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If you are not familiar with using a mailing list, here's what you can expect:

A mailing list is simply a single email address that points to a list of email addresses (subscribers). When a member of the list sends a message to the email list, every subscriber will receive a copy. Our list accepts posts that deal with Illinois only. This means you will receive questions, surnames, updates and other types of posts covering the entire State of Illinois after you subscribe. The number of messages per day can vary. Some days you will receive a large amount of mail other days you will not.  The only change to the new mailing list is that all responses to an original query will be sent to the original poster and not to the list at large.  This is to help cut down on unwanted mail that other members do not wish to read (you know, when some of us "chit chat" on list, lol)  All Posts you originate and send to will be sent to all list members.

Following netiquette. There are simple points of suggestion to follow when you're exchanging email messages with a group or with an individual. The running of this list requires the cooperation of all who join in order to run smoothly and accomplish what's it's been set up to do.

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Please be sure your email settings are set to send mail in plain text only. Instructions on how to adjust these settings can be found below. PLEASE, make sure you only send mail in the plain text mode. Some mail programs cannot read rich text and HTML and this can cause other subscribers of this list to have difficulty reading your posts.
Scroll down this list to find the email program you currently use to find instructions on how to adjust your settings for this list.
(Many thanks to Debbie Woolard for putting these together for us):

AOL version 6.0
(if you aren't sure which version of AOL you are using, click the HELP at the top of your AOL tool bar, then select ABOUT. This will give you the version number.

1.Compile your e-mail
2.Right click inside the text box
3.Click Select All (at the bottom of the menu)
4.Right Click in the text box again
5.Click Text
6.Click Normal
7.Send the e-mail in the usual way

1.When authoring mail in AOL 6.0, remove all formatting from the message body and send the message in the AOL 6.0 default font of Arial, 10 point. Do not include any bolds, italics, underlines, colors, or other styles.
2.Use AOL Mail on the Web (at to send mail to Internet addresses that reject formatting. AOL Mail on the Web sends mail as plain text only.

If you are cutting and pasting, be sure you are not picking up extra characters or backgrounds. That can result in gibberish when it goes to a list."


Netscape Communicator

Choose Edit > then Preferences
Select "Mail and Groups | Messages" from the menu on the left
* do not check the box that says "By default, send HTML messages".


Outlook Express (Windows)

Choose Tools > then Options > then "Send" tab
Under Mail Sending Format
Check Plain Text. Then click on the "Plain Text Settings" button
Under Message Format, MIME should be checked with "Encode text using:" to None.


Outlook Express for Macintosh

Choose Edit > then Preferences

Within Preferences window, make sure the triangle next to "Outlook Express"
is pointing
down instead of to the right (otherwise click once to make it so).
Under the "Outlook Express" heading select "Message Compostion".
Choose plain text radio button for the "mail sending format" box at the top
Also make sure "Uuencode" is selected next to "Attachment sending:" (near
the middle


Outlook 98

Choose Tools > then Options
then "Mail Format" tab
then "Message Format" - select either Microsoft Word or Plain Text
* (do not select RTF format or HTML format)


Pegasus Mail 3.01b

Choose Tools > then Options
then Sending Mail
Check the box "Always remove formatting."


Eudora Pro

Choose Tools > then Options
then Styled Text
Under "When sending mail with styled text (HTML):
Check either:
"Send Plain Text only"
"Send both plain and styled" if you choose this one, make sure to check
"Ask me each time"



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