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JONAS CLINE - Fulton County
JESSE GORDON - Jackson County
JOHN MCDILL, Sr. - John McDill, Sr. was recognized by the DAR in a ceremony in 1930 marking his grave in the Old Bethel Cemetery in Sparta, Illinois.

JOHN TOLIDAY (Tolladay) - McClean County
JACOB ZOLL - Fulton County
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William Copeland was a private in the Revolutionary War. December 1776 he
was promoted to Corporal. He served under the following commanders: Capt.
William Smith, Col.Daniel Morgan, Maj. Thomas Snead, Capt. William
Blackwell, Capt. Charles Porterfield, Lt. Col. John Cropper and John
Marshall's Company.Some of the places these companies camped were:
Middlebrook, NJ, (March 1779), Ramabough, Camp Smith's Clove (June 1779),
Morristown, NJ (November 1779), Haverstraw (October 1779), Pompton Plains,
NY, (November 1778), White Plains, NY (July 1778), Monmouth, NJ (June
1778) and Valley Forge, PA (that terrible winter of 1777-78). He was
discharged at Camp Morristown on December 9, 1779. In the 7th. Virginia
Regiment, William was in Company #5 (Morgan's Riflemen). This company was
discharged May 21, 1777. On November 30, 1778, he was a Corporal in Capt.
Charles Porterfields Company, 7th. Virginia Infantry and served in the 7th.
11th. and 15th. (Morgan's) Virginia Regiments, Continental Line.
From the "Military Land Book", Richmond VA; "Council Chamber, August 30,
1783 - No. 1696. I do certify That William Copeland is entitled to the
proportion of land allowed a Corporal of the Continental Line for three
years' service. -Signed - Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Merriwether." His
discharge papers read; "William Copeland, Corporal in the 7th. Virginia
Regiment in the service of the United States of America, having served the
full term of his enlistment, is now discharged from any further service in
said Regiment. Given under my hand at Camp in the United States of New York
this 20th. day of November 1779. Signed - James Wood, Col., Commandment
7th. VA Brigade - The term for which the said Copeland enlisted and served
was three years. Signed - Isaiah Marks, Capt."
William Copeland died in June, 1822, in Johnson County, Illinois

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