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Sharon Newton Burnes

TOP ROW, L to R:  Billy DITCH; John RENDLEMAN; Richard SWADERSKY; Beverly BREWER; unknown; Janice COFF; Melba GREER; unknown

SECOND ROW:  unknown; unknown; unknown; rosemary MORGAN; Roberta LINDLEY; Deanie JACKO; unknown; unknown

FRONT ROW:  unknown; unknown; unknown; Wayne SHAFTNER, Jimmie DAVIS; unknown; Mike MANNING; Richard BURNES; Marjorie PLOUGH; Teacher's name unknown.

New information provided by John Rendleman topper427@yahoo.com:

TOP ROW, L to R Bill Ditch, John Rendleman, Richard Switerski, Beverly Brewer, Nova Steel, Wanda ?, Melba Greer, James Wynn.

SECOND ROW, L to R Karen Fisher, James Warner, Edward Warner (twin to James) Rosemary Morgan, Roberta
Lindley, Imodene Jaco, Loretta Miller, Shirley Wichert.

BOTTOM ROW, L to R Linda Nelson, Brenda ?, Judy Manning, Wayne Schaffner, Jimmy Davis, Madonna Hamm,
Michael Benson, Richard Burns. The teacher is Larry Groves.

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