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Droit School was in District #191 of St. Clair County, Illinois. Located on what is now known as Triple Lakes Road this one room school building was used to educate children through the eighth grade. There was only one teacher for as many as 40 to 50 students. Often there were three, four, or more children from one family attending at the same time. Most of the children were from farm families. There was an outdoor pump for water and the children carried their lunches from home. Mr. Henry
Griebel was teacher for many years to the children of the Betz, Bohnemeir, Dugan, Foster, Hack, Hofstetter, Klass, Kempf, Lee, Martin, Metter, Miller, Osick, Otten, and Young families. I'm sure there were many other families who attended school at Droit. For some reason this school was at times identified as Falling Springs School. If you can identify any of the students in these photographs please contact me. Submitted by Sharon Newton Burnes

Class of 1925

Class of 1931

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