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Colonel John Logan and Colonel James Knox, having consented to act as commissioners to direct and supervise the making and opening a road from Crab Orchard to Powell's Valley, provided funds to defray the necessary expenses shall be procured, we, the subscribers, do therefore severally engage to pay the sum annexed to our names to the Hon. Harry Innis and Colonel Levi Todd, or to their order, in trust, to be by them applied to the payment of the reasonable expenses which the said commissioners may incur in carrying the above design into effect, also to the payment of such compensation to the said commissioners for their services as the said Innis and Todd may deem adequate.

These monies subscribed were disbursed by Harry Innis. Men were employed as road cutters, as surveyors, to carry provisions, to grind corn and collect bacon. The pay was two shillings sixpence per day, and the work extended over twenty-two days in the summer of 1792.

The legislature of Kentucky very promptly, upon the establishment of the State, gave attention to this great highway, and for many years thereafter it was a beaten thoroughfare, by which traders with droves of stock found their way to the Carolinas.

The first legislative act touching the subject was in 1793. Its object was to make provision for guarding the road. It provided that, whereas it has been judged expedient to enlist men to garrison the block houses on the Wilderness Road, the men so enlisted were allowed the additional pay which is allowed to the State militia when called into the service of the United States.

In 1794 an act was passed appointing commissioners to raise a fund for clearing a road from Madison Courthouse to Hazel patch, where it would intersect the road leading from Crab Orchard to Powell's Valley.

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