BEASLEY CEMETERY  located in NE1/4 of Sec. 30, T. 8 S., R. 1 W. of 3rd
P.M., DeSoto Township, Jackson County, Illinois-donated by

BEASLEY, Jessie, son of Ed & Effie Beasley, d. 9-5-1900, aged 6m, 18d
BEASLEY, R. W., 1846 - 1923
BEASLEY, Mary, wife of R.W. Beasley, 1847-1930
BEASLEY, Emily, dau. of R.W. & Mary Beasley, d. 10-14-1894, aged 29y, 19d
BEASLEY, Margaret, dau. of R.W. & Mary Beasley, d. 9-17-1868,aged 5m, 19d
BEASLEY,P.H., d. 3-5-1877, aged 19y, 11m, 15d
BEASLEY, Richard N., 1903-1925
BEASLEY, Mary A., dau. of N.W. & E.A. Beasley, 11-26-1900 - 9-29-1901
BEASLEY, Elizabeth, dau. of J. & J. Beasley, d. 8-6-1841, aged 1m, 29d
BEASLEY, Jane, d. 11-3-1887, aged 72y, 4m, 28d
BEASLEY, No Name, d. 10-12-1868
BEASLEY, Richard, son of J. & J. Beasley, d. 8-21-1840, aged 1m, 1d
BEASLEY, Joseph, d. 6-18-1873, aged 66y, 10m, 29d
RIPLEY, Edith, d. 2-19-1898, aged 3y, 10m, 9d
REES, Rollie J., 10-22-1878 - 9-29-1909
BROWN, Sarah J., 11-8-1878, aged 25y, 11m, 8d
BEASLEY, Ollie E., d. 9-19-1882, aged 6m, 28d
BEASLEY, James C., d. 9-21-1882, aged 7m
BEASLEY, James, d. 10-14-1868, aged 25y, 5d
BEASLEY, N.W., 1871-
BEASLEY, Electra W., 1871-1925


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