Family Bible Records
Cook County, IL
Source: "Genealogical Records Illinois, 1938-39, Vol. III", Illinois Society, DAR, 1939

Van Zandt Family
Original owner: Garrett Van Zandt
Present Owner (in 1938): Mrs. Edna Hayes, 228 Maple Ave., Elmhurst, IL
Relationship: Mrs. Hayes is granddaughter


Abeam Van Zandt - Was born in Chicago, Illinois August 6th 1847
Margret McKichhan, Van Zandt - Was born in Chicago, Illinois June 16th 1649
James H. Van Zandt - was born in Schenectady, New York October 9th 1851
Helben Elizabeth Van Zandt - was born in Chicago, Illinois November 1st 1853
Elizabeth Jane Herrick Van Zandt - was born in Chicago, Illinois October 5, 1855
Anne McKichhan Van Zandt - was born in Chicago April the 17, 1878
Gilbert J. Van Zandt - was born February 29, 1860 Chicago
Soloman M. Van Zandt - was born June 18, 1862 Chicago
Ida Van Zandt - January the 7 1866, Chicago.
Elizabeth Hendron - was born February 12th 1825
Hernay Van Zandt was born in Chicago July the 23, 1868


Garret Van Zandt and Elizabeth Hendron Was Married February 3, 1846


James H. Van Zandt Died February the 10th 1855 in Chicago
Elen Elizabeth Van Zandt died February the 185h 1855 in Chicago.

Vernon Family
Original owner: Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Vernon
Present Owner (in 1938): Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Vernon, 483 Parkside Avenue, Elmhurst, IL


Parents of H.A. Vernon:
Peter Axel Wennerskold (changed to Vernon on coming to the U.S.)
Born May 15, 1849 - Ostergotland, Sweden

Miss Ida Peterson
Born January 22, 1851 - Sweden

Parents of Mrs. H.A. Vernon:
Mr. Chas. Tremont Rowe
Born February 17, 1856 - Danville, Vermont

Anna Lindley
Born April 29, 1856 - Jerseyville, Ill.

Harry Arthur Vernon - born March 20, 1883, Chicago, Ill
Ella Celeste Rowe, born December 5, 1887, Greenville, Ill
Dorothy Edith Vernon - born February 11, 1911, Chicago, IL
Helen Margaret Vernon - born November 20, 1912, Chicago, IL
Harry Rowe Vernon - born November 7, 1915, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Peter Axel Wennerskold and Ida Peterson married March 31, 1877 [in] Chicago, Illinois
Charles Fremont Rowe and Anna Lindley married May 23, 1884 [in] Jerseyville, Illinois
Harry Arthur Vernon and Ella Celeste Rowe married March 22, 1909 [in] Chicago, Illinois


Peter Alel (sic) Wennerskold died December 21, 1911 [in] Indiana Harbor, Ind.
Charles Fremont Rowe died June 2, 1922 [in] Park Ridge, IL
Anna Lindley Rowe died December 5, 1924, [in] Chicago, IL
Ida Peterson Wennerskold died [in] May 4, 1933

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