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On the 15th day of November, 1864, after the destruction of Atlanta and the railroads behind him, Sherman, with his army, began his march to the sea coast. The almost breathless anxiety with which his progress was watched by the loyal hearts of the Nation, and the trembling apprehension with which it was regarded by all who hoped for rebel success, indicated this as one of the most remarkable events of the war; and so it proved.

It is no part of my province, nor have I the means at hand by which I could be enabled to write the history of this wonderful campaign, the success of which was fraught with consequences so cheering to the Union arms and so direful to the rebellion. yet I have taken some care to preserve a correct list of the regiments from this State that are entitled to share the laurels won by this army in their "march to the sea," and which, of itself alone, is sufficient to render their names synonyms for courage, endurance and patriotism. The following is the list referred to, with the names of their field officers:





7 Richard Rowett Hector Perrin Edward S. Johnson
9 m'td   Samuel P. Hughes William Padon
10 John Tillson David Gillespie George A. Race
12   Henry VanSellar Wheelock S. Merriman
14 & 15 Vet Bat. George C. Rogers Lemuel O. Gilman Carlos C. Cox
16 Robert F. Smith James A. Chapman Charles Petrie
20 Daniel Bradley   George W. Kennard
26   Ira J. Bloomfield John B. Harris
30 Warren Shedd William Rhodes John P. Davis
31   Robert N. Pearson  
32   George H. English Henry Davidson
34   Peter Ege Peter F. Walker
40 Stephen G. Hicks Hiram W. Hall  
41     Robert H. McFadden
45 Robert P. Sealey   John O. Duer
48   Ashley T. Galbraith Edward Adams
50 William Hanna   Horace L. Burnham
52   Jerome B. Davis Albert C. Perry
53 John W. McClanahan    
56 Green B. Raum John P. Hall James P. Files
57   Frederick J. Hurlbut Frederick A. Battey
60 William B. Anderson George W. Evans James M. McDonald
63 Joseph B. McCown James Isaminger Joseph K. Lemmon
64 John Morrill Michael W. Manning Joseph H. Reynolds
66 Andrew K. Campbell    
78   Maris R. Vernon George B. Greene
82 Edward S. Solomon   Ferdinand Rolshanson
85 Caleb J. Dilworth   Robert G. Rider
86   Allen L. Fahnestock  
90 Owen Stuart   Patrick Flynn
92 m'td. Smith D. Atkins Matthew VanBuskirk Albert Woodcock
93 Nicholas C. Buswell   James M. Fisher
101 John B. LaSage   Napoleon B. Brown
102 Franklin C. Smith Isaac McMannes Hiland H. Clay
103 George W. Wright Asias Willison Charles Wills
104 Douglas Hapeman   John H. Widner
105 Daniel Dustin Everell T. Dutton Henry D. Brown
110   Ebenezer H. Topping Green M. Contrell
111 James S. Martin Joseph F. Black William H. Mabry
116   John E. Maddux John S. Windsor
125   James W. Langley John B. Lee
127   Frank S. Curtis Frank C. Gillett
129 Henry Case Thomas H. Flynn John A. Hoskins



1st. Co. C Joseph R. Channel    
1st. Co. H Francis DeGrass    
2d Co. I Judson Rich    


11th Co. G Stephen S. Tripp    

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