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Water Valley Cemetery is located in Union County, Illinois. Cobden Precinct, Sec. 13R1WT11S. East Of Cobden, appox. 7 miles off Route 51, a Water Valley road sign is there now. The Cemetery is behind the Union Christian Church and up the hill in the woods.

This is an old cemetery with little or no care, many of the gravestones have been destroyed and damaged by mowing over the years. The first time I visted the cemetery there was a large pile of gravestones southwest corner of the cemetery and many old brown stones

1. Donald Dee Spiller 1940-1940 [small silver plaque Pettett Funeral Home]

Helen Louise Sept.18,1918-June 16,1919 [gray granite flat marker]
Kenneth Lee Dec. 6,1911-Feb.8, 1912
3. John Malaer d. June14,1908 82y 4m 10d

1. Williams
Laurel Nov. 25, 1898-Feb. 28,1933
Thelma Sept. 28, 1900-Sept. 12, 1956

1. Clutts
Isaac N. Mar. 2, 1865-Oct. 30, 1952 [laying loose on stone small plaque,
Flora E. Nov.22, 1864-Feb. 23, 1940 Elizabeth Clutts, 1864-1940]

2. N.S.F.E. Clutts, died Jan. 3, 1898, age 1yr. 10m.8ds.

3. Arner June 9,1908 [small concrete marker]

4. Eli Jahd son of W.D.&M.E. Garner, born Mar. 11, 1883 died Apr. 20, 1905

5. Oma Knight Apr.9,1885-July 10, 1968 [a loving one from us is gone

5a. James Knight Apr.28, 1888-Aug.24, 1947 [The voice we loved is still the place is vacant in our home that never can be filled.]

[note there are two graves to the left of william with no markers]

1. William J. Clutts 1872-1950 [Blake Broadway [small plaque in concrete]

2. Gertrude Clutts 1881-1962 [Broad Funeral Home]

3. Willard Allen Clutts 1916-1937

1. John Highland d. Feb. 10, 1883 age 61ys. 10ms. 29ds. [north side of stone]
Mary A. wife of John Highland d. May 11, 1877 aged 51ys. 8mo. 1 day
[on east side stone reads farewell father& mother gone but not forgotten 1883]

2. Sylvester son of J. & N.A. Highland died Apr.11, 1881 aged 26ys. 6mo. 8ds.
Earnest son of J. & N.A. Highland died Apr.18, 1887 aged 23ys. 11mo. 11ds.

1. Ester May daughter of W.C. & Maggie Clutts died Mar.11, 1896 aged 1y. 11m. 20d.

2. George Clutts died Nov.29, 1900 aged 62y. 7m. 18d.
Mary J. wife of George Clutts no dates

3. small stone reads M.A.H. no dates

1. Edgar son of T.J.&Alice Casper died Mar.4, 1898 aged 4days

2. Lingle, Theresa A. 1855-1916
John B. 1848-1936

3. Lizziee Blanchard Feb.10, 1883-Sept.30, 1910

4. Rosanna dau.of M.&D. Lingle died Oct.19, 1877 22ys. 8ms. 17ds.

5. Henry Lingle died Mar.25, 1885 age 66y. 2m. 6d.

6. Henry Lingle 1819-1885 [a newer granite large stone]
Elizabeth his wife 1829-1937

7. Rachel M. Hiller 1852-1937

8. Cora E. dau.of T.O. & R.M. Hiller born Mar.16,1884 died Aug.22,1898
William H. son of T.O. & R.M. Hiller born Jan.5, 1880 died Sept.1, 1898
Harlie M. son of T.O. & R.M. Hiller born Feb.1, 1882 died Aug.21, 1898

9. There is one grave north of #8 with no marker

1. Wife Cyntha Katherine Griffiths 1862-1907

2. Father George P. Clutts Feb.12,1859-May3,1921
Mother Mary H. his wife Apr.27, 1861 no death date

3. small marker no inscription

4. there is a grave, no marker

5. Levi Clutts died Sept.9, 1870 aged 45yrs. 8ms. 4ds.

1. Peter Clutts born Aug.12, 1829 died Aug.13, 1906
Millie C. his wife born May13, 1831 died Dec.16, 1906

2. Marcus Highland 1862- 1937
Mary J. his wife 1866-1909

3. Jennie P. born of M.&M.J. Highland died Oct.2, 1894 aged 1mo. 28ds.

4. Isaac Treece born July8, 1819 died Oct.2,1894

ROW 10
1. large stone with the name STOUT with inscription
In Heaven We Know Our Own [has two inset plaques] Woodmen Of The World Dum Taget Clamat [ no other names ]

2. DR. Amos Newton Stout October 8, 1859-April 17,1904 only gone before

3. Rhoda Gates Reynolds no dates

4. Cynthia A. Stout died Mar.14, 1893 age 91yrs. & 13da.

Louis A. Dec.4, 1868-Jan.3, 1939
Harriet T. June11, 1871-Apr.27, 1931

ROW 11
1. Manerva wife of W.J. Stout born Dec.2, 1832 died Jan.13, 1892 aged 59yr. 1mo.11da.
W.J. Stout born Oct. 5, 1828 died Sept.26, 1915 aged 86ys. 11mo. 21ds.
Infant dau. of W.J. & M. Stout

2. Rachel Clara wife of Frederic Nolte and dau. of W.J. & M. Stout

ROW 12
1. Infant dau. of ------- [ illegible] died July12, 1888

2. M. Allice wife of F.M. Peak died Feb.23, 1885 aged 19yrs. 2ms. 11ds.

ROW 13
1. broken stone can't read laying upside down on ground

2. Armsted M. Peak died March 14, 1865 aged 32ys. 5mo. 14ds.

3. Cordelia H. Vancil Apr.19, 1878-Dec.18, 1946

4. George Vancil born Feb.10, 1858 died Aug.31, 1907

5. Margret E. dau. of A. & S. Vancil died Oct.5, 1879 [broken stone repaired can't read dates]

ROW 14
1. Martha J. dau. of J.C. & Susan A. Highland died Aug.2, 1882 aged 18yrs. 6mo. 12d.

2. Susan A. wife of J.C. Highland died Aug.31, 1882 aged 56ys. 6mo. 12d.

ROW 15
1. Jacob Taylor CO. K 18th ILL. CAV. [stone almost illegible]

2. Thomas H. Stafford died Feb.25, 1862 aged 37ys. 6ds. member of CO. E 31 ILL. VOL.

ROW 16
1. Thomas H. Peak Jan.27, 1819-Jan.15, 1893
Mary J. his wife Dec.25, 1832-Apr.24, 1907 [newer red granite stone]

ROW 17
1. James K. Cochran died Jan.25, 1870 aged 51ys. 10ms. 12ds.

2. James K. C. Cochran died June 21, 1873 aged 18yrs. 10mos. 14ds.

ROW 18
1. William [Billy] Henley This stone is missing, when I was there several years ago it was to the right of his wife Martha Jane Fly Henley, Billy, as he was called, was a stagecoach for Abraham Lincoln, there was a inscription on his stone. stating he had driven a coach for Abraham Lincoln.

2. Martha Jane Henley Oct.24 1844-Dec.10, 1926

3. Willian Paul son of W. R. & S. J. Fly Jan.7, 1876-Feb.5, 1876

4. Pauline dau. of W. R. S. J. Fly [stone has been reset over dates] dates s/b- b. Feb. 5,1867, died Nov. 21 1870, 3y. 10 mo. 12d.

5. Infant son of W. R. & S. J. Fly no dates

6. John T. son of J. D. & S. Fly Dec.10, 1854, died Mar.22, 1859 aged 4y. 9m.

7. James M. son of J. D. & S. Fly Feb. 21, 1850, died Apr.12, 1864, aged [ 14y.10ms. 12ds. [almost illegible]

8. John D. Fly died Nov.23, 1888 aged 75yrs. 11ms. 11ds.
Sarah Fly wife of J. D. Fly died Jan.13, 1910 aged 96ys. 11mo. 28ds.

9. Delany wife of Jesse Fly died Feb.17, 1859 aged 68

10. IN MEMORY OF JESSE FLY OCT.18, 1790 [should be 1789 engraver error] APR.26, 1872 Erected By James S. Fly 4th and Walter B. Fly 5th generation
Original stone found broken into 7 pieces from mowing with bushog years ago.

11. Eliza Jane dau. of [ only a piece of the stone found ] she was the dau. of Jesse & Delany Fly

12. James W. son of M. H. & C. Mann died Sept.6, 1862 aged 1yr. 6mo.

13. Catharine wife of Miles H. Mann died Mar.2,1864 aged 29ys. 2mo. 15ds.

Row 19
1. Reubenm Dickson Sept.17 1840 MEM. 31 ILL. [at end of row sitting sideways]
Maline his wife Apr.16, 1842-June17, 1916

ROW 20
1. Charley J. son of Frank and Ida Noel Feb.26,1886-Nov.13, 1891

2. Infant son of J. F. and I. S. Noel Feb. 1888

3. Martha E. wife of J.E.H. & U.S. Noel died Apr.5, 1864 aged 28ys. 1mo. 26ds.

4. Noel Elizabeth wife of Ephraim Noel died Jan.31, 1863 aged 73yrs. 5mo.16days [erected by her descendants 1996]

5. Elizabeth wife of Ephram Noel died Jan.31, 1863 aged 75ys. 5ms. 16ds.[older stone]

6. Ida S. wife of Frank Noel Jan.21, 1867-Feb.5, 1888

ROW 21 1. [loose white stone on foundation no dates]

ROW 22 Martha E. wife of William V. Sanders d.July30,1871 27y.2m.6d.

ROW 23
1. Mary A. his wife 1847-1916 E.H. Brooks 1845-1931

2. Charlie son of E.H. & Mary A. Brooks died Aug.22,1888 aged 7mo.16d.

3. Young H. son of John K. & Sarah W. Demming died July10,1861 aged 11yrs.1ms.1ds. [this stone is abt. 3ft. long standing againist an old ceder tree at the
east end of cemetery]

4. James T. son of L.F. & M.R. Brooks died May24, 1871 aged 32yrs. 4ms. 19ds.

5. Osker son of A.H. & M.J. Brooks died Mar.19,1876 aged 9m. 11ds.

6. Larkin F. Brooks died Aug.14, 1878 aged 64y. 22d.

7. Martha R. Brooks died Sep.25, 1888 aged 78y. 22d.

8. C. A. wife of W. T. Brooks Elvin son of W. T. & C. A. Brooks died Nov.28,1876 aged--- 10mo. 11d. [this stone has a base of 2 1/2ft. a column of 4ft. the column is laying on the ground]

9. About 12ft. to the left [north] there is a foundation no stone.

10. Clara Reba Crowell born Aug.13, 1896 no other dates, stone broken at base.

11. William Oscar Crowell born Aug.22, 1883 no other dates

12. Alitha C. wife of Chas. T. Crowell died 1880 19yrs. 9mo. no other dates

13. Stella Ann infant dau. of Aletha & Chas. T. Crowell

14. Joseph Lee Crowell born May17,1884 died Aug.31, 1885

ROW 24
1. infant son of A.H. & M.J.Brooks born & died Nov.23, 1898

2. Authur Brooks M.D. died Nov.1, 1896 aged 23yrs. 1mo. 27das.

ROW 25
1. Clarissa wife of H.C. Frazer died Oct.23, 1868 aged 32yrs. 9mo.9ds.

ROW 26
1. Eddie son of W.H. & M.E. Kerr died July20, 1886 no other dates
[stone laying on ground]

2. L.W. Sisk died Feb.23,1881 aged 56years

ROW 27
1. Lucinda wife of R.W. Sisk died Mar.15, 1890 aged 75yrs. 1mo. 18days

2. Rachel E. Sisk born Oct.28, 1844 died Jan.20, 1906 Aged 6oy. 2m. 22d.
Jeremiah Sisk born Oct.21,1841 no dates

3. Mary wife of Henry Culp died Jun.1, 1875 aged 61yrs. 2mo. 16ds.

4. Henry Culp died July11, 1879 aged 69ys. 9m's 21ds.

ROW 28
1. Martha M. wife of Elder David Culp died Oct.18, 1877 aged 12y 7m. 13ds.
[ I find this one hard to beleive, thats what the stone said.]

2. Leo Culp died Feb.25, 1881 aged 44yrs. 11mo. 22ds.

3. John Randall born Jan.11,1816 died Oct.26, 1879
Elizabeth wife of John Randall born Mar.29, 1822 died Apr.28, 1886
[this stone has four sections 3 sections stand abt. 4 ft.the one column is 5 1/2ft.
overall length abt. 9 1/2ft. the 5 1/2ft. is laying on the ground.]

4. To the right of #3 is a foundation but no stone

ROW 29
1. Jane wife of G. Swinford died Feb.25, 1872 aged no dates broken at base.

ROW 30
* additions/corrections below

1. two unmarked stones

2. Peter Norrix born Apr.3,1830 died Nov. 21, 1889

3. Peter Norrix born Dec.30,1834 died Apr.4, 1889 aged 54ys. 3mo. 4ds.

4. 1846 Lydia Pratt was born Septen the 1, 1811 died Janury the 16-1846
[this is a brown sandstone marker that was hand engraved and now painted
with black paint]

5. Jacob Young infant son of Peter & Eliza Jane Norrix born Jan.11, 1874 died Aug. 19, 1875 aged 1yr. 7mo. 8ds.

6. Walter Sherman son of Peter & Eliza Norrix born Jan.11, 1874 died Aug.19,1875 aged 1yr. 7mo. 8ds.

7. Walter S. Norrix born Sept.10, 1893 died Mar.29,1909 aged 4yrs. 1mo.
Eunice Norrix born Feb.8, 1905 died Mar.29, 1909 aged 4yrs. 1mo. 21dys.
our darlings safe, safe at home. [ this is a cast iron marker with a lamb on top]

Row 31
1. David Hankla died July19, 1882 aged 22yrs. 4d's

2. Abram son of Abram & Darthula Hankla died Feb.25, 1882 18yrs. 11mo. 7d.

3. small marker no dates

4. Nancy A. daughter of P.& D. Johnson died Apr. 8, 1817 aged 6yrs.

5. Rebecca B. Daughter of P.& D. Johnson died Apr.8,1817 aged 9yrs.

6. Emmaline daughter of J. & J. Hankla died Sept.30, 1851 aged 21y. 6mo. & 21ds.

7. F. Johnson died Apr.16, 1851 aged 13yrs.

8. Darthula Hankla died Oct.30, 1896 aged 78y. 7m. 25d.

9. Sarah daughter of F.&D. Johnson died July 1853 aged 9yrs.

10. Elizabeth Daughter of F.&D. Johnson died July 1853 aged 9yrs.

11. infant children of Abram & Darthula Hankla [this is a double heart shape marker with two lambs]

12. Samuel C. son of G.W. & Emma Johnson born Nov.1, 1867 died Feb.3, 1869

13. Elijah E. son of G.W.& Emma Johnson born May3, 1871 died Nov.1, 1872

14. infant son of G.W. & Emma Johnson born&died Apr.28, 1880

15. George Johnson died May9,1879 age 32ys. 7mo. 15ds.

16. small stone no inscription

17. Elmer son of S.&L. Johnson died Sept.21, 1877 2ys.6mo.1day

18. Leslie wife of S. Johnson died Oct.1, 1881 aged 32ys. 7mo.

19. Samuel Johnson died Aug.14, 1900 aged 53y. 6m. 20d.

20. infant son of W.M. & N. Burpo born&died Apr.20, 1905

ROW 32
1. Jessie dau. of W.J. and Margarettee E. Hankla died Mar.18, 1902 aged 4y. 1mo. 12d.

2. Ezra E. son of W.J. & M.E. Hankla died May30,1881 aged 1yr. 5m. 8d.

3. Mother-Father
Margarettee Hankla 1852-1921
William J. Hankla 1854-1931 [large gray granite stone last marker in cemetery]

Additional information added by Betty L. Capp, a descendant of Peter Norrix

Unmarked gravesites

Mary Elizabeth Norrix Helton, daughter of Peter Norrix born Feb.1857 died Jan.13, 1909, her husband was not buried in Water Valley, he was married before and died before she did.

Lydia Pratt, infant daughter of M.Y. Pratt and Lydia Pratt, b.Jan.4,1845 d. Jan. 23, 1845

*ROW 30 (additions/corrections)

Jacob Young Norrix born Feb. 24, 1867, died April 6, 1867.
Walter Sherman Norrix born January 14, 1874 died August 19, 1875.
These are the children of Peter Norrix and Eliza Jane Pratt.

#4 The Lydia [Jones] Pratt homemade stone was apparently moved from where it was on the back of the lot, in recent years, she was the
wife of Matthew Young Pratt who later married Phoebe Jane Stout. her stone was not in the same row with Peter Norrix.

Betty Capps has death certificates and obit confirming the above listed burials without markers.

Sofrona E. Norrix b.Aug 21,1881 d.Nov.30,1920, daughter of Daniel and Belle Norrix, d. Aug. 10, 1939 [she never married]

Daniel Norrix, Dec.23, 1854-Oct. 10, 1906, son of Peter Norrix
Millie C. Arabelle[Neber] Norrix, wife of Daniel Norrix, May 1, 1857-August 10, 1939

Row 30 # 3 is a broken stone the top part reads Eliza Jane, wife of Peter Norrix, b.Dec. 30, 1834, d.Apr. 4, 1889, age 54ys. 3 mo. 4ds.
[note: Eliza Jane was a daughter of Matthew Young Pratt and Lydia [Jones] Pratt

The two children whose names are on the lanb monument, are children of James Oliver Norrix, son of Peter Norrix.

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