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Jersey County
Established: February 28, 1839

Origin of the Name: Named from the State of New Jersey, which deprived
its name from the Isle of Jersey in Great Britain.
County Seat: Jerseyville


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History of Jersey County

In 1821, with the establishment of Greene County, it ceased to be a part of Madison County,
a relation it had held since the latter was formed by Gov. Edwards in 1818. The part of
Greene County that now constitutes Jersey County, continued to be included in Greene County
until August 5, 1839. The Enabling Act passed by the Legislature, February 28, 1839, provided that on
August 5, following at an election held for that purpose, a proposition should be submitted to the voters of the
latter county, for and against the separation of Jersey County from Greene County, for their determination.
At that election, there were 1, 239 votes for and 714 against the proposition, a majority of 525 out
of a total of 1, 953 votes. From 1821 until 1839, however, the history of Jersey County is naturally
included in that of Greene, and is so given. {Hamilton "History of Jersey Co. 1919]

Jersey County