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Eldorado Daily Journal Saturday August 1, 1931


The First National Bank of this city, both building and fixtures, were bid in today at a public sale by J. E. Ledford of Harrisburg for the sum of $13025. L. M. Vance, receiver for the defunct bank was the auctioneer.
Owen Reeder of this city received the notes of the bank aggregating around $115,000, bidding $600.
Both of these bids, however, are subject to the approval of the comptroller of the currency at Washington, D.C.

John Sullivan Dies at Home on Dewey Street

John A. Sullivan, 817 Dewey Street, passed away at 11:45 this morning, the death being caused from a complication of diseases. The funeral services will be held at the Church of God Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock with Bros. J. P. Hughes and Dan Mahan of Equality in cahrge if the services. He will be laid to rest at Leavell Hill cemetery, below Equality.
He is survived by his wife, Nora, four sons, Edgar and Clelvas of Eldorado and Carrol and Cecil of Equality and a daughter, Mrs. Aileen Ratley of Muddy. There is also one sister Mrs. Frona Jones of Logan.

Secret Wedding Is Announced

Announcements were made today of a secret wedding which took place two weeks ago when Miss Hazel Woods became the bride of Hugh Wallace, the marriage taking place at Morganfield, KY.On Sunday July 19th, the simple ring ceremony being carried out. They were accompanied by Miss Helen Carner and Charles Duncan.
Miss Woods is the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. L. E. Woods and is a most attractive and talented young lady. For the past three years she has attended high school here and was very prominent in the musical activities of the school, being gifted with a very charming voice.
Mr. Wallace is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wallace Sr. and just a few months ago returned from the west coast where he had been stationed in the United States Navy.
A few days after the ceremony, Mr. Wallace left for Detroit to seek employment, and the last of this month or the first of September Mrs. Wallace will leave for Detroit to join him and they plan to make their home there. The Daily Journal, together with their many friends extends their best wishes for a happy and prosperous married life.

Arrest Man at Fair for Forgery
Ollie Dopson was arrested last night at the Fair Grounds by county officials, charged with forgery. He was placed in the Saline county jail.

Harrisburg Daily Register, Friday January 30, 1925


One Year Ago Here:

The P.E.O. Sisterhood enjoyed an anniversary celebration at the home of Mrs. Chas. E. Combe West Poplar Street. It was a very successful affair.

Two Years Ago Here:

John R. McClelland was arrested at his home near Raleigh by officers in a raiding expedition and a quantity of booze found in his home.

George Edwards, well known coal miner, aged 34, died at his home following an injury he received a few days previous in O'Cara No. 3 Mines.

Mrs. Sarah Mandrell, mother of Harry Mandrell, died at her home in Carrier Mills.

Three Years Ago Here:

William Stovall, Big Four Fireman, came near dying as a result of drinking "White Mule", which poisioned him and threw him into convulsions. He recovered.

Robt. F. Choisser was chosen by the Democrats as the county central chairman.

John Ewell, of Harrisburg, who was on his way west for the benefit of his health, died on a train enroute.

J. H. Mallonee was elected president of the Southern Illinois Lumber Dealers association at a meeting held in Lawrenceville.

Harrisburg Daily Register Tuesday August 1, 1922

By Mark Smith

John Dowell played his first game with the Madisonville club yesterday afternoon and got two nice hits. Madisonville won the game, defeating Cairo 3 to 2. Hopkinsville, which was three games ahead of Madisonville for the leagues leadership, lsot to the Fulton team 7 to 4 and Madisonville creeped up a full game. Before leaving here, both Dowell and Meyers said the would help Madisonville win the second half of the league pennant race.

Dependohl and Bieber played their first game yesterday with the Paris team in the same league. Bieber played second base and Dependohl went behind the bat. Paris lost the game to Mayfield 4 to 0. Paris got four hits off Henry twirling for Mayfield, who is said to be the classiest pitcher in the Kitty league.

Nobody knows where Gilbert Wilson has gone. He was supposed to have been here early Monday morning and go with Dowell and Meyers to Madisonville, but he never showed up, and nothing has been heard from him. It is believed he has gone to Springfield to join the Watchmakers.

Frank Cullom has received an offer from the Cairo team and will most likely leave tonight for Madisonville.

Harrisburg Daily Register Friday January 30 1925

Two Clubs At Gray Home Thursday

The largest party of the present week was held yesterday when twenty-four ladies, composing two of the Thursday afternoon clubs we entertained at luncheon and cards by Mrs. James Gray, 700 South McKinley Ave. Lovely fragile vases filled with sweet peas and ferns were the only decorations at the several tables arranged for cards and bridge was the pastime at which Mrs. O. L. Wood and Mrs. Hudson Mugge excelled. Winning first and second prizes.
Among the guests who are not members of either club were: Mrs. W. Leader, wife of the new manager of the Earl Massey Store, who recently moved to Harrisburg, Mrs. Robert Hine, Mrs. Loman Wasson, and Mrs. Vera Serviss.
The visiting club members were: Mesdames J. E. Cornett, Waldo Turner, J. H. Rude, O. L. Woods, C. E. Seten, J. L. Pickering, W. B. Skaggs, Nelson Morris, C. E. Combe, Thomas L. Ozment, and Guy Patterson.
Others present were: Mrs. Hudson Mugge, Mrs. Harry Cain, Mrs. Inglis Taylor, Mrs. Eugene Strange, Mrs. Louis Devenport, Mrs. Walter Brown, Mrs. Herbert Morgan and Miss Mary Ann Hetherington.

Saline County Republican
Eldorado, Illinois Thursday September 26, 1912

Lige Owens Kills Levi Stunson----
Coroner's Jury Exonerates Owens

Last Monday Levi Stunson and Lige Owens had an altercation in one of the restaurants of the city and parted with dire threats against each other. Tuesday Owens went to work as usual in the mines and Stunson a miner also went down in the mine and attacked Owens with a pick, when Owens shot him inflicting a mortal wound. It is learned that the cause of the killing was that one accused the other of theft, taking the checks from the car and substituting his own in place of the rightful owner. Coroner Baker empaneled a jury and after getting all of the evidence possible the jury exonerated Owens.

Names of the Teachers and Enrollment in the Different Grades

The teachers of the city schools and the enrollment for the present term is as follows:
Lincoln School
W. T. Jobe, Prin - 8th Grade 47
Charles Dodd - 7th Grade 53
A. A. Bruner - 6th grade 63
Ruth Rodman -5th Grade 57
Mrs. Aaron - 4th grade 49
Grace Cape - 3rd Grade 58
Aileen Organ 2nd Grade 55
Monie Kirkland - 2nd Grade 44
Freda VanCleve - 1st Grade 55

Washington School
B. R. Jenkins 4th & 5th Grade 56
Grace Murray - 3rd Grade 46
Agnes Coe - 3nd Grade 37
Mary Enbanks - 1st Grade 41

Jefferson School
W. T. Karnes, Prin - 4th & 5th Grade 56
Ivy Hazel 3rd Grade 46
Josie Manion 2nd Grade 37
Mrs. Dillsworth 1st Grade 41

Old Citizen Dies
Just as we go to press this (Thursday) afternoon we learn of the death of Charles De Wiers. The deceased has been a resident of the city for twenty five years and was known by all of our citizens. On account of advanced age he has been very feeble for several weeks and his death has been expected for the past week. We are unable to give the time and place of interment.

The Local Record
Shawneetown, IL October 3 1896

The following criminal cases were disposed of in the circuit court.
Thomas J. Wild - Abandonment - Dismissed
Jordan Sullivan - murder - 15 years
John Norris - Forgery - indictment quashed
F. E. Minter - Assault and Battery - $5
Chas Colvard and John Froelich - Larceny - Dismissed

The Following Criminal Cases were Continued:
David and Thomas Wright - Robbery
Victoria Jolly and Olive Stevens - Forgery
Henry Rollman - Assault to Murder
James George, Joe Flake, John Deaton and Al Grissom - Larceny
Elijah Ford - Bigamy
Jane McConnel - Bigamy
Lewis Pemberton and John Goodpasture - Burglary
Chas Vanters - Assault to Murder

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