Deaths From "La Grippe" or the 1918 Spanish Flue in Illinois

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The following list of deaths of well-known and old people were clipped from the telegraph columns of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat of Jan. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21" and taken directly from the Newspaper Archives from the St. Louis Public Library

Jesse Cox, of Le Roy, died aged 82 years

Mrs. Harris Hopkins, aged 78, died at Champaign, after a short illness.

Astoria, Jan. 18 - John Rogers, a pioneer of Fulton county, died today from grip, aged 70 years

Robert L. Gibbons, a prominent citizen of Jacksonville, died of the grip.

Mrs. Michael Menzer, an old settler of the northwest, died at Davis, Stephenson county, at the age of 76 years

Sarah Hoyt, an old settler of Bloomington, died of the grip, aged 73 years

Charles Clark, an old settler of Bloomington, died of the grip. He was 92 years of age.

Vandalia, Jan. 16 - Mrs. Delila Smith died today of the grip, aged 80 years

Casey, Jan. 16 - Mrs. Alexander Cooper died suddenly of the grip

Tuscola, Jan. 16 - John L. Goff, ex-sheriff of Douglass county, died, aged _0 (possibly 40) years

Virginia, Jan. 16 - Mrs. Harry C. Stribling, of Ashland, died of the grip, aged 31

Mrs. Ann Bultons died at Galena of the grip, aged 98 years

Greenville, Jan. 17 - Nathan C. McCreakin, a veteran of the Mexican war and for fifty years a citizen of Bond county, died of the grip, aged 82 years.

Vandalia, Jan 16 - Sidney Hudson, of Mulberry Grove, died today. He was known throughout this county and beyond as the "Watermelon King"

Virginia, Jan. 15 - Mrs. Uriah Hutchings died aged 55. Deceased was the wife of the mayor of this city, and an old settler.

Bloomington, Jan 18. - Emmons Burdette died today after a few days illness, aged 82 years. He recently came here from Litchfield.

Effingham, Jan. 17 - G.H. Englering, one of the members of the banking house of Eversman, Wood & Englering, this city, died last night of grip, aged 68 years.

Monticello, Jan. 18 - William Smock, aged 80 years, and Aaron Robbins, two of the oldest settlers and early pioneers of Piatt county, died today of the grip.

Vandalia, Jan. 14 - The grip claimed two more victims here today - Mrs. Julia Bridgewater, aged 75 and Mrs. David Hodson, aged 63 years.

Fairbury, Jan 18 - Mr. J.A. Fellows, the coroner of Livingston county and postmaster at Pontiac, died at that place yesterday, aged 61 years.

Petersburg, Jan. 18 - Mrs. Jane Eliza Peak, died at her home in this city yesterday afternoon. She had resided here for the greater part of her life.

Ramsey - Jan 15 - Miss Belle Binham, one of the most popular young ladies in this section, died at the home of her parents at Shobonier today.

Mr. C.M. Moats and wife, whose home was near Bloomington, are dead from the grip, having died within a few hours of each other. Mr. Moats was aged 80 and his wife 64.

Galesburg, Jan 18 - Mr. and Mrs. John Gottrick of Knoxville, were buried in one grave today. They were victims of the grip. In this city, six deaths from the grip and pneumonia were reported this morning.

Pana, Jan. 16 - Mrs. Frederica Menn died at her residence last night, aged 70 years. George Dorn, of Pana township, died last night, aged 85 years.

Marshall, Jan. 16 - Mrs. Hugh Forbes, of Livingston, died this morning, just one week after the death of her husband. She was 90 years old, and more than sixty of the sixty-six years of her married life were spent in Clark county.

Robert A. Reid died in Randolph, McLean county, from the grip, aged 80

Mrs. Carolina M. Singbusch of Champaign, died on the 19th.

Wm. Osborne, a well-known resident of the northwest, died at Freeport, aged 70 years.

Miss Josie Nicols, died at Bloomington from consumption

Nashville, Jan 19 - August Wokes, treasurer of Washington county, died this evening.

John G. Thompson died at his home hear Urbana, aged 68 years.

Carthage, Jan. 19 - Mrs. R.A. Pruett died this morning, aged 64.

Joliet, Jan. 18 - Supervisor Stephen Gorivan, of Monee, one of Will county's pioneers, died at his home last evening.

Dixon, Jan. 18 - Peter Wragg, aged 70 years and John Powell, aged 30 (or 50?), died today, the former of paralysis and the latter of rheumatism. Both were old settlers here.

Pana, Jan. 20 - John M. Stevens of Pana township, died this morning, aged 82 years.

The wife of Mayor Isaac Conlee of Roodhouse died on the 19th

Galesburg, Jan 20 -Judge R.L. Hanneman died at his home in Knoxville today, aged 88 years. He had been a member of the Knoxville bar since 1833 and served two years in the Indiana legislature.

David Condon died in Champaign on the 20th, aged 67.

Basco, Jan. 24 - Mrs. Anna Collins died last night, aged 70 years

Champaign, Jan 26 - Henry Coulper, a prosperous farmer, died here last night

Champaign, Jan 26 - Mr. Wm. Hill died in Urbana today at the advanced age of 82 years

Casey, Jan 26 - Mr. John Slusser, aged 87, one of the earliest settlers, died today of la grippe

Effingham, Jan 26 - Hosea Barron died in this city today of Bright's disease, aged 82years.

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