July 1, 2, 3 1919
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Six inquests since Saturday is the record of Coroner C. P. Renner.

One of the inquests, that over the remains of Mrs. Anna Adler, who drank Lysol, is the only one in Belleville. The other inquests were all in East. St. Louis.

Daniel Hoppes, 11 years old, son of J. R. Hoppes, 705 Piggott Avenue, was drowned in Cahokia creek, near the Mississippi river at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, when his head struck a rock and he was rendered unconscious, after diving from a high piling.

Daniel Arbuckle, 82 years old, died as a result of cerebral hemorrhage.

Ned Carey, 19 years old, was drowned in the Cahokia creek while swimming.

Joseph Maccaroni, 38 years old, died from injuries suffered when he was kicked by a horse which he had just purchased at the East St. Louis Stockyards.

Pearl Britton, a negress, was found dead in a box car. The verdict of the jury was death from causes unknown.




Homer Chapin of North Fortieth street, is spending the vacation at Meramec Springs, Mo.

Miss Margaret Lutz of North Park Drive, left for a two week visit with relatives in Edwardsville.

Mrs. J. J. Mooney, 612 Summit Ave, is at St. Mary's Hospital, suffering with a broken limb, which she received last Friday, by a fall in the backyard.

Mrs. Wm. Ruess of Gaty Avenue, has returned from a visit in Granite City.

Miss Gertrude Semith of State St., is visiting in Stewardson, Illinois.

Mr. and Mrs. A. McAtee and children, and Miss Julia Hayes, motored to Red Bud Sunday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Knott.

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Thompson of St. Louis Avenue, were visitors to New Athens, Monday.

Mrs. Diana Cannady of Evansville, Indiana, is visiting Mrs. Charles Cannady of Brighton Place.

A plunge party and basket supper was enjoyed Saturday at Jones pool by the following: Messrs. and Mesdames L. Ritchie of Clayton; J. W. Blythe and daughter Miss Gladys of St. Louis; J. W. Reed and son Kelsoe, and Mr. Russell Ritchie.

Mr. Al. Lynch left Saturday for Florida, to accept a position with the Quaker Oats Co.

The B Sharpe club members enjoyed a basket picnic Saturday at Jones Park. Games of tennis were enjoyed and a number went swimming. Mr. And Mrs. Chas.. Kurrus chaperoned the party.

Mr. and Mrs. A. May of Waverly Avenue, entertained Saturday evening at dinner, Messrs. and Mesdames E. Popkess, James Parham and Edwin Popkess.

Miss Nancy Sue Morford, 912 Pennsylvania Avenue, will leave shortly for New York City to attend the National Convention of Dancing Teachers. Miss Morford has been engaged to dance before this delegation of teachers.

Miss Rarrach of Granvue Drive, entertained a number of friends last week from Belleville, St. Louis and East St. Louis, with a bridge party and luncheon.

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Johnson are occupying their cottage, "fox's Den" at Piasa Chautauqua.

Messrs. and Mesdames Amos Midgely and Harry L. Cryder attended a party Saturday evening in Belleville.

A delegation of 200 people from Granite City, enjoyed a picnic at Jones Park, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Popkess, of Waverly Avenue, left Saturday evening for a visit with relatives at Hoboken, J. J.

Mrs. Gordon Z. Davis, of Washington Place, attended a party in St. Louis, Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Erber have left for a visit to Toledo, Ohio, and the Great Lakes.

Misses Elmma and Hilda Ludwig, have returned from a visit in Collinsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pickle of Trendley Avenue, left Monday for a month's visit with relatives in New York City and Michigan.

Miss Nell Donaldson of Carlyle is visiting Miss Vina Donaldson of Collinsville Avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson accompanied by Misses Irene and Gertrude Smith, have left for a visit in Stewardson, Illinois.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Daily of Kansas City, Mo. are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McEnroe of North Twenty-second Street.

Mrs. H. G. Pruitt and daughter, Miss Helen have removed to Tallahoma, Tennessee.

The Ladies Aid of the First M. E. Church will give an ice cream social, this evening on the church lawn, Thirteenth and Summit Avenue.

Miss Bertha Ropiequet and Mrs. Lulu Wise of Summit Avenue, have returned from a visit with relatives in Belleville.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Popkess have gone to housekeeping in their new home at 4100 Caseyville Avenue.

The Elks will give a boat excursion July 9th, on the steamer J. S. Friends are invited. Tickets can be purchased at the club.

Miss Catherine Richer, brothers, Albert, George and Edward, of Omaha, Neb., are visiting their grandmother, Miss Nina Jepson of North Thirteenth Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Harding, 1627 North 45th Street, are visiting in Hazelgreen Mo.,

Miss Marion Sikking, 1212 College Avenue, will leave this week for a visit with relatives in California.

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Cannady, of Columbia Place, have returned from a few days visit in Columbia, Illinois.

Miss Louise Hadley, 1716 North 38th Street, has returned from a several day visit in Alton.

Mrs. Jane Law and daughter, Miss Veronica will leave in a few days for Los Angeles, California, for a several week's visit.

Miss Mary Myrtle Denby, instructor of music in the high school, will spend the summer in Carlinville, Illinois.

Miss Lorraine Marshand, teacher to the Washington School, has returned to her home in Haubstadt, Ind., to spend the vacation.

Mrs. F. W. Thompson of Forty-second and Lincoln Avenue, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Heely, have left for a visit with relatives in Georgia.

A surprise party was tendered Miss Lillie McDonald, in honor of her seventeenth birthday at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Wm. Taylor, 1820 Bond Avenue. A delightful social evening was enjoyed and refreshments served to the following: Misses Lillie Cobeck, Anita and Vada Michaels, Helen Coleman, Daisy Taylor, Gladys and Irene Stack, Fern Frost, Naomi Macherey, Doris Wodley, Gladys Keefe, Messrs. William Michaels, William Wiegert, Glen Mischike, Leo Cobeck, Gus Wagnor, Otto Vogt, Eddie Herring, Arthur Jaggers, Harry Feldman, Charles Williams, Byrl Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. R. Macherey and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Taylor.

Mrs. Chas. Huie, of North Park Drive, has left for a trip to New York and Washington, D. C.

Mrs. H. C. Hall of North Thirty-eighth Street, has returned from a visit in Iuka.

It was a happy party that motored to Okawville early Sunday morning and spent the day at the "Fountain of Youth". Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Anderson of St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mackwitch, Mr. and Mrs. F. Florian, Miss Evelyn Vermeersch, Mr. Anthony Kalinka and Mr. W. Mackwitch formed the party.

W. Cecil Bridges of Duluth, Minn., wireless operator for U. S. Navy Department is here with his bride, spending his honeymoon with his parents, W. N. Bridges and family, 1609 State Street. He enlisted in East St. Louis, April 12, 1917. He will remain in service another year.

A surprise party was given Saturday night, in honor of Miss Evelyn Fallon, 626 Brady Avenue, who will leave this week for Danville, Ill.

Games, music and dancing were enjoyed by all until a very late hour. Those present were: Misses Margaret Miller, Veronica Schaffner, Marie Tate, Marie Miller, Ethel Wilmot, Eleanor Land, Bertha Lang, Lenora Muth, Adell Huschle, Josephine Miller, Margaret Durkin, Mamie Durkin, Catherine Moore, Evelyn Fallon, Margaret Warren, Margaret Fallon, Messrs. Ollie Geer, Elmo Max, George Miller, Andrew Meade, Glenn Bryant, Claude Bryant, Albert Kress, Dewey Presswood, Wm. Huhn, Hiram Kruste, Theodore Fuehne, Frank Fuehne, John Farris, Bill Kemp, Forest McMullen, Harold Clute, Chick Dowling, Wm. Krug, Phillip Bova, Genevieve, Leroy and Lucille Clute, Roy Dorothy, Joseph and Charles Roewe, Mary Thomas, Dorothy and Robert Brennan, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Clute, Mr. and Mrs. Fuehne, Mr. and Mrs. August Roewe, Mrs. Tom Brennan, Mr. Frank Miller, Mrs. Ed Fallon, Mr. and Mrs. Wable and children, Catherine and Alvin.





Fred J. Schrempp, 921 Millet avenue, has just returned from France, where he was serving with Company E, 34th Infantry of the 7th Division. He crossed the ocean on the transport America which landed at Brest, August. 27, 1918, and established a record of unloading American soldiers in Europe by clearing the ship in 36 hours. His battalion was the first of his regiment to go over the top and they captured one-third of the prisoners taken by the regiment.

Schrempp was a marksman and had the honor of partaking in a rifle and pistol tournament last spring at LeMans, which was open only to those who had previously won medals for their firing.

He was wounded once, gassed once, and killed three Germans. Over 15 percent of the men in his battalion became casualties before the armistice was signed. In speaking of his exploits he says, "I do not regret my experience, but I'm through with Europe."



Joseph A. Gould vs. Edith Gould
Victoria Eickemyer vs. Charles Eickemyer
Minda Lewis vs. Evan S. Lewis

Illinois State Trust Company, Conservator
Nathaniel C. McLean, Trustee
Real Estate of Emma Fredrickson, a distracted person




To Whom It May concern:

The undersigned, Horace Thomas, who was convicted of the crime of murder at the September term, 1917, of the Circuit Court of St. Clair County, Illinois, and who is at present confined in the southern Illinois Penitentiary at Menard, Illinois, by virtue of a sentence of said court, will make application for pardon or commutation of said sentence at the July meeting of the board of Pardons of the State of Illinois to be held in the City of Springfield on the 10th day of July, 1919.


To Whom It May Concern:

The undersigned, George Roberts, who was convicted of the crime of murder at the September term, 1917, of the Circuit court of St. Clair county, Illinois, and who is at present confined in the Southern Illinois Penitentiary at Menard, Illinois, by virtue of a sentence of said court, will make application for pardon or commutation of said sentence at the July Meeting of the Board of Pardons of the State of Illinois to be held in the City of Springfield on the 10th day of July, 1919.





John C. Walters of 1719 Kansas Avenue, 24, suddenly became sick Tuesday morning about 10 o'clock and has been in the care of two doctors. The patient refuses to talk or tell the doctors anything as to the cause of his sickness.

Mrs. Emma Hermann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kopp, Sr., of 1129 Market Avenue, has resigned her position as Matron at the Nurses' Home, Barnes Hospital, to go East for the summer. She will visit at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlantic City, New Jersey.




Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Buckley, 711 Baugh Avenue, entertained several friends Monday evening with a porch party.

Mr. L. S. Allen and his daughter, Miss Clara Allen, 3240 Lincoln Avenue, accompanied by Russell Bucknell, left Tuesday for St. Joe, Michigan to visit his son, Mr. Herbert Allen and wife.

Dr. and Mrs. Dunn and son have returned to their home in Indiana after visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sedwick and family of Donovan Avenue.

Mrs. August Wurth, 3600 St. Clair Avenue, is convalescing at the Deaconess Hospital, after a serious operation.

Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Kreeger and family of North Thirty-sixth Street have removed to Kansas City.

Mrs. W. E. Taylor and son Billy have left for Grand Rapids, Michigan after several weeks visit with her mother, Mrs. Mary H. Wyatt of Virginia Place.

George Wyatt, son of Mrs. Mary H. Wyatt of Virginia Place, who has been in France for over a year, has received his honorable discharge and has accepted a position with the Aluminum Ore Co., at Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Hager of North Eighth Street, will remove shortly to Los Angeles, California.

Mrs. R. E. Cosby and daughter Marie of North Twenty-third street, have left for a visit in Independence, Missouri.

Albert Kurrus of Belmont Avenue has departed for the boy scout camp in Wisconsin, where he was appointed swimming teacher.

Mrs. Harry Browning of North Thirty-eighth Street is visiting her sister in Murphysboro, Illinois.

Mrs. L. T. Hutchinson of Rosemont has left for a visit with her mother in northern Illinois.

Mrs. James Thompson of North Thirteenth Street will return this week from a visit to Buffalo, N. Y.

Mrs. Max Boyer, 559 North Nineteenth, has returned from a visit in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mrs. E. S. Hodgson and little son of North Thirty-eighth street are visiting relatives in Springfield.

Judge and Mrs. Conrad Schul of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, are in the city. Mrs. Schul will be the guest of Mrs. J. L. Sanford, 2900 Bond Avenue, for a few days.

Mrs. H. J. Barlow, 2245 Monroe Street, is spending the week in Hillsboro, Illinois, the guest of relatives.

Mrs. Leon Mace and baby of Waverly Avenue are at St. Mary's Hospital, where the baby has been quite ill.


A marriage of interest Tuesday morning was that of Miss Mary Stack, a well known teacher of the Webster school, and Mr. Leo F. McLaughlin of Shawnee, Oklahoma. The wedding took place at St. Patrick's Church at 7 o'clock mass, Rev. Father Trombly officiating. After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents, 632 North Sixth Street. The young couple departed for their new home in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Ehler-Harriss Wedding

Miss Velna Harriss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Harriss of 1716 College Avenue, was married Monday to Mr. H. L. Ehler at the Tyler Avenue Presbyterian Church in St. Louis. After a short honeymoon to be spent in the East and at the Great Lakes they will return to St. Louis where they will be at home to their many friends at 1652 Spring Avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Kimmel and Mr. Henry Hinckley, a teacher at the Franklyn School, and his sister, Mrs. Charles R. Kinnison, will leave by auto Thursday for Mount Vernon, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Kimmel will return after a short visit with relatives and friends and the others will remain for the summer.

Word was received in East St. Louis Tuesday afternoon that Mr. Edward B. Jones, aged 34, and Miss Mabel Williams, both of East St. Louis, procured a marriage license in Springfield.

Birthday and Farewell Dinner.

The relatives of Mrs. John Kopp and her daughter, Mrs. E. Hermann, former matron of the nurses' home at Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, gathered at the home of the former, 1129 Market Avenue, to celebrate the 57th birthday anniversary of Mrs. Kopp and to tender a farewell party for Mrs. Hermann. A good time was enjoyed and all departed at a late hour wishing Mrs. Kopp many more birthdays and Mrs. Hermann "good luck" on her journey. Those present were; Mr. and Mrs. John Kopp Sr., Mrs. Hermann, Misses Bertha Kopp, Dorothy Grotz, Lillian and Pearl Brown, and Dorothy King, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Dixon and son, Adalai Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roy and daughter Marie, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fey, Mrs. Carrie Brown; Messrs. Don Strauss, William Kopp, John Kopp Jr., Laurence King, Oliver Brown and Henry Ruhmann of Belleville, Illinois.

Announcements were received today of the marriage of Miss Emily A. Jackson of Pennsylvania Avenue to Mr. Wesley A. Schumacher of Belleville. The young couple were married March 1, 1919 at Carlinville by Rev. William S. Phillips.


Miss Bertha Kopp, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kopp, 1129 Market Avenue, and Mr. Don T. Strauss, son of Mr. L. P. Strauss, 921 South 11th Street, were married Monday, June 30, at 4:30 p.m. The ceremony was performed by Rev. E. Jaeger, pastor of the Immanuel Evangelical Church. The bride was attended by Miss Anna Strauss, sister of the groom, and the best man was the brother of the bride, Mr. William A. Kopp. Only the immediate relatives of both families were present. A delicious wedding supper was served and all departed at a late hour, wishing the young couple a long and happy life. Mr. and Mrs. Strauss will make their home with the bride's parents.

Family Reunion

Family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Curtis, 627 North eightieth Street, Edgemont, in honor of their son, Walter Curtis, returned from overseas with the 124th F. A. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Jess Steiner and children, Gilbert, Arline and Mildred: Grandma Wegener; Miss Ida Wegener; August Wegener; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wegener and daughter Helen: Mr. And Mrs. Albert Wegener and children, Mrs. Albert Wegener and children, Waldo and Delores; Mrs. Wendling and two sons, George and Ray of East. St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Flescher of Catawiss, Missouri; Mrs. Ella Jeakel of Belleville, Illinois.

Miss Goldie Field of this city has just returned from attending the Presbyterian Conference At Peoria.

Mrs. Rose Davenroy, French Village, has returned to her home after visiting her sister, Catherine LePage, 513 North 24th Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Spalzman, 932 Lynch Avenue, gave a surprise party for their daughter, Belle, yesterday evening, the occasion being her birthday. The following were present: Misses Sarah O'Donnel, Lena Knox, Gertrude Hoolihan, Mamie Foley, Frieda and Sarah Spatzman, Messrs. Fred Blank, John Knox, Benjamin and Isadore Novack, James O'Donnel, Mike Hoolihan and John Foley.

Last evening the Catholic Women's League gave a party at the community House in honor of Miss Julia Campbell, of Chicago, who is interested in the Travelers' Aid society. A most enjoyable time was had.

Mrs. Marie Powell, State Factory Inspector from Springfield, is in the city. She is inspecting offices and stores, looking into the employment of children without working certificates. The fact that it is during the vacation period, is not sufficient to employ a child under school age, without a certificate.

The Y. W. C. A. gave a party Monday night, in the nature of a farewell party for Miss Nellie Wilke, cafeteria director, and a welcome home to the representatives who have just returned home from a conference held at Dewey Lake, Michigan.

Mrs. James K. Ewing and son, George, are visiting with relatives in Kansas City, Missouri.


A reception was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Werndle in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Puls of St. Louis. Mr. Puls being a soldier recently returned from France. The evening was spent in dancing and games. Refreshments were served to the following: Misses Bernice Thoene, Mildred Werndle, Lillian Werndle, Catherene Williams, Mary Thompson, Mabel Lohrer, Daisy Weszler. Henry Hale, Cecil Terry, Edward Ficher of Dorsey, Illinois., Carroll Boze, Mrs. M. Moore, Mrs. Irene Yelton, Mrs. H. A. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. F. Beinke of St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Puls of St. Louis and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Werndle.




Oliver J. Mollman, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Mollman, 1475 Cleveland Avenue, arrived last night just in time to celebrate his sister Juliette's birthday.

Oliver has been in service 19 months, of which 13 months he was located at Gievers, France, 75 miles from Paris, in the Q. M. C. supply Co. No. 314.

He received his discharge at Camp Mills, L. I. He enlisted in Denver, May 10, 1917.




Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Coulter of bond Avenue, will return this week from a trip to Atlantic City and other Eastern points.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Elliott, 1512 North 40th Street, will leave Saturday for a visit to Atlantic City, new York and other points of interest in the East.

Miss Marcella Diets of Sterling, Illinois, is the guest of Mrs. George Keary of North Fortieth Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hallows of Caseyville Avenue, entertained a number of relatives at dinner, Monday evening, the occasion being their wedding anniversary.


On Tuesday evening the members of the Les. Souris Club, enjoyed a plunge party at Jones pool. Those in attendance were: Misses Frieda Thomas, Ida Gerold, Margaret Draggon, Irene Berry, Mildred Thornton, Dixie Durham.

Mrs. C. diets has returned to her home in Sterling, Illinois, after a pleasant visit with her sister, Mrs. George keary, 1514 North Fortieth Street.

Mrs. M. C. James of North Thirteenth Street is ill at her home. Mrs. James was overheated on Monday. She is reported improving.

Richard Slack has returned from a business trip to Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Morgan of Caseyville Avenue, will remove this week to St. Louis.

Miss Martha Gillespie, 601 North fourteenth Street, left today for a visit with relatives in Cobden, Illinois.

The last meeting of the Blue Birds for this season was a very enjoyable bridge luncheon given at the Herzoak Tea Room in St. Louis, Saturday Afternoon. The members and guests participating were Misses flora Dom, Edna Goldhammer, Marie Bryson, Dolphine, Gladys Shannon, Priscilla Jennings, Jewell Butler and Mrs. LaCroix Jones.

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