News Excerpts from 1905
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East St. Louis Journal, February 19, 1905, page 3:

Charged With Murder
The St. Clair County grand jury, January Term, returned an indictment
Saturday in the circuit court of Judge R. D. W. Holder against Andrew
Wiggins, charging him with murder. Wiggins is alleged to have killed
Michael Beacher in Eglin's Saloon in this city, Dec. 2th 1904, by striking
him in the head with a Billiard cue. The two men had engaged in a saloon
fight and Beacher died as a result of the blow.

East St. Louis Journal, March 9, 1905:

Andrew Wiggins, colored, was given a life term in the Chester penitentiary
by a jury in the Circuit court at Belleville yesterday for the murder of
Michael L. Beechler, a white man, at Mrs. Eglin's saloon, in this city,
December 26 last. Late Tuesday night the case was given to the jury, which
was out nine hours. According to members of the jury, the first ballot
taken stood nine for hanging and three for a life sentence. the verdict was
returned as soon as court convened yesterday.

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