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After some of the names on this list, you will find a number. The author gives more information on these inhabitants and their families.  Notes can be found at the end of this census.

Nicholas Janis pere
francois Janis
antoine Janis
Joseph Charleville 2
J. Bte charleville
Louis Charleville
Jacques devignais 3
Joseph Devignais
J.Bte. Creilly pere 4
j. Bte creilly fils
...creilly fils
Nichs. Lachanse pere 5
Antoine Lachanse
Gabriel Lachanse
francois Lachanse
Joseph Lachanse
Michel Lachanse
Charles Lachanse
Benjamin Lachanse
Jerome Dany Pere 6
Michel Dany fils
J. Bte Delisle pere ( 7 Full name of the family seems to have been Bienvenu de Lisle)
J. Bte Delisle fils
Andre Delisle
Louis Delisle Pere
Louis Delisle, fils
Etienne Delisle
St. James Bauvais pere 8
Raphael Bauvais
Vital Bauvais
Barthy. Bauvais
Jos. Marie Bauvais
Antoine Bauvais
Jos. Baugy pere 9
Jos. Baugy fils
Charles Baugy
J. Bte. desruisseaux ( 10 The family name was Trottier dit Desruisseaux)
Frs. Desruisseaux
Jos. Desruisseaux
Blaize toulouze pere ( 11 Probably the family of Damours)
Noel toulouze
frans. toulouze
Henry toulouze
... toulouze
J. Bte. tomur Pere ( 12 Family name Thaumur or Taumer dit Lasource)
J. Bte tomur fils
...  tomur
...  tomur
...  tomur
Bazile Alary
J Bte. Alary
Louis Lonval Pere ( 13) Family name Fafard dit Longval, sometimes written Nonval.  The family produced several famous interpreters and traders)
Louis Lonval fils
Jos. Lonval
Jos. Lonval
Bazile Lachapelle 14
Antoine Lachapelle
J. Bte. Lachapelle
Jos. Lachapelle
Louis Lachapelle
J. Bte. Lasource tomur
Ch. Robin 15
Frs. Desrousses 16
Philipe Desrousses
Jerome Desrousses
Stanislas Levasseur 17
Nis. Levasseur
Victor Levasseur
fs charleville
Louis charleville
Jos. charleville
... charleville
Me. Antaye
Vital Bauvais Pere
Jos. Bauvais
Pierre Langlois 21
Augustin Langlois
Andre Langlois
Antoine Langlois
Louis Brazeau pere
Jos. Brazeau
Augustin Brazeau
Louis Brazeau
Ns. Canada Pere (23 Family name Enau dit Canada)
Pascal lasource
fs. Canada
Me. Danis Pere
Ante. Bienvenu fils 24
Louis Laderoute 25
J. Bte. Laderoute
Ch. Delisle pere
Jos. Delisle
Antoe. Pelletier pere
Jacque Gossiaud
Louis Gossiaud
J Bte. Lachanse
Ante. Buiat Pere
Ante. Buiat fils
Louis Buiat fils
Antoine Buiat
Aime Buiat
Louis Buiat Pere
Alexandre Lalande 26
Ante. Morin Pere 27
Ante. Morin fils
Louis Morin
Jos. Morin
M. Bte. Morin
Me. Morin
alexis Morin
ante. Bienvenu Pere
Henry Bienvenu
Me. Bienvenu
timothy de Monbrun
Jacques Chenier pere 29
Jacqs. Chenier fils
fs. Chenier
Ch. Charleville
Jacques Morancy 30
Jos. toulouze pere
Jos. toulouze fils
Alexandre toulouze
fs. Gagnon
Ante. Bauvais pere
Ante. Bauvais fils
Jos. Bauvais
Louis Bauvais
Ante. Chenier
fs. Corset 32
Jos. Doza Pere 33
Alexis Doza
Jos. Doza fils
Etienne Page 34
Louis Lacroix
Ante. Pelletier fils
Rene Soumande 36
Me. Soumande
J. Bte. St. pierre
... Provot
Antoine Brisetout
Ns. Brisetout
Gabl. Aubuchon 38
fs. Lemieux Pere 39
fs. Lemieux fils
Louis Lemieux
Amable Gagner
Jos. Royer
fs. Gagner
Louis Gagner
Chs. Dany pere
charles Dany fils
Jos. Dany
Louis Germain pere
J. Bte. Germain fils
Louis German fils
Jacq. Labruyere ( 42 Name also written Labriere)
fs. Labruyere
Jos. St. pierre
thibaud pere
fs. thibuad fils
J. Bte. St. pierre pere
Alexis St. pierre fils
Jos. Page
Paul Reaulme pere 45
Pierre Reaulme
Paul Reaulme
... Reaulme
... Reaulme
Jos. Creilly fils
Alexis Bauvais
Jerome Bauvais
frs. Languedoc 49
J. Bte. placis
Jos. Placis
Louis Placis
Me. St. pierre
... thibaud
Pierre toulouze
Claude Buiat
Pierre Buiat
Louis Barrois 51
J. Bte. Montureuil pere 52
J. Bte. Montureuil fils
... Montureuil
J. Bte. filiss
Recollet Levasseur
Mathurin Bouvet 54
... Rousseau
... Lamalice
... Deshetres 55
Hypolite Laforme ( 56 A Canadian name belonging to several families)
... Managre

[Endorsed:]  Liste des habitans des Kaskaskia


2.  These three were all sons of the Jean Bte. Charleville who died in 1782.  Besides these there were two sisters Genevieve and Pelagie.  The family of Chauvin dit Charleville was in Kaskaskia as early as 1737, for on September, 29 of that year Jean Chauvin signed a contract of marriage with Agnes LaCroix.  The men of the family, Jean Bte., Charles and Francois, who were prominent during the Virginia period were sons of Joseph Chauvin who died in 1778, each of whom was elected to the position of justice of peace. Charles was captain of the Kaskaskia company that went to Vincennes.

3.  Jacques Devignais married Marianne Seguin dit Laderoute. Their daughter Therese signed marriage contract with Michel Derousse February 11, 1787.

4.  A Joseph Creilly, or Crely, son of Jean Bte. and Marie Agette (widow), signed marriage contract with marie Louis Marquis, May 28, 1768.  A Jean Bte. Creilly emigrated from Kaskaskia to Florissant, Mo., in 1787.

5.  Nicolas Caillot dit Lachanse:  He played an important part in Illinois during this period.  He was twice elected to the magistracy and became a follower of John Dodge during his ascendency.  He left Kaskaskia to settle with his sons at New Bourbon.

6.  Members of the family of Danis were in Kaskaskia as early as 1725.  The descent of these two may be shown as follows:  Charles m. ?, had son Michel, who married marie Barbe Pillet (marriage contract, April 28, 1745); their children Therese m. Alexis Bauvais, a daughter m. Antoine Bienvenu, Charles Joseph, Michel m. Elizabeth Bienvenu (marriage contract, February 5, 1782), Jerome m. pelagie Doza (marriage contract February 4, 1782).

8.  Bauvais dit St. Jeme or St. Gemme:  This was one of the wealthiest and most important families in Kaskaskia.  The members of the family of this time were descended from Jacques Bauvais who emigrated to Canada in 1653.  In 1725 Jean Bte. and Raphael Bauvais came to Kaskaskia.  The descendants of the former are:  Raphael m. Chaterine Alary, both are dead in 1786, Charles, Antoine m. Francoise Guielle, Vital, Jean Bte. m. Marie Therese Boucher de Monbreun de la Soudray (Mar. Contract Jan. 29, 1770), Marie Jeanne m. Rene Dupuis, Marie Louis m. Paul Desruisseaux.  At the time of Clark's occupation of Kaskaskia, Raphael and Charles were residents of New Orleans.  The Bauvais family was not counted among those favorable to the American cause.  For some reason no representative of the family was elected at the first election of judges, but that was corrected in the second election, after which a member of the family was always in the magistracy.  The Bauvias family held on to their possessions in Kaskaskia as long as possible, but finally like their associates they were driven to the Spanish side.  Their descendants are living today in Ste. Genevieve.  The men of this period always wrote Bauvais, not Beauvais.  Marguerite, the wife of Thomas Bentley, was probably the daughter of the first Jean Baptiste.

9.  The ancestor of the Baugy family came to Canada from France about 1650.  Joseph Baugy was his great grandson.  He married Marie Plasy or Duplasy at Kaskaskia, 1788.  He went to Arkansas where the Baugy trading post was soon well known. He left several sons.  The eldest, Joseph, was educated at New Orleans, married, in 1805, Marie Bauvais, and was the father of Senator Vital Baugy.

14.  Bazile Janot dit Lachapelle was born in 1741, married, 1767, Marie Elizabeth Choquet, left the island of Montreal after 1770, with his wife and son Bazile and went to Kaskaskia.

15.  Charles Robin, born at St. Thomas, Canada, in 1738, married Marie Anne Roy, died at Kaskaskia, June 8, 1779.  The above is probably his son.

16. A Francois Desrousses dit St. Pierre married Marie Josephte Turpin, and had the following children:  Michel, m. Therese Deveignat (marriage contract, February 11, 1787); Jean Bte. m. Angelique Royer (marriage contract August 17, 1785); a daughter, m. Joseph Tibault; Joseph, m. Marianne Roy, widow of Antoine Thaumur (marriage contract, July 30, 1786).

17. The ancestor of Levasseur came from Rouen to Canada in the middle of the seventeenth century.  Stanislas was born in 1732, married at Quebec, in 1756, Francois Del'oeil.  They were in Quebec as late as 1764.  Some time thereafter they came to Kaskaskia.  Stanislas was elected justice in February, 1782.  He had the following children:  Nicolas Simeon, born 1760; Charlotte, born 1762; Jean Bte., born 1771, and buried at Kaskaskia, December 10, 1778; Pierre, was buried in 1776; Noel, born 1757. The son Nicolas married Therese Bienvenu, January 18, 1784.

21.  It has been, as yet, impossible to discover the line of succession of the Langlois family from the first member to whom Prairie Du Rocher was granted by the French commandant Boisbriant.  In a document of December 30, 1740, we learn that the late Etienne Langlois married marie Catherine Beaudrau, a widow, and had the following children:  Marie Louise m. Pierre Messager; Marie Joachine m. Louis Populus sieur de St. Photes; Toinette, m. Pierre Boucher de Monbreun sieur de Soudray; Francois; Louis, Girard; Perine; Auguste.  These last five were minors.  From other sources it is learned that Etienne had two brothers, Auguste, who lived at Kaskaskia, and Louis.  What relation the notary Pierre Langlois was to these is not apparent.  He was married to Catherine Normand labriere, and had two children, Pierre and Marie Louise.  The latter signed a marriage contract with Pierre Lefebvre of Vincennes, October 9, 1785.  Pierre Langlois died in 1789, and his widow took oath to the inventory of the property December 14, of that year.

24.  Family name Bienvenu dit Delisle.  A Francois Bienvenu was at Detroit in 1701.  One of his sons, Antoine, married at Kaskaskia, in 1726, Francoise Rabut.  Their children were Elizabeth, m. Pierre Gelina dit Lacourse (marriage contract, October 31, 1744); and Antoine, m. twice, the second time to Louise Danis. The son of this last Antoine is the Antoine fils above.  The father died at Kaskaskia may 11, 1805.

25.  A Jacques Laderoute was killed by the Indians at Kaskaskia on November 14, 1768.  He may have been the father of the two. The name Laderoute belongs to ten Canadian families.

26.  A Jacques Lalande was in Kaskaskia before 1729.

27. Antoine Morin, son of Jacques Morin and Therese Immineur of Parish of St. Francois, Quebec, signed a contract of marriage, at Ste. Genevieve, with Therese Lachapelle, on May 16, 1768.  He was elected justice of peace in September, 1782.

29.  A Claude Chenier married Marie Louise Brunet.  Their children were:  Marie Louise, married ...Poutpart of Cahokia (marriage contract, September 8, 1767); Antoine, m. Therese Bauvais (marriage contract November 14, 1779); Jacques, m. Therese Archange Boucher de Monbreun (marriage contract, ? 22, 1784) **This portion of the copy is illegible.

30. The family of Bauche' dit Morancy has been at Quebec and Isle d'Orleans since the seventeenth century.

32. Francois Corset was elected justice in 1782 and 1787.  Although this fact indicates he was an important man, I have been unable to find more about him.

33. According to a will dated March 4, 1748, Pierre Doza and Marguerite Gigniar had two children, Noel Joseph and Marguerite. The daughter signed a contract of marriage with J. Bte. Guillon on December 28, 1732.  The son, Noel Joseph, probably the "pere" above, of the census, married Josephte Pelletier.  Their children were:  Joseph, Pelagie and another daughter who married John Williams.

34. The family of Page was long settled at Kaskaskia and owned a mill on the Kaskaskia River.  They probably came from Canada.

36.  The Soumande family has been a family of some importance in Canada.  Names in the family are Cananville, Lafleur, and Delorme. Rene Soumande listed in the census may be Rene Francois born at Montreal in 1736.

38. The ancestors of the Aubuchon family came from Normandy to Canada and the family settled in Kaskaskia during the French regime. Gabriel Aubuchon died before the end of the century.

39. The Lemieux were an old Canadian family.

45. Reaume is a Canadian and Detroit name.  On January 20, 1743, Paul Reaume signed an act of marriage with Marie Louise Lasoude.

49. A Canadian family.  A son, Francois, was born at Quebec in 1738, and he has not been traced.  Perhaps this may be he or his son.

51. Antoine Jean Bte. Barrois, surgeon from Parish of St. Nicolas in Berry, married, in Montreal, January 12, 1672, a daughter of francois Le Ber.  He had the following children:  philippe, who lived some time at Detroit and was buried at Kaskaskia, February 16, 1722; Francois, born 1675, married Marie Ann Sauvage and lived at Detroit; Jean Bte. Bertlor, a royal notary, married Madeleine Cardinal, was in Detroit 1722-24, was in Kaskaskia in 1732, where he acted as a notary, until 1754, when he moved to Novelle Chartres, where he died in March, 1757. From the settlement of his estate we learn that he left the following children: Therese, m. Francois Lefevre DuChouquet; Catherine, m. Joseph Duguay Duplasy, their daughter Marie Louise marrying in 1788 Joseph Baugy in Beauport, Canada, (marriage contract August 17, 1788); Benaventure, captured by the English in 1760; a daughter, widow of a Laforme, lived in New Orleans; Madeleine, m. 1. Louis Marin, 2. De ---rtneuf; Celeste, m. in 1757, Michel Lamis (marriage contract in Mo. Hist. Society); Joseph, of age in 1760; Louis, a minor in 1760; Francois, a minor in 1760.  The names of two other sons are:  Louis, baptized in Kaskaskia July 14, 1732, not living in 1760 and Jacques, m. at Cahokia October 12, 1747, Suzanne Baron, died about 1753 without heirs.

52. Perhaps he belongs to the Canadian family of Montreuil.

54. A Dr. Jean Bouvet dit La Chambre came to Canada from France about 1670.  A Mathurin Bouvet married near Montreal, Marie Josephte Soumande, about 1770.  This may be the above in the census.  Although Mathurin Bouvet played an important part during the Virginia period, I have failed to note his name on documents of an earlier date.  He lived at first at St. Philippe, but was made civil and criminal judge of Kaskaskia for a short time in 1786.  By 1792 he had moved to St. Charles on the Spanish side, where he engaged in the manufacture of salt.  He was later burned to death by the Indians.

55. A Louis Deshetres, son of Antoine and Marie Charlotte Chevalier, was an interpreter on the Illinois River at about this time.

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