Civil War Slang for States

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Always among the soldiers during the Secession War, one heard of. Little Mac (Gen. McClellan), or of Uncle Billy (Gen. Sherman). The old man was, of
course, very common. Among the rank and file, both armies, it was very general to speak of the different States they came from by their slang names.

Those from Maine were called Foxes
New Hampshire, Granite Boys
Massachusetts, Bay Staters
Vermont, Green Mountain Boys
Rhode Island, Gun Flints;
Connecticut, Wooden Nutmegs
New York, Knickerbockers
New Jersey, Clam Catchers
Pennsylvania, Logher Heads
Delaware, Musk-rats
Maryland, Claw Thumpers
Virginia, Beagles
North Carolina, Tar Boilers
South Carolina, Weasels
Georgia, Buzzards
Louisiana, Creoles
Alabama, Lizzards
Kentucky, Corn Crackers
Ohio, Buckeyes
Michigan, Wolverines
Indiana, Hoosiers;
Illinois, Suckers
Missouri, Pukes
Mississippi, TadPoles
Florida, Fly up the Creeks
Wisconsin, Badgers
Iowa, Hawkeyes
Oregon, Hard Cases.