Prairies of Illinois

Allen's Greene 12 miles NE of Carrolton
Allison's Lawrence 5 miles NE of Lawrenceville- 10 miles long and 5 miles wide
Apple Creek Greene north of Apple Creek- 10 miles long 2-4 miles wide
Arm of the Grand Jefferson 8 miles NE of Mt Vernon
Barney's Wabash 7 miles north of Mt Carmel
Bear Wayne 5 miles E of Fairfield--small
Bellview Calhoun Ill River bottoms-6miles long, 1 mile wide
Big Mound Wayne 5 miles W of Fairfield- 3 miles long
Big White between Little and Big Wabash Rivers
Big Monroe  
Big St Clair in American Bottoms--settled before 1800
Birk's Edwards 4000 acres--several salt licks
Boltinghouse Edwards Co S of Albion-4 miles long and 3 miles wide
Bon Pas Edwards 4 miles NE of Albion-2 miles diamter
Bonus Boone settled in 1836
Brown's Macoupin and Green 12 miles N of Alton between Wood River and the Piasa
Brushy Wayne 11 miles E of Fairfield on the E side of Little Wabash River
Buckeye Christian settled by people from OH
Buckheart Fulton NE of Lewistown-6 to 8 miles long joined Canton Prairie
Buck Edwards 6 miles NE of Albion-2 1/2 miles wide
Buckhorn Morgan 6 miles S of Jacksonville
Bullard's (Gardner's) Lawrence 16 miles W of Lawrenceville-8-10 miles ong, 2 miles wide
Bull's Eye Mason Sangamon River Bottom
Burnt White NW corner--2 miles diameter
Burnt Edwards 4 miles NW of Albion-6 miles long, 2 miles wide
Canton Fulton near Spoon River going N
Casey's Jefferson near Mt Vernon-5 miles long, 2 miles wide
Christy's Lawrence 10 miles W of Lawrenceville
Clay Clark W of Union Prairie, 8 miles SW of Darwin
Cold St Clair American Bottoms, on road from St Louis to Belleville
Conant Perry W of Pinkneyville, less than 7 miles long
Cotton Hill Sangamon between South Fork and Horse Creek, 12 miles S of Springfield
Cox's Jackson NE of Brownsville
Crow's Putnam  
Decker's Wabash 12 miles NE of Mt Carmel--small
Diamond Grove Morgan S of Jacksonville-4 miles long
Dolson's Clark W side of County-12 miles long, 6 miles wide
Drennan's Sangamon near Panther Creek, between Auburn and Chatham
Dutch St Clair SW part of County
Eaton Perry 3 miles W of Pinckneyville
Edmonson's McDonough 6 miles SW of Macomb--10 miles long, 1 to 2 miles wide
Eight Mile Franklin 18 miles SW of Frankfort
Elk Perry between Little Muddy and Beaucoup Creeks--5 miles long
English (1st Boltinghouse) Edwards  
Estes Franklin 14 miles N of Frankfort
Flat Randolph 20 miles E of Kaskaskia
Fork Bond between forks of Shoal Creek, N of Greenville
Forked Sangamon E of South Fork
Four Mile Perry adjacent to Pinckneyville, 7 miles long, 4 miles wide
Fourteen Mile Effingham along the National Road
Fox Richland  
French Creek Edwards SE of Albion, between Little Wabash River and Bonpas Creek
Froggy Adams Honey Creek Twp
Garden Sangamon between Richland and Rock Creeks, 14 miles NW of Springfield
German Sangamon NE of Springfield
Goose Nest Coles Abe Lincoln's family settled here
Grand several between Mississippi and Wabash Rivers
Grand Crawford between Embarrass and Wabash Rivers
Grand Clinton E of Okaw River
Grand Coti Washington ridge between Kaskaskia River and Beacoup Creek
Granger's Adams NW part of Co--3 miles long
Gun Jefferson S of Mt Vernon--2 miles long and 1 mile wide
Hancock Adams above Bear Creek, went for 15 miles into Warren Co
Hargrave's Wayne near Fairfield, 7 miles ong, 2 miles wide
Hart's Margan S of Waverly--small, named for Rev Wm A Hart
Hawkin's Greene S side of Macoupin Creek, 9 miles S of Carrolton
Herrington's Wayne 11 miles NW of Fairfield--8 miles long, 2 to 4 miles wide
Herron's Franklin SW part of Co
High St Clair 8 miles S of Belleville
Hogg Hamilton few miles W of McLeansboro-2 miles diameter, named for Samuel Hogg
Horse Randolph  
Illinois (Wolf) Calhoun mouth of Illinois River, north for 20 miles
Indian Wayne 10 miles NW of Fairfield
Jersey Morgan 10 miles S of Jacksonville
Jordan's Jefferson 6 miles N of Mt Vernon--5 miles long
Knight's Hamilton W of McLeansboro
Knob Franklin 15 miles NW of Frankfort
Lamotte Crawford 8 miles long
LaSalle Peoria adjoining Lake Peoria--10 miles long
Lemarde Wayne 7 miles NW of Fairfield-6 miles long
Lick Wabash southern part of Co
Little Washington  
Little Mount Wayne 3 miles SW of Fairfield, small Indian burial ground
Long Wabash 13 miles NW of Mt Carmel
Long Edwards N of Albion--9 miles long
Long Boone  
Long Clay part of 12 Mile Prairie, 8 to 10 miles long
Long Jefferson 5 miles W of Mt Vernon--4 miles long
Looking Glass St Clair between Silver and Sugar Creek, goes into Madison Co for 20 miles
Lorton's Greene N side of Apple Creek
Lost Perry 7 miles W of Pinckneyville--3 miles long
Loup St Clair  
Luken's Lawrence South side of Co
Macon County Macon norht of Decatur, north fork of Sangamon Rr and Salt Creek
Macoupin Greene between Piasa and Macoupin Creeks
Marshall's Jackson 14 miles NE of Brownsville
Mason's Lawrence SW part 20 miles from Lawrenceville
McCall's Crawford Robinson Twp
Mill's Edwards 11 miles NE of Albion 4m long, 2m wide
Moore's Jefferson 6 to 12 miles SE of Mt Vernon, 8m long, 2m wide
Moore's St Clair 5 miles E of Bellville
Mud Morgan 6 miles SW of Waverly
Mud St Clair SE part
Mud Washington & Perry on Mud Creek 14 miles NE of Pinckneyville
Mud Wayne 8 miles NW of Fairfield
Nine Mile Prairie Perry 10 miles E of Pinckneyville.
North Arm Edgar 6 miles E of Paris, E to IN line, W to Grand Prairie
North Morgan 12 miles NE of Jacksonville, south side of Mauveterre Creek
Oblong Edwards 1 mile wide
Oblong Crawford in ten sections
Ogle's St Clair 5 miles N of Belleville
Old Pearl Pike N of the village of Pearl
Ox Box Putnam 10 miles S of Hennepin, 5 miles long, 2 miles wide
Parker's Clark  
Phelp's Franklin 12 miles S of Frankfort on Crab Orchard Creek
Philo Williamson 12 miles S of Frankfort
Plum Creek St Clair/Randolph 3 miles wide and 10 miles long
Poor Franklin 12 miles S od Frankfort
Prairie du Long St Clair southern part
Pratt's Greene 15 miles NW of Carrolton
Rattan's Madison 7 miles NW of Edwardsville
Ridge Madison near Edwardsville south to St Clair Co
Rollin's Franklin N of Frankfort 6 miles long 4 miles wide
Round Schuyler 20 miles from Rushville on William's Creek
Round Boone LeRoy Twp
Round Wabash 12 miles NE of Mt Carmel
Round Bond 6 miles W of Greenville
Round Perry E side of Beaucoup Creek 8 miles from Pinkneyville
Round Sangamon forks of Sugar Creek and S fork of Sangamon River 7 miles SE of Springfield
Round Marshall 6 miles wide
Salt Calhoun between bluffs and Salt Prairie Slough 6 miles long
Sand Tazewell 4 miles S of Pekin
Santa Fe Clinton on Kaskaskia River
Saratoga Marshall Saratoga Twp
Seven Mile White 7 miles W of Carmi
Shipley's Wayne 5 miles S of Fairfield
Shoal Creek Clinton/Bond/Montgomery west of Shoal Creek 8 miles wide
Six Mile Madison in American Bottoms SW part of Co
Six Mile Perry 9 miles SW of Pinkneyville 9 miles long 6 miles wide
Six's Schuyler 17 miles S of Rushville 10 miles long, 3 miles wide Mt Sterling was located in this prairie
Smith's Fulton near Lewiston
Smooth Madison forks of Wood River 8 miles E of Alton 3 miles wide
South Morgan S side of Walnut Creek
Squaw Boone  
String Greene between Macoupin and Apple Creeks 4 miles W of Carrolton 15 miles long
Strawn's Putnam N of Magnolia
Stum's Edwards S of Albion
Sugar Richland  
Sweet's Morgan 3 miles W of Manchester
Swett's Madison 4 miles NE of Edwardsville
Three Mile Washington 8 miles S of Nashville
Tom's Wayne 6 miles NE of Fairfield on Elm River
Totten's Fulton 7 miles W of Lewiston 10 miles long 3 miles wide
Turney's Wayne 8 miles S of Fairfield
Twelve Mile Effingham W of Little Wabash River
Twelve Mile St Clair  
Union Clark SE part of Co 5 miles long and 3 miles wide
Union Schuyler 4 miles W of Rushville
Village Edwards 2 miles N of Albion
Walnut Hill Marion/Jefferson 4 miles long 3 miles wide
Walnut Clark near Wabash River 5 miles long 2 miles wide
Webb's Franklin 15 miles E of Frankfort
Willow Crawford Oblong Twp
Wood's Wabash 10 miles from Mt Carmel
Wright's Franklin 12 miles S Frankfort

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