Township 12 south, range 2 west

Kimmel Cemetery, located west of Jonesboro, Ill., was transcribed by Darrel Dexter in the winter of 1997. It is probably the oldest cemetery in Union County. To my knowledge, it has the oldest legible marker in Union County, that of Jacob Woolf, who died in 1823. (The oldest marker in St. Johns Cemetery is dated 1828 and in Jonesboro Cemetery 1829.)

Kimmel Cemetery is often called the "Old Dunkard Cemetery." The earliest members of the families buried there were connected to the Dunkard Church, or German Baptist Brethren. There was at one time a large Dunkard Colony south of Jonesboro, composed of Woolf, Hunsaker, Kimmel, Davis, Dougherty, Vancil, Wigle, Limbaugh and other families. They are in some ways similar to the Mennonites and were called "Dunkards," the German word for "dippers," because they baptized by dipping the person forward, face down, into the water three times. Jacob Woolf and George Davis, who died in 1816, were made the first deacons of the church in 1813 and George Woolf was chosen the pastor. In 1826, Charles Dougherty, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Woolf Dougherty, was ordained a Dunkard preacher in Union County. Between 1827 and 1831, most of the Dunkards left to settle in Adams Co., Ill. The last love feast was held by the Dunkards in Union County in 1836 at the home of Daniel Kimmel.

The oldest markers in the cemetery are classified as "discoid," a type of marker which looks like a nearly circular head, neck and square shoulders.

J.T.--(foot marker only)
In memory of _____Yandles DAVIS. Hur age 20 years, 4 month on January the 3, 1833
1813?- IHDC (?)-
In memory of the deth of Polly C R U S E, Febuary 16, 1833
Here lies the body of Jacob WOOLF who was born Spt. 19th 1778 and died Oct. 7th, 1823
In memory of Catharine FAGGANT was born Decembr the 30 (or 31?) 1780, died the 23 of April 1835
R.D. --(foot marker only)
Elizabeth wife of M. KIMMEL died Mar. 1, 1853, aged 30 yrs. Zilpha G R E E N died A ug. 27, 186 1, Aged 22 Yrs., 6 Mos. (with foot marker "Z. G.)
Mary D., dau of --(stone is broken) -- R. & E. S A MS died Sept. 14, 1864, Aged 7 yr., 8 Ms., 10 ds.
Phillip KIMMEL died Apr. 29, 1866, aged 36 Yrs., 7 Mo's (with foot marker "P. K.
Elizabeth KIMMEL died Feb. 23, 1887, Aged 82 Yrs. -- (This stone is broken.)-- Sleep mother dear and take your rest. God called you home. He thought it best. 'Twas hard indeed to part with thee, but Christ's strong arm supported me.
N.E.K.--(foot marker only)
Sarah wife of M. KIMMEL died Apr. 28, 1862, Aged 38 Yrs., 1 M's, 28 ds. (This stone is not erect and is broken at the base.)
Mary Jane wife of Willis CA U BLE, died June 2, 1863, Aged 22 Y's, 5 M's, 19 ds.
Augustus son of W. & M.J. CAU BLE, died Dec. 30, 1867, Aged 8 Yrs. & 6 ds.
Laura E. wife of D.A. KIMMEL born Sept. 21, 1853, died Nov. 4,1874. Soon shall we meet again. Meet ne'er to sever. Soon will peace wreathe her chain, round us forever.
David A. K I M M E L born Sept. 30, 1846, died Mar. 6, 193 2 Nellie E., wife of D.A. KIMMEL, born June 11, 1864, died June 19, 1890 L.U.K. -- (foot marker only)

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Northwest quarter of section 33, Township 11 south, range I west

Rich Cemetery was transcribed by Darrel Dexter in the summer of 1998.

Hubbs, John T., 9 Jan 1850-10 Feb 1899, Father
Hubbs, Anna, wife of J.T., 5 Oct 1845-26 Mar 1892, Mother
Osborn, Sami., Co. B, 9th Ill. Inf.
Wiley, Clara Wiley, Louie
Wiley, Roy
Hill, Walter P., son of J.C. & Abby, died 24 Nov 1866, age 1 1 M, 26 D --footmarker only-- A.S.
Green, David Clinton, son of David & Elizabeth, 30 Aug 1844-23 Sep 1864 Thou went beloved in life, Immortal in death, and will ever be remembered with affection (This stone was broken)
Bato, ---h. 28 Sep 1883-8 Sep 1889 (This stone was broken)
K i m m e l, infant son of D. & M.A.
K i m m el, infant daughter of D. & M.A.
Green, Alice, daughter of David & Elizabeth, died 2 Jun 1854, age 4 M Sleep thy beloved, take thy rest God called thee home, he thought it best
Kimmel, Joanah, wife of E., died 4 Mar 1864, aged 22 Y, 10 M, 2 D Hill,, Lizzie, wife of 0. P., died 23 Sep 187 1, age 20 Y, 6 M,, 1 0 D Green, David, 27 Nov 1804-23 Feb 1877
Green, Elizabeth, 19 Nov 1814-8 May 1878 Gone but not forgotten Casper, Henry, 6 Mar 1815-15 Oct 1893
Casper, Eliza, wife of Henry, 6 Jan 1815-15 Jul 1890 Pleasant in their lives And in their death they were not divided
Green, Louisa J., died 29 Nov 1847, aged 6 Y, 5 M, 25 D
Green, William G., died 28 Nov 1847, aged 3 M, 22 D
Children of David & Elizabeth Green Dearest children you have left us Desolate our hearts are now But to God in meek submission Humbly will we try to bow
Rich, Thomas J., died 8 Oct 1844, aged 18 Y, 17 D
Rich, Thomas, 1786-1866
Rich, Catharine, his wife, 1788-1845
Rich, Thomas J., their son, 1826-1844
Morris, Jane Rich, 1822-1853
Uffendill, Michael, 15 Sep 1832-15 Nov 1862 (This stone was broken and difficult to read.)
Morris, Jane, wife of W.E. Morris, died 19 Aug 1853, aged 31 Y, 5 M, 17 D
Morris, Cynthia Jane, infant daughter
Winstead, William S., 22 Aug 1831-13 Aug 1864, aged 32 Y, 1 1 M, 21 D
Kerr, Deborah A., wife of S.M., died 1 Oct 1867, aged 28 Y, 9 M, 8 D McPass, Georgiana C., daughter of George & Minerva J., died 15 May 1863, aged 10 M, 22 D
McPass, Minerva, wife of George, died 24 Jan 1864, aged 30 Y, 1 M, 13 D
Rich, Alice E., wife of M.M., 1859-1891
Rich, Thomas, died 4 Apr 1866, aged 80 Y, 2 M
Rich, Catharine, died 4 Oct 1845, aged 56 Y, 1 1 M, 16 D
Rich, Raymond Lee, son of R.L. & Emma, 15 Oct 1889-14 Apr 1890, aged 5 M, 29 D At rest
Arnold, James, Co. B, 62nd Ill. Inf.
Lence, Thomas B., son of Daniel & Mary A., died 26 Sep 1876, aged 9 Y, 7 M, 5 D The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away Blessed be the name of the Lord
Lence, Daniel, 24 Feb 1839-31 Oct 1883, aged 50 Y, 8 M, 7 D
Lence, Mary A., 9 May 1843-19 Dec 1915
Hunsaker, Ellen F., daughter of S. & E., died 22 Jun 1871, aged 14 Y, 3 M, 13 D
Hunsaker, Arthur M., son of S. & E., died 6 Nov 1884, aged 4 Y, 3 M, 16 D
Hunsaker, Samuel, died 9 Jan 1892, aged 57 Y, 4 M, 20 D A soldier in Co. A, 1 lth 111. Vol. lnft.
H u n sa ke r, Elizabeth, wife of S., died (no date)

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BUTCHER-NORTON CEMETERY Township 1 1 south, range 2 west

This cemetery, just north of Alto Pass, was transcribed by Carole A. Treece Scaggs of Springfield, 111. on 2 May 1998. It is located in a grove of trees on private property about one mile west of Route 127. The cemetery is no longer maintained and was quite overgrown. There is a skid trail that runs along side the east edge of the cemetery, connecting the two open fields. She wrote, "I started the inventory from the south edge of the cemetery and worked my way to the north edge. I think the cemetery was originally known as Butcher Cemetery and later as Norton Cemetery, possibly because the land was later purchased by a Norton."

L.C.S.--foot marker
Louisa C. Span., 12 Feb 1839-- J- 1 860, aged _Y, 1 0 M, 22 D
marker with no inscription
marker with no inscription
Williamson Sollamon Mary Ambeey Soleamon was bornd June 8 1807 ware mared the 16 day of June 1828 an was the mother of 3 childern and dide July the 4, 1843 (All the D's were written backward.
There were several small unmarked fieldstone markers near the previous grave.
William R. Sides, was born Sep the 11 day 1830 and d(ied)_____ (This was an unusually shaped marker.)
John H. Millikin, 30 Jul 1826-2 Nov 1903, Private (in) Hacker's Co., 2 Reg. 111. Vol., Mexican War.
W.H. _____, 1835 (This marker is northwest of the previous one.) Lydia Luella, daughter of J.A. & S.A. Millikin, died 16 Nov 1864, aged ______ (This marker had fallen over.)
Ephraim Du Rail dide in the year 1820 (This was a very old, hand-chiseled marker.)
There were several unmarked field stones near the previous grave,
M.B.C.--foot marker, with another small, unmarked stone beside it. Margaret B. Corgan, daughter of Charles & _____Corgan, born 23 Nov 1858, died 15 Apr 1866, aged ____
Charles Corgan, (died) 9 Dec 1860, aged 39 (Y)
Nancy L. Butcher, daughter of Wm. & Nancy, died 24 Sep 1871 (There is also a footmarker.)
Nancy Starnes, daughter of J. & L.S., born 31 Aug 1871, diedlo Dec 1872
Nancy, wife of William Butcher, died 21 Apr 18--, (aged) 19 Y, 10 M, I D
N.B.--foot marker
Our Father, William Butcher Sen., born 24 Sept 1816, died 27 Sept 1887, aged 71 Y, 3 D
Mary A., daughter of Wm. & N. Butcher, born 5 Oct 1846, died 14 Jun 1891, aged 44 Y, 8 M, 9 D
Stephen Bucher, 23 Feb 1852-1 Sep 1896
Phinas Bucher, 26 Dec 1843-1 Sep 1903 On the east side of the skid trail at the north end of the cemetery are three fieldstones that appear to be markers with no inscriptions.

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Mt. Pleasant Mennonite Cemetery Township south, range 1 east

This small cemetery is located adjacent to the Mennonite School near Mt. Pleasant on Highway 146, between Anna and Vienna. Prior to building a new church building in 1997, the Mennonites used to hold services in the school as well.

Carl S. Martin, 17 Jan 1956-12 Jan 1994
Irene M. Martin, 7 Jul 1956- Even so Father, for it seemed good in thy sight. Mt. 11:26
Evan Joel Weaver, son of Marvin & Sherene, 24 Nov 1989 Jesus took our little lamb in his arms to keep
"Mac" Emmett McDonald, 19 Dec 1910-27 Sep 1988 Have faith in God
John Henry Weaver, 28 Jul 1897-21 Feb 1970
Joseph John Weaver, 9 Apr 1907-
Lester H. Weaver, 2 Nov 1951-15 Dec 1968, age 17 To be with the Lord is far better
Elizabeth H. Martin, wife, 21 Jan 1961-20 Feb 1985 Absent from the body, present with the Lord
Miriam, daughter of Alma &John Hurst, 29 May 1958-15 Nov 1962, At Rest
In memory of infant son of Iva & Naomi Good, 16 Jun 1983
In memory of Nathan Ray, son of Iva & Naomi Good, 26 Jan 1978-29 Jan 1978
Ruth Naomi, daughter of Iva & Naomi Good, 12 Feb 1974, Our little darling
In memory of James Lamar, son of Ivan & Naomi Good, 13 May 1989-25 May 1987

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SARATOGA CEMETERY Section 6, Township 12 south, range I east

This cemetery is located on the land of Kenny Wilson, at 3620 New Saratoga Road. It was transcribed by Darrel Dexter on 1 1 Dec 1999.

Row 1
In memory of A.F. Raynolds born 21 Dec 1842, died 30 Oct 1869 Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Row 2
John L. Tolley born 19 Mar 1817 (no death date)
Martha E. Tolley, his wife, died 27 Nov 1901, aged 69 Y (M.E.T.--footmarker)

Row 3
OrlinsonofT.W.&M.E. Hooker born 12 Dec 1894, died 24 Apr 1896 Gone home

Row 4
(Sandstone with no inscriptions)
Stella May, daughter of J.H. & M.C. Sitter, died 18 Jul 1895, aged 9 M, 1 0 D Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God called thee home, He thought it best

Row 5
James L. Plater died 1 Mar 1864, aged 64 Y, 2 M, 15 D

Row 6
R.R. H aire, Co. E 31 st Ill. Inf. (Civil War military marker)

Row 7
John M., son of D. & R.J. Craglow, died 4 Nov 1859, Aged 7 M & 29 D

Row 8
Mary 1. daughter of Jacob W. & Caledonia E. Caraker, died 25 Feb 1881, Aged 4 Y, 6 M, 25 D Gone but not forgotten

Row 9
Lovina, wife of R.T. H a i n s, died 18 Apr 1864, Aged 22 Y, 5 M, 4 D Relda Thorne (no dates)

Row 10
S.W. Crowder, Co. E, 31st Ill. Inf. (Civil War military marker) Elizabeth, wife of E.A. Crowder, died 18 May 1864, Aged 29 Y, 7 M,, 19 D

Row 11
(Sandstone with no inscriptions)
(Sandstone with no inscriptions)
(Sandstone with no inscriptions)
In memory of Mary J., daughter of S.H. & H. Sitter, died 1 1 Jun 1857, Aged 12 Y, 1 1 M, 2 D Sleep on sweet daughter this peaceful rest hath early given thee a home in heaven

Row 12
(base with marker missing)
James W. Wallace born 10 Jan 1843, died 30 Jan 1896, Aged 53 Y & 20 D

Row 13
Alva Higgins died 23 Aug 1879, Aged 58 Y, 1 1 M, 5 D His toil is over His work is done And He is fully blest for He fought the fight to victory And entered into rest
Rebecca J., wife of John Wh i te, died 12 Mar 1857, Aged (stone broken) 37 Y & 5 D

Row 14
(Sandstone with no inscriptions)
Helien M., daughter of A. & E.M. Higgins, died 10 Jul 1864, Aged (stone broken) 16 Y, 9 M, 25 D
Byron A., son of A. & E.M. Higgins, died - Nov (?) 18_ (stone broken)
Minta R., daughter of A. & E.M. Higgins, died 14 Dec 1864, Aged 7 Y, 8 M, 20 D
Lewis A., son of A. & E. M. H i g g i n s, died 1 0 Dec 1867, Aged 8 Y & 19 D

Row 15
H.K. (footmarker)

Row 16
George S., son of J. & S.E. Glasgo, born 17 Oct 1872, died 13 Jan 1875, Aged 2 Y, 2 M, 26 D Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God called thee home, He thought it best (G.S.G.-- footmarker)
Louie Franklin, son of J.A. & E. Glasco, died 6 Apr 1886, Aged 2 Y, 6 M, 29 D Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God called thee home, He thought it best
(Sandstone with no inscriptions)
Francis G., daughter of J.W. & J.S. Stevenson, died 1 1 Mar 1864, Aged 10 Y, 5 M, 22 D
Simon Mc Stevenson, died 21 Mar 1863, Aged 25 Y, 1 M, 25 D (S. Mc.S.--footmarker)
(Sandstone with no inscriptions)

Row 17
Thomas J., son of W. & C. M i I I e r, died 1 May 1859, Aged 6 Y, 4 M, 15 D
William Miller, died 8 Oct 1865, Aged 47 Y, 8 M, 23 D A member of the M. E. Church 15 Y
Melvina, daughter of T. & M. Ales, died 21 Jun 1857, Aged 3 M, 9 D (M.A.--footmarker)
Corp'l Jere. Johnson., Co. H, 1 ith 111. Inf. (Civil War military marker)

Row 18
Anslem G. Wallace, died 26 May 1880, Aged 38 Y, 8 M, 9 D Dust thou art to dust returnest Was not spoken of the soul
In memory of Samuel M. Stevenson, was born 26 Aug 181 1, son of Alexander & Sary Stevenson, departed this life 4 Sep 1854. Weep not for me dear friends The Lord has cald for mee Youl all soon cum.
In memory of William V., son of S.M. & Lovina Stevenson, born 13 Feb 1832, died 30 Jun 1852, Aged 20 Y, 4 M, 17 D Sleep sweetly gentle son, this peaceful rest hath early given thee a home in Heaven

Row 19
E.G. died 1862
Margaret A., daughter of S.G. & P.C. Anderson, died 22 Aug 1858, Aged 8 Y, 8 M, 4 D
James M. Reed, died (stone broken) _ Ma - 18___
Grace T., daughter of J.M. & P.C. Reed, died 22 May 1865, Aged 1 Y, 5 M, 3 D
Robert E., son of J.M. & P.C. Reed, died 13 Sep 1858, Aged 2 Y, 5 M, 6 D
Augustus M., son of J.M. & P.C. Reed, born 21 Apr 1854, died 26 Dec 1856, Aged 2 Y, 8 M, 5 D

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