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The following is an extremely well-documented history of the John W. Hewitt/Huitt, Sr. family. Mr. William D. Huitt has done a remarkable job researching his ancestry and has graciously shared his information with us. Included here are military rosters and other Illinois information. Please respect his work and do not copy it and repost it anywhere else. You need Mr. Huitt's permission to utilize this work outside of your own personal research. Please include all the source information found here in the database in order to properly credit those who have worked so hard on this family's history and also, to give proper documentation on this family.

Descendants of John Wilkinson Sr.Hewitt/ Huitt

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN WILKINSON SR.HEWITT/7 HUITT (WILLIAM SR.6 HEWITT, THOMAS5, JOSEPH4 HUIT, RANDALL JR.3, RANDALL SR.2, HEWITT1) was born June 25, 1761 in Brunswick County Virginia, and died June 06, 1848 in Greene County Illinois. He married ELIZABETH RADCLIFF March 14, 1778 in Franklin County North Carolina. She was born March 01, 1760 in Franklin County North Carolina, and died July 14, 1852 in Greene County Illinois.


John Wilkinson Hewitt/Huitt Sr. (2rd Genaration to serve this country American Revolution Virginia and North Carolina and War 1812 Madison County Illinois

Tax List 1769 Page 275
Hewit, John, 1 White.

Source: Kinfolks of Granville County North Carolina 1765-1826
By Hargett Gwynn
Published by Joseph W. Watson 406 Piedmont Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C. Date 1974
The Seeman Printery, Inc. Division of Fisher-Harrison Corp. Durham, N.C.

Source from
Department of Cultural Resources State Library of North Carolina
genealogical Services 109 East Jones Street. Raleigh NC 27601-2807

John Huitt. Great-grandfather was from Ireland, or England.

After marriage, moved to Franklin County GA. and settled on the Cherokee land.
Took two pack horses and his family on foot through the Tennessee and Kentucky. Were accompanied by three other families, and after they had Crossed the Tennessee river at the mounth of the Clinch, they found an opportunity to buy a wagon. At the Wabash river, they found it necessary to construct a raft. Their trip was concluded by landing at Kakokie, Illinois In December 1804. Separted from the balance of the party, going up to what was Called Goshen settlement. In the Fall of 1805 he move with his family and settled on the buff. oppsite of confluence of the Missouri river with the Mississippi. He lived there untile 1820. He died at the resident of one if his sons.

Source. Lyle Briggs

John W. Hewitt/Huitt Sr. one of the first pioneers with the borders of Illinois. John is a natice of Virginia, moved to North Carolina some time after the war of the revolution, where he married Miss Lizzie Radcliff, by whom he had, at the time of his emigration to Illinois, eight children. they settled in that portion of the northwest now recognized as Madison county , Illinois as early as 1804. Think of it, gentle reader, and let your imagination carry you back to a time when the North American Indians' moccasined feet trol the tall paririe grass where you now behold those evidences of civilization, flourishing cities, towns and villages, St. Louis itself, that magnificent city, on the Father of Warters, a mere trading post, where the daring trapper exchanged his furs to the wily trader, for tobacco, whisky, and in some rare instnces, money. In this primitive wilderness the Huitts, Source: Wm.D.Huitt 1879 Gn.Co.Il.

Capt. James B. Moore Co.,
Cavalry (July- Nove., 1812,)
Illinois Militia
War of 1812
Hewitt John
Card Number 38910576
Card Number 38910640

Capt. James B. Moor's Troop of Volunteer Cavalry, Illinois Militia
War of 1812
Muster Rill
From July 27 to Aug 11, 1812
Roll dated Nov.. 12, 1812
Appointment Aug 1, 1812
time enlisted Aug 11, 1812
Present full time
Remark: No rations furnished by the United states.

Company Pay Roll
for July 27 to Aug 11,1812
Commencement of service or of this settlement Aug 1, 1812
Expiration of service or of this settlement, Aug 11, 1812
terms of service charged----0----Month----11--days
Pay per months $6.66 ($0.222 per day)
amount of pay $2.36
Allowance for Horse per day $0.40
amount of allowance for horses, $4.40
Total amount, $6.76
Copyist Marsh

Source: National Archives Order for copies of Veterans Records
Received March 18, 1999

John Huitt served as a Lieutenant in the Ranger from Fort Russell, Madison County, Illinois in the war of 1812, Captain Judy's Rangers:
Record of the service of the Illinois Militia, rangers and Rifleman, in protection the Frontier from The Ravages of the Indians from 1810 to 1814.


A muster roll of a volunteer company of Cavalry, Commanded by Captain James B. Moore.
of St. Clair county, Illinois Territory. By order His Excellency, N'mian Edwards, Goerner of Millirons Territory. From July 27, 1812 to August 11, 1812

Capitan; James B. Moore
1st. Lieutenant: Jaacob Ogle
2nd Lieutenant; Joshua Vaughn
Cornet; Simeon Wheelock

John T. Lusk 1st.
Septmus Mace
Thomas Piper
Jem Miller

William Reed
James McKinney
John Davidson
Pleasant Goings

James Kirkpatrick, Isham Gillham,Matther J. Cox,Arthur Morgan,Charles P. walker, Hardy Wilbanks, Aaron Shook, Charles R. Mattheny, J. Milton Moore, John L. Whiteside,David Robinson, George Sanders Israel Robinson, Joseph Ogle, Francis Kerkpatrick, isaiah Dunnigan,Daniel G. Moore, Thomas Blakinship,Samuel Bonham, Bennet Nowlan, Phillip, William Talbott, Henry Mace, John Crocker, Isaac Briggs, William Otwell, Cath Wilson, Clement Gilliham, William D. Davidson, John Deleplain, Richard Wright, Absolem Bradshaw, Thomas Randle, Anthony Foucher,Jesse Bell, Isaac Clark, John Good, isham Wright, William Briggs Jr. Zacharlah Hays,Thomas W. Talbott, William Portor, Ezekial Gillham, Flelding Jervis, William Gillham, David Ackerman,Simon vadarsdal, Aaron Whitney, Moses Quick, Guy Beck,
JOHN HUITT, Charles Gillham


Earlier this year the country was put in as good state of defense as circumstance would allow. The Forts and block-houses were strengthened and the settlers in remote and weakly garrisoned block-house removed the those that were stronger. New Companies of rangers were enlisted and stationed as to cover the settlements. In addition to the regular forts, from the present city of Alton to Kaskaskia, were twenty-two family forts scattered along. These precautions, however did not prevent numerous depredations by the savages. Of these, the following appear to be the most important On Washington county, four miles southeast of Covlngton(then the county seat) in the Kaskaskia River, the family of John Lively, an old Ranger in Alexander's Company were attack and five persons killed, including Mr. Lively. the bodies of all were shockingly mutilated. the Indians who peretrated this
outrage were supposed to be Kickapoos, and were follow by captain Boon and his Company, But having fours days the start, made good their escape. Near the present town of Carlyles a Mr. Young and a Minsister by the name of McLean were attacked by the savages. Young was killed and McLann made and almost Miraculous escape by swimming the Kaskaskia River, Losing his horse and the greater part of his clothing.

Murders were also committed on Cache River within the present limits of Alexander county
Near Fort La Motte, about 30 Miles above Vancennes, Mrs. Houston and four children were killed. In a small prairie near Allon in Edwards County, Mr. Boultinghouse was killed. This prairie was afterwards named for him.

Notwithstanding these, and many other outrages, the general government had provided no
means for the support of the rangers and militia and those in the service, in Illinois, were discharged on the 9th day of June by the Goerner.

From a daily and weekly report of a detachment of rangers of the Illinois territory, under the
commond of Benjamin Stephenson, Brigade Major, April 17, 1813 we find that the following companies were included in his commond: Capt. B. Whiteside, Capt. James V. Moore (3d Company), Samuel Whiteside's, Capt. Jacob Short's and Capt.Nicholas Jarrott's. Rolls of Moore's and Shorts Companies, at that time are as follows.

Captain James B. Moore's (3d) Company

Capt. James B. Moore
1st. Lt. David Robinson
2nd Lt. Arthur Morgan

Sergent Thomas Jordan, Jacob Young, Benjamin Marney, James Hutton

Corporals, Isaac Basey, James Talbott, Henry Randeman, John Crawford

76 Privates


Examined and approved: B. Stephenson

Following is a muster roll or regimental and staff officer ordered into service by he Excellency Niniam Edwards, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Illinois territory, from the 18th day of February, to the 16th day of June 1813

Major B Stephenson
Major Phillip trampble
Adjutant Nathaniel Jurney
Surgeon George Fisher
Spurgen Mate William Reynolds
Quartermaster Daniel G. Moore
Sergeant Major Aaron Whitney

I do certify that the foregoing muster roll exhibits a just statement of the
regiment and staff officer as above stated, this 16th day of June 1813
B. Stephenson


A muster roll of Captain John B Moore's Company of mounted Ranger of the Illinois
Territory, under the command of Major Benjamin Stenson. From the first of June to the 16th day of the same month 1813 By order of his Excellency, Nenan Edwards, Govenor , Etc.

Captain James B. Moore
First Lieutenant David Robinson
Second Lieutenant Arthur Morgan

Sergeants: Daniel Conb=verse, Jacob Young, Bejamin Marney, James Hutton

Corporals: Isaac Basey, James Talbott, Henry Randieman, John Crawford

42 Privates:
Of which Roland Huitt and Hirman Huitt [Lt. John Huitt Sons]

The foregoing was no doubt temporally called into service to hold the forts and protect
the government from the Indians until some more definite arrangement should be make by
the War Department to sustain a military force. the following letter from Governor Edwards
to the Secretary of War, will shed some light in the subject:

Elvirde, Randolph county Illinois Territory May 4, 1813

A short time ago I received a letter from Colonel Bond Informing me that you had authorized him to request me to raise and organize three additional companies of Rangers.
I immediately wrote you that I supposed want had been done would be sufficient and that those three companies who through me tendered the President their service as Ranges, would be accepted.
They have been notified by me that they have been accepted, but lest some accident may have prevented my letter from reaching you. I will here give the names of these officer all of whom have been chosen by companies and approved by me.

James B Moore Captain
David Robinson 1st Lieutenant
Arthur Morgan 2nd Lieutenant

Samuel Whiteside Captain
Joseph Borough 1st. Lieutenant
Samuel Gilbaur 2nd Lieutenant
Arthur Armstrong Ensigns

Jacob Short, Captain
Bathaberil Journey 1st Lieutenant
Andres Bankston 2nd Lieutenant
John Juorney Ensigh.

The officer and t hoses of the companies raised here last year, all exceedingly anxious to be commanded by Benjamin Stephenson as their Major. with the expect ion of an ensigh and a Lieutenant who were absent at the time. They have unanimously petitioned me on this subject. The privates comprising the battalion are equally desirous of it. and I can most conscientiously say, that in my opinion, the Territory does not admit of a better
The Legislature of this territory at last session, by the palpitions of certain individuals, was induced to ask for this force and to recomment John Murdock to be authorized to raise and command it.
But I beg leave to observe that the force I have raised has been upon a different plan altogether Murdock had not raised a man, and has endeavored to throw every impediment in your way. He is not qualified, either by his knowledge of experice, for the command, and those who have recommended him will not pertend to say that his habits do not form a most important objection.
Your Obedient Dervant
N. Edwards

Second Campaign 1813

Large number of Hostile Indians having gathered among the Kickapoos and Powawatmies at
their villages in Lake Peoria and Marauding parties from these being frequently sent out to harass, Rour and kill settlers on the frontiers of both Illinois and Missouri, a joint expeditions was projected of the militia of both Territories, to disperse them from their convenient location.. An army of 900 men was collected and placed under the command of Gen Howard, who had resigned the position of Territorial Governor of Missouri for that purpose. The Illinois contingent was order to rendezcous at camp Russell.

One company however was ordered to a point on the Mississippi Calle Piasa, where they
remained several weeks and suffered deviously from sickness.

The organization of the Illinois troops at camp Russell was as follow: Colonel, Benjamin
Stephensonm Randolph county; W.R. Whites side of John Murdock Major and Joseph Phillips, Samual Judy, Nathaniel Journey and Samuel Whiteside Captain. The Missouri contingent was command by Colonel McNair, afterward Governor of that state. Both regiments marched up on their respective sides of the Mississippi river without and adventure, except a slight skirmish by the Illinois troops with stagging Indians in search of wild honey in the present limits of Calhound County.

A junction was formed by the Missourians crossing the river at Ft. Madson, 100 miles above the mouth of Illinois River, when General Howard took the principal command of the expedition. Passing a recently deserted Indian Village on the site of the present city of Quincy, they struck out eastward and reached the Illinois river at the mouth of spoon river, not far from the present town of Havanas, in Mason County.

Here the procision boats arrived on board their sick. The march was continued up the Illinois river of Peoria, where there was a small stockade in charge of Captain Nicholas of the U.S. Army, on which the Indians had two days before made an attack, but were repuisel. but the Indians gaining knowledge of the advance of this force, had their usual cunning fled northward. Of the conclusion of this expedition Davdson and Stuve, Say:

The army was marched up the lake to Goma's village the present site of Chilicothe, and finding that the enemy had ascended In Illinois, two deserted village were demolished under the shock of its onset and burned when it took up its retrograde march. At the outlet of the lake the present site of Peroria, The troops remained in camp several weeks, building Fort Clark, Named in honor of Gen. George Roger Clard. Major Christy in the meantime was dispatched with a force in charge to two fortified keel boats up the river (Mississippi) to the foot of the raids to Chastlse and Rout such of the enemy as might have lodged in that region. Major Boone was sent with a force to scour the spoon river country, toward Rocky river. Both expeditions returned without other discovered than sighs of alarm on the part of the enemy and his retrat into the interior . The army returned by a direct route to Camp Russell, where the Volunteers and Militia were disbanded, October 22, 1813. Source: (D. and S. History Illinois, Pg227)

Source: Illinois State Archives
Book: Record of the serves of Illinois Soldiers in the Black Hawk War 1831-1832 and in the Mexican war 184601848 with and Appendix Living record of the service of the Illinois Militer Ranger and Rifleman in Protection the Frontier from Ravages of the Indians from 1810-1813.
Pages 330,331,334.335.338.339.340. and 341
By Isaac H Elliott
Pub by: Springfield Illinois Journal Company 1902

For Campaign in 1814 SEE Roland Huitt Notes.

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Secretary of Illinois State Land sales Archives.

Purchaser: John Huitt Record ID: 150182
Date Sept. 19, 1814 Acres: 320 Price $2.00
Type of sale: Federal sale (FD)
County 60 (Madison)
Section 24. Dection part W2 Township 05N Range 09W
Meridian: 3 purchaser Res 60, Madison County
Arch Vol. No. 023 Vol Page 009
cash warrant code: Record Corrected: 0

Purchaser John Huitt Record ID; 150183
Date Sept. 19. 1814 Acres 160 Price: $2.00
County: 60 (Madison)
Section 23, section part SE Township o5N Range 09W
Meridian: 05N Purchaser Res. 60 Madison County
Arch. Vol No: 123 Vol Page No: 009
Cash Warrant code: Record corrected: 0

Purchaser: John Huitt record ID: 539934
Date: Sept 19, 1814 Acres: 160 Price: $2.00
Type of sale : Federal sale (FD)
County: 60 (Madison)
Sec. 23 sec. part: SE Township 05N Range 09W
Meridian: # Purchaser Res: 82 (St. Clair}
Arch. Vol. No: 023 Vol. Page No: 200
Cash warrant code: record corrected: 0

Purchaser: John Huitt Record ID: 539935
Date Sept 19, 1814
Acres: 320 Price $2.00
Type of Sale Federal sale (FD)
County 60 (Madison)
Sec. 24 sect. part W2 Twp 05N range 09W
Meridian: 3 Purchaser Res: 602
Arch. Vol. No: 023 Vol. Page No: 200
Cash Warrant code: Record Corrected: 0

Fact 1: Had 8 children moving to Illinois from Georgia
Fact 3: Huitt was number 4
Fact 4: Served in American Revolution as a sergeant
Fact 5: in the Virginia Militia.
Fact 6: Illinois Ranger from Fort Russell, Madison
Fact 8: County Illinois.


Brunswick County in south-central Virginia on the North Carolina border.
The county seat, Lawrenceville, is 64 miles southwest of the state capital in
Richmaond and 75 miles northeast of Raleigh.
The county has three incorporated Towns: Lawrenceville, Albert, and Brodnax

Brunswick County consists of 579 square miles of generally flat or gently
rolling land. Elevations range from 150 to 315 feet above sea level. Drainage
is provided by the Meherrin, Nottoway, and Roanoke Rivers and their tributaries.

The county was formed in 1720 and named for the House of Brunswick
which had assumed the English throne in1714. Fort Christanna was the
county's first settlement. The county has many historic sites including
plantations and gristmills.

John W. Huitt and Elizabeth (Ratliff)

John Huitt was born in Brunswick County, Virgina, June 25, 1761.
He died in Greene County Illinois June 6, 1848
John Huitt married Elizabeth Ratliff on March 14, 1778. She was
born in Franklin County, North Carolina March 1, 1760; She
died in Greene County, Illinois, July 14, 1852.
Huitt served in the American Revollution as a sergent in the
Virginia militia. He migrated to North Carolina, then to Georgia.
and finally came to Illinois in 1804. He served as a Lieutenant
in the War of 1812 as an Illionis Ranger from For Tussell, Madison
County Illinois.

His son John Wilkinson Huitt was born in Franklin County Georgia
November 15, 1793, death occourred in Green County.
John W. Huitt married Rosanna Herriford June 13, 1818, Rosanna
Herrifrod was born in Wayne County Kentucky December 27, 1798
the daughter of James Haerriford frome North Carolina.
Huitt served as a ranger from Fort Russell, Madison County Illinois
in the War of 1812, and served with Thomas Carlin's company during
the Black Hawk War in 1832.
Thirteen children were born to this union. Nine lived to adulthood:
Rawland, Sarah,Nancy, William, Louisa, Kathy, reebecca, Janathan
and Fanny. Catharine married A.J. Johnson Sr.

By Joanna Johnson


Elizabeth Hewitt widow of John Hewitt who served in the Revolutionary War[NC}
as a private. Sergeant etc. Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of $111.53 per annum, to
commence on the 6th day of June 1848. Certificate of Pension issued the Recorded
on Roll of Pensioners under act July 29, 1848.
Page 193, Vol. D.


Illinois 13.253
John Huitt
Greene [County] in the State of Illinois who was a Sergeant etc. in the company commanded by Captain Smith of the Regt. Commanded by Col. Malde---- in the North Carolina line for:

7 Months Sergeant of Cavalry
9 months Private of Cavalry
2 months Sergeant of Infantry
111 days Private

Inscribed on the Roll of Illinois at the rate of $101.55 per Annum, to Commence on the 4th day of March 1831. Certificate of Pension issued the 6th day of June 1833 and sent to Moses a Bledsoe, Carrollton,Illinois
Arrears to the 4th of March 1833 $203.10
Semi-annual allowance ending 4 Sept 1833 ___50.78

Revolutionary Claim
Act June 7, 1832
Recorded by M. Clagett. Clerk
Book E, Vol. 8, page 57.

Source: Bill Holder


Elizabeth Hewitt widow of John Hewitt who served in the Revolutionary War[NC]
as a private. Sergent etc. Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of $111.53 per Annum to
commence on the 6th day of June 1848, Certificate of Pension issued the Recorded
on Roll or Pensioners under act July 29, 1848.
Page 193, Vol. D.

Summary of John Huitt Pension

Illinois 13.253
John Huitt
Greene[County] in the State of Illinois who was a Sergeant etc. in the company
Commanded by Captain Smith of the Regt. Commanded by Col. Malde---in the North
Carolina line for
7 Months Sergent of Cavalry
9 Months Pricate of Cavalry
2 Months Sergeant of Infantry
111days Private

Inscribed in the Roll of Illinois at the rate of 101.55 per Annum, to Commence on the 4th
day of March 1831. Certificate of Pension issued the 6th day of July 1833 and sent
to Moses a Bledsoe, Carrollton, Illinois.
Arrears to the 4th of March 1833.
Arrears to the 4th of March 1833 $203.10
Semi-annual allowance ending 4 Sept 1833 50.78

Revolutionary Claim
Act June 7, 1832
Recorded by M. Clagett. Clerk
Book E, Vol. 8, page 57

SOURCE: Bill D. Holder

1850 Census Greene County Illinois list Elizbeth 91 N.C. living with John W. Huitt and
Rosana Huitt

Marion Hoskins

Born 25 Jan 1761 in Brunswick County, Va.; Died 6 Jun 1848; Buried - Reported
inProvidence Cemetery, East Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois and alsp in
White Hall Cemetery, White Hall, Breene Coynbty, Ill.: Spouse - Elizabeth Ratliff;
Service: Sergeant, North Carolina Continental Troops.
He enlisted in August, 1778 in North Casrolina; re-enlisted seven times, serving
until 1781, underCaptains, James Williams, Ballard Smith, William McFarlane,
James Moore, John Henderson, Nathan Goodye, Richard White, John Fuller
and Col. Francis Malmady.
He was in the battle of Guilford Court House and Ramsour's Mill. He also
served as Sergeant of the Eighth Virginia Regiment.;
Pension: Pension Roll, June 6, 1933, Greene County, age 73; pension census
of June 1, 1840, Greene County age 79, Elizabeth W3683 (NC)

Source: Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Greene County Illinois.
May 28, 2001

Fact 1: Descended from an Early English Virginia Family

i. HIRAM8 HUITT, b. 1785, Franklin County, Georgia; d. 1817; m. NANCY HERRIFORD, October 01, 1817, Madison Co., Illinois Vol. 6 pg 3 Lic 110; b. 1791, Charlton, Missouri; d. 1857.

Notes for HIRAM HUITT:

Hiram Huitt:
Farmed 320 acres with John Wilkinson Huitt in Jersey County, Ruyle Twp., Illinois, 181-1823
Secretary of Illinois State Land Sale Archive.
Record ID: 180941
Sate 10/23/1820
Arcres: 160 $1.25
Type of Sale: Federal Sale (FD)
County 42. Jersey
Section 31 NE Part Township 09N Range 10W
Meridian: 3 purchaser Res: 60 (Madison)
Arch. Vol. No. 343 Vol Page 1
Cash Warrant code: Record corrected: 0

Hirman served in the war of 1812
He served with the Illinois Territory Volunteer 3d and then 4th company of Cavalry Ranger.
The Illinois Territory Governor Ninian Edwards Commander-in-Chief
Under the Command of Benjamin Stephenson Brigade Major.
Captain James B. Moore.
First Lieutenant David Robinson
Second Lieutenant Arthur Morgan
Ensign {Jr. Lt.}
John Huitt (Father)

Thomas Jordan
Jacob young
Benjamin Marney
James Hutton

Issac Rasey
James Talbot
Henry Handleman
John Crawford

with 80 Privates.
Roland Huitt (Brother to Hiram and son to Lt. John Huitt Sr.]

for Campaign of 1813 SEE: John Wilkinson Huitt Notes.
for Campaign of 1814 SEE: Roland Huitt Notes.
For Sources: See Roland and John Wilkinson Huitt (Brother) Notes.

ii. MARGARET "POLLY" HEWITT, b. 1790, Georgia; d. 1846, (abt)Illinois; m. JOSIAH VAUGHN; b. 1800, (abt) Kentucky; d. 1823, Illinois.

Fact 1: May 21, 1998, Source: Roger H. Vaughn

iii. ROLAND HEWITT, b. 1792, Franklin county, Georgia; m. ROSANNA BREWER.


Roland Served in the war of 1812
The Illinois Territory Governor Ninian Edwards Commander-in-Chief.
Order the Rangers to be formed.
Under the Command of Brigade Major Benjamin Stephenson
The 3r. and then 4th company under the command of

Captain James B. Moore

First Lieutenant David Robinson
Second Lieutenant Arthur Morgan
Ensign [Jr. Lt.] John Huitt (Father)

Thomas Jordan
Jacob Young
Benjamin Marney
James Hutton

Issac Rasey
James Talbot
Henry Handleman
John Crawford

Unit had 80 Privates.

Hiram Huitt (Brother to Roland and son to John Huitt]

For Campaign of 1813 See: John Wilkinson Huitt Notes:

Campaign of 1814
The year 1814 was prolifie with horrible deeds of savage butchery. The Indians were incited by British agents and were active all along the line of the advancing frontier, Illinois with her large line of explored settlements suffered severely. We wukk mention only a few of the most aggravated of their outrages. Complied from Reynolds Times and Stuve's History of Illinois.
In July, a Mrs. Reagan in the Wood River settlement six miles east of the present city of Alton. With her six children were murdered by the Indians, who were pursued by capt. Whiteside and his company of rangers to the sangamon river. where all escaped expect the leader, who was shot out of a tree top by Capt. Whiteside, with the scalp of Mrs. Reagan fastened to his belt.
In August, capt Short rangers, who were encamped at the lively cabins in Washington County, discovered the trail of 7 Indians with 14 stolen horses. Capt. Short with 30 men followed them overtaking them on a fork of the Wabash, near the east line of Fayette county. and killed them all. The white s lost one man, William O'Neal who was killed by an adversary quicker than himself.
The military expeditions in which Illinois participated in this year were by water on the
Mississippi. The first was that of Governor Clark (in the absence of General Howard) which left St. Louis on the 1st. of May composed of 200 men, in five Barges destined for Prairies de Chieu.
Dickson a British agent, had recruited at that place a short time previously, a force of 300 Indians for the British army. which he had conducted to Canada, leaving a small garrison of "Macluoe Fencible" under the command of a British officer to hold the post untile his return. These Governor Clark had no difficulty in putting to fight and quartering his troops in the house of the Mackaw Fur Company, erected a fort which he called Ft. Shelby, and returned in June to St. Louis. But in July a large force of British and Indians under Col. Mackey, coming by water from Mackinaw, wia Greenr Bay, and the Wisconsin river, after a short siege captured the entire garrison, which they paroled, thus leaving the British the gainers of all the material advantages of the expedition.
General Howard having returned to his post in St. Louis in the meantime, and believing it desirable to strengthen the fort at Prairie du Chien, to this end sent 108 men in charge of Lieutenant Campbell of the regular army, in three keel boats up the river, as reinforcements. Of this force 66 men were Illinois rangers under the command of Capt. Stephen Rector and Capt. Riggs. who occupied two of the boats. The renaubder of the forces with Campell occupied the other boat. They passed as far as Rock island, where they laid up for a night without molestation. At the rapids great numbers of the Sac and Fox Indians visited the boats with profession of friendship. et gave hints to some of the French boatman, who accompanied the expedition. That all was not right. Lieut. Campbell, however disregarded these hints. and allowed his forces to become scattered, when a gale blew his boat which was two miles in the rear. over towards the Illinois shore to a small Island. When it was attacked by a large force of the Indians from the shore, under the command of Black Hawk.
The strong gale prevented the return of the boats which had gone ahead, and the forces on Campell's boat had been mostly killed and wounded. When Rctor, throwing overboard all provisions, with a gallantry deserving of commemoration, came to the rescue of the imperiled men and rescued the survivors, and removed the dying and all to their vessel, leaving Campbell's barge to the enemy., The contents of which furnished them material for a feast as unusual as it was enjoyable.
Riggs' boat was for a time surrounded by the enemy, but toward evening the wind having become somewhat allayed, the boat under cover of the approaching darkness, and the crew made good their escape without the loss of a single man.
After the two foregoing disasters sill another expedition was projected this season for the Upper Mississippi. This latter was fitted up at Cape an Gris, and old French hamlet on the bank of the Mississippi, a few miles above the mouth of the Illinois It consisted of 334 men (forty of whom were Regulars) command of Major Zacary Taylor. Nelson Rector and Samual Whiteside and Captain Hempstead being each in command of a boat. Their principal instruction was to penetrate well up the Indians country and returning to destroy the corn growing within reach on both banks of the river down to Rock Island, where they intended to establish a fort and leave a permanent garrison.

Illinois State Archives

1: from Transaction of the Illinois State Historical Society
for the Year 1904
fifth annual meeting of the Society
Bloomington, Jan 27, 28, 29, 1904
Pages180,181,190,191,194 and 195
Printed by
Springfield , Ill,
Phillios Bros. State Printers 1904

2: from Record of the service of
BLACK HAWK WAR 1831-1832 and in the
Mexican War 1846-1848
with an appendix giving record of the services of the Illinois Militia, Ranges
and Riflemen, in Protection the Frontier from the ravages of the Indians
from 1810-1813
Pages: 330,331,334,335,338,339,340 and 341

By Isaac H Elliott
Adjutant-general of the state of Illinois
Printed by
Springfield, Ill
Journal Company, Printers and Binder 1902

iv. JOHN WILKINSON JR.HEWITT / HUITT, b. November 15, 1793, Georgia. County, Franklin. Seat, Carnesville.; d. October 22, 1882, Carrollton, Greene County Illinois; m. ROSANNA HERRIFORD, June 13, 1818, Chariton County, Missouri; b. December 27, 1798, Wayne County, Kentucky; d. April 24, 1880, Carrollton, Greene County Illinois.

John Wilkinson Hewitt/ Huitt Jr. 4th Generation to serve this country War 1812 and War 1823 Madison County Illinois

Feb. 20, 1821 was one of 5 appointed as commissioner to located the county Seat.
carrollton for Greene County, By 1st. Gove if Ill. Shadrack Bond.
Com. Thomas Tattan, John Alles Esq., Thomas Carlin, John Green and John W. Huitt.

John Huitt, Jr. and now the oldest settler living in Greene county, grew up among pioneer association his education necessarily limited, as the principal studies were a Dillworth spelling and the New Testament. At the Earley age of 18, he was united in marriage to Miss Rosanna Hareford, a daughter of James Hareford, of Kentucky, in 1818 he moved to what is now Greene county, where he made a claim and when land came into market, purchased it. In the latter years of life Mr. Huitt became a large property owner Huitt in his eighty-third year, once walked from the town of Kane, to his old homestead near Carrolton. There are few At his age who still have the old-times, vigor of youth. Of this marriage there were 13 children, 9 of whom are living ; Roland, Sarah, Nancy, William, Louisa, Katy, Rebecca, Jonathan and Fanny.

Huitt, Hon. John W.
Carrolton, oldest settler, in county
28 April 1877, v. 8, p 2, col. 2
History of family 17, Jan. 1880, v. 11, p. 3, col
Wife died, age 82 years
24 April 1880 v. 11, p.3. col. 4

White Hall Township Library
119 E. Sherman St.
White Hall, Illinois 62092

Enlisted in Capitan Judy's Company of Rangers which was station to guard the frontiers
from Mississippi River to Vincennes. Illinois

John Wilkinson Huitt Jr. served with Thomas Carlin's company during the Black Hawk War in 1832. as a private in the Mounted Volunteers of the Odd battalion of Spies. He remained in that capacity until his term of service expired, when he received a Honorable discharge and returned to his home.

John W. Huitt settled on a track of Prairie land near Phill's creek, now in the limit of Jersey County Illinois. Residence: Bet. 1818-1823,

Source:Illinois State Archives
Book: Record of the Serives of ILLINOIS SOLDIERS in the Black Hawk War 1831-1832 and in the MEXICAN WAR 1846-1848 with and Appendix giving record of the services of the Illinois Military Rangers and Riflemen in Protecting the frontier from Ravages of the Indians from 1810-1813 Pages: 330,331,334,335,338,339,340 and 341 By Isaac H. Elliott
Bub by: Springfield Ill. Journal Company, 1902

For Campaign in 1814 SEE: Roland Huitt Notes;

Secretary of Illinois State Land Dales Archives.
Rec. Nove 3, 1998

Purchaser: John W. Hewitt Record ID: 185805
Date; 0ct. 09, 1823 Acres: 80 Price: $1.25
Type of sale: Federal Sale (FD)
County 31 (GREENE)
Sec.: 9 Sec. Part: E2SW TEP 10N Range 11W
Meridian: 3 Purchaser res.: 31 (GREENE)
Arch. Vol. No: 343 Vol. page No: 012
Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0

Purchaser John W. Huitt Record ID: 185943
Date: Oct. 18, 1830 Acres: 80 Prices $1.20
Type of sale: Federal Sale (FD)
County 31 (GREENE)
Sec. 28 Sec part: W2SE TWP 10N Range 11E
Meridian: 3 Purchaser Res 31 (GREENE)
Arch. Vol. No.: 343 Vol. Page No: 045
Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0

Date March 9, 1832 Record ID: 199578
Acres: 80 Price: $1.25
Type of Sale: Federal sale (FD)
County 31 (GREENE)
Sec. 10 Sec. Part E2NEFS. TWP 10 Range 11W
Meridian: 3 Purchaser Res: 31 (GREENE)
Cash warrant code: Record corrected:

Date: May 12, 1853 Record ID: 180942
Acres; 80 Price: 0.0
Type of sale; Federal sale (FD)
county 31 (GREENE)
Sec. 9 Sec. Part: W2NW TEP 10N Range 11W
Meridian 3 Purchaser Res: --------
Arch. Vol. V No. 351 Vol. Page No. 131
Cash warrant code: record corrected: 0

Migrated to Linder Twp. 1823. Lived in North Carolina, Cahokia, Croshen, Illinois. Jersey County untile 1823; Moved to Carrollton 1878.

Thirteen children were born to this union. nine lived to adulthood: Rawland, Sarah, Nancy, William, Louisa, Kathy, Rebecca, Jonathan and Fanny. Catharine married A.J. Johnson Sr.

Source:Greene County Illinois Directory (no Date).
History of Greene County Illinois (1885).
1880 Census, Illinois. microfilm T746-55, H300 Sound ex Code, Christian County, Mosquito Twp.

1878 or 1861 Greene County, Atlas, page 40.
Kathy Burkett

History of Greene County Illinois its past and Present (1879)

John W. Huitt Jr. was a horse judge at the very first fair held in Greene County, Illinois. In the fall of 1839. He was also precinct VP from Carrollton to the Greene County Old Settlers Association.

THE BLACK HAWK WAR 1831 - 1832
Volume I

Illinois Volunteers

Collection of the State Historical Library
Illinois State Historical Library
Springfield 1970

Part Two: Black Hawk Campaign of 1832 Spy Battalion, Whiteside's Brigade Page 202-204

Company of Captain Thomas Carlin

Muster Roll of Capt. Thomas Carlin Company of the Odd Battalion of Spies command by Major. James D. Henry of the Brigade of Mounted Volunteers of Illinois commanded by Brigr. Genl. Whiteside mustered out of Service of the United State of America at the mouth of Fox River of the Illinois on the 28th, day of may 1832. Distant 230 miles from the place of enrollment.

No. Name Rank where Remarks

1. Thomas Carlin Capt. Carrollton
2. Jesse V. Mounts 1st. Lt. "
3. Geroge D. Samms 2d/ Lt. "
4. Mearel Rattan 1st. Sert . " Appointed Sergeant Major.
28th. April 1832
5. David Thruston 2d. " "
6. James Gilliland 3d. " " Attached to Capt. Chapmans
Company about 28th. April
7. Harrusib Boggus 4th. " " Lost his horse by an affright
of the horse on the night of
the 22d. may 1832
8. Lewis B. Edwards 1st. Corp. "
9 Josiah Ashlock 2d " "
10. William Cook 3d " "
11. William Finley 4th. " "
12 William H. Dulanely[y] Private " Appointed Surgeon of the 2d
Rigt. April 30th 1832
13. William Hoskins " "
14. William Pinkerton " "
15 Williamson Banning " "
16 William Gilliland " " Attached to Capt. Chapman's
Company 28th April 1832
17 William H.Whiteside " "
18 John R. Pinketon " "
19 John C. Williams " " Never appeared after
20 John Jackson " "
21 John B. Whiteside " "
22 Joshua Abner " "
23 James Short " "
24 Joseph Linder " "
25 John Courtney " "
26 John Cook " "
27 Jonathan Hill " "
29 James Carlin " "
30 James Moore " "
31 Larkin Rattan " "
32 Elan Eldred " " Appointed first Sergeant
April 28th 1832
33 John Ashlock " "
34 Edward Crabb " "
35 Howell Dawdy " "
36 Silas Eldred " "
37 Silas Crane " "
38 Samuel Hess " " Lost his horse on the night of
16th. may after a forced march
from Sickamore Cr. to Dixon ferry
39 George Linder " "
40 Philemon Reno " "
41 Preston Bogus " "
42 Ruben Herrick " "
43 Robert King " "
44 Robert[Tolbert]Edwards " "
45 Thomas Hopper " "
46 Valentine A. Gibbl " "
47 Zariah Finley " "
48 Henry B. Pinkerton " "
49 David Moore " "
50 Starlin Thackston " "
51 Joseph Woodson " " Appointed Surgeon to Spy
Battn. April 26th. 1832
52 John W. Scott " " Detailed on express 21st.
April & rejoined Company
15th May 1832
53 Thomas D. Scoot " "
54 Roswell H. Spencer " "
55 Luther Tunnell " " Lost his horse night of 22d.
may by an affright on the
horses in the night.
56 William Tunnell " " Lost his hors by same
57 John Reddish " "

I certify in Honour that this muster Roll exhibits the true State of Capt. Thomas Carlin
Company of Mounted Volunteers of Illinois Militia on this day and that the remarks set
opposite their respective names are accurate & just.

Signed at the mouth of Fox River on the Ills. River the 28th, day of May 1832

Thomas Carlin Capt. Co. Mounted Volunteers.

CC,IHi: Stevens Coll. The entire roll is in the handwriting of James Semple. Columns 4,6,7,
and 8 are omitted. Columns 4 and 6 state that the company was enrolled on April 20 by
Captain Carlin. The seventy, period of enrollment, is blank. In the eighth column all those
present at the muster-out are listed. The only absentees were nos. 4, Mearel E. Rattan;
6 James Gilliland; 12, William H. Dulaney; 16 William Gilliland; and 19 John C. Williams.
Joseph Woodson, No. 51, who was appointed to the battalion staff. is listed as present with the company at the muster-out.

IHi has three other rosters of the company. The officer mustering-out roll in DNA(photostat in IHi) was signed by "Tho. Carlin" and has the Nathaniel Buckmaster certificate of service in the handwriting of David Prickett. The DNA roll gives different dates and places of enrollment for four men: Nos. 51 Joseph Woodson, enrolled at Beardstown on April 26; 54 Roswell H. Spencer, enrolled at Rock Island on May 8; and 55 and 56 Luther and William Tunnell enrolled at Rock Island on May 10.

The following variations in names are given on the DNA roll: 4, Mearel E. Rattan; 5, David
Thurston; 7 Harison Boggess; 12., William H. Dulany; 28, John Huitt Jnr.; 39 George Linder;
40, Phillamon Reno; 41 Presston Bougus; 42 Rheubin Herrick; 44, Talbert Edwards;
47, Zuriah Finley; 55 Luther Tunnel; 56, William Tunnel.

A mustering-in Roll signed by John J. Hardin at Beardstown on April 28, 1832, is also in IHi.
This roll does not list either Spencer of the Tunnells, Nos. 54-56 Above.
The only remark on the roll follows the name of John W. Scott, Nos. 52; "Detached on express by the commander in chief April 21st. 1832 and rejoined the company May the 18th 1832."
Names variations; 2, Jesse V. Mount; 4 M.E. Rattan; 5, David Thurston; 7, Harrison Boggess; 9, Josiah Ashloe; 11, William Findley; 12, Wm. H Dulany; 17, Wm. H. Whitesides; 28, John Huitt Junr. 32, Elon Eldred; 37, Silas Crain; 39, George Linder; 40, Talbert Edwards; 47, Uriah Findley; and 50, Starlin Thaxton.

The April 28 roll gives the distance from the place of enrollment to the place of mustering-in
as 60 miles.

The Black Hawk War 1831-1832
Vol I Illinois Volunteers
Compiled and Edited by Ellen M. Whitney
Illinois State Historical Library
Volume XXXV
Illinois State Historical Library
Springfield 1970

Received from
George H. Ryan
Secretary of State
Illinois State Archive
Sept.24, 1998

National Archives Veterans Records

Pension: Black Hawk War 1831-1832; NONE 10/31/1989

Bounty-land Warrant Application Black Hawk War 1831-1832 NONE 11/5/1998

Military Records Black Hawk War 1831-1832
Huitt, John Jr.. capt Carlins Co,pamu Odd batt'n Spies, Whiteside's Brig., Mtd. Vols. Ill. Milita (Black Hawk War] Card Number 30637788 Rank Private.

Spy Battalion Whiteside Brig. Ill. Mil.
John Huitt Jr. Pvt. in Capr. Carlin's Co., Odd Battalion of Spies, Whiteside's Brigade Mounted Vols. Illinois Militia.
Black Hawk War
Company Muster-out Roll
dated May 28, 1832 Muster-out to date May 28, 1832
enrollment: April 20, 1832
at Carrollton by Thomas Carlin
John Huitt Jr. Present a Muster-out Roll.

Received from National Archives Washington D.C. on February 1, 1999

Source: W,D. Huitt

The 1850 Census Greene County Between Mac and Apple Creel
John Huitt 56 S.C. Farmer
Rosana 51 Ky
Nancy 22, Illinois, William 20, Illinois Jonathan Illinois,Rebecca 15, Illinois
Catherine 13, Illinois Fanny J. 11, Illinois, Mary V. 3 Illinois. Elizabeth Huitt 91 N.C.
Wm. Flint 22, Illinois. Joseph Huitt 11, Illinois

1860 Census
J.W. Huitt 66 GA, Rosanna 61, Ky Jonathan 26 Illinois, Mary V. Redding 12,Illinois Grand daughter liveing with Johnw. & Roasenna Hewitt/Huitt
Wm Hoskins 22 Ky. Fanny Hoskins 20 Illinois
All living with J.W. Huitt

Source: William D. Huitt
Sorce Marion Hoskins.

Illinois Twentieth General Assembly, 1857-1859, House Representatives:
23 District John W. Huitt for Green County Illinois

Found in The Illinois fact Book and historical Almanac 1673-1968
author John Clayton, Southern Illinois University Press, 1970.

Source: Don Tadlock

Journal of the House of Representatives
of the Twentieth General Assembly
State of Illinois January 5, 1857
Pub. Springfield: Lanphier & Walker, Printers. 1857

Page 4 Twenty-third__Greene County__ John W. Huitt

Page 5 John W. Huitt was one of 36 vote for Mr. Holmes for Speaker
of the house.(Holmes was Elected to the speaker of the House of

Page 30 John W. Huitt was 1 of 8 appointed to Committees of the House
for Manufactures and Agriculture and on Page 31 was 1 of 9 appointed
for State Roads.

Page 117
Friday January 16, 1857John W. Huitt presented the Petito of John B. Marsh
and others. praying for the repeal of the presented school law.

Source: Illinois State Archives
Dated April 9, 1999

Jan. 25, 1873 Gen. Jacob Fry, Hon. John W. HUITT, Samuel Thomas, John Thomas, Benj. Smith Robert Lorton, Judge Alfred Hinton. Anderson Dedrick, Thomas Hanks, and Joel Johnson are about all of the Old settlers living who came to this county in 1818, the first year of settlement. Mr. Huitt was the first and Mr. Samuel Thomas the second settler Gen. Fry erected the first House in Carrollton in 1821

In File at
William D. Huitt
205 "J" St. N.E.
Auburn, Washington 98002

1872 Atlas.
Huitt; J. W., Section 9 T10-11, Famer, Nat. Franklin Co.
Came in 1818

Greene County Historical and genealogical Society
P.O. Box 137
Carrollton, Illinois 62016

June 19, 1875 Page 3 Col,4: John Huitt sold farm to Richard Huitt

White Hall Register.

1879 History
Huitt, John W. Jr. Famer Sec 25, _.O. Kane 9-12

1880 Greene County Census Illinois
Carrolton June 8. 188
Hewitt, John W. age 86
Retired Farmer
Ill Cuatet Feet
Page 22 Supv. 6 Dist 85

Fact 1: Burial Providence Cem. Linder Twp Greenn Ill.
Fact 2: 1853, Christening Bastist Church
Fact 3: County, Illinois in the War of 1812
Fact 4: and he served Thomas Carlin's Company
Fact 5: during the black Hawk War in 1832 as a spy
Fact 6: 1820, Il. Monroe Co. Census Page 174
Fact 8: 1853, Christening Bastist Church
Fact 9: 1856, Elected: Greene County, Illinois Judge
Fact 13: May have been Married in Chariton Co. Missouri


Biographies History of Greene & Jersey counties, Illinois 1885.

JOHN W. HUITT, deceased, was a native of Franklin county, Ga. and was born Nove. 15, 1793. He was the forth of a family of John and Elizabeth (Ratlift) Huitt, the former of whom was a native of Brunswick, Va., and the latter of Franklin county N.C., she being of genuine English stock. With his parents John W. came to Illinois in 1804, arriving at Cahokia in December of that year. From there they immediately started for what was then known as the goshen settlemdnt. Here they remained untile the fall of 1805, then removed to the buff opposite the confluence of the Missouri river with the Mississippi. On the breaking out of the war 1812, John W. Huitt enlisted in Capt. Judy's company of rangers, which were stationed to guard the frontiers, from the Mississippi river to Vincennes, against the depredation of marauding bands of Indians. After the war was over, Mr. Huitt return to the quieter pursuit of farm life. June 13, 1818, he was united in marriage with Rosanna Harriford, of Chariton county, Mo. their marriage took place the old tow of Chariton. She was a daughter of James Harriford, and was born in Wayne county, Ky., Dec. 27, 1798. In Oct. 1818, Mr. Huitt, with his young bride settled on a tract of prairie land near Phill's Creek, now in the present limits of Jersey county, Ill. There he built a small log cabin and started out in life on his own account. After the land was surveyed and came into market, he, with his brother, entered a half section His capital was limited upon starting out in life, consistiing principally of a well-developed physical organization and active mental faculties, combined with energy and perseverance, but by industry and economy he accumulated a fair share of this woeld's goods. He continued to reside at the point where he first located untile 1823, when he bought 80 acres of land in lander township, on which he lived untile remoning to Carrollton, in 1878. He departed his life at the latter named place, Oct. 22, 1882, having survived his wife two years, she having died April 21, 1880. During the Black Hawk war, in 1832, Mr. Huitt colunteered in Capt. Thomas Carlin's company, whick was joined to what termed the "Spy battalion" of the service. He remained in that capacity untile his term of service ecpired, and was then honorably discharged. His first vote for president was cast for James Madison, and he voted at every subsequent presidential election up to that of Gen. McClellan, which was his last vote for president. For the dissenters from the old school of democracy he not had no sympathy, but felt like branding them as traitors to their party. Mr. Huitt was never an aspirant for political preferment, in the fall of 1856, her was elected as candidate of the democratic party, to a seat in the legislaature, and proved to be an active and efficient legislature. Mr. and Mrs Huitt joind the Baptist church in 1853, and were considtent members of the same up to the time of their death. They had born 13 children, some of whom still reside in the county, and are mentiond in the proper places in this volume.

Springfield, ILL: Continental historical Co.
1885 History f Greene and Jersey counties, Illinois
page 676

William D. Huitt June 1, 2001

Fact 1: Burial Providence Cem. Linder Twp Greenn Ill.
Fact 3: Place of residence NC, KY, MO, IL.

v. WILLIAM HEWITT/ HUITT, b. 1794, Franklin County Geogia; d. December 1814, Sangamon River war of 1812 Illinois.


In December, 1814 while in the command of Capitan James B. Mooer, about fifty rangers in all, were engaged in guarding a dove of cattle at a Grove near Sugar Creek, on the trail leading from Camp Russell to Peoria, Indians were espied by some of the men, who singled out one of their number and gave chase. William Hewit(sic) having the fleetest horse, was the first to overtake the Indian, who at once surrendered himself and the gun. At this juncture, John Murdock, who had sworn that he would kill ever Indian that ever crossed his path, because of the murder of his father's entire family, save himself, raised his gun to fire. Hewit loudly remonstrated. The Indian Wrenched the gun he had just surrendered out of Hewit's grasp and at the very moment that aball from Moredock's unerring rifle went crashing through his brest, he fired upon and killed Hewit.

The death of Hewit was the last that can properly be classed as among those of the war 1812.

From History of St. Clair County, Illinois Brink, McDonough & Co. Philadelphia Corresponding
Office, Edwardsville, Illinois 1881 Page 126

Source: Lyle Briggs

Fact 1: December 1814, Died at Sangamon River. War of 1812

vi. GEORGE HEWITT, b. 1796, Franklin County,Georgia; d. 1866; m. PEGGY BISHOP, August 16, 1817, Madison County, Illinois Vol. 6 pg 3 lic 107; b. 1798; d. 1868.
vii. REBECCA HUITT, b. August 27, 1799, Franklin County Georgia; d. September 05, 1865, Greene County Illinois; m. THOMAS CARLIN, December 13, 1814, Edwardsville Jct. Madison County Illinois; b. 1789, Shelbyville Kentucky; d. February 14, 1852, Carrollton Greene County Illinois.


Rebecca Huitt Married Thomas Carlin 1814, Edwardsville Jct. Madison Co. Illinois

More information can be found on Rebecca Huitt and Thomas Carlin on our
Governors of Illinois Page.

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