The Republican Herald, Wednesday, February 9, 1927, Metropolis, Illinois

17 Aged Widows of Civil War Vets

Living in Egypt

(East St. Louis Morning Journal)

Contributed by Ann Laird

WASHINGTON, D.C., FEB. 1-Seventeen widows of Civil War veterans living in Southern Illinois, all of whom are either infirm or destitute, will receive some measure of relief from Congress at this session through adoption of an omnibus pensions bill which has already passed the House, authorizing special pensions for them or increases in the amounts now being paid them.

The worthiness of each case must be definitely shown the committee on Invalid Pensions, for such authorizations to be included in an omnibus bill, which covers cases not eligible for government aid under the general pension laws.

The widows in Southern Illinois who will benefit under the present omnibus bill, their ages and the amounts they will receive each month are as follows:

Ellen Walsh, 511 North Eighth street, East St. Louis, aged 86, $50
Minerva Milligan, Fort Gage, aged 78, $50
Saloma Hayes, Ina, aged 75 years, $50
Sophia Bistline, Greenville, aged 82, $50
Martha J. Frank, Alton, aged 80, $50
Mary R. Madden, Olney, aged 66, $30
Nancy E. Stanley, Olney, aged 85, $50
Elizabeth O. Kille, Kinmundy, aged 73, $50
Missouri Marberry, Vienna, aged 79, $50
Florence M. Legge, Mt. Vernon, aged 74, $50
Nancy Day, Metropolis, aged 80, $50
Lizzie Aarons, Harrisburg, aged 88, $30
Frienzelia B. Fullord, DuQuoin, aged 71, $50
Frances H. Palmer, Carterville, aged 81, $30
Rachel E. Sullivan, Louisville, aged 75, $50
Minerva Kepner, Farina, aged 78, $50
Minerva A. Ford, Jerseyville, aged 69, $50.

Another omnibus bill which passed the House at the same time authorizes a monthly pension of $20 for

Mary J. Teal, Marion, the invalid daughter of a Civil War soldier.

The pensions office has announced the allowance of pensions under the general pensions act to

Laura S. Hicks, Ina, $30 per month
Della Eads, Carbondale, $30 per month
Noble N. ____ns?, Sesser, $30 per month.

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