more interesting or instructive matter could be presented to an intelligent public. In this volume will be found a record of many whose lives are worthy of the imitation of coming generations. It tells how some, commencing life in poverty, by industry and economy have accumulated wealth. It tells how others, with limited advantages for securing an education, have become learned men and women, with an influence extending throughout the length and breadth of the land. It tells of men who have risen from the lower walks of life to eminence as statesmen, and whose names have become famous. It tells of those in every walk in life who have striven to succeed, and records how success has usually crowned their efforts. It tells also of many, very many, who, not seeking the applause of the world, have pursued "the even tenor of their way," content to have it said of them, as Christ said of the woman performing a deed of mercy--"They have done what they could." It tells how that many in the pride and strength of young manhood left the plow and the anvil, the lawyer's office and the counting room, left every trade and profession, and at their country's call went forth valiantly "to do or die," and how through their efforts the Union was restored and peace once more reigned in the land. In the life of every man and of every woman is a lesson that should not be lost to those who follow after.

Coming generations will appreciate this volume and preserve it as a sacred treasure, from the fact that it contains so much that would never find its way into the public records, and which would otherwise be inaccessible. Great care has been taken in the compilation of the work, and every opportunity possible given to those represented to insure correctness in what has been written; and the publishers flatter themselves that they give to their readers a work with few errors of consequence. In addition to the biographical sketches, portraits of a number of representative citizens are given.

The faces of some, and biographical sketches of many, will be missed in this volume. For this the publishers are not to blame. Not having a proper conception of the work, some refused to give the information necessary to compile a sketch, while others were indifferent. Occasionally some member of the family would oppose the enterprise, and on account of such opposition the support of the interested one would be withheld. In a few instances men could never be found, though repeated calls were made at their residences or places of business.





 The preparation of this volume has involved the labor of several years. Since the pages were sterotyped, several of the subjects of biographies have passed away.

Among these are:

A. B. Burley.................... ........................................ page 227
N. Camp.......................... ........................................ page 546
E. H. Castle.................... ........................................ page 544
J. D. Caton...................... ........................................ page 115
Rev. Otto Groenebaum.. ........................................ page 662
C. M. Henderson............ ........................................ page 391
Edson Keith..................... ........................................ page 53
M. N. Kimbel.................. ........................................ page 528
T. E. Lewis...................... ........................................ page 297
Orrington Lunt................ ........................................ page 503
James McMahon............ ........................................ page 181
George M. Pullman......... ........................................ page 231

Index of Biographical Sketches within this book
Abraham, Paul Abrahams, Henry Adams, Charles (M.D.)
Adsit, James M. Alsip, William H. Amick, Pleasant
Anthonisen, Carsten Armour, Philip Danforth * Arndt, Adolph
Ayars, Charles G. . .
Baer, Frank A. * Bailey, Edward W. Baines, Prof. Oscar O. (M.D.)
Baker, Henry D. Ball, Godfrey H. Bartels, John
Bassett, Orland P. Beaubien, Alexander Beck, August *
Becker, Michael Beecher, Jerome Berg, John
Bergman, Frederick Best, Henry Beye, William *
Birren, Henry Bisdorff, Peter Boening, William
Bolles, Charles E. * Bowerman, Dr. Martha A. Boyle, Thomas
Brachtendorf, Anton J. Bradwell, Hon. James B. Bradwell, Myra *
Brinkerhoff, Abram B. Bristle, Frederick Britz, Nicholas
Brown, Capt. Thomas * Bruszer, John Bryan, Charles P.
Buchanan, John Budde, Henry Budlong, Lyman A. *
Budlong, Joseph A. Burley, Arthur Buschwah, Nicholas
Busse, August Busse, August H. Butters, George
Byford, Henry Turman (M.D.) Barnard, Gilbert W. Brundage, Stephen V.R.
Caldwell, Joseph Camp, Isaac Newton Capron, Albert B.
Carbine, Thomas Carrington, N. Starr Carter, Michael
Cary, John W. Case, Elisha W. Castle, Edward Herrick
Caton, John D. * Ceperly, Cornelius H. Chapin, Deacon Newton
Chapin, John P. Chapleau, Octave Chipp, John *
Clark, Jonathan * Clark, Joseph Clark, Lyman C.
Clark, Robert R. Clifford, James Orra Clyborn, Archibald
Cobb, Silas B. * Collins, Robert Collins, Stewart
Cooley, Clark A. Cossitt, Franklin Dwight (Jr.) Coughlin, Timothy
Coulter, William M. Courtright, Capt. James D. Crawford, Hiram Pratt
Crawford, John Cunningham, Joseph H. Custer, George Granger
Cutler, Alonzo J. *    
Daniels, Edwin F. Davis, George Dearlove, George
Dearlove, George M. Derby, William R. DeWolf, Calvin
Dibben, Alfred Dickinson, John Diesel, Frank
Dilger, Robert F. Dobbins, Paris H. Dollinger, John Anton
Doyle, Thomas F. Dresel, August Ducat, Gen. Arthur C. *
Dunlap, George Dupee, Charles B. Dye, Prof. Nathan
Eberhart, John F. * Ebinger, Rev. Christian F. Echert, John *
Eckert, Michael L. Edsall, James K. Ellis, Joel *
Erickson, Capt. Christian Erickson, John A. Ernst, Capt. George
Ernst, Joseph H. * Evans, Enoch W.  
Fair, Frederick F.*
(pic also with Lammoria)
Fair, John A. Farnum, Henry A.
Farwell, William W. Fatch, Edward P. Felton, Charles Henry
Fenn, John G. Field, Marshall * Fischer, Louis
Fitch, Dr. Calvin M. Foley, Thomas A. Fonda, David B. (M.D.)
Forsyth, Jacob * Fraser, George Frey, Louis A.
Fricke, Henry C. * Frink, Henry F. Frink, John
Fuller, Melville W.    
Gage, John N. * Gage, Lyman Judson * Galloway, Andrew J.
Ganske, Rev. William H. Gardner, Capt. Peter G. Garrity, Thomas
Gaugler, Moritz Gauss, E. F. L. Gerardin, Col. Victor
Given, George W. Glines, Andrew P. Goode, Thomas
Gorges, John A. Gorman, Patrick L. Goudy, William C. *
Gough, Richard S. Gray, Elisha * Gray, Preston W.
Greenebaum, Henry Groenebaum, Rev. Otto Gross, Samuel Eberly
Hagen, Capt. Peter N. Haggard, Samuel B. Hahne, William
Hakanson, Alfred (M.D.) * Hall, Zebulon M. Hallett, Reuben C.
Halsey, Rev. Leroy J. Hamilton, Richard J. Hamilton, William
Hammerstrom, Ludwig Hammett, Edward Hannahs, James M.
Hansen, Henry G. Harrison, Carter H. (Jr.) Harrison, Hon. Carter H.
Haskell, Loomis Pomroy Haskin, John H. Hastings, Robert
Hatch, Azel Farnsworth Hausler, Capt. Martin Hawley, Hon. Cyrus M. *
Haynes, Rev. N. S. Hedrich, Edward F. Henderson, Charles M. *
Hennebohle, Frank Henning, Frank F.   Henrotin, Dr. Joseph F.
Hervey, Robert, (LL.D.) Hews, Charles D. (A.M., M.D.) Hill, Robert S.
Hill, Thomas Edie Hoffman, Mathias Holden, Charles C. P.
Hollesen, Sivert Holley, Lyman G. * Hoos, George H.
Howland, Hiram I. Hoxie, John R. Hubbard, Dr. Theodore
Huber, Jacob * Huehn, Jonas Huestis, Isaac N.
Huey, Charles P. Hufmeyer, John Hughes, John O. *
Hull, Delos Humphreville, Thomas L. Hunt, Harrison H.
Huntington, Alonzo Huntington, Charles * Huntington, John
Hutchinson, Charles G. Hutchinson, Francis Hutchinson, James O.
Ingraham, Granville S.    

Jackson, Peter   Jacobs, Francis Irving Jewett, Edward A.
Johnson, Capt. Christopher Johnston, Shepherd Johnston, William S. *
Jones, Fred E. R. Jones, John H. (Sr.) Jones, Samuel J. (M.D., LL. D.) *
Jones, Stephen Decatur * Jones, William Hugh * Jung, John J.
Jung, Mathias ( missing pages) Jung, Peter Junius, Peter
Junk, Joseph    
Karnatz, Henry Karthauser, Nicholas Kay, Abel A.
Kay, John Kay, Joseph A. Keeler, William O.
Keil, Sebastian Keith, Edson Keller, Celestial
Kelso, Albert Wilson Kemper, Henry Kemper, William J.
Kennedy, Alexander D. Kennedy, John M. Kilcran, Frank
Kimbell, Martin N. Kinne, Isaac D. Kirscht, Peter N.
Klehm, Hon. George C. Kleindienst, Eduard Knall, John O.
Knapp, Albert A. Knapp, Asa Koenig, David
Kraetzer, Albert Kramer, Theodore L. Kransz, Nicholas
Kransz, Nicholas H. * Kriewitz, Charles Kuhn, Frank
Kurz, Louis F. J. M. Kuyper, Cornelius Kuyper, Cornelius, (Jr.)
Lacey, Edward S. Lammoris, Albert J. * Landon, Albert W.
Larimore, Prof. James W. Lawrence, Henry Leahy, John J. (M.D.)
Lee, William Lenard, Robert Leonard, Chester M.
Lewis, Thomas Edward Lindermann, Charles Link, Ferdinand
Little, Robert E. Lonergan, Rev. Arthur P. Long, Eugene C.
Lovett, Henry * Ludlam, Reuben (M.D.) Luedtke, Gustave
Lull, Albert G. Lunt, Orrington *  
Mack, Rev. Josiah Augustus Madary, Christian Magee, Charles D.
Magill, Charles J. Maginnis, Patrick J. Magnussen, Meinert C.
Maltby, Jasper A. Mann, Mathias * Manz, Jacob
Martin, Harry W. Massey, Henry Hart Mattes, Peter
Matthews, Paschal P. McCall, Walter McConnell, Hon. Samuel P.
McCormick, Cyrus Hall * McCormick, Cyrus Hall (Jr.) McCullough, John T.
McDaniel, Alexander McDonald, Capt. James McEldowney, John *
McEldowney, William J. McKinney, George * McLean, Archibald B.
McLean, Dr. J. McMahon, James Meisner, Joseph
Meredith, William M. Merz, Gottlieb Metz, George
Mewes, Carl * Meyers, William H. Migely, Frederick
Miller, Dr. Benjamin C. Miller, Frederick Miller, Nicholas
Montgomery, William B. Moore, Floyd B., (M.D., B.S.) Morris, John
Muno, Peter    
Neff, Zachariah A. Neuberger, Hugo Newton, Chauncey D. L.
Nichols, Clifford L. Nommensen, Edward Nordenholt, George
Northrop, Henry M. Novak, Frank H. Nowlen, Addison J.
Ollendorff, Aaron Olson, Nicholas Ortmayer, Andrew
Osgood, Edwin S. Oswald, Louis  
Pardridge, Edwin Parker, Francis W. Parmelee, Edward David
Parsons, William B. Pearsons, John A. Pecher, Joseph
Peck, Ferdinand W. Perkins, Amos H. Perry, Rev. Frank N. R. *
Peterman, George H. Petersen, Andrew A. Petersen, Martinus
Petrie, Charles W. Peugeot, Edward F. Phelps, Othniel B.
Phelps, William W. Philbrick, George A. * Pinney, Hon. Daniel H.
Piper, Charles E. Polk, Wesley Powell, George N.
Pratt, Dr. Leonard * Pregler, Anton C. T. Preston, Augustus H.
Prindiville, Capt. John Proesel, John Prosser, Treat T.
Pullman, George Mortimer *    
Quirk, Capt. Bartholomew Quirk, Capt. Daniel Quirk, Col. James
Raap, John H. Ranney, Orrin D. Raymond, Rev. Miner (D.D., LL.D.)
Reedy, William H. Reich, Christopher Reinberg, Peter
Reis, Ignace J. Reis, Joseph A. Reis, Nicholas
Rendtorff, Hermann Rendtorff, Hermann * Rexford, Norman
Rice, James H. Rice, John M. * Richey, Alfred
Ringgenberg, Peter Ristow, Otto Ristown, Julius
Roberts, Mrs. Margaret A. * Robinson, Hamilton M. Roelle, Joseph
Rogers, Capt. Theodore S. * Rogers, George Rogers, Hon. John G.
Rogers, Philip Rollo, William E. Roth, Gerhard
Rounds, Horace Rubey, Peter, J. * Rumsey, Julian S.
Rumstick, Henry Rusk, Richard Russell, John J.
Rutershoff, Rev. Joseph * Ruth, Linus C.  
Sage, Rufus H. Sanger, James Young * Sauer, Claus H.
Schade, Henry Schade, Nicholas L. Schaefer, Maternus
Scheurmeier, Henry Schiesswohl, Jacob C. Schillo, Adam
Schirra, John Schmedtgen, Herman A. * Schmidt, Kasper G. *
Schmitz, Mathias Schoen, John Schreiber, Michael
Schroyer, Charles A. Schuette, Rev. Bernard J. * Schuetz, Philip
Scott, Willard (Sr.) * Seamens, Capt. Stephen Shearburn, George W.
Shortall, John G. * Shurtleff, Benjamin Sickinger, Jacob
Simon, Peter Simon, Simon Simons, Edward
Simons, Edward (Jr.) Simpier, Joseph A. Skinner, Samuel P.
Smith, Charles Smith, Charles Bennett Smith, Israel G.
Smith, Israel G. * Smith, James Smith, Lloyd J.
Smith, Prof. David S. (M.D.) Snow, William B. Sohm, A.
Sommerville, Agnes R. (M.D.) * Spalding, Jesse * Sparrow, Hannah S.
Sparrow, Richard Spikings, Richard Y. Spikings, William H.
Springer, Theodore G. St. John, Everitte Stafford, Capt. John F.
Starr, Eliza A. Stead, William Stewart, Franklin
Stewart, Hart L. * Sube, Gustav F. F. Sulzer, Frederick
Swain, Edgar Denman (D.D.S.) * Sweet, John A. Swett, Leonard
Tagney, Thomas Teall, Edward McKinstry Thiele, Christian
Thilo, Mrs. Eva E. Thomas, Rev.. Hiram Washington Tobey, John D.
Tobey, Wales Tompkins, Rev. James (D.D.) Tope, John W. (M.D.) *
Torkilson, Capt. Andrew Travis, Charles W. Trimingham, Ralph N.
Turner, Charles W. Turner, John Turner, John Bice
Turner, John W. * Turner, Leighton Turner, Thomas A.
Turner, Thomas M. Tyler, Warren O. Unold, Capt. John
Van der Syde, Goris Van Natta, John Voltz, Louis
Von Lukowitz, Capt. Charles    
Waller, Henry Waller, John D. * Warner, Francis
Warren, Daniel Warren, Julius M. Washburn, Daniel E.
Webb, Albert F. Weber, Henry * Weber, Michael
Webster, Thomas H. Weimer, George Weldon, Thomas
Weller, Frederick (Sr.) Wemple, Leonard C. Wendt, Frederick J.
Wenzlaff, Carl Wenzlaff, Charles A. West, William
Westergren, Charles O. Wheeler, Calvin T. Wheeler, John R.
Wheeler, Uriah H. White, William S. (M.D.) Wiedhof, George W.
Wiedinger, Bernhard M. Wietor, Henry Wilcox, William L.
Willard, Charles W. * Winandy, Michael * Wingate, Albert
Winkelman, Henry Winston, John Wiora, Martin *
Withrow, Thomas F. * Wittbold, George Wojtalewicz, Francis M.
Wright, John H. Wright, William G.  
Young, Joshua Palmer Zender, John  

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