Herman Eberts, a St. Louis youth, was truck by an engine of the Mobile and Ohio RR Monday and seriously injured

New-made ice is hard to find in this locality this season and our ice dealers will have to rely on their old stock, or go a long distance for the new material

January has been a magnificent winter month, similar to that of a tropical climate. It has been hard on coal dealers, but a blessing to the poor

The New York police authorities have in custody a man named Steward Ricks who, it is understood, is wanted in these parts for insurance  swindling.

Wm. Brown, a negro, and Sarah Howard, a white woman, were fined $5 each, by Justice Leonard, for having a sort of an unnatural fancy for each other.

Hon. John B. Lovington will soon commence the erection of a fine residence to cost about $10,000. All such improvements are of great value to the city

We have known Dr. Canine for a nnumber ofyears, and know him to be a good workman in all the branches of dentistry. When you want a set of teeth go to him.

County Treasurer James D. Baker Tuesday paid City Treasurer Martin Martoll of E. St. Louis $2,105.68 being the bbalance of city taxes for 1887 collected by him.

George Stork, employed at the E. St.Louis Rolling Mills,had his hand severely squeezed by some heavy machinery. The amputation of two of his fingers was necessary.

Francis Gunnings this week,in the City Court, recovered $200 as damages aginst the Bridge Company, for bodily injuries sustained by an accident, while in their employ

John Scarritt, a laborer in the roundhouse of the Chicago and Alton RR at Venice, was crushed to death on Tuesday in the round-table pit.  Coroner Bonner of Madison Co. held the inquest.

Travel on Collinsville Ave. both by pedestrian and teams is simply immense, which is destined to make this one of the most important business thoroughfares to the city--a sort of commercial boulevard.

David Sage, proprietor of the Grand saloon in this city, will donate one half of the receipts of his saloon on Feb. 16 in aid of the fund for the building of St. Mary's Hospital. It is understood that several saloon keepers will do likewise.

The East Carondelet school trouble has broken out anew. Tuesday, Attorney Winkleman of Belleville, in the Circuit Court filed a bill in chancery for cancellation of contract and injunction against Jacob Smetzer, Leo Pugh and Wm. W. Stewart, members of the Board of Education of East Carondelet, restraining them from employing or paying Wm. Stewart, the colored school teacher. Arthur Hamilton, Wm. Merryman and  Henry Alexander, residents of East Carondelet, are the plaintiffs in the suit.  They allege that Stewart was appointed at a special meeting at which one of the directors was not notified to be present, and was engaged to teach until May, when the schoolyear expires in April. They claim that the contract is void.


Mrs. Frank Hamilton is seriously ill

Circuit Clerk Scott was in this city on last Monday

Deputy County Clerk Fiefschbein was here on last Monday on official business

City Clerk J.W. McCullough of Belleville was in this city on Thursday

Miss Josie Griffin, after a weeks pleasant visit in St. Louis, returned home Monday morning

The Journal acknowledges a call from Father Koeing, pastor of St. Henry' Catholic Church

Mr. Charles Morrison, a prominent young attorney of Waterloo, Ill. was in this city on Thursday

Mr. G.A. Coerner and Mr. W.M. Honer, two prominent Belleville attorneys, visited E. St.Louis Tuesday.

Election Commissionerr Flannery has so far recovered from attack of rheumatism as to be able to work.

O.F. Krese, A.J. Jones and John Graney, of this city have been drawn as jurors.

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