St. Clair County, Illinois

1840 Federal Census taken by Benjamin Lemon

Sixth Census, taken from LDS microfilm # 007644

Part of the census was very easy to read and part of it was hard. There
might be misspelling of some names for this reason. On some of them I
did the best I could. Also, when I photocopied the census I only copied
the first page because at that time I had no idea that I would be putting
the census online, so I didn't get the information on the
Free Colored People (F.C.P.). I will list their names in the order as
they appear on the census page and then reorder the microfilm and list
them on a separate page so anyone researching these people can have
the information.

Page 295 starts the North Half of St. Clair County. Pages 242 - 290
must be the South Half, but it was not noted on the census pages.

Only the names of the heads of households appear on the census.
The names will be followed by two columns, the first will be males
and the second females.

1. under 5 years of age
2. of 5 and under 10 years
3. of 10 and under 15 years
4. of 15 and under 20 years
5. of 20 and under 30 years
6. of 30 and under 40 years
7. of 40 and under 50 years
8. of 50 and under 60 years
9. of 60 and under 70 years
10. of 70 and under 80 years
11. of 80 and under 90 years
12. of 90 and under 100 years
13. 100 and upwards

Males and female columns will be separated by a /

PAGES 242-247 PAGES 248-253
PAGES 254-259 PAGES 260-264
PAGES 265-269 PAGES 270-274
PAGES 275-279 PAGES 280-284
PAGES 285-289 PAGES 290-293
PAGES 294-299 PAGES 300-304
PAGES 305-309 PAGES 310-314
PAGES 315-319 PAGES 320-324
PAGES 325-329 PAGES 330-337


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