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General County Information

The Perry County Courthouse
Perry County Clerk
P. O. BOX 438
Pinckneyville, IL 62274
(618) 357-5116
*The courthouse has various books and records, most of which are circuit clerk information. The new building holds county clerk information.

The Perry County Historical Society Online

Records available through the Illinois Archives
Online Records Request Form
*order census sheets, military documents, death certificates from 1916-1947 and more!
You can now
SEARCH the Illinois Death Index! Records included in the database cover the years 1916-1951

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Perry County Firsts

....Grand and Petit Jurors

The First Murder Trial

Senators and Representatives

Masters In Chancery; Coroners; Recorder and Mine Inspector

County Commissioners (includes School Commissioners)

County Judges and Clerks of the Court

Sheriffs of the County

.... New Law Requiring Births and Deaths to be Registered© (below)

Researched by ©James W. "Bob" Logan. Submitted by ©Mike Jones.

"Advocate" Friday, June 14, 1901, #29 -- An important new law will go into effect on the first day of next year. It requires that the births and deaths shall be reported to the county clerk. The physician who makes the report will receive 25 cents at the close of each quarter of the calendar year. He will receive his pay from the county treasurer. Failure to report within 30 days subjects the offender to a fine of not less than 10.00 nor more than 100.00 for each offense.


....Samuel Eaton

....Lazarus Eaton


....Campbell Cemetery

Cudgetown Cemetery

Cutler Cemetery (partial transcription)

DuQuoin OddFellows Cemetery

Haggard Cemetery

Lee Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery (located in Washington Co., near the Perry border)

Spring Hill Cemetery - Thanks to Mike Jones, photos are now online!


The 1850 Mortality Schedule

....The 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 and portions of the 1870 are available through the
USGenWeb Census Project (Use your "back" arrow to return to this page)

List of Patrons of Perry County, Illinois (1883)

Pinckneyville (be sure to check all areas for your ancestors)
.....Du Quoin
(be sure to check all areas for your ancestors)
Misc. areas

and Lodges

The Nine Mile Baptist Church

....Old Temperance Hall Torn Down© (below)

Researched by ©James W. "Bob" Logan. Submitted by ©Mike Jones.

"Advocate"May 18, 1900 - The old Temperance Hall, an old landmark of this city, is being removed by B.H. Sterling. This place was formerly used as a lodge room by the A.F. and A.M. and among the notables who were initiated
into the mysteries of Masonry was General John A. Logan, then a poor
country lawyer. [Note: The present site of Hardees in Pinckneyville.]

Obituaries (submitted by researchers)

Elder J. M. Billingsley

Emeline Phillips Browning

J. G. Browning

....Tillie B. Coates

Mary Copple

Kate Kennedy Clayton - newspaper account of suicide; includes coroner's report

J. Harry Dunn

....Mary Lou Dunn

Rev. Joseph F. Fulkerson

....Dan Gass

....James F. Gass

....Martha Jane Logan Gass

....Mary E. Gass

....Daniel Gill

....Hester Gladson

....J. Frank Gladson

....J. M. (Mose) Harriss

....Elizabeth Hill

....Nancy Minerva Ann Hull

....Charles Lee

James W. Lemmon

....A. J. Logan

....Andrew Jackson Logan

....Anna Guthrie Logan

....Mrs. A. J. Logan

....Cora Logan

....Enoch Franklin Logan

....Eveline Wilson Logan

....Grace Harris Logan

....James Bias Logan

....James W. Logan

Charles Calvin Lynch

Frank Lynch

Marie Killion Lynch

Sarah Howe Killion

Gertrude Kimmel

....Rebecca Marie Wilson McClurken

....Clara Nehrkorn

Cora Logan Chorpenning Porter

....Christine Held-Pugh

....Caroline Hettinger Schaub

....August Schaub

....Henry Schroeder

....Mary Schroeder

....Anna L. Shook

....Herschel G. Tanner

....Joseph Tanner

....Laura Tanner

....Virgil Tanner

....Alice Dunn Webb

....Martha Wells

Catharine Becker Wiehn

Daniel Lewis Williams

....Kate Williamson

Also check the
DuQuoin Evening Call online for archived and recent obituaries and news.

Funeral Cards

The Funeral Card of Charles Lee

The Funeral Card of Lon Montgomery Killion

....The Funeral Card of Blanche H. Logan - text

....The Funeral Card of Eveline Wilson Logan - text

....The Funeral Card of Andrew Jackson Logan - text

....The Funeral Card of James Logan - text

Perry County

Short obituaries and deaths from The Duquoin Tribune, 1867

Gossip from The Duquoin Tribune, 1867 (misc. dates)

Short obituaries and deaths from The Duquoin Tribune, July 23, 1897

Gossip from The Duquoin Tribune, Friday, July 23, 1897

....Newspaper accounts of mysterious deaths

Newspaper clippings - Carrick, Cross, Elliott, Gass, Logan, Nehrkorn, Norbury, Redfern, Steele, Williams, Williamson and related families

....Gass-Logan Family Reunion 1960


....Soldiers and Sailors from Perry County, Illinois at the Quincy Home

Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Illinois

Local and Family Photos

....Gladson/Baxter Family

....The Killion Family of Willisville

The Charles Lee Family of Tamaroa

Ma and Pa's Restaurant, circa 1910
This photograph was taken in Du Quoin and is labled "their girls"

Children's String Band, ca 1900-1905
Courtesy of Calvin W. King, Sr. and his daughter Debbie Siebert

....Sunday School Class, circa 1899-1904

Family Histories And Bible Registers

....Baxter Family

....Lemmon/Killion Family Register

....Prior Lee Family Bible

Wills and Probates

....Mary Ann Topping

Levi Gant

Death Certificates

....Death Certificates donated by Perry County Researchers

The Illinois Death Index 1916-1951, now online and searchable at the Illinois State Archives website.

Marriage Certificates

Newspaper announcements (marriage & anniversary clippings submitted by researchers)

....Licenses - Coming Soon

Mining in Perry County

A listing of Mines in Perry County - partial list

Mining in Illinois

Data Found At Illinois Trails

...Illinois Trails Military Data - Includes RW, War of 1812, Civil War, Korean, WWII and more!

Illinois Trails Census - Includes Census data available at Illinois Trails

Illinois State Data - Includes History, Maps, Convict Register Project, Mining in Illinois and more!

Illinois Events - Includes Slavery, Epidemics and more!

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