Illinois has the honor of being the only state that has endeavored to ascertain the number of Revolutionary soldiers buried in the state, giving their records of service and so far as possible, locating their places of burial.  This research was started in 1911, while serving as State Historian in the Daughters of the American Revolution.  At the present time over 600 soldiers are known to have been buried in the state, and 81 counties are honored as being the burial place of these men who belonged to the Nation's "Roll of Honor."

Every effort has been made to verify records, and to locate the burial places, but owing to the division of county boundaries, and he removal of soldiers to other counties, this is almost impossible. All the county histories have been studied and with success in many instances.

It is my desire to complete this research into the unwritten history of Illinois before the coming Centennial of the state, and have published in book form the results of nearly six years of work.  In addition to the 600 and over, many widows applied for pensions, some of these soldiers are no doubt buried in the state.

...Mrs. Harriet J. Walker

The following widows applied for pensions after 1836:

ADAMS COUNTY - Margaret Mooney, soldier, Bryan Mooney
CASS COUNTY - Philadelphia McCumber, soldier, John McCumber
COOK COUNTY - Salome Skinner, soldier, Amos Skinner
CLINTON COUNTY - Catherine Ammons, soldier, Thomas Ammons
EDGAR COUNTY - Sarah Ann Combs, soldier, William Combs
EDGAR COUNTY - Mary Mullins, soldier, James Mullins
EFFINGHAM COUNTY - Mary Whitford, soldier, John Bivens
FULTON COUNTY - Hannah Bivens, soldier, John Bivens
GREENE COUNTY - Mary Reiker, soldier, Leonard Reiker
JEFFERSON COUNTY - Mary Hassell, soldier, Benjamin Hassell
KNOX COUNTY - Jane Benson, soldier, Levin Benson
LAWRENCE COUNTY - Keziah Hughes, soldier, Henry Hughes
MENARD COUNTY - Nancy Armstrong, soldier, Robert Armstrong
MONROE COUNTY - Martha Givens, soldier, Robert Givens
MONROE COUNTY - Susan Barker, soldier, Zedekiah Barker
MONTGOMERY COUNTY - Mary Canady, soldier, John Canady
OGLE COUNTY - Mittee Hatch, soldier, Moses Hatch
RANDOLPH COUNTY - Jane Wodside, soldier, Samuel Wodside
RANDOLPH COUNTY - Elsie Stufflebien, soldier, John Stufflebien
TAZEWELL COUNTY - Elizabeth Powell, soldier, Levin H. Powell
STARKE COUNTY - Rhoda Frisbee, soldier, Philamon Frisbee
WASHINGTON COUNTY - Elizabeth Watts, soldier, Benjamin Watts
WAYNE COUNTY - Ruth Kerr, soldier, James Kerr
WHITE COUNTY - Esther Cross, soldier, Zachariah Cross
WOODFORD COUNTY - Catherine O'Neil, soldier, Constantine O'Neil

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