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Jasper County Courthouse
100 West Jourdan Street
Newton, IL 62448
County Clerk:  618-783-3124
Circuit Clerk:  618-783-2524


Jasper County was Established on February 15, 1831;
Completed on 19 December, 1834.

Jasper County was named for William Jasper, a Sergeant of the Revolution who, during the action in Charleston harbor, replaced the flag shot away at Fort Moultrie, and later was killed at Savannah in 1779

Please check the time period your ancestors were in Jasper County, as the present area, or parts of it, were formerly included in the following counties





St. Clair

Knox, Northwest Territory

Township Organization was adopted on November 8, 1859
Jasper County approved township organization on November 6, 1849, and the County Court even appointed commissioners
to divide the county into townships, however this organization was never completed

Township Names under 1859 Organization:

Crooked Creek
Fox - Created from western part of Ste. Marie (date unknown, before 1901).
Grove - Name changed from Union in September, 1860
Hunt City - Formed from Willow Hill, Crooked Creek and Grandville on Sept. 11, 1901
North Muddy
Sainte Marie
South Muddy
Wade - Name changed from Newton in September, 1860
Willow Hill

 Data found online here:

The Regular Baptists of Jasper County

(Primitive Baptists)

Brockville Cemetery

Trexler Cemetery
(Partial Transcription)

The 1860 Jasper County Mortality Index

Wills and Probates

Burton Cemetery

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