EBENEZER COLLINS was born in New York, he enlisted with Capt. Solomon Wadsworth in the 3d Company, 5th Regiment, called the Van Veghten Regiment. He came to Illinois settling in Will County. He is probably buried in Homer township.

JOHN COOK was born in Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey, Dec. 25, 1761, enlisted Aug. 1776, serving two years in the companies of Capts. David Bates, Obadiah Kitchell, Elijah Squire, Benjamin Corey, William Ely, John Scudder, Levi Gardiner, Harrison Baldwin, Lewis Brant, and David Lyon with Colonels Benoni Hathaway, Ellis Cook, Sylvanus Seeley, and Moses Jacques, in the New Jersey troops. He came to reside in Will County, Illinois where he died near Joliet, Oct. 24, 1837 and is buried in Oakwood cemetery, Joliet.

CHARLES DENNEY was a native of New York, born in Pauldingstown, Dutchess County, Dec. 25, 1759; he enlisted in the summer of 1777, and served nine months under Captains' Noah Wheeler and Seth Wheeler with Colonel Roswell Hsopkins in the new York troops. he came to Will County, Illinois, settling near Joliet where he died Aug. 6, 1839, aged 79 years an dis buried at Mokena, Will County.

WILLIAM HEWES was born in Attlebury, Mass., in 1761, he enlisted in June 1780 serving five months under Captains Caleb Robinson and Nehemiah Houghton, with Col. George Reid in the New Hampshire troops. He came to Illinois to reside and died in Crete, Illinois, Will County in 1855.


FRANCIS DOLLAHIDE was born in Caswell County, North Carolina in 1750; he fought for his country six years, enlisting early in 1776 for three months; again after one week's discharge for three months; again after two weeks for three months, and agains in 1781 serving to the close of the war. He served under Captains William Moorw, ? Small, ? Taylor, and Samuel Sexton, with Colonel ? Lytle, and Major Dugan. He also served in Washington's Cavalry, all in the North Carolina troops. He was in the battles of Eutaw Springs and Yorktown. Coming to Illinois, he located i9n Hamilton Coutny, where he drew a pension. He died Aug. 30, 1837.

AMBROSE MAULDING was a native of Virginia, born August 1, 1735, and served in the war. He came to Illinois after the war and settled in Hamilton County. He served on the jury in 1823. He died in Hamilton County, Augst 25, 1833, and is buried near McLeansboro, near the Ten-Mile Baptist church. A granddaughter is till living who is 90 years of age and she attended the funeral of Ambrose Maulding. Mr. Harry Anderson of McLeansboro, Illinois, a descendent of Ambrose Maulding, writes me that the epitaph engraved on Ambrose Maulding's tombstone reads as follows: "Immortal may their memory be who fought and died for Liberty, Ambrose Maulding, a pious and devout Christian, Born August 1, 1735. After this he lived 98 years and 25 days, and saw his sons and his sons' sons; so he died being old an full of days on the 25th of August 1833."

LITTLE PAGE PROCTOR was born in Granville County, Virginia in 1760; he enlisted with Capt. Cornelius Riddle, serving from March 1778 until the close of the war and was retained in the service until August 1794. He came to Hamilton County, Illinois to reside and died there November 15, 1852 at the age of 92. He is buried in the Concord cemetery near McLeansboro.

NICHOLAS PROCTOR was born in Virginia in 1755, he served in the Virginia troops and was doubtless a brother of Little Page Proctor. He came to Hamilton County, Illinois to reside and was pensioned there.


DENAIEL CHRISTIAN was a native of Pennsylvania, born in 1762. He enlisted at Rading in September, 1776, serving two months under Captain George Willis; enlisted again serving the same time with Captain : Kit; he again enlisted June 1, 1780, serving seven motnhs with Captain ? Spoon, and Colonel ? Butler. He removed to Maryland where he applied for a pension in 1833. Coming to Illinois he resided in Mt. Carroll where he died Dec. 26, 1847, and is buried in Mt. Carroll.


DAVID BALDWIN was born in Dutchess County, New York, May 5, 1761. He enlisted when a mere lad, being but fifteen years of age, serving as private in the Third Regiment, under Colonel John Field in the New York line of troops. He was in the service ten months, from February to December. He died April 29, 1847, and is buried at Carthage.

CHARLES BETTISWORTH was born in Virginia in 1761. He enlisted when only eighteen years of age, three years after the battle of Lexington, and sreved until the close of the war of the Virginia line of troops. He came to Illinois at an early date, settling in Hancock County, where he died June 12, 1842; is buried in the Bethel cemetery. He was pensioned.

SAMUEL CALDWELL was a native of Virginia, born near Wheeling in 1749. He served in the Virginia line of troops, being chief of scouts. He came to Illinois after the close of the war, settling in Hancock County, where he died in 1850 at the advanced age of 101 years. He is buried on the Brenneman farm, between Chili and Stillwell, Hancock County. He was pensioned.

JOHN LIPSIE was born in 1732 and died in Hancock County in 1835, being 103 years of age. He is buried in the Belknap cemetery. No record of service has at present been ascertained, though his name appears on the tablet.

RICHARD ROSE was born in 1754. He was pensioned. He died in Hancock County, February 14, 1842, aged 83 years, and is buried in Lot 9, Range B. in Pulaski cemetery, near Augusta.

ALEXANDER K. PATTERSON was born in New York, datea not known. He served in the Orange Conty militia in the Fourth Regiment, under Colonel John Hathorn. He died in Hancock County, and is buried on the Cozard farm, south of Elvaston, Hancock County. Paterson, New Jersey, is named for a son of Alexander Patterson.

ASA WORTH was born in Leicester, Mass., August 25, 1763, and died in Hancock County, Illinois, February 15, 1845; is buried in Nauvoo. No record of service is yet ascertained, though his name is placed on the tablet.


HENRY KIMES was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He served as private in Captain Edward Vernon's company, Chester County militia, in 1780, also in Captain James Denning's compnay, in 1781 and 1782. Henry Kimes came to Illinois, settling in Logan County, where he died and is buried near Lincoln.

JOHN MUSICK served in the Revolutionary War in Captain Garland Burney's Company of Colonel Francis Taylor's Virginia Convention Guards Regiment. The regiment was formed in Orange County, Virginia, and served guarding prisoners taken at Saratoga. All of John's service was in Virginia. John's brother, Thomas Roy Musick, signed the Declaration of Independence on 4/21/1779.

HUMPHREY SCROGGIN was a soldier from the Carolinas. No official record has been obtained, but a grandson makes affidavit that Humphrey Scroggin was in the battles of Cowpens and Guilford Court House, and fought to the close of the war. The importance of having official records was not considered among many of the early families. It is hoped that further research may establish his claim officially. He is buried near Mt. Pulaski, Logan County.


MAJOR (his first name) WATSON, is believed to be the only Revolutionary War soldier buried in McHenry County. He is buried at Linn-Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, very near the state's northern border. Major Watson was born Nov. 18, 1739, Sacketts Harbor, NY. He died at the age of 100, on March 15, 1840, in Walworth County, WI. Major Watson served under Washington and Lafayette, and took part in the battle of Monmouth. He also served in the War of 1812, participating in the battle at Sacketts Harbor, NY. Here he was captured by the British, and spent some time on a prison ship, finallybeing released through the efforts of the President. Information from the McHenry County History, 1885, donated by McHenry County Host, Anne Kunzen.

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