This list was originally published by the US Government Pension Bureau in 1883. Those listed here are some of the first who filed for their pensions.  To request a copy of these pensions, or pensions filed at a later date, you can email The National Archives, and request a Form 80.  Form 80 is the form they ask you to use in order to find a pension or military file on your ancestor.  In the email, send them your name and address and the number of Forms (Form 80) that you would like them to send to you.  You should receive them in the mail within a week.

Dupage County 1883 Pensioners 

Edwards County 1883 Pensioners

Jackson County 1883 Pensioners

Jasper County 1883 Pensioners

LaSalle County 1883 Pensioners - NEW!

Perry County 1883 Pensioners

Pulaski County 1883 Pensioners

Randolph County 1883 Pensioners

Union County 1883 Pensioners

Williamson County 1883 Pensioners

 Statewide Pensioners filing between 1887 and 1890

To view other Illinois 1883 Pensioners online, elsewhere, visit this wonderful site, 1883 Pensioners Online. Gordon Byers, webmaster, has a nationwide listing of all 1883 pensioners, the 1813 Invalid Pensioners, as well as information and data regarding the 1890 Veteran and Widows census .


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