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The claim number is 123601

Name of Soldier, birth date, etc.:
John D. Barrow
April 4, 1842, Campbell Hill, Jackson County, IL

Regiment and Rank:
18th Regiment, Company C

Date of Enlistment, Date of Discharge:
Enlisted August 15, 1862--at Carbondale, Illinois
Discharged October 9, 1863--Memphis, TN

Place of Residence:
Jackson County, Illinois
Benton County, Missouri
Henry County, Missouri

Wife's name, marriage date, etc.:
Martha Ellen Stone
November 7, 1861

Dependent Children and pertinent information on them:
Name Birth date
Arminda Jane Barrow September 10, 1862
Ireby D. Barrow September 23, 1864
James S. Barrow October 29, 1866
Clarence A. Barrow January 25, 1870
Herman C. Barrow November 11, 1874
Frank C. Barrow January 22, 1877
Annie M. Barrow February 11, 1879
Philip S. Barrow August 13, 1887

Previous marriages for either soldier or spouse:

Diseases and/or Invalid:
Inflammation of the kidneys

Witnesses who filed on behalf of pensioner, their residence, date
Flavius J. Barrow and Joseph H. Culley, both of Jackson County, Illinois, dated March 24, 1872
J. H. George, and James E. Murrell, both of Calhoun, Henry County, Missouri, dated May 18, 1912

pertinent information they might have regarding the soldier:
That since his discharge John D. Barrow had been unable to perform a good days work, that he was continually affected with pain in the region of the kidneys and frequently for a week or two at a time was unable to perform any manual labor.

Date pension was filed:
March 24, 1872

Date pension was granted and amount of pension per month:
granted on June 7, 1872
Initial allotment--$4.00 per month

Date pension ended (death date of soldier or dependent)
Date of death of widow, Martha Ellen (Stone) Barrow-- October 17, 1933

Other Jackson County residents who appear in the file (attorney, clerk, MD, etc.):
A. J. Barrow
Herbert A. Hays, Notary Public
Hezekiah C. Hodges, MD (Captain of Co. C, 18th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers)
H. A. Hagler, County clerk (marriage certificate) dated--
May 25, 1917
Irbay C. Stone
W. H. Stone
W. N. Lawden, Notary Public
Williamson Dilday, Esq.
Jesse H. Ward, J.P.
Ben Johnson, County Clerk
Geo. A. Gordon, Notary Public
John J. Wagner, Notary Public
George W. Smith
Charles _ishham
Cornelius C. Culley
Joseph H. Culley
Malcolm Graham
August Dudenbostes
H. G. Loy, J.P.
Thos. G. Hall, County Clerk (November 5, 1861)
J. N. Culley, J.P.
James Roberts
Cyrus G. Bradley
Chas. Webkemeyer
H. Parkhill
W. P. Cochran
Jas. S. Hall, Postmaster
Horace Newell, MD
W. G. Wagner
Curtis C. Swanwick, MD
G. A. Rogers, MD
Thomas J. Cross

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