27 PRESENT APPLICATION FOR CITIZENSHIP IN UNITED STATES , taken from the November 23, 1916 edition of the East St. Louis, Illinois Journal.
Donated by: Charles J. LaRobardier <chjlarob@peaknet.net>

Foreign persons to the number of 27, including a woman, presented their applications for American citizenship at the East St. Louis City Court room Wednesday evening. Among the persons were Russians, Irish, Austrians, Argentinians, Bohemians, Swedes, Hungarian, Mexican and Armenians.

The work of instructing the foreigners, in order that they might pass the first-paper examinations, was superintended by Miss Inez Thompson, Edward Webb, and Irwin Raut of the Young Men's Christian Association. Bertha Ninc, aged 23 years, of 1411 Exchange avenue, a Bohemian, requested papers. She is the second woman to apply for naturalization papers at the East St. Louis court.

Under the laws of the United States, any foreign citizens may signalize his intentions of becoming an American citizen, and after a lapse of two years may take the first papers. However, he must have resided in the United States at least five years before the second or final papers are granted.

The following are those who presented applications:



Joseph Watchet(?) Russia
Matthew Broderick Ireland
Harry Goldman Austria
Oscar Dertke Russia
Manuel Bida Argentine Republic
David Langsam Austria
Nicholas Brown Ireland
Frank Janosky Bohemia
John Peterson Sweden
John Gaburjak Hungary
Joseph Rosales Mexico
Louis Kugler Bohemia
Edward Kelley Ireland
Jaroslav Kadair Hungary
Frank Jurkowski Austria
Hovkannes Aloian Armenia
Joseph Kadair Austria
Pete Harry Armenia
Anton Kadair Austria
John Lastavitza Austria
Harootnen Kaladjian Armenia
Bertha Hons Bohemia
Valentine Rapp Hungary
Thomas Irvine Ireland
Andra Rosenberg Austria
Joe Urbanck Bohemia

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