The Illinois Bounty Land Register Newspaper

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The Illinois Bounty Land Register published its first edition on April 17, 1835, seventeen years after Illinois achieved statehood. At the time, there were only three other newspapers in the state, publishing in Jacksonville, Springfield and Galena. The Illinois Bounty Land Register was geared toward information regarding the areas settled within the
Military Tract .

Agents for the Bounty Register were as follows:

James Davis, Pittsfield
Hart Fellows, Rushville
Joseph Burton, Rushville
Richard I. Hamilton, Chicago
Joseph Cloud, Ottawa
George E. Walker, Utica
Stephen Dewey, Lewiston
John G. Sanburn, Knoxville
Daniel McNiel, Jr., Monmouth
Wesley Williams, Carthage
James M. Campbell, Macomb
Samuel Smoker, Galena
Col. James Black, Vandalia
Hon. Alexander M. Jenkins, Brownsville
Elijah Willard, Esq., Jonesborough
Messrs. J. and E. Walsh, St. Louis
J. C. Essex, Meech and Dinnies, St. Louis
James Bell, Esq, Albany N. Y.

Macomb, Illinois
List of Letters
April 1835

Remaining in the Post Office at Macomb, Illinois, on the first day of April 1835, which if not taken out before the first day of July next, will be sent to the General Post Office as dead Letters

Cavill Archer
Mr. Brattle
Jessee Bartlett
Thomas Bridges
John Bridges
Robert Bean
James Cyrus
Enoch Cyrus
Wm. W. Chapman
George W. Dameron
Soloman H. Dover
Thomas Dunsworth or Lillard Augustin
James Edmonston
David Feese
Asa Farrington
Martin Fugate
Dickson Garten
John Gibson
Levi Hamilton
Rebecca Hill
George Hughes
Daniel Klauberg
George K. Jackson
John Lansdown
Samuel McGee
Samuel W. McKamy
Banjamin Mathews
John Miller
Ebenezer Nowland
Joseph Orsborn
George Palmer
Bird Pyle
George W. Palmer
Grandison Penington
Mr. Penington
Ephraim Perkins
Tobias G. Painter
Elbert W. Scott
Jessee Seybold
Isaac G. Smith
John Vance
Joseph G. Walker
Cyrus Walker
Mr. Walker
John Woodside
David Wallace

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