City Employees

Council meets first and third Monday of each month

Mayor - Chas. THILMAN
City Clerk - Robt. R. HAIG
Members of Board - Geo. NUETZEL, Phillip STATEN, Hy PARDUN, Wm. POWELL, Hy KOEHLER
Post Master - Wm. H. HUECKEL


Atlas Leather Co. - Harry BEUHLER, Supt.
Baake Bros (Herman & Fred) S. Long
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad - J. A. ENTREKIN, Agent
Gavin Patrick dry good and groceries, N. Main
Gill, Dr. L. L., Physician & Surgeon, S. Long
Hueckel, Wm. H., Dry goods and groceries, Postmaster, S. Long
Gray, August, Saloon, E. Scates
Juenge, H. C., Blacksmith Shop, E. Scates
Karasek, John F., Saloon, N. Main
Koblitz, Hy, Tin Shop, N. Main
Koehler, Hy, Barber Shop, Odd Fellows Bldg
Moser Bros (Hy and Jake) Wagonmakers and Genl Repairing, E. Scates
U. S. Express Co., J. A. ENTREKIN, Agt.
Wasser Bros, Groceries and Meats, Ice Cream Parlor, S. Long
Webb, Emanuel, Dry Goods and Groceries, N. Main
Weeks, W. G., Bakery, N. Long
Werner & Koblitz, Saloon, S. Long
Williams, John L., Meat Market, N. Main
Western Union Telegraph Co., J. A. ENTREKIN, Mgr


Adcock, Miss Goldie C., Steno, r S. Long
Adcock, John F. (Eliz), Sec. Foreman, Van RR, r S. Long
Adcock, Solomon E., Lab, r. S Long
Anderson, Mrs. Adele, Wid., r S. Fifth
Atlas Leather Co., Leather Mfgrs, W. Atlas
Baake, Fred (Margaret), Saloon S. Long, r S. First
Baake, Herman, Saloon S. Long, r N. Main
Beck, Jas (Mary), Lab, Scaggs
Begole, Jas F. (Eliza W.), Lab, S. First
Begole, Mrs. Laura, Wid., S. Main
Beguelin, Miss Alice, Steno, S. Main
Beguelin, Miss Hannah, S. Main
Beguelin, Louis (Sarah), Miner, S. Main
Beynon, Jas (Mary), Supt Ruby Mine, W. Morris
Blake C. E. (Julia), ret'd, S. Main
Blake, Miss Hester, S. Long
Boch, Mike (Josephine), Lab., N. Main
Brennan, Robt. (Fannie), Miner, N. Main
Brown, Miss Elizabeth, N. Main
Brown, Miss Ruth, Student, Scaggs
Burrelsman, John (Mary), Farmer, S. First
Catholic Church, S. Second
Cawvey, Martin (Flora), Lab, W. Atlas
Cawvey, Miss Mary, W. Atlas
Charypan, Miss Katherine, N. Main
Charypan, Miss Mary, N. Main
City Hall and Jail, W. Morris
Creed, W. H. (Edna), Principal of Public School, S. First
Davis, Wm. (Alice), Miner, S. Sixth
DeLorme, Miss Allie, Clk., S. Fourth
DeLorme, Mrs. Bertha, Wid., S. Long
DeLorme, Dan (Ida) W., (1st street S. of Morris)
DeLorme, Jos. (Elizabeth), Farmer, S. Fourth
DeLorme, Mrs. Natalie, Wid., S. Fifth
DeLorme, Miss Stella, C K M S Fourth
Divanry, Mrs. Mary, Wid., S. First
Doctor, John (Elizabeth), Lab, W. Morris
Donovan, Abe (Margaret), Lab., N. Main
Dorsett, Miss Blanche, N. Long
Dorsett, Geo. (Nancy), Sec. Foreman Int. RR, N. Long
Dowler, Aaron (Sarah), Ret'd, S. First
Dowler, Sam, Engineer, S. First
Drysdale, Alex, Miner, S. First
Edwards, Dan, Miner, S. First
Edwards, Jacob, Ret'd, S. First
Elliott, Miss Elvina C, S. Main
Elliott, James (Kate), S. First
Elliott, Jos., Farmer, S. Main
Elliott, Leonard H., Farmer, S. Main
Elliott, Wm. C. (Tillie), Farmer, S. Main
Elliott, Wm. C. Jr., Lab., S. Main
Englebrecht, Mrs. Anna, Wid., N. Main
Entrekin, Miss Gladys, W. James
Entrekin, J. A., Agent B & O RR, W. James
Enright, Miss Alice, N. Main
Enright, Daniel, Miner, N. Main
Enright, Miss Ella, N. Main
Enright, James, Miner, N. Main
Evangecliche (sic) Church, S. Main
Felthoven, Walter, Tel. Operator, N. Main
Fortune, Miss Alice, Teacher, Scaggs
Fortune, G. W. (May), Miner, S. Long
Gaeschle, Miss Anna, N. Long
Gaeschle, Mrs. Sophia, Wid., N. Long
Gansnar, M. (Edna), W. Atlas
Gavin Grocery Store, N. Main
Gavin, Miss Mary, N. Main
Gavin, Pat (Lena), Ret'd, N. Main
Gavin, Thos., Salesman, N. Main
Geaschel, Adolph (Christine), Miner, W. Morris
Geissert, John (Sarah), Miner, W. Morris
Geist, John (Emma), Lab, N. Main
Gill, Miss Beatrice, Student, S. Long
Gill, Dr. L. L. (Gertrude), Physician & Surgeon, S. Long
Grimes, Calvin (Elizabeth), Lab., E. Scates
Grimes, Orin, Lab., E. Scates
Grainger, Wm., Miner, S. Long
Gray, Arthur, Bartender, S. First
Gray, Carl, Lab., S. First
Gray, Gus (Minnie), Saloon, E. Scates, r S. First
Haig, Mrs. A. L., Wid., S. Main
Haig, Miss Emily J., S. Main
Haig, Mrs. Geo., Wid., N. Long
Haig, Miss Jane, N. Long
Haig, Miss Pauline, Teacher, S. Long
Haig, Robt., Miner, S. First
Haig, Robt (Eliza), Miner, S. Long
Haig, Thos. (Amelia), Lab., S. Long
Hallows, Chas (Elizabeth), Miner, S. Long
Hallows, Wm. (Emma), Miner, S. Fifth
Hammon, John Sr. (Regina), Miner, E. Barrett
Hammon, John Jr., Lab., E. Barrett
Hanlon, Mrs. May, Wid., S. Long
Hart, Frank (Marie), Miner, S. Main
Held, Aug. (Nora), Lab., N. Main
Higgins, Dan, Lab., S. Long
Higgins, Geo. (Sophorona), Lab., S. Long
Higgins, John (Albine), Lab., W. Morris
Hill, Jos. (Rose), Miner, S. Second
Hueckle, Miss Edna, S. Long
Hueckle, Miss Sophia, S. Long
Hueckle, W. H. (Anna), Postmaster and Store Prop., S. Long
Hueckles Gen'l Store, W. H. Hueckle Prop., S. Long
Ido, Mrs. Marie, Wid., N. Main
Jahns, Geo., Lab., S. Second
Jahns, Miss Lottie C K M, S. Second
Jahns, Miss Matilda C K M, S. Second
Jahns, Mrs. May, Wid., S. Second
Jenkins, Miss Elizabeth, S. Long
Jenkins, Mrs. M., Wid., S. Long
Jenkins, J. R., Cashier Consolidated Coal Co., S. Long
Jones, Edw., Lab, W. Morris
Jones, L. J. (Mary), Miner, W. Morris
Juenger, H. C. (Barbara), Blacksmith, E. Barrett
Juenger Blacksmith Shop, E. Scates
Karasek, John F., Saloon, N. Main
Keneway, Frank, Fireman, N. Main
Kersey, Harry (Amy), Farmer, S. First
Kersey, Wm., Ret'd, N. Main
Kettlers, Mrs. Amy, Wid., N. Main
Klei, Mrs. Caroline, Wid., S. Main
Klenke Chas. (Emma), Lab., S. First
Knitzel, Fred (Mrs. F.), Farmer, S. Third
Koblitz, Hy (Mary), Tinner and Painter, N. Main
Koblitz Tin Shop, Hy Koblitz, Prop., N. Main
Koblitz, John (Sophia), Lab., N. Main
Koblitz, Miss Mary C K M, N. Main
Koblitz, Miss Minnie, N. Main
Koblitz, Paul, Lab., N. Main
Koblitz, Walter, Tinner and Painter, N. Main
Koblitz, Wm. (Julia), Barber, N. Long
Koehler, Hy (Sophia), Barber, N. Main
Koehler Barber Shop, Hy Koehler, Prop., Odd Fellows Bldg, E. Atlas
Koehler, John, Electrician, N. Main
Koehler, Miss Josephine, S. Main
Koehler, Louis (Anna), Carp., S. Second
Kramer, Edw. (Anna), Lab., S. Long
Kuenkel, Phillip, Miner, N. Main
Lamb, Thos R (Philipmene), Ret'd, N. Long
Lavel, Mrs. Julius, Wid., N. Main
Lewis, Mrs. Mollie, Wid., S. First
Lewis, Morgan Sr., Ret'd, N. Long
Lewis, Morgan Jr. (Sarah), Miner, N. Long
Light, Jacob (Kate), Lab., S. First
Lilley, Elmer, Miner, S. Long
Lilley, James (Anna), Miner, S. Long
Lutz, Jake (Margaret), Sexton at Cemetery, r N. Main
Lutz, Jos. (Mrs. Jos), Miner, r N. Main
Mace, Miss Blanche, r W. James
Mace, Jacob (Francis), Farmer, r W. James
Mace, Jacob Jr., Farmer, r W. James
Mace, Jos., Farmer, r W. James
Mace, Miss Kate, r W. Morris
Mace, Mrs. Matilda, Wid. r W. Morris
Mace, Wm. Farmer, W. James
Macey, Fred, Engineer, r N. Main
Maisch, Earnest, Miner, S. Second
Maisch, Jos (Lottie), Asst. Mine Mgr, Lumaghi No. 2, W. James
Maisch, Jos. Jr., Miner, r W. James
Miasch, Miss Stella, Teacher, r S. Second
Marshall, Miss Hratchen, Inspector C K M, S. First
Marshall, John C. (Mary), Miner, S. First
Meyer, Mrs. Barbara, Widow, S. Fourth
Meyer, Fred (Lottie), Commission Merchant, r N. Main
Miller, John (Lydia), Miner, S. First
Miller, John (Margaret), Miner, S. Fourth
Moser Bros. Wagon Makers and Gen'l Repairers, E.Scates
Moser, Mrs., Wid., r S. Main
Moser, Hy Moser Bros., S. Main
Moser, Jake Moser Bros, r S. Main
Moss, Herman, Leather Cutter, r N. Main
Moss, James (Josephine), Lab., W. James
Moss, John (Elizabeth), Lab., W. Atlas
Mottin, Aug (Anna), Lab, r S. First
Mowe, Hy (Minnie), Miner, r S. Second
Murphy, Alfred M. (Mabel) Signal Maintainer B & O RR, r S. Main
Nuetzel, G. (Anna), Ret'd, r N. Main
Nuetzel, Geo., Farmer, r N. Main
Nuetzel, John (Louise), Farmer, r N. Main
Odd Fellows Building, N. Long
Ohlendorf, Fred (Anna), Electrician, r E (1st St. N of B & O)
Ohlendorf, John (anna), Farmer, r N. Main
Ohlendorf, John (Eva), Lab., r N. Long
Ohlendorf, Miss Mary, r N. Main
Pardun, Hy (Anna), Lab., r N. Main
Patterson, F. W. (Blanche), Rural Mail Carrier, r S. Main
Pausch, Mrs. Lena, Wid., S. Main
Phleger, Chris (Minnie), Lab., r N. Main
Potzel, Miss Prim, r N. Main
Querrell, John, Farmer, r N. Main
Querrell, Joseph, Shoe Maker, r N. Main
Recklein, Chas. (Anna), Lab., r N. Long
Recklein, Chas Jr., Lab., r N. Long
Recklein, Fred, Lab., r N. Long
Recklein, Wm., Lab., r N. Long
Reynolds, Thos (Viola), Miner, r S. Long
Rogers, Chas (Beulah), Lab., r S. First
Rupprecht, Hy (Ida), Machinist, r S. Main
Russell, Geo. (Eva), Engineer at Leather Factory, r S. First
Russell, Geo (Mrs. Geo.), Engineer, r W. Atlas
Schanuel, Conrad (Mary), Miner, r S. First
Schifferdecker, Miss Freda, r N. Main
Schifferdecker, Miss Lena, r N. Main
Schifferdecker, Miss Louise, r N. Main
Schifferdecker, Wm. (Mary), Miner, r N. Main
Schmidt, Alex (Elsie), Miner, r S. Long
Schmidt, Miss Anna, r S. First
Schmidt, John H., Mine Manager, r S. First
Schmidt, J. W. (Jane), Machinist, r S. First
Schmidt, Jas. W., Student, r S. First
Schmidt, Miss Kate, Teacher, r S. First
Schooner, Miss Hazel C K M, r S Main
Schooner, Wilton (Emma), Fireman, r S. Main
Schooner, Miss Myrtle, C K M, r S. Main
Seipp, Ben (alice), Lab., r N. Main
Smith, Daniel (Mary), Lab., r S. Long
Snadden, Miss Elizabeth, Steno, r N. Long
Snadden, Miss Florence, Steno, r N. Long
Snadden, John, Miner, r N. Long
Snadden, Jos., r N. Long
Snadden, Jos. Jr. (Ella), Miner, r N. Main
Snadden, Miss Margaret, r N. Long
Snadden, Mrs. Peter Snadden, Wid., r N. Main
Staten, Herman, r S. First
Staten, John, r S. First
Staten, Miss Elizabeth, r S. First
Staten, Phillip, Miner, r S. First
Staten, Phillip Jr., r S. First
Stephens, Wm. (Meta), Miner, r S. First
Thies, Eli (Rose), Carp., r W. (1st St. S. of Morris)
Thilman, Chas. Sr., r S. Second
Thilman, Chas Jr. (Carrie), Mayor of Caseyville, r S. Second
Toussaint, Geo. (Dora), Miner, r S. Long
Townsend, Mrs. Elizabeth, Wid., r S. Main
Trussaint, Hughey (Ethel), Miner, r S. Long
Twiss, C. L. (Jessie), Tel. Operator, r S. Long
Twiss, Mrs. Elizabeth, Wid., r S. Main
Twiss, Harry, Lab., r S. Long
Twiss, Moses, Tel. Operator, r S. Main
Union Church, r S. First
Voudrie, Geo. (Fannie) r S. Long
Wasser Bros. Meat and Groceries Ice Cream Parlor, S. Long
Wasser, Dom, Ret'd, r S. Second
Wasser, Dom, Jr. (Kate), Miner, r W. Morris
Wasser, J. J. (Gertrude), Lab. r S. Fifth
Wasser, Jos. (Mary), Wasser Bros, r S. Long
Wasser, Leo, Wasser Bros, r S. Long
Wallheimer, Hy (Sophia), Lab., r N. Main
Wallheimer, John (Barbara), Miner, r N. Main
Webb, Albert, clk, r E. Barnett
Webb, Emanuel (Sarah), Gen'l Store, r E. Barnett
Webb Store General Merchandise, E. Webb Prop., N. Main
Webb, Hy C. (Estelle), Machinist, r S. Main
Webb, Wm. E. (Elizabeth M.), Yard Foreman at Leather Factory, r W. Morris
Weeks, W. G. (Ellen), Bakery, r N. Long
Weeks Bakery, W. G. Weeks, Prop., r N. Long
Werner & Kobiltz Saloon, S. Long
Werner, Louis, Saloon, r S. Long
Williams, Mrs. Anna, Wid., r Scaggs
Williams, John L., Butcher, r N. Main
Williams, Miss Mary L., r N. Main
Wilt, Mrs. Anna, r N. Main
Wolsey, John (Allen), Lab., r S. Long
Yeager, Fred A., Roofer, r N. Main

Caseyville Rural Route No. 1

Airola, Anthony
Ambrozat, C.
Baldus, John
Baldus, Walter
Barbe, Hy
Bauer, John
Becherer, J. H.
Becherer, Richard
Beedle, S. S.
Begole, A. R.
Begole, Elmer
Begole, F. M.
Begole, L. T.
Beltrachi, Robt.
Bergmann, Aug.
Bergmann, Ed Sr.
Bergmann, Ed Jr.
Bergmann, F. H.
Bergmann, Hy Sr.
Bergmann, Hy Jr.
Berner, J. J.
Bevirt, D. A.
Bevirt, Geo.
Bevirt, Noah
Bode, Hy
Boehm, Aug.
Brem, Jos. H.
Burkstedt, H. W.
Dame, B. B.
Davis, J. L.
Detomatis, M.
Doernenburg, Rev. C.
Eberhardt, Gottlieb
Eckmann, Andrew
Engel, Jos.
Fausc, Peter
Geig, Geo. Sr.
Feig, Geo. Jr.
Feig, John
Feist, Frank, Sr.
Feist, Frank, Jr.
Foster, John
Fray, Jos.
French, J. J.
French, Willard
Fulton, Geo
Fulton, Louis
Fulton, M. J.
Hagan, Peter
Hamm, Phil
Hammond, Andrew
Harrison, David
Hartwig, Max
Herzig, Aug. Sr.
Herzig, Aug. Jr.
Hill, J. S.
Hinterthuer, Phil
Hoecker, Harry
Hoecker, Henry
Hughes, Sam
Hurtig, Fred
Jaschech, F.
Kampmeyer, Hy
Kassing, C. H.
Kersey, Roy
Kirch, Hubert
Kinsella, Lawrence
Kinsella, Wm.
Kneedler, Wm.
Kobrink, Fred
Kobrink, Wm.
Kosmala, S.
Krieger, Wm.
Kuhlman, D.
Kuhlman, Wm.
Langer, Oscar
Lansing, Herman
Madzarash, F.
Marxer, Louis
Mascha, Vincent
Massa, Jos.
Meckfessel, Wm.
Meyer, Hy
Meyer, Wm.
Miller Coal Co.
Moorhouse, Wm.
Miller, Dr. L. T.
Mowe, Wm. Jr.
Mueller, Wm.
Musso, Dom
Neuner, Geo.
Niebruegge, Frank Sr.
Niebruegge, Frank Jr.
Ogle, Harry
Origliasso, Peter
Origliasso, Tony
Ovelgoenner, Hy
Palacek, Wm.
Panc, Geo.
Perucca, P.
Pfoertner, Hy
Platz, Aug.
Renfert, B.
Renfert, Hy
Rupprecht, Conrad
Rupprecht, Theo
Sabelaski, Simon
Schaller, Chas.
Schamberger, F.
Schmidt, Edw.
Schmidt, W. G.
Schoeperkoetter, Wm.
Seipp, Peter
Seipp, Tony
Steinbrueck, Chris
Strain, Irving
Suever, Wm. H.
Switala, Frank
Switala, Steve
Titter, Francis
Voigt, Wm.
Walker, Jos.
Wedemeyer, H. J.
Wedemeyer, Wm.
Wendler, Hy C.
Wensel, Phil
Wild, Albert
Wild, Mrs. Mary
Wilson, O. S.
Wrigley, Wm.
Zvengrosh, Geo.

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