GREGORY OR MINTON CEMETERY donated by JANE, thanks Jane!!

Read 11 September 1955 by Ruby Minton

Richmond Gregory - no dates on stone(b. 30 June 1819 d. Nov 5 1904)

Nancy Crips Gregory, his wife - no stone(b. Oct 1827 d. May 1912) (wife of Richmond Gregory)(daughter of John Cripps)

W. M. Rawlings b. Mar 27, 1843 d. Dec 8 1919(William Marion Rawlings)Also Govt stone - Pvt 109th Illinois Inf. Dec 1919

Mary E. Rawlings, wife of W. M. Rawlings died May 11 1886 aged 39yrs 2 mo 18 days(daughter of Richmond and Nancy (Cripps) Gregory

Maria L. Minton 1866-1951(wife of Jesse Sherman Minton)(daughter of Richmond and Nancy (Cripps) Gregory)

Joseph Sexton b. Sept 2 1844 - died at age 50 yrs 2mos 18 days

Arthur Rawlings b. March 13, 1883 d. Jan 17 1901 (son of W. M. And Mary E. (Gregory) Rawlings)

John Rawlings b. July 22 1837  d. Feb 22 1894(brother of W. M. Rawlings)

Melvin W. Crips b. July 1 1901 d. Nov 5 1901

Ida Garnet Minton b. Aug 26 1905 d. Jan 25 1932 (1st wife of Charles Minton(daughter of J. W.Estep)

Mary Louvica Bridgeman d Dec 20 1945 aged 68 yrs 8 mos -days (wife of Harry Bridgeman)(daughter of W. M. And Mary E.(Gregory)Rawlings)

Winnie Jennings Bridgeman 1896-1926(son of Harry and Louvica (Rawlings) Bridgeman)

John Joseph Mayer b. Jan 8 1873 d. June 22 1941

Clarence McRoberts b. May 24 1913 d. Aug 23 1930(son of Peter and Stella (Sumner) McRoberts)

Frank M. Clover d. Feb 23 1938 aged 56 yrs 2 mos 29days(son of Francis Marion Sr and Maria (Burton) Clover)

Hollie A. Lindsay 1877-1955(b. Nov 4 1877 d. July 11 1955)(husband of Laura Belle (York) Lindsay) (son of: Jessie Green and Naomi J. (Black) Lindsay)

Also Buried Here:

Mary S. Cripps b. 11 Nov 1852 d. 25 May 1922(wife of Elijah Alonzo (Lonz) Cripps) (daughter of Wm R. And Eliza (Henderson) Baltzell

Charles R. Cripps b. 5 Mar 1874 d. 18 Jan 1944(husband of Maggie (McRoberts) Cripps)(son of Elijah Alonzo and Mary S.(Baltzell Cripps)

David Rawlings b. 25 Jan 1872 d. 9 Dec 1952(husband of Carrie (Childers) Rawlings)(son of W. M. And Mary E. (Gregory) Rawlings

Carrie Rawlings b. Nov 1880 d. 1937(wife of David Rawlings)

Audrey Bridgeman b. 10 Nov 1900 d. 14 Oct 1913(child of Harry William and Mary Louvica (Rawlings) Bridgeman)

Lester Lawson Bridgeman b. 23 Dec 1914 d. 19 Feb 1919(son of Harry William and Mary Louvica (Rawlings) Bridgeman)

Ross Sylvester Minton b. 4 May 1891 d. 12 May 1907(son of Jesse S. And Mirar L. (Gregory) Minton)

Odda Roy Minton b. 27 Dec 1895 d. Mar 1908(son of Jesse S. And Mirar L. (Gregory) Minton)

Mamie Exie Minton b. 20 July 1900 d. 27 July 1915(daughter of Jesse S. And Mirar L. (Gregory) Minton)

Peter McRoberts b. July 1871  d. 17 July 1937

S. P. Sumner b. Apr 1857 d. 1926

L. R. Sumner b. Apr 1860 d. 1946(wife of S. P. Sumner)

Clarence McRoberts b. 24 mah 1913 d. 1930(son of Peter and Stella(Sumner) McRoberts

Rolla Norman McRoberts 1917-1920(son of Peter and Stella (Sumner) McRoberts)

Tol Ivan (Bill) Lindsay b. 16 Dec 1903  d. 31 Dec 1908(son of Hollie A. and Belle (York) Lindsay

Otto Lindsay b. 29 Nov 1907 d. 6 Jan 1909)(son of Hollie A. and Belle (York) Lindsay)

Additional Known Burials after 1955:

Ava Cripps b. 22 Dec 1902  d. 15 Oct 1979(wife of Dorris Etheridge Cripps)(daughter of David and Gertrude (Thompson) Woods)

Harry William Bridgeman b. 7 May 1875 d. 21 May 1966(husband of Mary Louvica (Rawlings) Bridgeman

Homer Aubrey (Gene) Minton b. 1898 d. 25 May 1994(husband of Viola (Franklin) Minton)(son of Jesse S. And Mirar L. (Gregory) Minton)

Charles Lester Minton b. 27 Aug 1906 d. 30 Jan 1974(husband of (1) Ida Garnet (Estep) Minton (2) Ruby Eunice (Hickam) Minton)(son of Jesse S. And Mirar L. (Gregory) Minton)

Viola Minton b. 30 Apr 1907 d. 27 May 1984(wife of Homer Aubrey (Gene) Minton)(daughter of Fayette and Nora (Davidson) Franklin)

Millard Lindsay b. 18 Nov 1899 d. 16 Nov 1963(husband of Beulah Marie (Robinson) Lindsay)(son of Hollie A. and Belle (York) Lindsay

Belle L. Lindsay b. Feb 13 1880(d.27 Apr 1966)(wife of Hollie A. Lindsay)(daughter of James Lafayette Mary Frances (Golliher) York)

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