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DEATHS (Also see the Illinois Death Index names we currently have here)

27 September 1884 - East St. Louis Gazette

There are some cases of scarlet fever in the vicinity of St. Libory, in this county. A child of Mr. BOLLMAN died of the disease, a day or two ago, and he is also prostrated with it himself.

A letter was received by County Clerk RHEIN, this week, from C. H. BURHETT, clerk at Waterville Township, OH, containing the information of the death of one George WHITMAN. The deceased was a stranger there and left no effects by which he could be indentified, except his first naturalization papers, which were taken out in this country in 1867. He is reported as having left a considerable sum of money...Belleville Republican

Listed on this page uner Administrator/Administratrix are Michael SCOTT and Timothy SULLIVAN, both deceased.

January 1887 - East St. Louis Gazette

Coroner WOODS held an inquest on Tuesday upon the body of a little child of a family named RHODES, which died without medical attendance. The verdict was death from natural causes.

Three men killed; eight workmen buried in the ruins of a building. Collapse of trwo immense tanks at HELM's brewery in East St. Louis, suffocated by Ammonia or crushed to death. BURKE died about 4:30, and TURNER succumbed a little before 6, making three deaths including KIEFER. Coroner WOODS held an inquest upon the three bodies and thoroughly investigated the cause of the accident, the jury finding that the swivel support was defective as was also the material in the condensing tank, and holding Michael DENNEDY culpable for the unfortunate accident. The remains of BURKE and TURNER were sent to Ohio for burial, both from Cincinnati and KIEFER was interred in St. Henry's cemetery.

October 4, 1890 - East St. Louis Journal

New Athens - Mrs. Amelia ALBERT, wife of Fred ALBERT, was buried last Wednesday. She was 19 years of age, and leaves besides her husband, a child 5 months old, to mourn her loss.

Lenzburg - An infant child of Mr. William HEINECKE, which died at Duquoin, was brought here for burial last Saturday and interred in the Dutch Hill graveyard. Mr. HEINECKE was a former resident of this place, and moved to Duquoin a year ago (?). He has our sympathy in his bereavement.

Venice - Lulu SPRAY, aged 14, died at Newport Wednesday.

The remains of the late George J. Schultz, mention of whose death was made in our last issue, were brought to Mascoutah from Belleville on Tuesday, and buried in the Mascoutah city cemetery at 5 o'clock p.m. of the same day...Mascoutah Herald, 13 March, 1891

Mr. Lorenz Speiser, aged seventy one years, died at his residence, near New Baden, last Monday...Mascoutah Herald, 13 March 1891

The body of Valentine Mode, who was drowned while duck hunting on March 1st, was found in the Okaw river, near Venedy, last Saturday...Mascoutah Herald, 13 March 1891

Otto H. Liebig, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman G. Liebig, died on Saturday evening at 10 o'clock, March 7th, 1891, at the age of one year, seven months and twenty days.  The child had been ill disposed for some time, but on Friday, February 27th, it accidentally fell into a small basin of boiling water and was severely scalded.  Death, however, was not caused by the wounds it received from the accident, but from a disease it had previously contracted.  The funeral took place on Monday afternoon from the residence of the parents on East Mill street to the city cemetery, where interment was made.  Rev. F. Hempelmann, of the Ev. Prot. church, held the services...Mascoutah Herald, 13 March 1891

Mr. John Beck, a well known young man, died at the county hospital at 3 o'clock Wednesday morning, March 11, 1891, aged thirty six years and nine months.  About one week before last Christmas the deceased was kicked on the abdomen by a mule, and he was unable to continue his labors.  He was given medical attendance but grew weaker as time went on, and it was noticed that he was dwindling away.  He was given all the care necessary at the Eagle hotel in this city, but was removed to the county farm last week, his condition making this necessary, where he died at the above stated time.  He was born in Germany and came to this country with his parents when quite young.  His parents died years ago, and he leaves no known relatives hereabouts.  He was a member of Harmonia Lodge NO. 563, Order of the Harugarl, which Order took charge of the remains and brought them to this city.  The funeral took place yesterday. Rev. Hempelmann, of the Ev. Prot. church, held the services. The members of Harmonia Lodge attended in a body.  Interment was made in the city cemetery...Mascoutah Herald, 13 March 1891

The personal property of the late John Beck will be sold at public auction at Mr. George Meyer's place in this city, on Saturday afternoon, April 11th

Charles Waithes, son of Mr. Henry Waithes of Queens Lake, died March 19th?, aged thirteen years, three months and two days. The funeral took place on the 21st of March to the New Memphis cemetery.  Rev. Holtkamp, of this city held the services...Mascoutah Herald, 3 April, 1891

Amelia Webber, daughter of Mrs. Emma Webber, died at St. Louis on Tuesday, March 31, 1891, aged one year, 10? months and 14 days. The remains were brought to Mascoutah for interment. The funeral took place yesterday from the residence of City cemetery...Mascoutah Herald, 6 March, 1891

Mr. George Schulz, one of the oldest residents of this county died at the County Farm on Monday, aged ninety two years, six months and fifteen days.  The deceased spent the greater part of his life in Mascoutah.  He was taken to the County Farm last fall. His remains were laid to rest in the County Farm cemetery...Mascoutah Herald 6 March, 1891

East St. Louis Journal, 14 March, 1891

Mr. Stephen CARROLL, an old resident of East St. Louis, died at St. Mary's hospital Tuesday.

Mrs. Charles HAUSS, Jr. (nee Sackmann)...see obituary

Henry Mager - One of Mascoutah's oldest and well known business men, died on Sunday morning at 9:00 o'clock, March 29th, 1891, after a suffering and lingering illness, aged forty seven years, one month and ? days...Mascoutah Herald, 3 April, 1891 **an obituary exists, but is very difficult to read.  Doctors W. A. Fries, of St. Louis, G. Fuchs of New Memphis, and C. Rembe of this city held an autopsy over the remains of the late Henry Mager on Monday morning, with a view of ascertaining the cause or nature of the disease from which the deceased has for many years suffered

Conrad Frick - Buried in the family burial grounds and mentioned in the 3 April, 1891 Mascoutah Herald in the obituary section. The copy I have is too dark to give any further information.

Mr. William A. Allen, Mayor of Greenville, died March 21st, aged sixty one years...Mascoutah Herald, 3 April, 1891

The late Mrs. George Bernius held a life insurance policy in the Metropolitan of New York for the amount of $110, which was paid by the Company's representative yesterday...10 April, 1891 *See Mrs. George Bernius' obituary also

19 August 1892 - East St. Louis Journal

The remains of a daughter of Constant RAMLOT, of Valentine avenue, who died yesterday, were interred to-day in St. Peter's cemetery.

A Card of Thanks

We desire to reurn our sincere thanks to all friends who so kindly volunteered their help and sympathy in connection with the death of our sister. May they never lack for friendly hands and hearts in their hour of need...A. M. DUBOC, H. A. DUBOC, Julia P. DUBOC

18 August, 1892 - East St. Louis Journal

Coroner WOODS held an inquest this morning on the remains of W. S. CONKLING, who was killed at Bennett's mine, near Lebanon, by falling backwards on a cage and breaking his neck. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death. He leaves a wife and family.

Harry PORTER, son of I. B. PORTER, president and largest stockholder of the Denverside Syndicate, committed suicide this morning, at Moberly, Mo. The young man has been drinking very hard of late, but as money was always at his command no reason can be assigned for the suicide, except temporary aberration. It is said that he was infatuated with an actress.

12 August 1892 - East St. Louis Journal

A fifteen-months-old son of Charles HART, of Ninth street and Ohio avenue, died yesterday after a long illness. The funeral took place at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The remains were interred in St. Peter's cemetery.

25 July, 1892 - East St. Louis Journal


John Baptiste Due(c), a Frenchman, about forty-five years of age, was overcome by heat at about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.

A policeman found him lying near the Belt Line tracks, with his satchel near by, and had him take to Geppert's saloon, from whence he was taken to the police station, and Dr. Wilhelm called. The man was, however, too far gone, adn died about forty minutes after the doctor's arrival. The body was taken to Benner's undertaking rooms. Coroner Woods held an inquest this morning, and the jury brough in a verdict of death by coup de soleil.

Mr. Due(c) had only been in this country one month, and was a moulder by trade. He was employed at the Malleable Iron Works. His family, a wife and five children, are still living in France, and the death of the husband and father in a strange land will be a sudden and cruel blow to them. He had cousins living in Missouri, and also friends in St. Louis and this city, who took charge of the remains.


Dr. WOODS is the busiest man in St. Clair County nowadays and this is his busy day. Thre have been four inquests in this city to-day, over which, as coroner, he has presided, and he has gone to Belleville, this afternoon to hold the fifth.

In addition to these five new cases, the inquest into the death of Patrick KELLY, which was begun on Saturday, was finished to-day. Kelly was fatally injured in an attempt to board a moving train, on Friday night, and died on Saturday. The jury found a verdict of accidental death.


Daniel HALLISSEY's six-months-old grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip WILLIAMS, of 509 Walnut avenue, died at 4 o'clock yesterday morning, of congestion of the brain. Several physicians were called in, but the child died before their arrival.

Coroner WOODS held an inquest at 3 p. m., yesetreday, and the jury brought in a verdict in accordance with the above facts.


The hot weather, and the absence of safe bathing facilities, cause three deaths:

William PEARL, a sixteen-year-old boy of Twentieth and Biddle streets, St. Louis, was drowned yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock, while bathing with his brother in Cahokia Creek, near the Cairo Short Line trestle. His body was recovered some two or three hours later, yesterday evening, and was taken to Benner's undertaking rooms.

Coroner WOODS held an inquest this morning, and the jury found a verdict of accidental death by drowning. Mr. Pearl, father of the drowned boy, took charge of the remains, and conveyed them to his home, where the funeral will be held this afternoon. The remains will be interred in St. Peter's Cemetery, St. Louis.

Henry HARRIS, a Russian Jew, nineteen years of age, who has been living with his parents at the corner of Ninth and Biddle streets, St. Louis, was drowned yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock, in the O. & M. slough, while bathing there with several other youths of his own age.

His body was recovered in about half an hour, and was taken to Benner's under taking rooms, where Coroner Woods held an inquest this morning. The jury brought in a verdict of accidental death by drowning. His remains were taken to the home of his parents in St. Louis,, yesterday evening.

John SWEENEY, a section hand, about forty-five years old, who has been boarding on the Island, was drowned on Friday evening, while bathing in the wwater near the Advance Elevator. The body was recovered early this morning by Henry Harold.

The arrangements for the funeral have not as yet been made. He was a single man, without relatives in this city, and his remains will in all probability be buried here.

Mrs. Wachtel's Death

Mrs. Edward WACHTEL, wife of Edward Wachtel, who keeps a saloon at the Four Mile Crossing, near Centerville Station, died yesterday evening at aout 7 o'clock after a brief illness.

The funeral will take place to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock, from the family residence to St. Henry's Church and thence to St. Henry's Cemetery.

Death of Mrs. Goetz

Mrs. G. GOETZ, of 312 North Ninth street, died at 6 o'clock this morning, of dropsy. Mrs. Goetz was sixty-seven years of age and leaves a family of six children, all married, to mourn her loss.

The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the family residence to St. Henry's Cemetery.

22 July, 1892 - East St. Louis Journal

An eleven-months-old child of George TOUCHETTE and wife, of Centerville Station, died yesterday evening at 7 p.m., and will be buried to-morrow morning at 9 a.m., in the Lutheran Cemetery, at Centerville.

Drowning at Stock Yards

King JONES, a colored man, twenty-two years of age, was drowned on Wednesday, near his home, which is the neighborhood

Drowned while bathing

A boy named John DOWLING, valet for Jockey ARNOLD, of the race course, was drowned this morning at 11 o'clock, while bathing with a number of other boys, in a pond near the race track. His body has been recovered, and his step-father, who has a livery stable on Grand Avenue, in St. Louis, has been notified.

July 15, 1892 - East St. Louis Journal

Frank E. MILLARD, of this city, who died last week in Texas, left an insurance policy of $5,000, on his life, his mother being the beneficiary.

George ETLING, a pioneer resident of Freeburg, died at his home there on Wednesday, aged eighty years. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at the Freeburg Cemetery.

An eight-months-old child of Frank A. WADE, the Missouri avenue barber, died yesterday of congestion of the brain, after a two weeks illness. The funeral was held this afternoon. The remains were interred in St. Peter's Cemetery.

A two-year-old child of T. B. HANIFAN, of 312 Brady avenue, died yesterday, of summer complaint. The funeral took place this afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the family residence. The remains were interred at Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

Edward Adelsberger - Edward Adelsberger, aged 25, died at his home, 1463 Cleveland Avenue, last Friday afternoon.  The funeral will be held from the late residence Monday morning at 8:30 o'clock. Interment will be in Mt. Carmel cemetery. Benner-Brichler have charge...E. St. Louis Journal, 30 June 1912.

H. Bagwell - H. Bagwell, of 609 North 8th Street, died yesterday at St. Mary's hospital from the effects of a fall while at morris & Co., last Friday afternoon, when it was said he had an attack of apoplexy.  He is 57 years of age.  The funeral will be held Monday morning from the residence with interment at Walnut Hill cemetery, Belleville.  Degen-Doussard has charge...E. St. Louis Journal, 30 June 1912.

Helen Boges - Helen Boges, the 6 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Boges of 908a North 17th Street, died Saturday morning. Funeral this afternoon at 2 o'clock, to Mt. Hope cemetery. Broeggelmeyer has charge...E. St. Louis Journal, 30 June, 1912.

Evelyn Cheslick - Evelyn Cheslick, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cheslick, of 3002 Summit Avenue, died yesterday at their home.  The body will be shipped this afternoon to Chester, Ill., for burial.  Walsh has charge...E. St. Louis Journal, 8 March 1920

Edward Cobbs - Edward Cobbs, aged 43 years, died Saturday at St. Mary's hospital, following an operation for cancer of the stomach.  the body was returned to his home, 1910 North 21st Street.  He is survived by his wife and three children.  The body will be sent to ...lington, KY, Monday for burial.  The deceased was a member of the Switchman's Union.  Burke has charge...E. St. Louis Journal, 30 June 1912

Raymond Herb, Jr. - Raymond Herb, Jr., the 11 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Herb, died at their home, 326 Illinois Avenue.  The funeral will be held this afternoon from the home to Greenwood Cemetery.  Besner-Brichler has charge...E. St. Louis Journal, 8 March 1920

Victor Kroeves - The funeral of Victor Kroeves, who died at the Henrietta hospital last Friday from injuries received to his head in a manner at present unknown was held yesterday from Kurr(u)s Morgue to Mt. Hope cemetery.  The inquest will be held today at 1 o'clock.  Charles Warren of Mattoon, a fellow worker at the engine room of the Central Brewery, is held at Belleville until after the inquest.  Warren said that he was wrestling with Kroeves when Kroeves fell, his head hitting on the door of one of the furnaces. George Kroeves of Chicago, a brother of the deceased, arrived in East St. Louis last Friday and has taken personal charge of the case...E. St. Louis Journal, 30 June, 1912

Bertha Lynch - Bertha Lynch died at her home in Fairmount City last night at the age of 42 years.  She was the wife of Dennis Lynch and the sister of Richard and Taylor Miller, Mrs. Henrietta Pines and Mrs. Ella Newfarm.  The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. from the residence to Mt. Hope cemetery. Kurrus has charge...E. St. Louis Journal, 8 March 1920

Dorothy Lucille Packer - Dorothy Lucille Packer, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Packer, of 2927 Bond Avenue, died at their home last night.  the funeral will be held this afternoon from the residence to Mt. Hope cemetery, Kurrus has charge...E. St. Louis Journal, 8 March 1920

Stella Van Zandt - Miss Stella VanZandt, aged 26 years, died at Murphysboro, Il., yesterday from the effects of an operation for appendicitis.  The body arrived this morning at 1 o'clock and was taken to the residence of her mother at 430 Columbia Place.  the funeral will be held Thursday afternoon from the residence to Mt. Hope cemetery.  She is survived by her mother, and two sisters, Miss Kate Van Zandt, who is employed at the post office and Miss Josie Van Zandt, who is in Chicago...E. St. Louis Journal, 19 Sept 1905

East St. Louis Journal, 31 August 1892

Michael Joyce, of this city, died yesterday at the county farm in Belleville.

Leo Ducray, aged 22 years, son of Justin Ducray, died in Philadelphia, Pa., while on a visit to relatives.

The remains of Miss Mollie Killion, who died at the residence of her brother, George Killion, on Collinsville Avenue were shipped to Ava today for interment (Ava is in Jackson County, IL).

East St. Louis Journal, November 19,1903 - Donated by Billie Trail

Charles Bertrand, of 1720 Fiske Ave. died at Alexian Brothers Hospital yesterday. Funeral arrangements not made yet. Benner-Brichel has charge.

Miss Margaret Dowling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dowling, of Bond Ave, died this morning at St.Mary's Hospital after several weeks illness. No definite arrangements have been made for the funeral.

East St. Louis Journal, July 24, 1923

Entered into rest Sunday, July 22, at San Diego, Cal., Mrs. Olive Fitzsimmons, mother of Pansy and Helen Fitzsimmons.  Burial at Taylorville, Ill.

Entered into rest on Monday, July 23, 1923, at 12:30 a.m., Michael Melvin, age 72 years, beloved husband of Kate Kern Melvin, and father of Charles Melvin.  Funeral from family residence, 1109 Market Ave., Wednesday, July 25, at 8:30 a.m., to St. Mary's church, thence to Mt. Carmel cemetery.  Burke has charge.

Entered into rest on Monday July 23, 1923, Catherine Walsh, beloved mother of Mrs. Catherin Coombs, Mrs. C. J. Nolan, Josie, Nellie A., Margaret C., Emma F., John J. and Edward R. Walsh; dear grandmother of Cecile C. Coombs and Robert A. Nolan, and dear sister of Mrs. Johanna Querney.  Funeral from family residence, 545 Washington Place, to st. Joseph's church, Wednesday, July 25, at 8:30 a.m. thence to Mt. Carmel cemetery.  Burke has charge.

In Memoriam:  In memory of our darling son, Elmer T. Luscomb, who passed away two years ago today, July 25.  Sadly missed by father, mother, brother and sisters.

Cards of Thanks:  We want to thank our many relatives, friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathies extended us in our sad bereavement, also for the beautiful floral tributes paid to our departed loved one; Rev. Father Byrne for his consoling words, and the choir for their beautiful music.  D. H. Miller, Dennis Miller, husband and son; Mrs. Rosa Slaven, mother; Mrs. Lillian Doak, sister.

East St. Louis Journal, March 16, 1941:

Herman L. Schneider of Caseyville Avenue, on Sunday, March 16, 1941; beloved husband of Mrs. Lena Schneider; dear father of Mrs. Adelina Bourland, Mrs. Vera Morris, Mrs. Irene McClinton, Mrs. Esther Selbert and Ray and Eugene Schneider; our dear brother, father-in-law, grandfather and great-grandfather.  Funeral Wednesday, March 19, at 1:30 p.m. from Robins Funeral Home, 417 N. 8th St.  Interment Mt. Hope cemetery.  Rev. E. R. Jaeger officiating. Robins service.

BURIAL PERMITS - East St. Louis Journal, 8 March 1920

Ferdie Coplin, 20, C. B. & Q yards; Inquest pending

Emil Paul Czapp, 53, St. Mary's Hospital; appendicitis

Mary Elizabeth Davis, 68, 1428 North Thirteenth Street; Kidney disease

William Hubbard, 44, 21 North Fifteenth Street; lobar pneumonia

Mrs. Ida Jeston, 32, St. Mary's Hospital; chronic nephritis

John Shelton, 1733 Belmont Avenue, Stillborn

In Memory of our dear son and brother, William P. Reame, who departed this life three years ago, March 7, 1917.

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