St. Clair County, Illinois


The 1820 Census

Generously transcribed by Regina Breeden Bailey



From LDS film # 0590434

I couldn't find the name of the census taker.  

Following is the information found on this census.

1.   Names of heads of families.
2.   Free white males under 10
3.   Free white males of 10 and under 16
4.   Free white males between 16 and 18
5.   Free white males of 18 and under 26
6.   Free white males of 26 and under 45
7.   Free white males of 45 and up

8.   Free white females under 10
9.   Free white females of 10 and under 16
10.  Free white females of 16 and under 26
11.  Free white females of 26 and under 45
12.  Free white females of 45 and up

FCM = Free Colored Males
FCF = Free Colored Females

The groupings will be divided by a /

Belleville Town and Township

Cahokia Township

Chambers Township

Illinois Township
Manville Township
Ogle Township
Scott Township
Silver Creek Township
Spring Township

Turkey Hill Township

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