Widow's Army Pension Supplementary Affidavit
From James Sweat Pension File

Submitted by: Edith Reeves!
Thank You Edith!

Note: I (Edith) will give a full transcription the deposition in which Elizabeth lists the birthdates of her
children so you can see what they are like and then I will summarize the rest.

"State of Illinois Peoria County
"On this 10th day of March A. D. 1869 personally appeared before me a Judge of the County Court in and for the County and State above named Elizabeth Sweat a resident of Richwoods in the County of Peoria State of Illinois aged 37 who being duly sworn according to law, doth on oath declare that she is the widow of  James B. Sweat who was a Private in Co."H" of the 11th Regiment of Illiinois Volunteers (Cavalry) in the war of 1861; that her claim for a pension on account of his death resulting from his service aforesaid is on file and now pending in the office of  the Commissioner of Pensions and she makes this supplementary affidavit in order to secure an increase of pension in accordance with the Act of Congress increasing pensions of  widows and ophans approved July 25, 1866.

"And she further swears that she has five and only five children of her said deceased husband and herself under Sixteen years of  age at the time of their father's death who are now living; that the following are the names, date of birth, and present place of residence of said children.

Frank Sweat who was born on the 7th day of April A. D. 1856;
Ellen C. Sweat who was born on the 20th day of November A. D. 1857
John Sweat who was born on the 19th day of December A. D. 1859.
Meary E. Sweat who was born on the 14th day of August A. D. 1861 &
Emma Sweat who was born on the 24th day of July A. D. 1864.

"And she further states that record evidence of the dates of birth of said is not to be had. that there is no record of the dates of the birth of said children.  She further swears that her deceased husband left no minor children by a former marriage. "She also declares that she has not remarried since the death of  her said husband nor has she abandoned the support of any one of  the above named children. nor permitted any one of the same for whom she desires increase of pension to be adopted by any other person or persons as his, her, or their child. "She hereby appoints Chauncey Nye of Peoria Illinois as her  attorney and authorizes him to present and prosecute this claim & to do all that may be necessary to be done in the premises in prosecuting the same to a final settlement and to receive and receipt for any order or certificate that may be granted or issued in satisfaction hereof Her post office is as follows: Peoria Illinois
"Elizabeth Sweat"

"Also personally appeared Elen Hines and Catherine Card of  Richwoods in the County of Peoria and State of Illinois who being by me duly sworn depose and say that they were present and saw Elizabeth Sweat sign her name to the foregoing affidavit and  have every reason to believe from her appearance and their acquaintance with her that she is the identical person she represents herself to be and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.  They further say that she still remains the widow of the said James B. Sweat and continues to support all her children named in the foregoing affidavit on  account of whom she claims an increase of pension.
"Elen Hines
"Catherine Card

"Sworn to and subscribed before me this 10th day of March A. D. 1869 & I hereby certify that the foregoing affidavits were read and explained to affiants and fully understood by them respectively before signing: and that I have no interest direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim.
"John C. Yates, County Judge"

One affidavit of "Ellen Hines wife of John Hines of Richwoods in  the County & State above named" declares her acquaintance with Elizabeth Sweat and James B. Sweat; lists the children and  asserts that as the mother of Elizabeth Sweat she was present at the births of John Sweat and Mary E. Sweat.
Another document from Marion County in the State of Iowa alledges that Maria Chapin, Eveline Harlan and Jane Hines were present and assisted at the birth of Frank Sweat.

Cornelius J. Stewart appeared in the dourt in the town of  Millbrook County of Peoria and acknowledge that he was acquainted with James B. Sweat and Elizabeth Sweat and that as a practicing physician he attended Elizabeth at the birth of Ellen C. Sweat.  Benjamin Sweat also verified the birth of Ellen because her mother was staying at his home at the time of Ellen's birth.

And finally Catherine Card swore that she knew the late James B. Sweat and was well acquainted with Elizabeth Sweat, his widow, and that they had five children, and that she was present at the birth of Emma.