City Treasurer Hy. Roewe submits his report for June. $16,199.57 city taxes collected. $11,630.02 Pennsylvania Avenue improvement, T. L. Fekete, collector, $1,075. Dramshop licenses $1,000.

Ed. C. Greene and Ed. Goedde of the local Y. M. C. A. participated in the bicycle races at Forest Park Saturday.

Police Clerk John Driscoll reports that there were 189 arrests made during the month of June of whom 168 were non-residents.

Mr. Geo. Weichel, an employee of Fred Holtz, was struck and instantly killed by lightning during the storm yesterday afternoon.

A horse and buggy belonging to H. A. Schroeder was stolen from in front of Beatty's Shoe Store last evening.

At St. Henry's school hall last evening, the little ones entertained their parents at the school closing exercises. Conrad Vonnahme, recitation: Instrumental solo, Lena Surwald: dialogue, "Keeping House", Willie Eckert and Henry Strothman. Drama, "Actions Speak Louder Than Words," Henry Eckert, Joe Surwald, Ida Vogt and Anna Shrand were the stars. Recitations, "Vater und Mutter," Celia Roewe and Bertha Reeb.

Miss Maggie Buckley of Bond Avenue is on the sick list.

Burglars entered the home of Mrs. Greene, 353 Collinsville Avenue, and carried off several valuable articles.

Miss Gertie Tabb arrived yesterday from Mt. Vernon, to spend the summer with her cousin, Mrs. T. M. Carter, of 311 Collinsville Avenue.

Mrs. Henry Holten left yesterday for Murphysboro.

Miss Ella McHale is suffering from a sprained elbow.

Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Huschle, of 1700 Rock Road, spent Sunday in Cahokia.

Mrs. B. Haumesser will leave tomorrow to visit relatives in Carlyle.

Miss Lena Schiele of Converse Avenue left Saturday to visit friends in DuQuoin and Pinckneyville.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roe of St. Louis, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roe of North Sixth Street.

Miss Lucia Bernard of St. Louis, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Bowman, of 617 Collinsville Avenue. Miss Adele Bowman accompanied her home and will remain until after the 4th.

Miss Cora Johns of 465 Collinsville Avenue, is the guest of St. Louis friends.

Miss Clara Voss of 1720 Rock Road, is on the sick list.

Miss Edith Roe entertained a few of her little friends with a birthday party at her home last evening, among those present were: Misses Ella, Lida and Cora Jones, Laura Annie and Lydia Jones, Anna Gutwald, Sallie Dugal and Master Geo. Roe.

Miss Ida Wilde of Collinsville Avenue, entertained a few friends to tea yesterday.

The stockholders of the Tolter gold and Mining Co., will hold a meeting in the office of James J. Rafter, tomorrow evening.

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