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Striking children refused to attend classes yesterday after it was learned that Mrs. Mauda Widener, teacher for the past eleven years of the one-room Cahokia, Il. grade school was not going to be rehired.They carried a sign saying "We want our teacher back"

The strike was said to have the backing of the parents of the children. L. J. WHEATLEY, father of two ofthe strikers said he and two other fathers were circulating a petition demanding that the school board reinstate Mrs. Widener. He said 100 of the 157 voters in the school district have signed the petition, including the parents of all the striking students.

The school board was reported to have determined not to rehire Mrs. Widener for the 1938-39 school year because she is married and her husband is employed on a state highway job receiving $150 a month. Mrs. Widener is paid $125 a month. She denied her dismissal was due to her marriage declaring she was married at the time she was hired.

Most of the young strikers gathered on a vacant lot  under a shade tree across from the school. They played baseball and other games. All were enoying the "walk-out" The pupils, two of them being PEARL AND MABEL OTTEN, had fond memories of their teacher many years later.

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