Buchanan Cemetery, Hog Hill, Degonia Township

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Frances Lively Jan.16,1869 Feb.22,1948
William Lively May 5,1860 Aug 31,1939
J.F. Lively Nov.13,1881 Mar.23,1908
Betsy Henderson King 1850  
John P. King  1800  
Russel J. Green Dec.23,1921 June 8,1973
Sebastion Hodge 26 yrs 9mo 23da Oct.15,1836
*According to BOdaniell@aol.com, this is his birthdate in Union Co., IL. Date of death was 6 August, 1863 in Jackson Co., IL
Minor W. Easton 1877 1949
Samuel L. Easton 1924 1975
Thomas A.H. Lindsey Nov.18,1872 Dec.9,1904
John Choate Apr.1,1854 Jan.13,1893
Emily J. Choate Aug.6,1860 Mar.14,1939
Claude Choate Mar.23,1880 Mar.1,1963
George Easton 1849 1938
Malinda Easton 1853 1927
Samuel C. Birge Jun.19,1827 Feb.2,1904
Emily Dempster dau. of E.L. & Margaret   Mar.17,1872
Nancy J. Birge-wife of S.C. Birge Sept.21,1829 Nov.26,1892
Charles S. Young 1887 1961
Ethel Young-wife of Charles  1888 1962
Nellie Parks Jan.29,1882  
John Parks May 26,1878 Mar.17,1958
Beverly Jean Hobbs Jan.7,1930  
Sarah J. Hobbs 1856 1952
Isaac N. Hobbs 1856 1917
Infant son of Ruben & Mindy O'Daniell    
Louis- Infant son of I.N. & S.J. Hobbs 1880 1880
Norma Rea  Feb.21,1901 Jan.3,1902
Andrew Dundee Rea  Dec.14,1892 May 6,1903
Frances M. Dempster   May 27,1858 Dec.12,1922
Delilah Dempster wife/Miles 1862 1910
Miles Dempster  Jul.3,1863 Feb.21,1944
Mable Dempster wife/Miles Apr.22,1893  
Bessie Dilday 1886 1938
Clint Dilday 1883 1952
Rhoda Isom 1868 1943
Mary Ann Krantz 1925 1983
Mae Young 1878 1966
Howard VanMeter   Mar.1,1963 Nov.11,1990
Patricia VanMeter Jul.12,1940  
Robert R. Choate Jun.19,1923  
Ruby Choate Mar.21,1928  
Infant son/ Choate 1962  
Infant dau/Choate 1960  
Kenneth P. Choate 1958  
Infant dau/Choate 1955  
J.Larwence Choate 1884 1950
Lelia V. Choate 1896 1986
John L. Choate Jr. 1925 1949
Adele Rose Rinne  Aug.5,1998 Sept.13,1998
William E. /?    
William Steele Urohart  Nov.22,1881 May 6,1903
Baby Scott    
S.J. Scott / aged 5 years  
Charles L. Scott  Sept.28,1890 Oct. 9,1930
Nellie Scott Wright  May, 4,1877 Jul.5,1915
John H. Vanover   1873
William Herring 1857 1934
Eliza Herring 1862  


John J. Nelson / co H 38 Il. Inf                                                                             
Joseph Calvin Smith   Aug.1,1923 Jun.17,1982
William E. Destry/son of John & Della Destry    
Eva L.B. Swan wife/Frank  Oct.29,1877 Dec.5,1914
Etta J. Brown    
Daniel H. Young  Oct.14,1853 Sept.9,1921
Sarah Jane Young  Jul.22,1853 Dec.14,1952
Joshua Lynn Johns  Jul.25,1976 Jan.4,1982
William Smith  Oct.11,1850 June 25,1937
Laura Smith/his wife   July 4,1861 Jan.20,1898
Mary E. Smith/his wife  Jan.15,1856 Dec.11,1925
Calvin Parker Easton 1919 1983
Wilma I. Easton 1921 1990
Arthur W. Brown  Sept.29,1885 Feb.25,1911
Dundee R. McLaughlin/son/M.W. &A.P.  Oct.30,1909 Nov.3,1909
L.N. McLaughlin  Apr.8,1855 Mar.18,1898
Edward McLaughlin 1858 1936
Mary A. McLaughlin wife/Edward  Feb.13,1859 Mar.13,1910
Bessie I. Donnell Oct.10,1911  
Clarence S. Donnell  Nov.6,1904 July 11,1981
Nina Irene Donnell  June 12,1929 Aug.1,1941
Goldie Browder 1903 1905
Belle Johnston Browder 1876 1914
Andrew J. Browder 1874 1961
Avis Browder(Robinson) 1852 1944
C. Wallace Johnston  Jan.8,1871 June 12,1900
William H. Johnston 1846 1925
S. Clementine Johnston 1850 1916
Rebecca Johnston/wife/W.Johnston  June 11,1825 Sept.11,1888
Rebecca Asbury dau/Wj &Emma Emert  Sept.21,1882 Nov.5,1905
C.W. Johnston  Jan.17,1822 Dec.4,1905
W.C. Sebastian 1853  1925
Albert McLaughlin 1887 1952
Angelina McLaughlin/his wife 1879 1919
Arthur E Murden    
Dorcas P. Murden Forshee  Jan.20,1858 Oct.3,1948
John M. Res/son/J.J.& E.V.  Sept.22,1902 Nov.27,1918
Lucinda J. Murder wife/A.C.   Oct.31,1849
Rutha M. Res/dau J.J. & Etta  Aug.2,1904 Aug.17,1905
Mary K. Res/dau J.J.& Etta   May 12,1907 Jan.26,1910
Clara E. Emert/dau WJ & Emzia  May 1,1895 June13,1909
Henry Emert 1858 1921
William J. Emert  Jan.7,1860 Nov.20,1931
Emzie Emert/wife  Aug.6,1860 Mar.17,1960
John Isom  Apr.4,1881 Feb.18,1910
Otto R. Isom  Oct.23,1887 Nov.14,1908
Charles L. Isom  Aug.7,1866 Mar.7,1905
Emil J. Kuhlman 1883 1955
Teresa E. Kuhlman /wife 1879 19??
Albert G. Murden 1880 1963


Ida G. Murden                                           1882                          1936                       
Arthur Murden/son 1907 1970
Mary Murden/dau. 1906 1968
Charles B. Franklin   Dec.10,1928
Caroline Downen  May 22,1885 Nov.24,1975
Ross Isom Sept.1,1942  
Jones Isom  Dec.18,1841 Aug.1,1923
Caroline Isom/his wife Apr.19,1844  
Addie Isom/dua J.B.& Caroline  Nov.13,1876 Aug.7,1922
Infant of Oliver&Ruby Clendenin Aug.17,1900 Aug.17,1900
Rachel /dau Henry&Susan Clendenin June 9,1881 Jan.1,1884
John Harvey,sonH.&S. Clendenin Nov.21,1872  Apr.4,1894
Henry Clendenin Feb.5,1842 Apr.9,1897
Persis Clendenin  Aug.21,1884 Oct.29,1903
Howard Allen,infant ofV.&J.Sympson Feb.26,1926 Feb.26,1926
Bertha Ellen Hardy  Aug.11,1886 Dec.13,1928
Wintfred M. Hardy  Mar.2,1878 Apr.18,1953
Willie F. Hardy Nov.20,1910 Oct.2,1946
Beatrice E. Hardy 1910 1972
Elot O'Daniel Jan.6,1871 May 1,1913
James Harvey/sonJ.L.&Janette Johnston     Feb.11,1871
1yr 7mo 2days
Lyman L. Bradley 1877 1893
William Bradley 1847 1912
Arminda Bradley/his wife 1857 1938
B.F. Bradley  Mar.22,1877 June 21,1916
Richard O'Daniel Sept.6,1845 Aug.21,1904
Sarah E. O'Daniel/his wife   Aug.12,1853 Mar.18,1914
S. Ernest Clevenger/son of S.& A.   Apr.23,1892
3yrs 2mo 2days
Infant son/A.w.& Bell Isom  Jan.27,1883 Jan.27,1883
Daisy M./dau A.W.& Bell Isom   Mar.9,1882
1yr 11mo 10days
Nancy J. Isom/wife of James  Dec.15,1828 Sept.26,1867
Lieut. James W. Isom Co A-Alton Il. Inf.   Sept.26,1864
John Lynch  Dec.4,1846 Aug.9,1864
Salina A. Maxwell 1879 1946
James Henry/son of W.& B. Kelley   Sept.18,1878
18yrs 9mo 11days
William Kelley   Dec 1881
Bridget Kelly 1827 1909
Richard F. Lambert 1927 1998
Patricia M. Lambert 1928  
Harry G. Holcomb  Jan.5,1932 Feb.26,1994
Wilma G. Holcomb Jan.7,1940  
Cora Farmer 1907 1965
Harlin Farmer 1913 1989
Harry L. Hathaway  Apr.5,1911 Sept.20,1967
Donald Lee Hathaway 1978 1978
Sidney K. Hathaway 1917 1958
Louise Christian 1853 1926
Wirth Christian 1849 1912
Willard/son of EF &LD Dilday  Oct.18,1902 Apr.28,1908
Emze Dilday unable to read any of the inscriptions    
Emzie D. Easton Jun.4,1876 Oct.21,1941
Samuel Easton Jun.11,1883  Jan.15,1970
Williamson Dilday  Sept.21,1830 Feb.13,1905
Calvin G. Dilday Jan.3,1887 Apr.12,1962
M. Marjorie Dilday  Nov.14,1902 Mar.17,1982
Ralph E. Dilday Sept.3,1889 Dec.5,1961
Mary Dilday Jun.8,1899 Apr.9,1962
Dora/dau HD & CM Dilday  Jan.23,1898 Dec.29,1900
Laura E./dau of HD &CM Dilday Oct.26,1898  Oct.17,1907
Infant Son/Howard & Mayme Stephens Jun. 1923 Jun. 1923
Nellie M. Swan 1903 1923
Claburn,son of James& Jane Creath Oct.18,1873 Oct.18,1873
Jasper Franklin Hardy 1854 1935
Liza Ann Hardy 1844 1913
Lizzie A. King  dau of WJ & MF Jul.30,1869  
Mary F. King/wife of WJ  Sept.19,1840 Jan.11,1895
Harvey C. Morgan  Dec.25,1909 Dec.26,1909
Margaret E. Morgan  Jun.22,1905 Dec.25,1910
Louie H. Morgan  Apr.30,1915 Nov.14,1918
Robert J. Morgan 1869 1953
Pheba Anna Morgan 1875 1945
Hebert E. Moran Nov.3,1925 Mar.23,1971
Arthur A. Morgan Sr. 1899 1947
Arthur A. Morgan Jr. 1930 1998
Carrie E. Morgan 1908 1977

There were many sandstone markers that were broken and had only peices left standing. There were a lot of broken stones and many empty lots without markers. Also there were furneral home markers that had lost their names and dates. The cemetary was walked on Oct.12th, 1999 . Submitted by Mike Dagner, Ava, Il.