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These are from articles which appeared in the Belleville Daily Advocate and
or other unnamed newspapers. The dates that are shown are the dates the
article appeared in the newspaper.


SORGMAN/SORGMANN, Anna: article dated Sept. 23, 1920
The article is an announcement of marriage between Anna SORGMAN and
Leonard STEIN of DuQuoin Just before her wedding, Anna was living in the
home of Fred PATIENT, her brother-in-law, married to her sister Gertrude
SORGMANN PATIENT) according to a wedding announcement placed in the
Belleville, IL "Daily Advocate" newspaper, on page 8; September 23, 1920.
[This is the daughter of county residents: Mathias SORGMANN and his wife

SORGMAN/SORGMANN, Francis: article dated Jan. 17, 1920
[Source: "Daily Advocate" newspaper, January 17, 1920]
Little Frances Sorgman, 8 Years Old, Died On Anniversary of Mother's Death.
The death of Frances SORGMAN, 8 years old, at the family home, 518 South
Charles street, yesterday, occurred just three months from the date on which
her mother, Mrs. Mary SORGMAN, died.
Frances is the little Belleville girl, who after being operated upon in
Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, laid in a plaster cast for almost one year.
The operation was for the removal of a piece of her shin bone, which was
used in replacing a portion of her spine.
The child was in excellent health for four or five years but recently she
came ill when the spine again showed signs of being in a tubercular
The child was born in Belleville, August 10, 1911. She leaves her sister,
Mrs. Fred Patient and Anna Sorgmann; brothers Mathias, Ignatz, Frank and
Joseph Sorgman at home.
The funeral will be Sunday afternoon at 1:15 o'clock to St. Peter's
Cathedral then to the Green Mount Cemetery.
[This is the daughter of county residents: Mathias SORGMANN and his wife
Mary KORDT SORGMANN. Frances SORGMAN/SORGMANN was born in Belleville, Il on
8/10/1911 - and died in Belleville on 1/17/1920

SORGMAN/SORGMANN, Ignatz J.: article dated Jun. 26, 1919
Ignatius J. SORGMANN files for discharge from the military [Note: ending
rank: Corporal, 86th Infantry Company "G" 143]
[This is the son of county residents: Mathias SORGMANN and his wife Mary

SORGMAN/SORGMANN, Mathias (Matthew) F. Jr.: article dated Jul. 30, 1917
The "Daily Advocate" newspaper of Belleville, Illinois states that July
30, 1917, Mathias Jr. registered as eligible for first draft for World War
service. Draft # 2768; order pulled #308.

Additional article:[Source: "Daily Advocate" newspaper, Belleville, IL, page
8; June 26, 1919]
Soldiers and sailors who filed their honorable discharges for record in the
office of Recorder C. A. Summers are as follows: A. E. LANG, Jno. McKIERNAM;
From a Newspaper article from Detroit, Michigan: August 12, 1953: death
Notice: Stating an early morning death. Mathew was a former resident of
Belleville, Illinois, and residing in Detroit in 1953. The article stated
that Mathew Sorgman/SORGMANN had never been married. He was survived by
brothers: Ignatz, Frank and Joseph; his sister Gertrude M. PATIENT had
preceded him in death on December 6, 1943. The body is being forwarded to
the Bux Funeral Home.
[Mathias "Matthew" SORGMANN, Jr. is the son of county residents: Mathias
SORGMANN and his wife Mary KORDT SORGMANN. Mathias, Jr. was born October
1892 Illinois- died 8/12/1953 Detroit, Michigan.]

SORGMAN/SORGMANN, William: [Source: From "Daily Advocate" newspaper of
Belleville, IL, is found an article that states a WILLIAM SORGMANN, loses
his legs in in accident in the Royal Coal Mine on July 17, 1908]
As a result of an accident in the switching yards of the Royal coal mine
Thursday afternoon William SORGMANN, aged 20 years, a coal miner, will
either die or be a helpless, legless cripple the remainder of his days.
SORGMANN had been employed as a coal miner at the Royal mine for only one
day, beginning work Thursday morning. In the afternoon he left the mine and
it is presumed that he walked down the railroad yards and that was the last
seen of him until he was found about 4 o'clock by a number of miners lyin g
along the side of the tracks with both legs cut off below the knees. He was
unconscious and very weak from the loss of blood.
A telephone call brought the Gundlach ambulance to the scene and the
injured man was removed to the St. Elizabeth's hospital where a double
amputation was performed and Friday afternoon the attending physician stated
that the patient was doing nicely and he had hopes for his recovery.
It will probably never be known exactly in what manner the accident
happened as there was no known eyewitness. It is the presumption however,
that SORGMANN attempted to board one of the coal cars which was being
switched and fell beneath the wheels.
SORGMANN resided with his widowed mother, Mrs. Mary SORGMANN, on East
Fourth street, and was the entire support of her and her seven children.

William SORGMANN: article source: [Source: "Daily Advocate " newspaper,
Friday, October 11, 1912]
William SORGMANN of this city, and Miss Carrie M. STEVENS, of East St.
Louis, were married in St. Louis.

[Article source: Daily Advocate" newspaper, Wednesday November 27, 1918:
Death notice:
William SORGMANN, a former resident of Belleville, died yesterday in Mt.
Vernon, IL, aged 30 years. The body will be shipped here for burial. The
services will be held at 2:00 o'clock Friday afternoon at the F. C. Bux
chapel. Interment will be in Walnut Hill Cemetery.
[This is the son of county residents: Mathias SORGMANN and his wife Mary

SORGMAN/SORGMANN, Mathias, "Matthew" Sr.
Census Soundex Code: # S625
1900 Federal Census: St. Clair Co., IL (ED 111, Sheet 3B, Line 61)
Sorgman, Mathias, head, Born February 1845; parents and self in Germany; 56
years old, marriage 1 of 13 years; naturalized in 1882 and here in country
for 18 years (thus arrived 1882); coal miner, can read, not write and can
speak English; rents a home
Sorgman, Mary, wife; born February 1871; 29 years of age; parents & self
born in Germany; 1st marriage of 13 years; 7 children born and 6 survive;
can read and write and can speak English.
Sorgman, William, son; born June 1888, 12 years of age, born in IL; attends
Sorgman, Gertie, daughter, born February 1890; 10 years of age, born in IL
Sorgman, Mathias, son; born October 1892, 8 years of age; born in IL
Sorgman, Ignatz, son; born September 1893; 7 years of age, born in IL
Sorgman, Anna; daughter, born July 1895; 4 years of age
Sorgman, Frank J.; son; born January 1890; age 4/12 months.

[Source: East St. Louis, IL "Daily Journal", page 2, column 8; Monday
evening, June 10, 1919:]
Man Swept from Railway Bridge at Belleville
Matthew SORGMAN, 72, a retired coal miner, of Belleville, was instantly
killed yesterday afternoon when he was swept from a railway bridge near the
county seat by a train. The engineer of the Louisville & Nashville train,
W. Hadley, of Evansville, Indiana, told Belleville authorities he did not
see the aged man who was lying alongside the track on the bridge until it
was too late to stop the train. Sorgman is survived by four sons and two
daughters. Funeral arrangements had not been made pending the inquest.

[Source: East St. Louis, IL " Daily Journal", June 12, 1929, page 10 column
Funeral Services at Belleville for Retired Miner
Funeral services for Matthew Sorgram [sic; should read SORGMAN/SORGMANN],
72, retired coal miner of Belleville, who was killed late Sunday when he was
struck by a Louisville & Nashville train were held at St. Peter's cathedral
in Belleville this morning with interment in Green Mount cemetery. Sorgman
was struck while he lay on the end of the ties of a trestle. He was
believed to have seen the train approaching and realizing that he could not
run to either end of the structure in time to escape the train lay down on
the end of the ties to let the train pass over him. The pilot of the engine
knocked him from the trestle.

Burial in Belleville, Illinois at Green Mount, Cemetery. Information about
the train accident, coroner's inquest and burial arrangements taken from
microfilm copy of the newspaper: Daily Advocate, of Belleville, IL for June
10, 1929. Article also states that Mathias came to the US while a young man
(death certificate states that he had been in the U.S. for 50 years.

Death Certificate Information. St. Clair County: states that Mr. SORGMAN's
address at time of death wass 512 Walnut Street, Swansea, IL. Further
information states that the length of residence in this city where death
occurred was 4 years). Informant for death details was son-in-law Fred A.
PATIENT of Belleville, IL

SORGMANN (nee KORDT), Mary; wife of Mathias SORGMANN, Sr.; The information
on Mary Kordt Sorgmann's St. Clair County, Illinois death certificate was
given by Fred PATIENT, her son-in-law. The address at the time of her death
was 518 St.Charles Street, Belleville, IL. [Mary KORDT was born in Essen,
Westphalia February 24, 1871 and she died October 16, 1919 Belleville, IL.
More information on her birth family, emigration records for her father
William KORDT, and the marriage license information for Mary KORDT and
Mathias SORGMANN, Sr., can be found under Jackson Co., Illinois records.]

Family research has revealed legal information on file in St. Clair County
as follows:
Probate Index, 1771-1964; St. Clair Co., IL
1930 Sorgman, Leo
1929 Sorgman, Mathias [Note: died June 9, 1929]
1930 Sorgman, Robert
1930 Sorgman, Veronica [Note: daughter of Matthias and Mary KORDT SORGMANN]
1908 Sorgman, William
1930 Sorgman, William
1952 Sorgman, Wilma

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